Challenges and heart #DonateOrPaint

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s something we say in competition from an early age in games, at least here in America, is put your heart into it. Win or lose, if you give it your all one of the best things you can say about a person is that they’ve got heart. I’ve never really thought about it before but the video linked below from my friends from the Chain Attack podcast, and their #DonateOrPaint challenge got me thinking about it.

One of the things I love about this game is it’s competitive nature. It is designed to be competitive. The developers work hard to make sure that all factions have an equal chance of winning and at the end of the day it is down to the skills and strategies of the player, the layout of the table, and the fickle whims of chance and the dice. THOSE are the magical alchemies that keep this game so intriguing to me and so fun and keep me coming back to the table day after day, year after year. That keeps me tweaking my lists and talking to people across the street all the way to Sweden and Australia and everywhere in between about tactics. And not just talking to people, but making friends who share this passion.

It’s not just about pushing those models around and drinking a beer and having some pretzels though, it is still competition. I am going to bring my best game, and I am going to expect you to bring your best game. Bring out all of your tricks, all of your knowledge of the game. Don’t cheat. Don’t Quit. Have heart. Be passionate about the game. And the amazing thing about this community is that as passionate about the game as the members are, they are also compassionate.

And heart is also about that. Which brings me to that connection I never made before. Warmachine/Hordes players get criticized sometimes for the competitive nature that our game has. The Chain Attack podcast in particular has a focus on tournament play, something they have never been shy about stating. They are also vocal about stating it isn’t the only way to play, and this blog post isn’t about that at all. It is about heart, and about giving it all and about not quitting. It is about passion. I love this game. I love the friends that I have met across the street and in Ohio and Idaho and Australia and Sweden and Ireland everywhere else because of it. I’ve met some of you in person, but there are a whole lot more I have never met in person, and likely never will, but we still share a passion. Our hearts race when we see that assassination run coming at us, or our opponent is stepping into a trap and we hope they don’t realize it before they end their turn.

One of our own, Marc Harrison, is working hard, he’s leaving it all on the table so to speak, so let’s get behind him here and help him out.


We share a passion for a stupid, silly insignificant game that is more than the sum of its dice and rules and models that is not stupid silly or insignificant because we love it and we love the challenge and we love the companionship. Here is a chance for a challenge and companionship in compassion and I know we’ll all Page 5 the shit out of it. edit – This isn’t about painting a model for him – this is about painting a model for your army – about doing what you love in his honor, using your passion to celebrate his passion for something he can’t do right now, and maybe never again. Let him fucking game and paint vicariously through you. You are Leonidas kicking the messenger into the pit on his behalf, be fucking bold!

I nominate Todd Carrigan, Inyoung Whang, Dave Ziegert, Ryan Shepard and Anthony Wang as well as anyone who wishes someone would nominate them but are pretty sure that they will not be nominated by anyone else. If you think that might be you, then it is. If you accept this challenge and want to be listed on this page, message me, I’m on twitter @somnicidal and I will list you on this page by name.

To read more about the #DonateOrPaint Challenge go to the Chain Attack Page at

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