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So, continuing with my year of the Trollblood I have decided that since I have an axer and impaler done, I may as well take a short detour from my Jarl tourney list and finish painting up the troll battlebox.

Here are some wips of Maddie. I am doing one model per week this year and trying to limit it to getting a single model painted up in a night, but after talking with a few friends I have extended that on character models.

I had really hoped to have him finished in just a night or two, but it is going to take 3 – but I blame part of that on 2 sick babies… I have yet to master painting and rocking a crying child at the same time. Perhaps my epic incarnation will be able to do it.

Enough blathering, here’s the pics.


As a part of my “Year of the Trollblood” declaration of 2012 I have set a few goals myself for both the creative and the gaming sides of this hobby. My big hobby goal this year is to paint at least one model per week to a decent tabletop standard. My thinking is at this rate I should have pretty much everything painted by the end of the year even if I just stick to a single model a week.

As Dhunia would have it, the lads at the scrumcast trollblood podcast threw down the gauntlet in the form of a painting challenge of one model per week up to Lock and Load as a motivator to get models painted for Hardcore. I decided then to keep track of it here and hopefully get some feedback from the masses as well as additional peer pressure 😉

One thing is that I am not 100% happy with the base yet – it looks better in person but still doesn’t quite pop like I want. I am thinking of adding some wet glossy look to make it look like mud and maybe some snow (and then will dirty up the models in general, but that is an all army last step for me because it is easier to get the level of dirty appropriate across all the models).

The inspiration is some old pictures I have seen of the Native American’s Trail of Tears and read about how it was an especially bad winter that year. It seems to me that it is a bit apropos with Grissel leading her people into the mountains around Ios.

One other big caveat is that I am limiting myself to spending no more than a single night worth of painting on any one model to help get me over my perfectionist streak – a whole army that is painted to a “good enough” standard is far better looking than and army in which one model is gorgeous and the rest are waiting paint.

Which is probably way more than you care about, here’s the pics from Week One which is actually “late” since I didn’t think about starting the plog until just now – and didn’t take pics until the scrum thing started – but as soon as I get pics of the other two I will add them…