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Koldun Lord Moroz

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Koldun Lord Moroz


The Greylord Covenant wishes all of you a very frigid and austere holiday season.


I had a nice chat conversation Shwan on the Privateer Press forums and he shared this battle report with me:

His Strakhov list was (I am missing something):
Gun Carriage
Full IFP with UA
Steelhead Rifle Corps with Valachev attached
Kell Bailloch
And his opponent was running Kreoss”
-Fire of Salvation
Vessel of Judgement
Max Bastions
Max Errants + UA
Min Vengers
Covenant of Menoth

I deployed Kell, IFP and Riflemen on the left flank and put Devastator, Torch and my Gun Tank on the right flank with Strakhov, Drakhun and the Dog in the middle. I flubbed up a little by putting torch on the outside instead of Devastator so I couldn’t get first turn superiority on Torch.

He deployed Nicia and the Errants opposite of the IFP. Rhupert, the Vessel, Fire of Salvation and Kreoss center, and he overloaded his left flank with Bastions, Vengers, Vilmon and the Paladin.

I went first, Strakhov occulated the IFP and put sentry on the gun tank and moved up. Devastator and Drakhun ran to the center with drakhun hugging the forest line, Torch ran up to the right zone, Gun Carriage trampled and shot into the errants and missed. IFP ran up stealthed to the left zone and the riflemen right behind them and kell took up position by a building so he could cover the left zone.

My buddy starts with giving the errants tough with rhuphert, and then sends his errants forward, most of them in the forest to my dismay. he spread them out and one ended up on the other side of the forest right in sights of my counter charging Drakhun. one down. another one got in sight of my sentried Gun Tank and I took him down too. Nicia high tailed it to the opposite side of the building Kell was hugging. The Vessel moved a little and shot my Drakhun, boosting damage and hitting him for 8, not good. Bastions ran up a little, Fire of Salvation ran up a little, and the vengers ran up to get into position and one got into melee range of my Drakhun. Vilmon and the paladin ran up too. Kreoss just meandered up, cast sancrosanct on the errants and gave the vengers +2 ARM and that was his turn.

I have pictures from here on out:


From here, I give a focus to devastator and 2 to torch. Devastator runs again to the south edge of the forest.Strakhov puts superiority on Torch and I charge devastator and do no damage, then feat catching most of the errants but nothing else. Gun Tank charges the center venger, misses on the hooves. The left cannon shoots the bastions and hits them, centering a nice rough terrain pie plate on them but did little damage, the right one was able to angle on Vilmon but missed. Finally my gunner was able to pick off another errant. Torch charged the Venger tieing up the Drakhun and destroyed it, wasting the two extra focus as the other venger was just out of spray 6 range. Now that my Drakhun was freed up but was good as dead next turn, he was able to charge through rough terrain for the 5″ and get in range to smack a bastion. He did such amazing damage my opponent thought it prudent to just kill him and not spread the damage. This gave Fire of Salvation his holy vengeance.

Next up was Kell Bailoch, who tried freeing up some charge lanes on an errant sitting in the zone. First shot hit and would of killed the errant but the vessel used doors of judgement and came straight for kell but was JUST out of stealth range. luckily that means sancrosanct didn’t go off and kell got his second shot, but the second errant toughed it. Next were the IFP. I mini-feated and charged away with the help of Strakhov. I had a few go into the forest to the errants I could see, but my main goal was the UA, if I could take him down then they’d lose pathfinder and be stuck in the forest. Well over the course of the charge he made about 6 tough rolls 3 with his UA alone. when I finally did kill him he just sac’ed another grunt. I also did get a few hits on the book and was overall able to swing a few of my pikemen around to jam the left zone, so even though it was under crappy circumstances it did work as you can tell from the pictures. Since nothing was engaging the UA and it was knocked down I moved my riflemen with zephyr so they could get the aiming bonus and took a few more shots at the UA getting him to sac a few more grunts.

I got two pikemen to get into melee with fire of salvation, but only one was in command range unfortunately. so on the start of his turn he went after the drakhun with his holy vengeance, and I only got 1 free strike. Luckily for me I rolled double 5s, CRIT KNOCKDOWN! so my drakhun was saved for another few minutes. he goes, drops sancrosanct and gives 3 focus to FoS which one was used to shake knockdown. The Vessel goes first and moves up to use eruption of faith to push those IFP into the forest. Rhupert moves behind the vessel and gives the bastions pathfinder. Kreoss moves up and slays my drakhun and feats, catching Torch and the battle engine. Fire of Salvation charges Torch, and I say what the hell I counter charge, hit, and roll trip 6s for damage (not a good day for the FoS) taking out it’s left fist. It still does considerable damage to torch though. Bastions are next and they charge/run into torch and the gun tank, killing the tank and really crippling torch. The vengers charge and finish it off. Vilmon runs for the left zone and paladin stays in the right and impervious walls. Nicia move back and stabs one rifleman to death, shoots another, and then sprints to engage the one in the back. Errants kill off a pikeman and rifleman. he scores a point.Back to my turn. one focus to devastator I keep the rest. first and foremost I run devastator right into the right zone on top of Torch’s wreckage to prevent further scoring. Next my pikemen charge/run mostly at the vessel, and unfortunately did very little damage to it. The Riflemen took aiming bonus again and zephyred so that back one wouldn’t take a free strike and I was able to take out the errant UA in range leaving the Covenant to 1 life. Kell move withing stealth range and shot Nicia in the back killing her. Strakhov activated, cast overrun and moved into position for his riot gun. got two attack and boosted both, first killing the covenant, which allowed me to move into the zone, and the second offed the errant standard. The dog ran into the zone with me and that gave me a domination.unnamed2nd

Now here’s where my opponent’s inexperience showed. He loaded up FoS on focus and off he went. Rhupert gave Bastions Pathfinder, and they ran for the other zone, mostly in the forest. FoS moved into the forest and took a few swings at devastator doing a little bit of damage. the vengers moved back a little waiting for me to uncrack my shell I guess. Vilmon made an advance and went into impervious wall stance to just outside of the left zone, and the lone errant ran in my zone to prevent my scoring. The Vessel made a full advance into the right zone and within 2″ of my devastator, taking a ton of damage from free strikes. He attempted to eruption of faith my devastator out of the zone for the domination. it was tricky because he had 2 life left on the vassal and the d3 came to 1 damage, so he pushed me 4″ inches or it would had been if I wasn’t on torch’s wreckage. He was furious but devastator was still toeing the zone. Kreoss moved into the zone and that was the turn.

Back to my turn, devastator was pushed to just within my control area so I gave him another focus and went to work. first and foremost my IFP charge again, mostly at the bastions but two got to rhupert and downed him, effectively leaving his bastions stranded in the forest. I crit knockdown the bastion closest to the zone and rough him up good. The riflemen get into position with valachev. Valachev is lined up perfectly so his spray 8 will get the lone errant, vilmon and the bastion. I miss the errant and vilmon but do some more damage to the bastion. I realize my mistake with valachev as he’s blocking Strakhov’s charge lane to Vilmon. Two of my riflemen shoot Valachev dead for the good of the motherland and the rest shoot one at a time at the downed but engaged bastion enough to kill it. Next up Kell takes aim to down the lone errant but misses Vilmon. Strakhovcharges vilmon, boosts to hit and connects, and kills him with the trench knife before moving back into the zone. Devastator uses his focus to run around the zone bulldozing things and that’s my turn.


up to 4 points now.

his last turn consists of running everything he can towards the other zone, the only things that got close was a venger who toed the zone, I countercharged the second venger that was right behind him and killed it, but Kreoss Sancrosancted it so my dog was knocked down.

Back to my turn. Kell aims and takes two shots at it dealing one damage, then my riflemen come around to do a massive CRA on it, but I roll snake eyes for damage. I decided for the ultimate humiliation and strakhov turned around……………….and cast battering ram to push him out of the zone for the win!