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12 Days of Krielmas

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

On the insider today Jen Ikuta did the 12 days of Cryxmas – I figured I would do my own 12 days of Krielmas. I’d love to see what you come up for your own!

On the twelfth day of Kriel-mas eGrissel gave to me

Twelve dygmies digging,
Eleven maulers mauling,
Ten axers rushing,
Nine krielstones buffing,
Eight pyros spitting,
Seven swampies swimming,
Six scribes a scribing,
Five tough-a-loes,
Four Fell calls,
Three Fennblades,
Two turtle ups,
And Mulg swinging a pear tree!


I shouldn’t be building

Posted: December 10, 2011 in trollbloods

I should be painting, or writing, or working but some days I just feel like building and tinkering. I didn’t get the unit done so I am not gonna post a pic. What I am gonna post is a bit of a teaser…

First 4 Aero journeyman games

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been able to get in a few games for this new league and rather than write up complete reports for them I am just kind of going to skim them.

The league allows for alternate battleboxes and I decided to bring Jarl along for the ride and see if I could get a hang on the Devil of the Thornwood with an earthborn dire troll (EBDT) and an impaler in tow. I have a couple of theories on Jarl and this is a great opportunity to see if they pan out. Just as an aside – I am also considering Grissel2 when she comes out – the league is allowing changes during first month.

Game 1 vs Ryan’s Everblight

Ryan decided to run the first with the standard Legion battlebox of pLylyth, a carnivean and 4 shredders. There was a bit of early jockeying for position before the EBDT rocketed across the table and beat the carnivean to death. Jarl and the Impaler killed off a couple of the shredders in the same turn. Lylyth went for an assassination run on Jarl and failed which led to a victory in the next turn.

Game 2 vs. Manny’s Khador

Manny is a new to the game for the Journeyman league. His list is the standard battlebox with a caster swap for Butcher1. He advanced the Destroyer slowly shooting as he did to provide cover for the running juggernaut. I popped Jarl’s feat placing the juggernaut in a cloud. I put tactical supremacy on the EBDT and then charged the juggernaut. The EBDT wrecked the juggernaut than used tactical supremacy to step back out of the clouds and clearly out LOS. The advanced over a couple of turns and then got a crit slam on the destroyer slamming him back into the butcher. The EBDT then charged the destroyer and wrecked him, winning the scenario.

Game 3 vs. Ryan’s Everblight

In a rematch from game 1 Ryan had learned to respect the cannonball (EBDT) so played a bit more cagey. I very nearly pulled off a magic bullet assassination with some amazing rolls – in fact, we thought I had it and then I remembered pLyl had parasite up which left her on one wound.

Game 4 vs. Shawn’s Retribution of Scyrah

Shawn has been running Kaelyssa exclusively since he started playing Warmachine several months ago. He has a lot of games with her through Emerald Knight’s league – so many, in fact, that he won the Destroyer award. For this one he decided to try out a new caster and some different jacks/units. He is running Vyros this time around. Fun fact, against a Vyros battlegroup Jarl doesn’t really have a feat. They ignore clouds for LOS and are not living so don’t get the -2 to hit. Shawn went power mad with mobility and did a turn 1 run to engage. I took a free strike on my EBDT and then squashed Vyros into paste. I commend Shawn for trying a new strategy and am sure he will be as deadly with Vyros as he is with Kaelyssa. I don’t expect to get a whole lot more wins off of him.