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Kingdomcon – Khadorcon!

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BREAKING NEWS! I’ll be playing Khador at Kingdom-con! Okay, if you have read a single post on this blog in the last, say, 16 months, it is probably not breaking news at all.


I am looking forward to going to this con at the end of April very much. I went last year, and it was definitely the highlight of gaming for 2013 for me. So many friends both old and new and a lot of games. I played in the WMW qualifier last year with the goal of finishing in the top half and ended up in the top 10. This year, I am shooting to end up in the top half again. I had originally planned on getting in a ton of games and really up my skill for the event and try and qualify but due to a whole lot of positive developments in my slow-grow writing career league I don’t have the time to properly prep. Does that mean I plan on sandbagging? No, not at all. I will play my best. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for the game, Warmachine is actually pretty skill intensive and the more table time you get, the better you can expect to do.

“Okay, Patrick, that sounds like loser talk to me,” you are probably saying to yourself and yeah, I am front loading my excuses. However, I am shifting my goals this year. I am not going to bring any unpainted models to the con. At all*. I am looking to have fun, and I am looking to play all painted. The aforementioned no table time excuse is also my extremely limited painting time excuse. I took out all of my models, and while you may not guess it from many of my battle reports, I actually have a lot of stuff painted. Some of the unpainted stuff I can paint up pretty quickly and easily and I am keeping that in mind.

Another thing that I was kind of unprepared for was that the theme list tourney and hardcore are both 35 points and death clock. Additionally, the theme tourney is 2 list divide and conquer. With that in mind I set out looking at the painted models I have that are painted, the models I expect to get done, the lists I enjoy playing, and the lists I can play quickly enough to not lose on time. I am trying to lock these in as soon as possible so I can get a bit of table time at my regular weekly game store. At the very least they will be locked by the end of February. I also figured I would just take one of my theme lists for the hardcore so I can keep my playtesting pretty focused.

The contenders right now are Vlad3 Charge of the Horselords, Zerkova Hunting Wolves, and Karchev Iron Curtain. Also Harkevich just because year of the beard, even though I am a bit down on him right now. Also looking at Strakhov, but that list would require a LOT of painting so is likely not in the cards for this year.

I’ll try and nail down specific lists over the next few days and will probably post them here just for the heck of it.

Anyway, if you can get to San Diego at the end of April you really should as Kingdom-con is one of the craziest, most fun cons out there. It is eclectic and intimate and random and friendly and at a great location. If you end up coming, PLEASE make sure to say hi! 

*Unless I do. I really shouldn’t make absolute statements.


Vlad3 photos

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Okay I got in a couple of skorne games with the beard and had really hoped to do full battle report treatment on them but I am nuts busy right now and have played another game since so they are all starting to blur together. Apologies, and I hope I get the salient points.
First game I played I took the conquest version of Harkevich’s theme force (tier 4) to give it a whirl. The list looked like this:
Black Ivan
Full Winterguard Infantry with UA and 2 rocketeers
Kovnik Joe
Field gun
Battle Mechaniks
This list was facing off against a Hexeris2 with Mammoth build that Shep is trying out. From memory (so something might be slightly off) it was:
Cyclops Raider
Cyclops Brute (bonded)
Min Beast handlers
Max Gatorman Posse
Max Incendiarii
Extoller Soulward
The scenario was supply and demand. I started off with fortune on conquest and escort on Harkevich and went 2nd. I also forgot to take pictures for the first couple of rounds. 
First turn was pretty standard stuff, everything skorne ran forward except Hexxie and he put Ashen Veil on the gators. The raider was mostly a snipe-bot for the mammoth – so just assume he does that every turn.
My turn was pretty standard as well with handing out a focus to each jack. Conquest ran forward just behind a wall. The light artillery went up onto a hill. The WGI bobbed and weaved forward and were tough. Black Ivan advanced to a wreck marker and took a shot at a gator and hit but only did a couple of points. The demolisher took advantage of escort and ran through the forest on my right flank. Harkevich advanced and cast broadsides. The demolisher didn’t shoot, black ivan had an irrelevant scatter. Conquest targeted an incendiarii who was standing right next to Hexeris and got off a 5 inch crit dev which was pretty sweet. I killed the willbreaker and knocked the brute back and down and think I also killed the soulward. All in all I was pretty happy.
Second turn gators ran pretty central to set up a big charge. Brute shook his knockdown and ran to get in arc range of the WGI. Hexxie boosted black spot and hit them. The incendiarii shot and set some stuff on fire and I made a single tough and lost 4-5 WGI dudes. Conquest and the clamjack were also on fire.
I gave a focus to conquest and paid for both upkeeps. Fire went out on the clamjack (yay?), but continued on conquest but didn’t get through armor. Light artillery both fired at the gators and didn’t really do anything (I killed one, but he toughed and with no sleeping on the job it was irrelevant.) I also debated long and hard about whether to feat on this turn or not. Ultimately I went ahead and feated just because I thought the mammoth might be able to charge me next round. I also did a broadside and conquest got a fortunate drift and killed off a couple of paingiver beasthandlers. Conquest shot the brute and threw him back and did some damage but nothing major to the brute. The WGI did a huge CRA into one of the gators and rolled snake eyes for the miss. Damn. 
The gators charged across my line at Black Ivan and conquest and did some damage, but the feat kept most of it at bay. The rest of the WGI were killed by black spotting stuff. The mammoth ultimately didn’t charge due to the wall being in an annoying place so just set up for the next turn. It did some shooting but nothing stands out as shocking. 
My turn I allocate 1 to Ivan, 1 to conquest and upkeep both spells. Conquest shoots rather than doing melee and kills the taskmaster with the secondary cannons and kills 1 or two gators in melee with it. Harkevich charged a gator and killed it and then used beat back to step back into a wreck marker. Black Ivan bulldozed the gator engaging it back and then stepped back and took the free strike and then shot and boosted damage at that gator doing some damage. I also ran the clamjack right in front of the mammoth.
The mammoth was enraged and wrecked the clam jack and cleared out last remaining random models I had around leaving pretty much just Harkevich, Ivan, and the colossal. The incendiarii also moved forward to prevent conquest from charging – that was my last gambit with the clam jack. I took a few shots at the incendiarii out of spite and killed a couple.
The mammoth was then enraged and, unsurprisingly, wrecked conquest with the help of a couple of feat turn hellfires from Hexeris who also dominated the zone. The writing was clearly on the wall so Harkevich took out the mechano-ham, stroked his beard once for luck and charged into the mammoth, determined to die a good death.
Man, that game was brutal. I hate incendiarii with a rage that equals their own fire weapons. Seriously, bombardiers are so much more terrible than them by any measure of comparison (more on that next game). It was a pretty solid attrition fest and I made a couple of mistakes. I think I forgot to mention it above, but Joe spent much of the game giving boosted attacks to the light artillery. It isn’t a terrible use for him, actually. That skorne list had no soft targets and Shep told me after that he basically built that list after he saw what I was playing so it was far from his normal Hexeris2 list. It was a pretty hard counter for mine. It was another game that had me thinking that out of theme would have been so much better.
Anyway, I will try and get the next report up sometime in the next few days. Thanks for taking the time to read!