The Plan for my gaming in 2014

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Happy 2014 – I hope you all have a great year! As I mentioned  a couple of posts back I had planned on sticking with Harkevich and Strakhov for the first couple of months this year and while that was my intent, I have to change course a bit. It isn’t because I think that those casters suck or are weak – quite the contrary, it is just that I have had some pretty exciting professional opportunities come up that have pretty harsh deadlines and a whole lot of work. That means my gaming time will be cut way down for the next 6 months or so but it is a joyful sacrifice.
I am still planning on going to Kingdomcon in April (so if you are there, come say hi!) and am going to play in the Warmachine Weekend qualifier as well as a couple of other events. My competitive nature ensures that I want to compete at my best despite the limited time. The best answer I have come up with to that conundrum is to play casters and lists with which I am extremely familiar. A quick peek at my spreadsheet from last year reveals that my most often played caster by a pretty fair amount is Vlad3. Unsurprisingly he is also my favorite and the one that is the most fun for me to play. For that reason, he will be my go-to guy for the next several months. Now that he is picked out I will focus on painting his main list because I want to only take fully painted models to Kingdomcon which will be quite a challenge given my lack of free time. However, I make no guarantees as to the quality of this fully painted.
As to whom I will pair him with… that is still up for debate. My #2 caster is Butcher1 and the #3 is, surprisingly even to me, tie between Irusk2 and Butcher3 so it will be one of those three. Zerkova was just one behind so she is still in the running as well…
Speaking of which and knowing my innate inner crow who is distracted by anything shiny, I have decided to keep it interesting for me that rather than switching casters as I have done in the past, I will instead run Vlad3 with every model/unit available to him to get some experience with them and see how they rate. Obviously not all in the same list 😉 but I will eventually get to the Manowar Bombardiers or Croe’s Cutthroats even if just for a game or two. Clearly many of the will be subpar in a Vlad3 but I am sure it will be interesting and educational nonetheless. I may even stumble upon a jewel in the rough or two.
For those who are curious, my breakdown for 2013 ended up being something like this: 49/44/2 which isn’t too bad considering I just started them at the start of 2013 more or less. For the casters I am considering, the breakdown was like this: Vlad3-11/8, Butcher1-5/10, Butcher3-5/4, Irusk2-7/1/1, Zerkova1-5/1/1 and I have to admit that was a bit surprising to me when I broke it down. 
If I get time I will do a more detailed breakdown but I just don’t have the time right now.
So that is the plan for 2014 for me, do you have any plans for the year gaming wise?
  1. Patrick says:

    Or maybe, just maybe, I do Harkevich for the year of the beard… Vlad3 does have a beard, actually, now that I think about it.

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