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So I got a couple of games in against Sergio last week for the journeyman league and I wanted to make sure and post them, since I still haven’t posted the game we played last month.

Since they were supposed to be journeyman league games our lists were pretty much decided for us. I brought the farrow (Lord Carver, 2x gun boars, war hog) and he was bringing the standard Menoth starter rather than then newly approved 2 player starter kit (pKreoss, crusader, repenter, revenger)

Deployment was pretty straightforward looking like this:

The early part of the game we both advanced each trying to get the drop on the other. I cast a rift to create an area of rough terrain to keep from being charged and it scattered a bit, but not too badly.

The lack of Menoth’s trademark synergy would be a referring thorn in Sergio’s side. In this case, with no way of giving pathfinder he was pretty much just stuck. Carver popped his feat. The gun boar on the right charged the light jack and damaged it up pretty well but didn’t quite destroy it. The war hog charged the heavy jack and wrecked it (we just left the model there rather than a wreck marker) and failing to take out the damaged light. The gun boar on the left tried to slam the other light jack back to try and limit the retaliation but missed thanks to Defender’s Ward!

Both light jacks combined to kill war hog. The gun boar did a double handed throw the light jack I killed one of the other light jacks and Kreoss popped his feat since I finally didn’t cast batten down the hatches and came forward to try and finish Carver (I forgot he had reach). Luckily for me Carver survived the assassination run. Lord Carver finished Kreoss giving the win to the farrow.

We had hoped to rotate in some games with Shawn but he was unable to make it. We decided to have another game even though only the first one would count toward the league.

I played a bit cagier this time, running forward to take the linear obstacles as cover and try some shooting. Turns out gun boar shooting doesn’t do much to jacks.

In return Kreoss decided to just set my pigs on fire forcing me to go forward and deal with him. It was kind of funny, the gun boar on the left burned all game long but due to lousy rolls never took any damage. Guess he was just slow cooking the pork.

I forgot to do any more pictures from this point. I kept batten down the hatches up every turn, used my feat to kill his heavy and one of his lights, threw the other one in the water. Kreoss went over and lit the furnace. I sent the warhog in after him and Kreoss just laid a holy beatdown on him killing single handedly. Kreoss and the light came out of the water and again tried an assassination on Carver, and again ended up with Hand of God to the face for his troubles.

The second game I had it well in had and almost blew it. I had all three beasts and all Sergio had was the light with the shield which I had thrown into the water. What I should have done while he was igniting the jack was fallen back and used my fury for a couple of turns to get the war hog back up to full. At that point it would have been a pretty easy matter. As it was I had to get desperate and put Carver in a bad place and almost lost what should have been a sure win.

Full marks to Sergio for sticking it out and almost pulling off a huge upset win.

A couple of final thoughts here. Menoth without the choir takes a hit but are not terrible – especially in the battle box format. Kreoss has good spells. I had to keep carver back to stay out of lamentation range in order to keep batten down the hatches up but I needed it in order to not have my army knocked down and beaten to death.

I am really happy with Carver and how he is playing. Using the feat to take out an opposing jack or two is a pretty great way of getting the upper hand and I found I was using it earlier than I did in the bigger games where I was trying to force an assassination. I will have to remember that in the larger games I play.

Next Thursday night is league night at Emerald Comics and I hope to get in a few more games.

Thanks for reading!


Here are some pics of the Farrow battle box for the Journeyman league. Not much to say except that I did touch up the warhog so I will post more of him in his more doneness state later.

So, Privateer Press released a campaign for newer players called the Journeyman League. The complete rules for it are here – and basically you pick a faction and start with the Battle Box, which is a starter set with a caster and 2-5 support warjacks or beasts. The timing on this is quite fortuitous since, as I have mentioned before, Shawn, Anthony and I have been talking about doing this same basic thing. We even roped Sergio in on it (which, to tell the truth, wasn’t all that difficult). Anthony, not a fan of the Starter box for his chosen faction gave a pass, but I am sure to get games in with him nonetheless.

I chose Minions for my faction, focusing on the Farrow. Now it bears mentioning that there aren’t true Battleboxes for all factions (notably Mercs, Minions, and Retribution of Scyrah) but PP was kind enough to include balanced equivalents. The Farrow one, and thus my starting point, is Carver, 2 gunboars and a warhog.

One of the things I am looking forward to is the fact that this is a slow grow league meaning that you build on what you played/painted the previous week with the goal of building up a full painted army. Growing in this manner gives you a chance to really get to know and understand the pieces in this particular army really well in addition to the basic rules.

I am going to take that just a bit further on my blog here. I am going to be doing a fairly in depth post on each new piece I add to my army. Some of this info will surely be redundant with what is out there on the net, but I feel that the best way to learn about something is write about it – so look forward to those to come.

I have already started painting on my force and here is a WIP of part of my battle group.

Battlefoam Hordes bag review

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I am going to take a quick break from the batreps here to cover my newest acquisition – a brand spanking new official licensed NFL er, Privateer Press Hordes bag from Battlefoam.  I ordered this waaaaay back in June when I sold my daemons – I made the conscious decision to downsize my hobby stuff and to make it more compact and convenient.  That is how I justified the cost to myself, anyway.

I knew that it was on backorder when I placed the order and it had an estimated fill date of August 31 so I figured it would also make a decent birthday present for myself and that I would have mine by the first part of September.  It ended up shipping about a week later than I expected, but still not too bad.  I had to laugh at the huge “FRAGILE” sticker on it.

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked it was that it seemed a bit smaller than my other Battlefoam bag.  This suspicion was quickly confirmed when I grabbed and extra foam sheet I had in my closet.  It is still larger than the Sabol bags but not hugely so.  The top layer is Sabol, the middle is the Privateer Press size, and the bottom is the standard Battlefoam size.  I know that the sizes are listed on the order page and I just made the erroneous assumption that they were the same size.  It’s not their fault, it is mine, but it would be nice if they had something on the page noting that it was a different size from the standard P.A.C.K. bags.

That being said, with a bit of foam from any sewing or box store I think one could quite easily convert it to accept those sabol trays I have lying around saving me a bit of money.  This is a nice thing if you are already heavily invested in that type of army solution but are looking for an excuse to just sip the Battlefoam kool-aid without having a whole glass.   If you are wondering why I didn’t just get the trays for my other bag, I have one of the P.A.C.K. 1520 bags which is roughly the size of a walk-in closet.  It is necessary for a Raider heavy Dark Eldar list, not so much for pretty much everything else.

When I laid the foam out to take the above picture I noticed, as I am sure you have, that they are the same width as the standard P.A.C.K. trays.  This made me wonder if there was another option to get use out of the standard sized foam I already have.  Well, here is the answer.

Sure, this puts your models on their side, which is actually usually their bases.  Many of us have used, and continue to use, the Games Workshop “briefcase” style army transport system for a long time and it works fine.  In fact, I ordered thicker pluck foam to fill out my case when I ordered just so that I could have them all standing.  Most PP models are metal and I absolutely hate having to lay them on their backs since paint tends to wear worse on metal than plastic.  If you do this option it will require you to remember and place the bag on its side before you open it but that shouldn’t be a problem more than once.

Getting back to the pluck foam, it is certainly much better to work with than the older Sabol trays and about on par with the current ones.  It plucks out quite cleanly one just has to be a bit careful to not pop the connecting fibers on other squares as you are pulling out the ones you want.  As always, the best way to pull out right foam bits is to draw an outline on top with a Sharpie and then take it slow with a sharp knife.

The main reason I took the pluck foam is that I wanted to have a bit of flexibility in punching out more generic sizes so that I wouldn’t be stuck only fitting the exact model in, in case I wanted to use it to transport Khador or something else without having to order extra trays.  In retrospect, I think if I had it to do again I would spend a bit of time ahead or placing the order to draw up some generic spaces and had Battlefoam laser cut them for me.  I doubt I would fit any extra models in either way but it would certainly be easier on me and then just suck up the lost of an extra space if I needed to combine two compartments for a single odd shaped or large model.

As long as we are talking of space, Hordes Armies (and Warmachine for that matter) are much smaller than most GW equivalents.  When I ordered this, I was hoping to be able to easily carry a 50 point army and I seriously overestimated the amount of space it would take.  Here is my entire Minions collection – 2 heavy beasts, 2 light beasts, ~20 warrior models, 2 warlock models easily fitting in three trays with plenty of room to grow in every one of the trays so bring on Domination!  Even if I fill up these trays, there is still plenty of room for more trays of bacon.  I think I might even be able to fit my entire Khador collection in here, ridiculously large though it is.

A couple of other things of note with this bag are the numerous pockets along the outside.  There are two large pockets in front for dice tins, rulers, etc.  I took a quick picture with my my khador dice tin in front to give a bit of perspective on just how large these pockets are.

If you have never seen one of the dice tins, they are about the size of a largish scientific calculator.  The pockets are much larger than I expected them to be and I am quite happy with them.  Also included is a large internal pocket but it is basically flat.  You could keep your templates in here, but I would be afraid of them losing them when I opened the bag since it doesn’t latch in any way.  The better use for that one is most likely paper army lists or perhaps any reference sheets you may use though there is a better place for those.  There is also a mesh pocket obviously intended for a water bottle which is awesome.  I bring water to every tourney I go to and love this feature.  There is a long deep pocket on the side opposite which is for whatever else.  There is really a lot of pocket storage in this baby.  Which brings me to the next pocket and what was one of the two big selling points for me for this bag.

I am referring, of course, to the binder clips and card pockets folder.  The card pockets are a little difficult to see in the above picture, but there are eight of them.  The sizing on them is a bit interesting.  They are a bit large for holding the cards for a specific army but a bit small for holding a full deck of all of the cards – at least if they are in sleeves.

The binder clips are a very cool idea but I do have a couple of minor quibbles on this feature.  The actual clips are pretty small.  If you are the sort that copies the rules section of the book so you don’t have to carry the whole thing around you might be a bit disappointed.  It is just a bit too small for that.  It does hold card sheets quite well.  The other minor quibble is that, unless you have the whole pocket full packed there sheet protectors will sag just a bit.  An easy fix for this would be to flip the binder clips to the top so gravity works to keep the pages straight.  Of course, that has its own problems.  There is no perfect solution here, and this one is probably the best one.  A couple of other notable things are the loops for your dry erase markers (awesome) and the fact that the pocket is kind of thin – I didn’t feel good about how the rulebook fit with the army book so the army book stays on the shelf.  Once it loses that new bag smell I might change my mind on this and pack it a bit tighter.

The last thing I want to cover here and and the main drawing point for me is how the bag itself opens.  It basically zips out and lets you pull things out to the side rather than being top loaded.  This is absolutely fabulous, especially when you consider that fact that most PP models are metal.  It is always aggravating to pull a tray out and have the weight tip the tray and dump the models all over the place.

My wife who really just barely tolerates my mad hobby even looked over and said something along the lines of “hmm that is actually pretty cool” when I opened it up for the first time.

I know I seemed a bit nit-picky with some of the above but that is mostly because there isn’t much wrong with this bag.  It’s size actually seems a bit more convenient to me than the P.A.C.K. bags – at least for me on my motorcycle.  It is a bit pricy – especially in the Warmachine/Hordes market where you could basically buy into a new faction for the same price as this bag.  Battlefoam makes a quality product and aren’t ashamed to charge for it.

Congratulations on getting through this long and rambling post if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

UPDATE: Just a quick update here – I have switched to trollbloods lately and here is what is fitting inside my Battlefoam bag – one thing to consider is that pretty much everything is medium base or larger.

All 11 Warlocks
Pyre Troll
Slag Troll
2 Impalers
Swamp Troll
2 Maulers
Mulg (I ended up cutting a little hole for the top of the peak in the bottom of another tray because it is so tall)
10 Fenn Blades
2 Fenn Blade UA
6 Scattergunners
2 Scattergunner UA
10 Pyg Burrowers
10 Whelps
6 Krielstone Bearer and Scribes
Stone Scribe Elder
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Fell Caller
Janissa Stonetide
1 Feralgeist
5 Long Riders
1 Horthol Long Rider Champion

Uhhh I think that is all and I still have space for another infantry tray as well as empty spaces throughout the trays. Also, I should mention again that this isn’t the custom tray – it is mostly pluck foam which costs you a couple of models worth of space on each tray.

Almost 6 months in and I am still extremely happy with the Battlefoam bag.

Welcome to another video batrep – or, as I am calling it, my ongoing Dorkumentary. This one is a bit more shaky than the other – seriously, if you have any suggestions for stabilizing a flip, let me know. Also, it was pretty loud in the store so sometimes my voice get drowned out a bit but I was able to hear everything okay when I was listening to it after I stitched it together. I was getting a bit anxious at the end of the game because it took SO long so I talk kind of fast, sorry.

Okay, I am going to go into a short little rant here. My opponent Joe, is a really really nice guy. Very gregarious and apparently pretty popular (it was my first time meeting him). It seemed like EVERYONE who came into the store stopped by and talked with him and held little conversations.

Some of which went a bit long.

At one point after not less than 10 minutes and trying to get him back into our game I just went with my turn stating what I was doing and putting down tokens. When it was finally his turn he was surprised that I had cast Batten Down the Hatches (despite me having done it every turn, saying I was doing it, and then putting down the token). This game took close to 3 hours.

I will NEVER play another 3 hour 35 point game.

My wife was home sick and I had the time when the girls were napping to run over to the FLGS – I figured 2 hours would have been plenty. It wasn’t in this case.

Please, for the love of God, if you are playing a game with someone or you want to talk with someone who is playing a game, please please please try and keep your attention on the game you are playing and keep the conversation short. Yes, wargaming is a social hobby and it is actually one of the things that I like most about it. However, this game just went from a really enjoyable experience to an incredibly annoying and frustrating one. You can hear in the video at the end how rushed it was. I was basically hitting stop on the recording as I was talking. And yeah, I know recording the game slows it down a bit but in this case, a 3 hour game was covered in 6 and a half minutes of recap, so it didn’t add that much time and I made sure it was okay with my opponent before even showing up.

Again, let me state that Joe is a really nice guy, very sociable, a lot of fun to play. This isn’t a Joe bash so much as an etiquette reminder. Sadly, the fact that it went SO long also meant that there is no wrap up in the video – I will write mine below the video. If Joe sends me something I will happily add it to this post.

Okay, now that that is off my chest on with the real reason you are here. Strangely, I ended up playing against Mercs again at the Aero Hobbies WM/H day in Santa Monica, CA. This list was very different from the previous one I played. The list Joe brought was:

Magnus the Traitor
2x Renegades
Croe’s Cutthroats (full)
Steelhead Halbardiers (min)
Orin Midwinter
Gorman di Wulfe

I switched up my own list to try a Carver list with a heavy ranged element:
Lord Carver, BMMD Esq III
War Hog 2x
Farrow Brigands (max)
Farrow Slaughterhousers
2x Razorbacks

Unfortunately, this list just comes up to 34 points. We really need a 1 point model in the Thornfall Alliance. And now, without further ado, I present the main event.

So, this list started out as a kind of lark when I realized the amount of templates the Farrow can lay down per turn. If I had a 3rd gunboar I would probably swap out the Slaughterhousers for it and then add in a unit of Bonegrinders just to maximize shootiness and give me some magic attacks in case I go up against incorporeal solos or Menoth.

Once again I had absolutely HORRIBLE tough rolls. I am glad the forums warned me about how almost worthless they would be. I never expect to make them so I am not disappointed. And on the off chance someone makes it, it is cool. If you are playing with tough models I recommend that approach. The list worked really well. I was extremely happy with how I was able to dictate much of the flow of the game. The shooting was a big enough threat that he had to advance some and I think it forced Joe to make the mistake of devoting the entire unit of Croe’s Cutthroats to deal with the razorback and gunboar on that flank.

Overall, I felt in control of pretty much the entire game. I was able to ensure I was on the good side of almost any trades and at the end of the game he basically had Magnus left while I had Carver, the War Hog, a Gunboar, a brigand and Targ. I could have played it out to the win, but I was already super late and wanted to see if Carver could take out Magnus on the charge (I am still learning his capabilities).

I made an error in not boosting to hit, but I also realized I messed up and was thinking Carver had Weaponmaster, so it is Karmically appropriate that I missed with pretty much all my attacks. Thanks for reading/watching, and seriously, if you have any tips for stabilizing a Flip, let me know. My search-fu has failed on this, though I did find some pretty cool things one can do with building a filming rig out of PVC…

My wife and my girls got me a shiny new Flip for my birthday and of course, the first thing (well, second or third actually) that I thought about was how awesome it would be to do video batreps!  I love writing up batreps and taking the pics and everything but they end up taking a really long time.  Sadly I don’t have a ton of time these days so this is really awesome.

Retribution of Scyrah list was:
Mage Hunter Strike Force (max with UA)
Mage Hunter Assassin

And the Farrow were represented by:
Lord Carver, BMMD Esq III
2 War Hogs
Gun Boar
2 Brigands (min)

Without further ado, on to the main event.

A couple of things I learned as a result of this game (without spoiling the end) are 1. you can cast both mobility AND batten down the hatches – for some reason I thought it was one or the other, and 2. I really need to hit the gym.

I’d love some feedback here since this is my first video batrep 🙂