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First Farrow game

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, as I mentioned last time I got the first shipment of farrow and Shawn got his Retribution of Scyrah and book and some models.  Though the theme of the evening was paint and build night we couldn’t wait til they were built!

We had both scoured the PP forums for ideas for balanced “Battle Box” sets with the casters of our choice.  I went with Dr. Arkadius because he is awesome.  And a mad scientist.  Which makes him even awesomer.  Also, I have decided his first name should be Octavius.  Say it, Octavius Arkadius.  It rolls off the tongue.  The rest of the box was rounded out with 2 gun boars and a war hog.

Facing them across the table were Kaelyssa a phoenix and a hydra.  There are no pics for this game – we just used the bases and it was both of our first games so there wasn’t much in the way of sexiness.

There were a couple of hills and a couple of forests, but really we prety much just lined up straight across from each other.

The angry elves sieze the initiative and begin their ambush.  The hydra is given 3 focus, the phoenix 1 and they both move forward a bit.

Dr. Arkadius put forced evolution on the war hog and cast aggravator the beasts all ran forward holding on to the remainder of his 6 fury*.

Turn 2 I learned how ridiculous the ranges on Ret shooting and Shawn learns that shooting the warhog is probably not the best move when he is hyper-aggressive as he advances 8″ just barely staying in Dr. Arkadius 12″ command range* but he takes a bit of damage in the process.  Kaelyssa also hits him with a rift, putting him rough terrain.

Fortunately Kaelyssa forgets to feat.

Dr. Arkadius doesn’t make the same mistake.  I drop aggravator but keep up forced evolution.  Activate him first and feat.  The warhog charges and gets out of the rift but not into melee range.  He then moves forward to put the war hog back into his command range and camps 2 fury.  Both of the gunboars move forward as well, one providing a porcine wall for Dr. A.  They both shoot the phoenix and take a total of 7 points off of his force field.  The warhog cranks up the anger dial to 11 and advances into melee range with the phoenix.  I boost the gore, get a crit knockdown and proceed to pound the phoenix into ash in a ridiculous show of overkill.

Kaelyssa is feeling a bit stressed at this point and I am feeling confident having forgotten about power attacks.  The hydra advances on the warhog and double handed throws him into the pigshield knocking them both down.

Kaelyssa then advances and shoots at Dr. A.  The first hit steals one of his 2 fury and I transfer the damage to a gunboar leaving me with no fury (I figured he would just steal it with his second shot so even though it was a low amount of damage (4 I think) I figured I would be better off trying to stay unhurt as long as possible.

His second shot hit and did 10 or so points and, luckily for me, his last shot missed.

We called the game at this point because it was pretty obvious that Kaelyssa was about to end up in the trough.

Wow, what a GREAT and fun game, even at such a ridiculously small level.  I love that even when it looked like I had the game in the bag there was still a path to victory.

Anyway, if you made it all the way through this, congratulations, I think you earned an Achievement of some sort.

*Soooo funny story.  I was thinking he was a fury 6 caster like Carver.  The 7 fury also makes his command range 14″ as I discovered in my second game when I went to cast primal shock and wanted to double check his magic.  Note to self, always reread the card.


Going whole hog

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yeah, it has been a while but I haven’t been idle, just plotting.  I have picked up a little bit of Khador from a friend who was selling them but it will be a while before they see the light of day.  And I have neither kayazi nor winterguard, but I do love me some assault komandoes.

More relevant, look what this little piggy got his piggy little fingers on.


Just so you don’t strain your eyes, it is dr arkadius, carver, 2 war hogs, 2 gun boars, min bonegrinders, 2 min brigands and 1 unit of slaughterhousers.

Gitsmack is starting up a Retribution force and we were so excited we played a “battlebox” game just using bases!  I’ll write up a super short batrep on it later.  I just wanted to post my piggies.