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Zerkova by Howietzer on Deviant Art

As I mentioned previously I have been playing a bit more than usual so apologies for the lack of full battle reports.  I downloaded a battle report app and it seems decent as I am getting to use it, but I am still figuring it out – hopefully I will find a way to import them over to here.  I’ll try and just do super quick reports – if anyone cares for details let me know and I will try and fill things in.

On that topic, in the last week I have played six sr2013 games:

35 pt Baldur1 vs. Harkevich – Will is a pretty new player and Baldur’s anti-blast spell is pretty rough vs. my blast heavy Harkevich list.  There was also a slight misunderstanding on control area vs command area that extended his feat a bit further than it should have gone.  Totally my fault for not catching that he wasn’t an 8 fury caster earlier – all I have been playing against lately are Rahn and eHaley so I just kind of assume everyone has a 16+” control area.  In any event, a loss for the Motherland.


35 pt Rahn vs. Butcher1 – I made a couple of pretty big and inexcusable mistakes here – I had the models to block pull lanes for Butcher and could have dropped IF on him but didn’t.  Instead I made Shawn only have to TK one model out of the way in order to drag Butcher forward to his doom on turn 2.  I made a couple of huge placement errors but learned a lot about that.  Loss for Butcher.


50 pt Skarre1 vs. Zerkova – I have a confession.  I like Zerkova.  A lot.  I love the art for her, I like her fluiff – the model is a bit sketchy, but I am working with a friend of mine who is an amazing sculptor and so had to get a 2nd model for playing, and I really like some of the fan art out there (see to and bottom for examples).  I was really happy with how I played this list – in particular the Ironfang Pikemen and the Kayazy whom I have been struggling with.  I slowed the tempo of the game and ended up winning scenario on time.  I was able to destroy both objectives.  Had the game continued I might have been in trouble as there were a whole lot of Mechthralls waiting in the wings, but who knows, I might have cleared them out.  Getting Icy Grip on Satyxis Raiders bottom of 1 was pretty sweet and allowed the widowmakers to kill the UA.  My Kayazy Eliminators have been terrible every time I have used them.  I don’t think I have rolled higher than a 3 to hit ever.  I am not even kidding.  In 6 games with them now they have not hit a single model.  My opponent usually plays eHaley and ran Skarre about like her which I think helped me out, but hey I will take the win for Zerkova – it certainly wasn’t an easy one.


50 pt Skarre1 vs. Irusk1 – Same opponent as before and I just switched out Zerkova for Irusk1.  He was a bit more aggressive with Skarre this time and while I am not usually one to blame the dice, I am blaming the dice.  I had the absolute worst set of rolls I have ever seen in my life.  I think Shep would agree.  On Irusk’s feat turn I killed a single blood witch. That is it.  Every single other thing missed despite getting +2 to hit.  Even my 3 man CMA missed despite needing a 3 (that is how desperate I was just to get something to hit).  I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty furious at this point and after he killed my Conquest with the Kraken on a single activation I just conceded.  Loss vs. the Pirate Queen.  Zerkova had just won the exact same scenario and matchup, therefore Zerkova is a better caster than Irusk1.


Kraye vs. Lylyth2 – wait what?  Yeah, Shep wanted to try his Kraye theme force out against a brutal Lylyth2 list so I said I would pilot it.  Hordes is the system I have more experience with and I was still raging out after those dice rolls so I stepped back from the Motherland though stayed in the icy white north.  He had a good gambit with running 2 full tilt minutemen up to engage on what was going to be my feat turn but I used a naga to head butt one down and the bolt thrower to head butt the other one down then the Ravagores aimed and shot at Kraye under feat.  My bad rolling wasn’t done from the previous game but I was able to finish him off after shooting 3 raptors and Anyssa Ryvaal (or whatever the Raptor solo’s name is).  



(eLylyth CWalton73 on Deviant Art)

35 pt. Kaya2 vs. Vlad3 – This was actually a really fun and interesting game.  I had left most of my models at Shep’s house for a game tonight, but ended up going to Game Empire last night.  I had some unbuilt Manowar Shocktroopers that I threw together during the day and a random assortment of jacks and Vlad3 since they were on the painting table.  Todd had just built Kaya2 so had no games in with her so we were both kind of bumbling abot.  He was actually wrecking my face, but I had a chance for scenario victory if I got a kill, sidestep, kill, sidestep, and then destroyed an untouched objective.  Oh yeah and use my marauder to get a janky angle charge then slam combo attack against a def 16 pureblood and a 5 or 6 on distance to allow vlad to dominate the zone and give me the 4 points to win… and when the slam hit but I rolled a 1 I thought it was over, but luckily I rolled a 17 for damage (and he was already severely wounded thanks to the juggernaut on the previous turn) he was damaged enough to allow my 2 surviving manowars to stay within the stalkers reach range but hit and kill the knocked down pureblood for the win.  It was a super fun game and even if I had lost it would have been a win because I got to do sidestep, sidestep, flashing blades with a HOF Vlad 🙂  Win for the Great Prince of Umbrey.


Thanks for reading.


Play it painted

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I decided to the play it painted pledge over at muse on minis.  This is my month 1 pledge post.  Sorry for the incredibly crappy pic.


I was talking with someone about this spreadsheet that I am keeping on my games this year and thought I would throw a picture of it up here.  I am getting in more games, but that means less time for writing batreps so those might fall off a bit (as you can see, I have about 7 more games played than batreps written.  Anyway, just a short update.


Man, I have had the worst time getting this to post right – hopefully it will work now.

I got in a game against Shep/Todd co-commanding a Kromac led Circle force. Having just built Butcher2 I was especially eager to try him out. My list was:


Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
– War Dog
– Marauder
– Spriggan

Koldun Lord
Harlan Versh, Illuminated One

Greylord Ternion
Min Kayazy Assassins with Underboss
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Full Ironfang Pikemen with standard UA

The Circle list looked like:

Kromac the Ravenous
– Druid Wilder
– Ghetorix
– Gorax
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Pureblood Warpwolf

Blackclad Wayfarer

Shifting Stones with UA
Shifting Stones
Full Tharn Bloodtrackers with Nuala
Gob Bellows Crew

We are eagerly awaiting SR2013 and have settled into just playing the basic 2012 scenario – it isn’t complicated, there is no wackiness, it has enough of a scenario component (and kill box) to keep us honest. I won the roll to go first and chose to go first.

I didn’t really have much of a clue on what to do so I just kind of advanced everything. I was a bit more cautious with Zoktavir than I probably should have been and I very cleverly decided to have half of my IFP go through a forest just because, well, I was stupid. The ternion advance and shift to put clouds on the 3 closest kayazy who run forward in the most ridiculously unnecessary cloud wall ever. Really it just jams my own lines up.


The pureblood moves up and tries to spray the manhunter on my left side but misses despite the boost. Everything else kind of shifts around. The bloodtrackers (who had designated the ironfang pikemen as prey) killed a couple of the IFP.

Butcher advances and puts fury on the manhunter who charges the feral and to the surprise of everyone around the table kills him! I rolled fire for both hits but PS14 weapon master is no joke! The IFP continue to move through the forest on my right and I wonder where Saxon Orrick is.


The stalker steps through a stone gate and kills a some iron fang pikemen and a couple of kayazy and then retreats back. The wayfarer kills the manhunter. Everything else also shifts a bit back, basically playing a retrograde action with models that are faster than mine on a non killbox mission. Ouch.

I run the other manhunter up to engage some bloodtrackers and decide that I want to feat just to see what it does despite only having 4 enemy models in range he then shoots and boosts the closest stone and gets a rage token. The IFP charge and kill a couple of bloodtrackers, generating a couple more. The great bears run staying just inside 12″ to get issued some rage tokens which I then do and one of them (maybe Korsk – I don’t remember) advances to the stalker and hits it pretty hard but not quite hard enough to one round it. The Ternion run in front of butcher to provide hopefully a little defense, and I foolishly didn’t give any focus to the marauder (I rolled very low on focus) so he couldn’t run in front of my. I did try and get the spriggan to block the charge lane but he didn’t quite get it.


Ghettorex charges butcher after getting primaled and unsurprisingly put him in the dirt.


After Action Review:
Yeah… basically I was a huge trainwreck in my play this game. I was using several new units I hadn’t played with before as well as a brand new caster. I was in front of my self constantly and just really played poorly. At the end I was more desperate to just get the feat off to see what it did so hung myself out there a bit more than I should have but I am glad I did. It was a wonderful learning game though I really had no idea what to do with my army. In retrospect I probably should have just layered up the troops and run screaming forward like a madman.

As you may (or may not) recall last year was the Year of the Trollblood for me and I decided to basically focus on a different caster each month.  With this year being the Year of the Motherland I decided to just pick a stable of 3-4 casters and focus on them almost exclusively.  It turns out that I unexpectedly have a bit more time for gaming for the next few weeks so have decided to spend a month or so playing a game or two with each caster (I am fortunate enough to own them all save Vlad2 and he will be joining soon and Karchev but I am largely meh on him anyway) and then settle in for the rest of the year as planned previously but with my caster choices made based more on experience than theory.
One other thing that I am going to do which is inspired by Paradox from over at the Muse on Minis site’s excellent recap of crutch free 2012 I will be keeping a spreadsheet of the games I play and then at the end of the year see what I can extrapolate from those data points.  It should be a fun exercise if nothing else.  I may even get lucky and learn something though I wouldn’t bet on it.  Finally, taking inspiration from The Aethervox Malifaux podcast (and using the excellent spreadsheet that they shared) I will also be tracking my model collection and painted status, etc.  I am going to add one thing further to that and keep track of how often I use the individual models/units in my games.
Anyway, I know this isn’t a super exciting post, but I just wanted to make sure and get it down before I forget about it.  And hey, for getting to end of a really boring post, enjoy some eye candy courtesy of imric1251 on
(used without permission with no challenge to copyright holders – if you want me to take it down, just let me know.)

I don’t know about you but I used to love spending time on the playground talking trash about whether Rowdy Roddy Piper was tougher than Hulk Hogan (he was) and whether Spiderman or Robin would win in a fight (Batman had to be ruled out because that was too obvious) or whether you would rather be stuck on an island with Tammy K. or Angie D. (Angie for reasons best not mentioned…)

Today we are taking that playground style analysis and taking a look at the casters of Khador.

I know that, especially in Warmachine or Hordes, there is always the caveat that a well-played “C” caster will beat a poorly played “A” caster and that personal preference plays a large part in it but also, I have gleaned that many people consider some stronger than others.

Here is what I am basing my criteria on for my thoughts here and again, this is strictly for steamroller tourneys. That isn’t so say that pickup games at stores aren’t “competitive” but typically they don’t have the same vibe.

1. Caster has to be able to win by assassination – Let’s face it, most games end with an assassination one way or the other. It is important to play the objective but it is equally important
2. Caster has to be able to compete in objective play – While most games will end with an assassination, some will end due to objective.
3. Caster needs a level of survivability – There needs to be some way to protect your caster from those unexpected threats/angles/scattering blasts. There are a number of ways to do this from staying far away, having a lot of extra focus or oddball special abilities. Bloodied but unbowed is fine so long as they are still standing.
4. Caster must be able to support a fast playing list – All tourney games are timed whether with timed turns or death clock. In effect you are fighting actually fighting two battles in a tourney game – one against the clock and one against your opponent. Why hamstring yourself with a slow list?
5. Jack heavy – Can the caster legitimately run a Jack heavy list? Lots of people are drawn to the big steampowered lugs, so is this caster good for it? This rating will take in the consideration that Khador has some pretty decent focus efficient jacks.

One other this is that I am making the assumption that your list supports the caster. Khador has great internal synergies and I am giving you the benefit of the doubt on putting it together. I am also sure that I missed some vital consideration, but it is a start.

I am rating them on a simple A-F grade scale with A being the best and F being the worst.

So, on to the list of casters (in alphabetical order):

Khadoran Casters

Caster Assassination Potential Objective Potential Ability to take a punch List Speed Jacktastic Rating
Butcher1 B C B D D
Butcher2 A D B C C
Harkevich C C B B A
Irusk1 B A C C C
Irusk2 B B C C C
Karchev C C A A A
Old Witch B A C C B
Sorsha1 A C C B C
Sorsha2 B A C D C
Strakhov B C C B C
Vlad1 B B A B B
Vlad2 A B B A C
Zerkova D C D C B

So, if you dispute any of these rankings please leave a comment and tell me how full of it I am. Over the coming weeks I will be exploring each of the casters in depth and justifying my grades and giving you some ideas both obvious and subtle on how to get the most out these most glorious heroes of the Motherland.

I played this game a few weeks ago now but the holidays really scuppered my plans to post it.  I am going to hit what I can remember.  The list I played was my Sorscha2 list again with a couple of minor changes:
Khador – Sorscha2

56 / 56 (50+6) Warcaster(s) : 1/1 Warjack(s) : 1 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 5 Units : 5

Forward Kommander Sorscha – WJ: +6
– War Dog
– Conquest – PC: 19

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2
Manhunter – PC: 2
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution – PC: 3
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist – PC: 2
Harlan Versh, Illuminated One – PC: 2

Great Bears of Gallowswood – Volkov, Kolsk, Yarovich: 5
Widowmakers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– 2 1 Rocketeer’s: 2
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt – Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt: 4

Facing off against me was a really underrated Cygnar caster (and probably my favorite model/fluff in the game) Tier 4 Capt. Jeremiah Kraye Mobile Strike Force list:
Cygnar – Kraye1

58 / 56 (50+6) Warcaster(s) : 1/1 Warjack(s) : 8 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 0 Units : 2

Captain Jeremiah Kraye – WJ: +6
– Cyclone – PC: 9
– Ironclad – PC: 7
– Hunter – PC: 6
– Hunter – PC: 6
– Minuteman – PC: 5
– Minuteman – PC: 5
– Minuteman – PC: 5
– Minuteman – PC: 5

Rangers – Leader & Grunts: 5
Rangers – Leader & Grunts: 5

The theme bonuses he was getting was reducing ranger unit cost 1 each, +1 for starting roll, 2 wall templates or 4″ forest AOEs, and his heavies got AD.

Last game I played I never even ended up using my feat so my main goals for this game were to slow down my play and go for attrition (not mechanically, but methodically in my strategy) and to use my feat to support that goal.
Kraye won the roll to go first but chose to go second.  We were playing Incursion from SR2012.
I tried taking pics with my ipad but they were all pretty terrible so I am just going to do this one.  
My first turn was pretty standard, advance everything, put iron flesh on the winterguard.
Shep surprised me by putting full tilt on the cyclone which then zipped forward and dropped a couple of covering fire templates completely screwing the winterguard advance next turn.  The hunters both went wide on opposite flanks with a unit of rangers in support of each.  The rest just advanced and kraye set up behind one of those handy walls that the rangers had built for him
This did end up putting the cyclone in range of Harlan Versh who advanced and shot the hell out of it thanks to full tilt.  I ended up doing way more damage than I expected, but it was pretty well scattered across the whole grid.  Conquest tried to finish off the cyclone but due to terribad drifts didn’t do a single box.  He did kill a couple of rangers though, so that was something.  Eyriss was not going to be long for the world in this game so I ran her forward to engage a few of the rangers planning on at least tying them up a bit.  The widowmakers opposite Eyriss went a bit nuts with some shooting rolls and killed 3 rangers on a hill and they failed their morale check.
The cyclone beat a hasty retreat and the minutemen started causing me some trouble.  The biggest surprise was one jumping over to get Eyriss to free up the rangers.  He ended up a bit too close to a couple of rangers and there were some casualties to friendly fire.  They did some major murder on my poor winterguard killing 6 or 7 as well as Lady Aiyanna.  Master Holt surprisingly passed his morale test.  One of the minutemen ended up too close to Conquest and frozen thanks to the bond.  The hunters continued their extreme flanking maneuver.  The ironclad charged the great bears and killed 2 and the remaining made a couple of tough checks.
This seemed like a decent enough time for me to have Sorscha call down Winter’s Chill.  I had hoped to get the Cyclone in range but unfortunately 
he was out.  Holt took vengeance for his Elf mistress and rolled some decent damage on the frozen one which was doubled thanks to the feat.  The Winterguard easily finished the task as well as taking out the other one.  Conquest had nothing else to shoot at and tried the Cyclone again.  He made up for it by wrecking the heavy jack which opened up the zone for me to run Harlan into to get a control point.  The great bear stood up and hit the ironclad from some damage (also out of feat).  All in all I was pretty pleased with how the turn went for me.
Things were starting to look a bit rough for Shep but the game was far from over.  The minuteman which had dispatched Eyriss (and was the only remaining one) was out of Kraye’s control area so moved back into it.  Kraye killed off the illuminated one.  The ironclad finished off the last great bear.  The hunter on the right flank charged and killed off a couple of widowmakers and then moved back onto the hill thanks to being light cav.
Kovnik Joe advanced and shot at the hunter on the hill since he had nothing else to do.  He not only hit, but he did some crazy damage and disabled the hunter’s gun.  One of the mechaniks ran up next to the ironclad but in its rear arc so not engaged (he also failed his command check for being out of command range).  Gorman moved up and targeted the mechanik with black oil and splashed the ironclad as well (I had to do it that way because I thought, correctly, that the ironclad was further than 12″ from gorman at the start of his activation).
Kraye advanced and put pursuit on the conquest and then did in the mechanik and Gorman also died.  The hunter with the disabled gun charged Joe and ended up just out of melee range.  The other hunter was setting up for next turn assassination run.  
I saw that run coming and put the other 3 mechaniks in harm’s way and put iron flesh on herself.  I wanted to advance Conquest but didn’t want to give extra move to the ironclad who still had full tilt so tried shooting the ironclad but didn’t do anything.  The Winterguard killed off the hunter threatening their beloved Kovnik Joe.  
I had forgotten about those rangers and they moved over and cleared out the mechanik’s and the hunter took a shot at Sorscha.  Fortunately her def was just a bit too high.  It definitely reminded me that the game wasn’t won yet.  The ironclad set up the charge on conquest for next turn which was a difficult question for me to deal with as the hunters had been plinking at Conquest on any turns that I didn’t mention anything else for them so he was down several boxes.
I upkept iron flesh and advanced Sorscha and boosted a freezing grip just to make sure it hit the ironclad to prevent him from pursuiting away.  It left me on 0 focus but it also gave me the opportunity to seal up the game.  The winterguard lined up to protect their warcaster from Kraye charging her as best I could.  Conquest charged and did some pretty good damage to the ironclad wrecking his hammer arm.
It was do or die time for kraye.  He dropped his upkeeps and hung on to all his focus.  I had felt pretty decent about my protection for Sorscha but had made a critical mistake in forgetting to have Joe call tough (or activating him at all).  I also forgot about Kraye’s AOE… He blasted the better part of a hole in my defensive line of winterguard and declared the charge on Sorscha with an impact hit to clear the final one out of the way – he agonized over the decision but eventually decided that if he missed the one he wouldn’t get a chance to put Sorscha in the dirt so boosted to hit, which turned out being necessary.  Luckily for me he just didn’t have the focus to pull off the assassination run and was left in range of Conquest (I would take a free strike from the ironclad but without the hammer it couldn’t have changed the outcome) so Shep conceded so that we could analyze the game since we were both trying new things out.
After Action Review:
Man what a fun game!  Since I am writing from my POV the game looks a bit onesided but it really went back and forth and was a whole lot of fun.  I didn’t play it up much in the writeup but Kraye’s ability which makes his jacks into either cav or light cav is really good and Shep used it well.  The hunters moving and shooting and the minutemen getting that extra movement after their combat action was really a pain in the butt.  I was very happy with slowing down my play and I think I really played the attrition game pretty well as I had intended to.  I am also quite pleased with a couple of specific I did during the game – namely running the mechanik to extend Gorman’s range and figuring the answer to pursuit on my heavy. I made a couple of big mistakes too, but overall I am happy with how it went.
Sorry for the longwinded writeup but thanks for reading!