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As mentioned in my previous post I am catching up on the one model a week thing here on this blog. Just a heads up I am mostly doing these in order from memory which is likely faulty. If you are a stickler for order, check the privateer press project log – they are in order there.

Without further delay, I present week 2.

The stone is intentionally black – I am going to “finish” all my bases at once by adding snowy slushy mud. Right now they are in a good enough wet mud stage. As always, thanks for looking.


Terribly sorry. Life has been busy and very uninteresting and though I have done some hobby stuff I have been pretty swamped so just posting my once a week models over on the privateer press board (here is proof of life – but then it was pointed out to me that unless you are logged in you can’t see the images. That is less than desirable so I am going to repost them here. And in the interest of shamelessly easy post count, I will catch up 1 model every day or so until I am caught up.

I did complete the trollblood scrum road to lock and load challenge (hence the overly dramatic oath line in the subject) and I pretty proud of that. It really helped keep me focused on weeks where I thought I was too busy to paint anything. Thanks to Goris over there for running it – I think it was a bit more work than he expected but I am thankful he did it. I hope he does it again next year.

Also, just to be exceptionally lazy, I might be reposting some of the models that I have already posted here, but I am going to go chronologically from the start of year to date. No better model to kick it off with than Jarl Skuld.

I promise to give a bit more love to this blog now that things are starting to calm down a bit IRL.