50 pt Incursion Lylyth2 vs. Butcher3

Posted: December 8, 2014 in batrep, khador, legion of everblight, Monday morning war caster

Welcome to another installment of Monday Morning Warlock. I was able to get in a game with Inyoung “Baby Metal” Whang a few days ago and as always it was a total blast since he is pretty much one of the 3 coolest guys on the planet. I was trying out some new stuff in my Lylyth2 list and he dropped his Butcher3 list. It is basically the exact same list I was running in my own Butcher3 list (we use different versions of Eiryss) so I know the damage it can cause. We decided to play the version of Incursion where no flag goes away to see how that worked out.

Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight 
– Succubus
– Angelius 
– Naga Nightlurker 
– Ravagore 
– Ravagore 
– Shredder 
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 
Strider Deathstalker 
Strider Deathstalker 
Strider Blightblades 

And Inyoung took this Butcher3 list (as an aside, I take Eiryss2 so I can strip bad upkeeps)

Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed 
– War Argus
– War Dog
– Conquest 
Iron Fang Kovnik 
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios 
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist 
Ogrun Bokur 
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor 
Saxon Orrik 
Kayazy Eliminators 
Kayazy Eliminators 
Max Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen

We rolled for sides and Inyoung won the roll to go first and for some reason took the side with the hill and the wall.  He redeployed conquest right in the center, set up his eliminators to take the flanks, the ifp to take the hill and the butcher and gorman to hide behind the arguses and ifp on the hill.

I ambushed the blightblades, put my stuff mostly central, though advance deployed the deathstalkers counter to the ifp. I tried to remember to take pictures but I didn’t get them every turn, sorry.



There wasn’t really much for me to do this turn so I just put up shadow pack ran stuff forward.


Khador ran stuff forward. The IFP minifeated and spread out on the hill. The butcher nuzzled up kind of close to them, I think perhaps to take advantage of any drifts with a vengeance move. He was expecting me to feat and wipe out the IFP in any event. The Widowmakers ran forward as the Eiryss, setting up for next turn to either run to engage stuff or get within range of shadow pack and start shooting.


It didn’t seem like a feat turn to me, there was no real threat to me. The blightblades ambushed from the side with the IFP in order to stick them on the hill. The deathstalkers planned to shaved off the front ranks. One hit, and swift huntered back to 4″ from the flag on the right, the other was to swift hunter forward and claim the flag but failed to hit thwarting the plan for a control point (d’oh!). The ravagores advanced and one fired at the front rank and killed a couple. The other fired at one of the widowmakers and killed it. The blightblades came in behind the eliminators and did a charge/run order and moved one of them a bit too far. I had 4 of them dedicated to killing the eliminators and they did just that with 2 man CMAs. The other two jammed up the remaining ones. Lylyth shot Eyriss and killed here and then swift huntered up and ended up killing off 2 of the remaining widowmakers. Finally, the naga advanced to within 4″ of the flag in the center and took a shot at the last widow maker and got the hard 8 needed to hit and kill her. All in all I was feeling pretty good about that turn, especially for it not even being a feat turn.



For Inyoung’s turn he remained non-plussed and continued with his plan. Saxon charged the naga and came up a bit short. Conquest had a couple of focus on him so just advanced and was within 5″ of saxon and fired into his back and hit, but failed to crit. He used the focus to boost damage and did a couple of points. Very crafty, that one. Saxon died a horrible death. The IFK put shield march on the IFP who then received the shield wall order and moved into the blightblades. They did 2 man CMAs when possible and killed all save the leader who passed his command check. I put out 5 host marks for all 5 blightblades who died for the incubi. The eliminators on the left advanced to claim the flag on my left, one basing and on being within 4″.

(Sorry no picture)

So this was looking like feat turn to me. I placed all of the incubi within 2″ of the center their previous hosts, ending up behind the IFP when I could and out of engagement when I couldn’t. Lylyth went first and put pincushion on conquest and popped her feat. I forgot to move her behind the forest but Inyoung is gentleman and let me go ahead and do that (thanks). Between Lylyth and the two ravagores, I managed to wreck the left side, and then the angelius charged in and did some good damaged to right side but crucially not taking out his fist. The naga shot and killed one of the eliminators and then rolled triple 3s to hit the other which we both thought missed but for different reasons (he thought I was rat 5, I thought he was def 16 – always check the card). My incubi did a number on the remaining IFP knocking them down to just the UA, and 1 other guy as well as making the dog tough (which he did). One of them ran over to the flag and claimed it.



In return, butcher advanced, the dogs rolled bonkers and killed the angelius before the butcher even had to get involved and then sat on the flag. Conquest advanced and killed the naga. The remaining IFP killed off the incubus claiming flag on the right.

(Sorry no picture again)

For my turn the deathstalkers advanced and shot the IFP in the face and moved to claim the flag, the ravagore charged and destroyed conquest and claimed the flag. An incubus charged the IFK and kills him, the blightblade leader charged and killed the IFP UA preventing anyone from contesting the deathstalker on his turn so now if I could kill kill his arguses, the butcher couldn’t contest… he kills my ravagore and wins on his turn. ARGH SO CLOSE!

Loss to khador, 5-4.

After Action Review

(I am trying out a slightly new format here)

What I did well

I stuck to my plan pretty well. I wasn’t tempted into an early feat. I played range really well, I did a good job of eliminating what could threaten me and ignoring the rest. I didn’t give butcher any vengeance moves and kept his threat ranges static. I did a good job of contesting the flags.

What I could have done better

I probably shouldn’t have bothered aiming with the second deathstalker on turn 2. I should have walked up to the flag to get the guaranteed points and jammed. If I had thought it through I could have virtually guaranteed myself a minimum of 3 control points of that flag on the right instead of completely screwing that up. There was no reason to mess with trying to kill a couple of irrelevant IFP and as it was that pretty much cost me the game. Also, I played Khador for so long that I relied on an overinflated memory of how difficult the eliminators were to kill – I should have just looked at the card. I only needed a 9 to kill them with shooting. The naga rolled rolled that 9, and would have killed the last one with the 2nd feat shot, which also would have saved me the game. Always check the card. A couple of big, unnecessary issues which cost me the game. Also, my time management is still really lousy. I can’t do anything about that right now due to some issues with a migraine medication, but it is a bit frustrating. I need to not panic when time is getting low.

I need to remember to pay attention to unit commander when running units. I had a plan where to place him and then totally screwed it up and ended up with a model out of coherency.

I had plenty of opportunities that I settled for contesting when I could have scored them.

What I learned

An interesting rules thing I looked up that didn’t actually come into play is that with CMA with multiple attacks is that you can mix and match. A model can contribute one attack, and do a single attack on his own, or contribute to two different CMAs. He cannot contribute 2 attacks to a single CMA though. Also, if doing a charge, both models must contribute their “charge” attack to the CMA, no contributing the 2nd attack (see this post for why http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?85101-Common-mistakes-regarding-Cryx-models-and-abilities-v3&p=1144664&viewfull=1#post1144664). Another thing, is that if you are going to do CMAs, if possible, it is better just to walk up since you have to turn to face directly on a charge, so you get better facings if you just walk up. This is an obvious one, but it is good to remember. Also, Mat 6, attacking from the rear, with 2 person CMA, is effectively Mat 10 and that is super legit. The blightblades were pretty phenomenal. I didn’t expect them to be as good as they were. Even when down to just a single model, he still did surprisingly well with 2 attacks. His high speed, moderate mat, exceptional def was able to get some business done long after he should have been irrelevant. These models are definitely on my recommend list. The ability to ambush is super valuable.

Incubi are really good. You don’t always need to combo strike but hitting stuff at P+S 14 +3d6 is very satisfying.

Inyoung felt that I would have been better served ambushing on the other side and claiming the flag on the left and forcing him to deal with it. The deathstalkers and a ravagore or two could have dealt with the IFP and the eliminators on the right and that I didn’t need to worry about jamming them back. He may have been correct and he said it was another habit carried over from my Khador days to think of jamming in the first place. It’s definitely something to think about.


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