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Some WTC fun with Legion numbers

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Inspired by what Bully Bully Mahu did in the Skorne forums I decided to do a quick breakdown of what the Legion players are bringing to the WTC. 

So a couple of caveats here – I did this really fast. I got the lists from the Discount Games Inc. Tournament site. I didn’t validate any of this. Also I just did quick copy/pastes and counts so some of it might be off a small bit. It is really more for interest sake. Finally, I am not going to do any analysis at this time, it is just quick numbers.

Okay enough with the waffling, here you go. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4.40.44 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4.40.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4.39.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4.36.56 PM


First off, yes I am alive. I have just been insanely busy in the real world which has kind of hurt my gaming. I did release a book though – it’s not based in the Iron Kingdoms, but there is a vampire war going on it so it is cool – this is book 1 of 3 of the Dying of the Dark Vampire series with Aiden James. Also, since I am shamelessly plugging myself, my novella The Monitor is only 99 cents right now and it is a cool ghost story. And finally, I am working on an Iron Kingdoms story that I plan on submitting to Skull Island X in the next month or two. So yeah, super busy. But that is starting to slow down a bit and with the gencon preview release of Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight I knew I had to cash in my birthday card and get a guilt free day of gaming, so I popped over to my friend Shep’s house and played against Skorne.

So, game 1 he definitely wanted to try out his new caster as well, so went up against Xerxes2. My first round list was:

Absylonia2 (being proxies with a Malifaux Young Nephilim)
2x Ravagores
2x Shepherds
2x Forsaken
Blackfrost Shard

Nothing really exciting, I was kind of just trying to use some staple models so I could focus on the new caster rather than thinking about the pieces in my army.

Facing me across the table was:

Molik Karn
Cyclops Brute
Cyclops Shaman
2x Basilisk Drakes
Max Ferox
Tyrant Radheim
Max Beasthandlers

I think that was it. He was trying out running all speed 5+ beasts to try and see how that worked out jamming hard.

He won the roll to go first and chose it, I picked the side with the central hill for my ravagores to hang out on and rain fiery acid death upon the invaders.

My deployment was terribly thanks to to not paying attention to abomination but luckily it didn’t bite me.



I cast a few animi and charged forward just basically reveling in my charge for free. I put fortification on the carnivean.

Shep’s deployment was like this:



His first turn he basically ran forward as well and got Molik behind the fence.

Now the lines of battle were sort of getting set. My turn 2 I did some shooting and killed some of the beast handlers due to some crazy drifts. IMG_0814


Shep continued his crazed advance pushing his beasts to basically line up on my side of the zone. The ferox wrapped around the forest on the right side. I forgot to take a picture but it wasn’t pretty. I decided I needed to feat this turn, and had hoped to kill off the 4 lights pressing in at me – the shaman, the brute, one of the drakes, and the krea. I started off by activating Abby who popped feat and killed one of the ferox to get off some conferred rage bonuses. She then teleported into the forest so as to not give up killbox points. (no picture this turn, sorry!)

The angel went next and due to me not being used to just how far Abby could bounce around I screwed up and had it out of her control area. I sent the angel in at the brute which got the angel back into her control area. The angel missed the thrust and I realized I should have activated the shard first in order to ice cage. The rest of the attack were largely ineffective. Next up I sent the blackfrost shard forward, I missed the harm on the brute, but rolled well with the sprays and did a few points of damage. Next up a ravagore charged the krea and set up to be in position to put any extra attacks on the brute. He killed the krea with his two initials but then missed the brute once, and failed to wound it once. This tilted me a bit and I got sloppy. The carnivean charged the ferox hoping to kill a couple so that they wouldn’t jump and get backstrikes on Abby. He killed 3 but they made their command check. The succubus advanced and after some debate put tenacity on Abby rather than spiny growth figuring an extra point of armor wouldn’t save her, but the def might make something miss. 

The other ravagore charged and killed the other drake. I tried to get into position to hopefully not get Moliked the following turn.

On his turn, Shep activated Xerxes, moved some stuff out of the way, charged and killed to objective to clear the lane for Molik. The ferox jumped and walked into melee with Abby and both attacked and hit for about 6 points total. Molik charged the ravagore, hit twice, sidestepping both times and just got into range of Abby. It took all of his fury, but he killed her.



I was pretty salty after this game. I made some errors that ended up compounding some bad rolls leaving the brute alive. I was kind of mad that on feat turn my 2 heavies were unable to kill the brute. Ultimately, the brute didn’t matter anyway, so it was mistakes, on top of poor decisions and bad dice rolls. I was pretty down on Abby but a bit of a breather and some reflection I was able to see a number of mistakes I had made that would have certainly changed the equation. I hate Molik Karn so much – I can’t remember winning a game against him, no matter the player. Even when I have him against the ropes he always manages to somehow survive and then kill me.

Anyway, next up Shep wanted to try out his new Fist of Halaak and I wanted to give Abby another try. As an aside, angels always disappoint me. I know many legion players swear by them, and their animus is pretty decent, but against the lists I have been facing it just seems like there are always second row models to prevent the push, or people are pushing far enough into things that the push is irrelevant.

Anyway, I switched up my list a bit for some things that I thought might go a bit better in an Absylonia2 list. This was the next iteration:

2x Ravagores
Naga Nightlurker
2x Teraphs
2x Shepherds

Shep was running a fairly standard tier 2 fist list:

2x Min Incendiarii
2x Min  Arcuari
Max Cetrati
Tyrant Commander
Max Beasthandlers

Once again my pro-play skills had me screw up and deploy the shepherds near Abby2, and once again fate was kind enough (you know what they say about fools and small children). I won the roll to go first and I did the animi charge thing to keep fury costs down. I put fortify on Typhon. I needn’t worried about the defensive animi due to the short range of the Halaak list, but I am working on getting a “set” first turn to help with clock management.  Shep also moved his stuff forward, though he did pay a bit of attention to the spacing and put defenders ward on the cetrati who advanced in shield wall. 



Fist was not the ideal matchup for this list – I was kind of building it with the idea that I would use shooting to soften up the enemy and then have a solid alpha strike at max reach with feat and perhaps not have too much in the way of retribution. Shooting did do decently however, killing a couple of incendiarii. In addition to that I tried to vie for position a bit moving the three heavies up against the wall for some protection to shooting. Unfortunately that meant I couldn’t also aim with them, so had a bit of a drift shooting at the cetrati. The raek moved forward into position to kind of limit how far his stuff could go and still shoot unless the cetrati charged and finished him off (another error – I didn’t put tenacity on him first) but even if they did they might be far enough forward to be out of the martial discipline aura from Xerxes or just physically take the place he would want to stand.


He went into the think-tank for a little while but finally determined he sort of had to charge and hope to kill off the raek. My mistake here I think might actually have helped me because he went for a two man cma and then a single attack, and the cma missed. With tenacity he probably would have just done a three man and may have one-shotted it.  He moved a lot of models around and brought Xerxes up onto the hill to try and get me to shoot at him. He did have Tibbers right next to him to soak up one shot completely. The other stuff ran to set up a really solid position for the following turn and it was my turn to take a dive into the think- tank since I was was faced with this:

 IMG_0937I was feeling quite a bit of pressure and looking long and hard at Xerxes. This was definitely feat turn and I was trying to decide whether I thought I could attrition him down enough to survive the counter-punch and as to whether I realistically had a way to deal with Tibbers post-feat. I also probably measured my control area seventy dozen times. I decided to start clearing out things fairly centrally and move out to give me time to see how the turn played out before committing. Abby went first, popped feat and then charged the closest cetrati but stayed at max reach range. She killed him off and then teleported back to almost her starting position. The teraphs went next, the one on the right charging the incendiarii it could reach in order to at least provide a bit of survivability to Abby. The one on the left killed a central incediarii. The ravagores went next and charged and cleared out the (very difficult to kill) cetrati and I felt that they left a big enough gap for typhon and that he would hopefully be in position to get to Xerxes. He was able to get there, thankfully, bite through enough transfers to kill Xerxes giving me my first Absylonia2 win.

IMG_0938Overall I was pretty fortunate to get the win. It was super tight distance wise and honestly, if we had been at a tourney we would have called over a judge and neither of us would put money on which way it would have been ruled. Luckily this game was short enough that it gave us time to reset and play one more time.

Shep made a couple of suggestions for my list and we tweaked it slightly – swapping out the shepherds and the teraphs for a seraph and 2 forsaken to get around my abomination forgetfulness and to get a slight bit more range for that feat turn threat (basically bumping from 13″ to 15″). We played the same scenario on the same table to save time. 

I deployed pretty tightly this time and decided to just run forward rather than worrying about defense this time in order to snuggle up to the wall right away which is pretty much what I did.


Shep also ran forward but kept Xerxes back a little this time just to be safe. My shooting was fairly uninteresting and I had a really bad feeling about how aggressive Shep was being. I ended up putting my raek WAY out there this time with a full advance and then a jump, jamming even further than previously and killing a cetrati.

IMG_0941Shep was taking no chances this time and committed fully to killing the raek, which he did but he also held his position back quite a bit more but did put a few models into the zone on my left.


I looked and the table and felt that I could get 3 control points pretty easily this turn without popping my feat and without hanging myself too far out there. I just had to kill the objective and medium based models. That would let me feat the following turn to hopefully clear the zone again. Abby went first and charged the objective, staying at reach. She killed it and then teleported back onto the hill and put tenacity on herself just to be safe. One of the annoying things that came up though was the fact that Typhon doesn’t have pathfinder so he was stuck behind the wall, more or less. He advanced and sprayed but it was out of range because I wanted to keep the wall for some reason.IMG_0944


As expected, I went up 3-0 but had an absolute ton of fury on the table for no real good reason other than I suck at playing Legion of Everblight. Since I had committed a bit to the left Shep decided to take advantage of it and do the same thing over on my right and unsurprisingly the single forsaken wasn’t enough to hold it. He also flooded into my zone fairly aggressively, killed the naga and put rush on Tibbers to toe into my zone and just like that we were at 3-3 (I forgot to take a picture, sorry).

I pulled the fury off of Typhon and a bit off of the ravagores. In return I failed every threshold I was called on to make. The rear ravagore attacked typhon, the ravagore on the right missed typhon, the seraph killed the forsaken and my hope at having a chance in the game. I decided to try and go for it, just because it is a learning game. Abby popped feat and charged into and killed 3 cetrati who were in my zone. The shredder charged and killed a 4th. Typhon charged and killed Tibbers much easier than I expected him to (I think he did it with the initials) and if I had been able to spray the models I was engaged with at greater than .5″ I think I could have come really close – alas, gunfighter only has a .5″ melee range regardless of reach. I couldn’t even get anything into his zone thanks to the treacherous frenzy checks.

After Action Review:

I have to admit, Warmachine and Hordes have been feeling a bit stale to me of late. Part of it is due to my extremely limited time right now and part of it has been due to me splitting what little gaming time I have with Malifaux. Absylonia2 is exactly the caster I needed to reengage my in this hobby. She is a very active caster who does things pretty much every turn and is very mobile. We are starting up a journeyman league next week and she is the caster I am going to be playing for it (we allow custom battle groups). In talking with Shep after the games Proteus came up quite a bit so I am going to run him in it as well. As of right now my battle group is looking like Proteus, an Afflictor and a shredder. The afflictor is probably not great with her, but I like the model and want to learn a bit more about its capabilities and I have found that a journeyman league is great for that.

Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to comment!