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Sorry for the extended absence, as if the holidays aren’t bad enough I also got super busy with a writing project and pneumonia on top of that, but things are starting to resolve themselves a bit.
I was able to get in a few games in amongst the madness, but things are still pretty busy so I won’t be able to give the full write-ups for them, they will be much more abbreviated than usual and I am just going to cherry pick some of the more interesting ones.
First up was Kallus (me) vs. Bethayne (Colin). This game was before SR2015 came out and so there is no ADR or specialists, and was my first game against Bethayne in a couple of years since she top of one assassinated me when I was playing Old Witch. This is the last SR2014 game I’ll be reporting, it’s Incoming so is basically the same, though no objectives were chosen so guess not. Whatever.
My list was:
Kallus, Wrath of Everblight 
– Succubus
– Nephilim Bolt Thrower 
– Shredder 
Annyssa Ryvaal 
Spell Martyr 
Full Blighted Nyss Raptors 
Full Blighted Ogrun Warspears 
– Warspear Chieftan 
Full Spawning Vessel 
Strider Blightblades 
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Blackfrost Shard 
He was playing:
Bethayne, Voice of Everblight – WB: +3
– Succubus
– Raek – PC: 4
– Ravagore – PC: 10
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Full Spawning Vessel
Full Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters
– Bayal, Hound of Everblight
Full Blighted Nyss Legionnaires
– Captain Farilor & Standard
Strider Rangers
– Strider Rangers Officer & Musician
The warspears put prey on the hex hunters, Anyssa put prey on spawning Vessel to keep it back.
Everything in Beth’s force ran forward varying amounts.
I put the raptors on the hill, I put up a couple of tenacities on them. I set up the warspears across from the hex hunters and advanced them a little bit, but (hopefully) out of range of a turn 2 feat wipe on them. I ran the martyr forward to try and snipe out Bayal with an eruption but ended up with a huge drift that ended up being irrelevant for the following turn. I also forget to put up ignite on on the raptors. The gobbers put down a cloud and caught a couple of the raptors in it.
Colin decided not to feat this turn. Beth’s forces charged forward with the hex hunters who passed their terror check but my placing was pretty good – I was back further than he thought so only a few made it and I didn’t lose any of the warspears thanks to set defense, high armor, and unyielding. The ravagore advanced forward and was able to get the shot on the warspear UA that I wasn’t expecting at all and killed him, removing prey. The striders advanced and took some shots at the raptors, but on the hill, in a cloud, with tenacity made them pretty unhittable. He was a bit shaken and forgot to do his reform move with them. Shepherd advanced, did what her thing. Belphagore advanced and put out a big despoiler cloud maybe? The legionnaires advanced to threaten Anyssa who was fine with her role as bait.
For my turn, I decided to go a bit crazy and see how things would play out since I am just learning Kallus. Just as an aside, I typically do stuff like this when I am learning a new caster – I push them hard and see where they break, and do dumb things, especially on store games that don’t matter. Sit back, enjoy the ride and shake your head at the foolishness. I ambushed in the blightblades behind the strider rangers and the ravagore. Blackfrost shard advanced and hit with a couple of ice cages first and then harmed the ravagore. I then activated Kallus, realized I had forgotten to cast Ignite, tried to convince myself it was a clever part of my plan to keep my plan hidden, and put it on the raptors. Then I popped feat and cast Dark Guidance leaving myself on 0 because I’m bold. I also moved to the side and back on a hill making sure that I would have good coverage for what I wanted for my feat and dark guidance, I felt fairly safe and out of the way. Next up the raptors went and I was only able to charge the ravagore with three of them, the other two attacked the things that were blocking them up. The three attacking the ravagore managed to knock it down to a single wound remaining, the others killed their targets, the raptors then shuffled around into defensive positions. The warspears went next and killed off several of the hex hunters. Next up I used all those hex hunter corpses to spawn a stinger who advanced and boosted the hit on Bayal and killed him which also happened to trigger a panic check which they failed and giving me a huge relief. The nephilim advanced and shot the raek and knocked it back 5” and knocked it down with a crit. The blightblades just advanced so I could control their facings better to maximize their attacks (side note, I’ve found with their attacks that this is often the better way to do it). They killed the shepherd, the ravagore, and a good number of the rangers and tied up the ones they missed (mostly the ones out of dark guidance range). Anyssa zipped around setting up for some shooting at Bethayne next turn if I survived. The gobbers advanced and covered as much LOS as they could and the shredder advanced to try and put his body in the lane and put tenacity on Kallus. I wasn’t thrilled with my position but it wasn’t terrible.
Colin looked at the table and saw that he was in trouble but to his credit thought he might have an angle. He charged the stinger with belphagore and killed it easily. Bethayne popped her feat and he took a shot at the shredder with an eruption of spines! D’oh! I totally didn’t see that coming. He hit the shredder, and I hoped he would kill it, but he didn’t, the feat boosted damage on Kallus was pretty solid, so he took another shot, killed the shredder this time and got Kallus down to 4 boxes. The spines also killed the gobbers and the succubus as well as one of the warspears, giving me a couple of incubi (one of whom died to the second volley). Fortunately for me, there wasn’t anything else that could get to Kallus this turn. Colin looked at the table and saw that there wasn’t a whole lot else that he could do and conceded the game.
After Action Review
What I did well
I had a pretty coherent plan for how I wanted this list to run and I stuck to it for the most part. I was pretty happy with how things went. I used spacing as a defensive mechanism fairly well, I remembered not to charge with the blightblades when it was unnecessary. I felt I used all the pieces of my army fairly well.
What I could have done better 
I still rushed things. I think I could have spent an extra turn or two shooting at the ravagore with the raptors before I charged in. I wanted to see if I could one round him with harm and ignite with just three of them. Again, that is a silly thing that I could just sit at home and roll out a few times and see how it played out. War Room makes that kind of intellectual exercise exceedingly simple, just bring up the card, roll the dice and mark the damage if I want to do it mechanically.
What I Learned
I’m still rushing to contact, which isn’t something that Legion typically wants to do, though it seems that Kallus wants to do it more. I’ve played him a bit since this and I really like him a lot, but an issue I am having is what exactly is his role? He isn’t a great armor smasher, he doesn’t play hit and run, he doesn’t really have an armor buff until melee and then it is infantry only – and the models it benefits don’t typically have pathfinder, and he has no way of giving it to them. He would love to have 7 focus. Anyway, I am getting a bit into my thoughts on him, and I have been working on that article, so look for that coming in the near future. Another thing I learned is that Bethayne looks extremely interesting and fun to play.