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I played a great game with eMadrak vs. Ryan’s Saeryn the other day. The game ended in a draw as we went to dice down but it took a combination of playing like crazy, good dice on my part and bad dice on his part to save me from the loss. After the game was over I was doing my typical AAR and thinking about what I did right, what I should have done, and what I could have done better and it hit me.

This is probably quite elementary to many of you out there, but for me it was seriously an inspirational epiphany. I have a tendency to focus on winning the game before I have ensured that I won’t lose. I am an aggressive player and look at the scenario win condition and then work straight toward it at full steam. I almost never give thought to stopping my opponent from winning before I try to win. Often this aggression will help carry me to victory just be sheer *** factor.

My personal playing goal for the next month will be to set up to not lose before trying to win. We’ll see how that goes for me. I am curious if you guys have any similar experiences with a “well, duh” to something that should have been obvious but wasn’t.