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Welcome to another installment of Monday Morning Warlock. I was able to get in a game with Inyoung “Baby Metal” Whang a few days ago and as always it was a total blast since he is pretty much one of the 3 coolest guys on the planet. I was trying out some new stuff in my Lylyth2 list and he dropped his Butcher3 list. It is basically the exact same list I was running in my own Butcher3 list (we use different versions of Eiryss) so I know the damage it can cause. We decided to play the version of Incursion where no flag goes away to see how that worked out.

Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight 
– Succubus
– Angelius 
– Naga Nightlurker 
– Ravagore 
– Ravagore 
– Shredder 
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 
Strider Deathstalker 
Strider Deathstalker 
Strider Blightblades 

And Inyoung took this Butcher3 list (as an aside, I take Eiryss2 so I can strip bad upkeeps)

Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed 
– War Argus
– War Dog
– Conquest 
Iron Fang Kovnik 
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios 
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist 
Ogrun Bokur 
Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor 
Saxon Orrik 
Kayazy Eliminators 
Kayazy Eliminators 
Max Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen

We rolled for sides and Inyoung won the roll to go first and for some reason took the side with the hill and the wall.  He redeployed conquest right in the center, set up his eliminators to take the flanks, the ifp to take the hill and the butcher and gorman to hide behind the arguses and ifp on the hill.

I ambushed the blightblades, put my stuff mostly central, though advance deployed the deathstalkers counter to the ifp. I tried to remember to take pictures but I didn’t get them every turn, sorry.



There wasn’t really much for me to do this turn so I just put up shadow pack ran stuff forward.


Khador ran stuff forward. The IFP minifeated and spread out on the hill. The butcher nuzzled up kind of close to them, I think perhaps to take advantage of any drifts with a vengeance move. He was expecting me to feat and wipe out the IFP in any event. The Widowmakers ran forward as the Eiryss, setting up for next turn to either run to engage stuff or get within range of shadow pack and start shooting.


It didn’t seem like a feat turn to me, there was no real threat to me. The blightblades ambushed from the side with the IFP in order to stick them on the hill. The deathstalkers planned to shaved off the front ranks. One hit, and swift huntered back to 4″ from the flag on the right, the other was to swift hunter forward and claim the flag but failed to hit thwarting the plan for a control point (d’oh!). The ravagores advanced and one fired at the front rank and killed a couple. The other fired at one of the widowmakers and killed it. The blightblades came in behind the eliminators and did a charge/run order and moved one of them a bit too far. I had 4 of them dedicated to killing the eliminators and they did just that with 2 man CMAs. The other two jammed up the remaining ones. Lylyth shot Eyriss and killed here and then swift huntered up and ended up killing off 2 of the remaining widowmakers. Finally, the naga advanced to within 4″ of the flag in the center and took a shot at the last widow maker and got the hard 8 needed to hit and kill her. All in all I was feeling pretty good about that turn, especially for it not even being a feat turn.



For Inyoung’s turn he remained non-plussed and continued with his plan. Saxon charged the naga and came up a bit short. Conquest had a couple of focus on him so just advanced and was within 5″ of saxon and fired into his back and hit, but failed to crit. He used the focus to boost damage and did a couple of points. Very crafty, that one. Saxon died a horrible death. The IFK put shield march on the IFP who then received the shield wall order and moved into the blightblades. They did 2 man CMAs when possible and killed all save the leader who passed his command check. I put out 5 host marks for all 5 blightblades who died for the incubi. The eliminators on the left advanced to claim the flag on my left, one basing and on being within 4″.

(Sorry no picture)

So this was looking like feat turn to me. I placed all of the incubi within 2″ of the center their previous hosts, ending up behind the IFP when I could and out of engagement when I couldn’t. Lylyth went first and put pincushion on conquest and popped her feat. I forgot to move her behind the forest but Inyoung is gentleman and let me go ahead and do that (thanks). Between Lylyth and the two ravagores, I managed to wreck the left side, and then the angelius charged in and did some good damaged to right side but crucially not taking out his fist. The naga shot and killed one of the eliminators and then rolled triple 3s to hit the other which we both thought missed but for different reasons (he thought I was rat 5, I thought he was def 16 – always check the card). My incubi did a number on the remaining IFP knocking them down to just the UA, and 1 other guy as well as making the dog tough (which he did). One of them ran over to the flag and claimed it.



In return, butcher advanced, the dogs rolled bonkers and killed the angelius before the butcher even had to get involved and then sat on the flag. Conquest advanced and killed the naga. The remaining IFP killed off the incubus claiming flag on the right.

(Sorry no picture again)

For my turn the deathstalkers advanced and shot the IFP in the face and moved to claim the flag, the ravagore charged and destroyed conquest and claimed the flag. An incubus charged the IFK and kills him, the blightblade leader charged and killed the IFP UA preventing anyone from contesting the deathstalker on his turn so now if I could kill kill his arguses, the butcher couldn’t contest… he kills my ravagore and wins on his turn. ARGH SO CLOSE!

Loss to khador, 5-4.

After Action Review

(I am trying out a slightly new format here)

What I did well

I stuck to my plan pretty well. I wasn’t tempted into an early feat. I played range really well, I did a good job of eliminating what could threaten me and ignoring the rest. I didn’t give butcher any vengeance moves and kept his threat ranges static. I did a good job of contesting the flags.

What I could have done better

I probably shouldn’t have bothered aiming with the second deathstalker on turn 2. I should have walked up to the flag to get the guaranteed points and jammed. If I had thought it through I could have virtually guaranteed myself a minimum of 3 control points of that flag on the right instead of completely screwing that up. There was no reason to mess with trying to kill a couple of irrelevant IFP and as it was that pretty much cost me the game. Also, I played Khador for so long that I relied on an overinflated memory of how difficult the eliminators were to kill – I should have just looked at the card. I only needed a 9 to kill them with shooting. The naga rolled rolled that 9, and would have killed the last one with the 2nd feat shot, which also would have saved me the game. Always check the card. A couple of big, unnecessary issues which cost me the game. Also, my time management is still really lousy. I can’t do anything about that right now due to some issues with a migraine medication, but it is a bit frustrating. I need to not panic when time is getting low.

I need to remember to pay attention to unit commander when running units. I had a plan where to place him and then totally screwed it up and ended up with a model out of coherency.

I had plenty of opportunities that I settled for contesting when I could have scored them.

What I learned

An interesting rules thing I looked up that didn’t actually come into play is that with CMA with multiple attacks is that you can mix and match. A model can contribute one attack, and do a single attack on his own, or contribute to two different CMAs. He cannot contribute 2 attacks to a single CMA though. Also, if doing a charge, both models must contribute their “charge” attack to the CMA, no contributing the 2nd attack (see this post for why Another thing, is that if you are going to do CMAs, if possible, it is better just to walk up since you have to turn to face directly on a charge, so you get better facings if you just walk up. This is an obvious one, but it is good to remember. Also, Mat 6, attacking from the rear, with 2 person CMA, is effectively Mat 10 and that is super legit. The blightblades were pretty phenomenal. I didn’t expect them to be as good as they were. Even when down to just a single model, he still did surprisingly well with 2 attacks. His high speed, moderate mat, exceptional def was able to get some business done long after he should have been irrelevant. These models are definitely on my recommend list. The ability to ambush is super valuable.

Incubi are really good. You don’t always need to combo strike but hitting stuff at P+S 14 +3d6 is very satisfying.

Inyoung felt that I would have been better served ambushing on the other side and claiming the flag on the left and forcing him to deal with it. The deathstalkers and a ravagore or two could have dealt with the IFP and the eliminators on the right and that I didn’t need to worry about jamming them back. He may have been correct and he said it was another habit carried over from my Khador days to think of jamming in the first place. It’s definitely something to think about.


Hey there, I have been seriously busy lately with writing and editing and just a little bit of Malifaux distraction. That being said, I have decided 100% to only bring painted models to KingdomCon and what that basically means is that I need to magically create extra time. Since that is probably not going to happen, I have really narrowed down what is important to me for this convention. I don’t have the time to properly prepare in order to be totally competitive and the few games that I have played but not had time to write up here have reinforced to me that amount of time necessary to get really good with this game.

Does that mean I am going to phone it in? Of course not. What it does mean is that I am having to change my expectations. Last year I had a fair amount of hobby time and prepared and was very happy with my (barely) top 10 placing in the Warmachine Weekend qualifier. This year, I am shooting to be in the top 3rd. I think that this is still doable – last year my goal was to be in the top half. The big catch here is that I am not getting much painting time and am only going to be taking painted models which has forced me to really look at my collection at what I have painted and what casters I most enjoy playing and kind of just sticking with them. What that means my priority painting looks something like this – 6 Uhlans, Markov, both versions of Fenris, the 2nd Drakhun, and 2 light warjacks. If I get all of that done I will then look at painting up two additional casters. One with a beard and one who is universally derided for his all or nothing gimmick.

So just to wrap up here, let’s take a look at the casters that are the forerunners for my main casters for the weekend –




That’s right, if you want to build against me, be ready for Vlad3 and Zerkova.

I was able to get in a game a bit before Christmas but only now have the time to write it up. As I have mentioned before on Facebook and the PP forums I have decided to stick with just Strakhov and Harkevich until TempleCon. I am calling this my “Hammer and Anvil” sessions with Strakhov being the “glass hammer” and Harkevich being the anvil.

Anyway, I was able to make good on this threat against Shawn’s Vyros1 list. My current working theory is that Strakhov is far more than the “Heaven Piercing Spear” tactic he is best known for and I am keeping that in mind as I plan and play my turns. I visualize him, and thus try to play him, as very patient and calculating but when it is go time, he is ready to go. As an aside, my local group and I have talked before about how cool it is that PP does a great job of making many of the pieces work better when you keep the fluff in mind and use that to inform your game decisions. Obviously that isn’t a license to be an idiot, it is just an interesting observation that has proven itself in the past.

I have also recently finished assembling my gun carriage, so you knew that would show up.

My list:
Black Ivan,
Max AKs with 2 flamethrowers
Min Battle Mechaniks
Min Kossite Woodsmen
Gun Carriage
Iron Fang Kovnik
Koldun Lord
Widowmaker Marksman
Yuri the Axe

They would be facing off against:
2 Manticores
2 Griffins
2 Arcanists
Houseguard Thane
Max Rifleman with UA
Max Halbardiers with UA
Max Sentinels probably with UA

We were playing the early beta version of Incursion where the center flag always stays. He chose to go first and I picked sides. The first thing I noticed after he set up is that he had about a billion dudes. Like seriously, all of Ios was there. My own list felt a bit undermanned, not least of all, I am sure, due to me keeping the Kossites in reserve. The plan with them was to staunch any bleeding of CPs if I was out of position when the flag disappeared. Also, if they had a chance to kill those lousy mechaniks they would.

Shawn deployed most of his stuff as centrally as possible, but again, with a billion angry elves he blotted out his table edge.

I forgot to take a pictures he started moving but it should be good enough to give you an idea. That thing in the middle is a hill, btw, and the white templates there are covering fire. Also, sorry for the crappy pics, I have an old iPhone4.


So the Iosans advanced, the manticores laid down covering fire templates, the halbardiers got inviolable resolve and shield walled with desperate pace from the thane on top of the hill in the middle. The light warjack headed out to the flanks and the sentinels moved toward the flag on my left. The rifleman advanced in a fairly wide line behind the halbardiers.

This is what my deployment looked like:


That is Yuri on the left and both the WMM and the manhunter on the right. I thought that I was being clever with my deployment but then I ended up having a few issues – namely I needed to activate my IFK before I activated the assault kommandos to give them shield march. I needed to get them out of the way so I could get Strakhov over to put sentry on the gun carriage, but I also needed to have the gun carriage go first to protect myself from any silly errant drifts backward and I wanted to make sure and use ride by attack so I could drop some templates and then fall back a bit. So yeah, moral of the story here is to plan your first turn moves and actions before you deploy. Anyway, I made it work (also putting superiority on the spriggan which I upkept for the rest of the game) and then more or less and even had some spot on drifts with the gun carriage. The carnage would have been amazing had the halbardiers not been sitting at armor freaking 20. As it was, I had some fantastic rough templates dropped down and managed to end with sentry on the gun carriage after all. Also, as a bonus, the widowmaker markman advanced up and shot one of the mechanics and then dropped back a bit and my manhunter ran over to the flag on the right. I figured if it stayed I would be in good position and if it disappeared I could continue running to the other side of that forest the next turn just to threaten and be a pain.

Turned out that flag stayed.


Turn 2 we would see just how big of a pain those rough terrain templates would be on the elves. As you can see in the picture above the halberdiers were almost completely covered by the templates. Shawn considered running them but instead just sucked it up and moved forward in shield wall slowly. I triggered sentry to try and give them another bit of rough terrain to deal with, but it scatter back to cover the wall. The thane gave the riflemen firing solution and my poor widowmaker marksman became the first casualty of the new solo’s ability to deny stealth. The light jack on my right advanced on the manhunter and boosted the hit roll but somehow missed with the reach weapon and was out of range for the shield. The manticore then dropped a covering fire template over the middle of the light jack to prevent the manhunter from being able to attack it at all. The sentinels had to scramble for relevance and began shifting laterally to my right after their flag disappeared. I also forgot to take a picture at the end of Shawn’s turn. Vyros ended up moving onto the hill and striking a pose and looking pretty boss.

For my turn I was pretty happy with the table state and decided to hold the Kossites for another turn. I didn’t really need the bonus from shield march since I wasn’t planning on going the full distance forward so he just moved up a bit. The assault kommandos were next since I wanted to give the gun carriage a change to hit. They advanced in shield wall against and started firing gas grenades at the riflemen on the hill. I got a couple of hits despite needing something like a 9 to hit the one not on the hill, this gave me a couple of other targets and I fired the rifles of some of the guys once I was happy with the gassing. I also gassed a couple of my own guys in the back to give them some protection from the halberds the following turn. I still had a couple of rifle shots left so through them up in hope of getting lucky but couldn’t get through armor 20.

The gun carriage went next and with a ride by attack launched 2 more templates. One of them got a direct hit on one of the guys on the hill thanks to the gas and killed him and the one in front who wasn’t benefitting from shield wall since the damage originated in his rear arc. The rifleman on top of the gun carriage finished off the cluster of 3 since the remaining member was alone and no longer in shield wall.

I advanced the spriggan up behind the AKs, pretty much center of the table and ready to respond to whatever came up and fired his grenades but they did nothing. Strakhov fired a smoke grenade into the back of one of the assault kommandos to give a true smoke template to block LOS back to himself and put sentry on the gun carriage again and occultation on himself just because those manticores were starting to give me the willies.  Meanwhile, the koldun lord powerboosted ivan who used the focus to boost his to hit roll on another of the halberdiers and killed him. When all was said and done I think I killed 5 or 6 of the halberds, doing much better than I thought I would. The rough terrain templates below are the brass rings, btw, and at the end of my turn the one under the wall went away but the template was hard to get to so we just left it there.


Shawn spent a bit of time thinking about what to do this turn and finally decided to page 5 it. He gave a focus to the light jack on my left and then found out that the other one was out of Vyros’s control area. He also kept inviolable resolve on the halberds. Yuri ended up not as fortunate as the manhunter and he was cut down with a single blow. The riflemen tried a 4 man CRA on the gun carriage but only did a point or two. The other rifles tried to draw line on Strakhov but was stymied by the cloud so instead they had to slake their bloodthirst on the Iron Fang Kovnik.

The halberds decided to forego shieldwall in order to try and punch the AKs armor and charged. They also popped minifeat just because it was getting a bit late and the store only had about 40 minutes left til close. The gas templates caused him a bit of consternation and he ended up not crowding in quite as much as he might otherwise have liked. He killed a couple of the AKs. Vyros moved over to the forest on the left setting up to maybe dominate the right flag on the next turn. He also moved the manticore more or less between Strakhov and Vyros. Since Strakhov had stealth he ended up covering the middle flag with a covering fire template.

I spent a bit of time looking at the table. Vyros looked a long way off, but he looked like he was about 20″ away from the spriggan so I gave him 3 just in case. I know that I have said that “heaven piercing spear” is not my preferred plan with Strakhov but it is still a tool in the toolbox. Also, the store was closing soon so I figured it was a good time to practice it out – win or lose the game was over soon. My plan of putting the spriggan in the center of the table was decent, but I was pretty well jammed by my own AKs so there was a bit of an order of activation issue that I had to get right. I also decided to bring in the Kossites this turn behind that forest and see if I couldn’t put a few points of damage on Vyros just to make it easier. That didn’t work out (I did get a couple of hits, but couldn’t crack his 19 armor), but they did manage to kill a couple of sentinels so I was still happy with them. The koldun lord sprayed away some halberds to give the AKs a bit of room to get out of the spriggan’s way.

I had the assault kommandos use assault and battery to take some shots and then charge in to kill a few halberds – I had hoped to hit the center halberdier with gas to make it easier for Strakhov to hit when it came up. I made sure and left one halberd that was center of the table with the plan of using him to springboard the feat. Things were set up, so may as well go for it. Strakhov feated to get range to charge the halberd, moving through the covering fire template and taking a couple of points of damage. At the end of my charge I cast overrun with my last 2 focus and had to raw dog the 8 to hit – I had forgotten that they have set defense! Fortunately for me, he pulled it off and easily killed the elf thanks to the ps15 on the charge. I triggered overrun on the spriggan and moved over and set up the lane and used my sprint move to get Vyros in feat range. The spriggan charged and bulldozed the manticore out of the way. The charge ended up being closer than I thought it would be and I only got in range of the reach weapon. I was effectively rat 10 on the charge and I agonized over whether to boost the hit or not but eventually decided to (I am still not sure if that was the right choice). Spriggan got the hit and had a slightly above average damage roll (12 I think). I bought an attack and boosted the to hit with my last focus, got the hit and then got enough to put him in the dirt.

I can’t claim particularly genius tactics this one, but a win is a win and I will take it. I was actually really happy with how the list worked and I was in great position to play a bit of attrition. Had I had more time the plan would have been to use the spriggan to kill the manticore and then overrun back to safety and let the AKs and ivan kill off halberds and start working on scenario.


After action review: I am really happy with how everything worked together this game. This is a list inspired by my conversations with Shwan  (not to be confused with Shawn, my opponent) and against this type of troop spam list worked really well aside from my positioning errors both at deployment and a couple of times that I didn’t mention above (an example was moving the koldun lord to get the spray but blocking in ivan – it didn’t matter in this game, but it could have been a big problem in a longer game. Strakhov seems to reward patience and the longer you can keep your feat as a threat the better off you are – Shawn tried to pull Vyros back and the threat of the feat I think made him more cagey than he would otherwise have been. The rough terrain from the gun carriage was clutch but against something with a lot of access to pathfinder wouldn’t have been as dominant (although three 4″ AOEs is pretty legit against most infantry).

All things considered, I will definitely be giving this list some more table time and soon!

I had a nice chat conversation Shwan on the Privateer Press forums and he shared this battle report with me:

His Strakhov list was (I am missing something):
Gun Carriage
Full IFP with UA
Steelhead Rifle Corps with Valachev attached
Kell Bailloch
And his opponent was running Kreoss”
-Fire of Salvation
Vessel of Judgement
Max Bastions
Max Errants + UA
Min Vengers
Covenant of Menoth

I deployed Kell, IFP and Riflemen on the left flank and put Devastator, Torch and my Gun Tank on the right flank with Strakhov, Drakhun and the Dog in the middle. I flubbed up a little by putting torch on the outside instead of Devastator so I couldn’t get first turn superiority on Torch.

He deployed Nicia and the Errants opposite of the IFP. Rhupert, the Vessel, Fire of Salvation and Kreoss center, and he overloaded his left flank with Bastions, Vengers, Vilmon and the Paladin.

I went first, Strakhov occulated the IFP and put sentry on the gun tank and moved up. Devastator and Drakhun ran to the center with drakhun hugging the forest line, Torch ran up to the right zone, Gun Carriage trampled and shot into the errants and missed. IFP ran up stealthed to the left zone and the riflemen right behind them and kell took up position by a building so he could cover the left zone.

My buddy starts with giving the errants tough with rhuphert, and then sends his errants forward, most of them in the forest to my dismay. he spread them out and one ended up on the other side of the forest right in sights of my counter charging Drakhun. one down. another one got in sight of my sentried Gun Tank and I took him down too. Nicia high tailed it to the opposite side of the building Kell was hugging. The Vessel moved a little and shot my Drakhun, boosting damage and hitting him for 8, not good. Bastions ran up a little, Fire of Salvation ran up a little, and the vengers ran up to get into position and one got into melee range of my Drakhun. Vilmon and the paladin ran up too. Kreoss just meandered up, cast sancrosanct on the errants and gave the vengers +2 ARM and that was his turn.

I have pictures from here on out:


From here, I give a focus to devastator and 2 to torch. Devastator runs again to the south edge of the forest.Strakhov puts superiority on Torch and I charge devastator and do no damage, then feat catching most of the errants but nothing else. Gun Tank charges the center venger, misses on the hooves. The left cannon shoots the bastions and hits them, centering a nice rough terrain pie plate on them but did little damage, the right one was able to angle on Vilmon but missed. Finally my gunner was able to pick off another errant. Torch charged the Venger tieing up the Drakhun and destroyed it, wasting the two extra focus as the other venger was just out of spray 6 range. Now that my Drakhun was freed up but was good as dead next turn, he was able to charge through rough terrain for the 5″ and get in range to smack a bastion. He did such amazing damage my opponent thought it prudent to just kill him and not spread the damage. This gave Fire of Salvation his holy vengeance.

Next up was Kell Bailoch, who tried freeing up some charge lanes on an errant sitting in the zone. First shot hit and would of killed the errant but the vessel used doors of judgement and came straight for kell but was JUST out of stealth range. luckily that means sancrosanct didn’t go off and kell got his second shot, but the second errant toughed it. Next were the IFP. I mini-feated and charged away with the help of Strakhov. I had a few go into the forest to the errants I could see, but my main goal was the UA, if I could take him down then they’d lose pathfinder and be stuck in the forest. Well over the course of the charge he made about 6 tough rolls 3 with his UA alone. when I finally did kill him he just sac’ed another grunt. I also did get a few hits on the book and was overall able to swing a few of my pikemen around to jam the left zone, so even though it was under crappy circumstances it did work as you can tell from the pictures. Since nothing was engaging the UA and it was knocked down I moved my riflemen with zephyr so they could get the aiming bonus and took a few more shots at the UA getting him to sac a few more grunts.

I got two pikemen to get into melee with fire of salvation, but only one was in command range unfortunately. so on the start of his turn he went after the drakhun with his holy vengeance, and I only got 1 free strike. Luckily for me I rolled double 5s, CRIT KNOCKDOWN! so my drakhun was saved for another few minutes. he goes, drops sancrosanct and gives 3 focus to FoS which one was used to shake knockdown. The Vessel goes first and moves up to use eruption of faith to push those IFP into the forest. Rhupert moves behind the vessel and gives the bastions pathfinder. Kreoss moves up and slays my drakhun and feats, catching Torch and the battle engine. Fire of Salvation charges Torch, and I say what the hell I counter charge, hit, and roll trip 6s for damage (not a good day for the FoS) taking out it’s left fist. It still does considerable damage to torch though. Bastions are next and they charge/run into torch and the gun tank, killing the tank and really crippling torch. The vengers charge and finish it off. Vilmon runs for the left zone and paladin stays in the right and impervious walls. Nicia move back and stabs one rifleman to death, shoots another, and then sprints to engage the one in the back. Errants kill off a pikeman and rifleman. he scores a point.Back to my turn. one focus to devastator I keep the rest. first and foremost I run devastator right into the right zone on top of Torch’s wreckage to prevent further scoring. Next my pikemen charge/run mostly at the vessel, and unfortunately did very little damage to it. The Riflemen took aiming bonus again and zephyred so that back one wouldn’t take a free strike and I was able to take out the errant UA in range leaving the Covenant to 1 life. Kell move withing stealth range and shot Nicia in the back killing her. Strakhov activated, cast overrun and moved into position for his riot gun. got two attack and boosted both, first killing the covenant, which allowed me to move into the zone, and the second offed the errant standard. The dog ran into the zone with me and that gave me a domination.unnamed2nd

Now here’s where my opponent’s inexperience showed. He loaded up FoS on focus and off he went. Rhupert gave Bastions Pathfinder, and they ran for the other zone, mostly in the forest. FoS moved into the forest and took a few swings at devastator doing a little bit of damage. the vengers moved back a little waiting for me to uncrack my shell I guess. Vilmon made an advance and went into impervious wall stance to just outside of the left zone, and the lone errant ran in my zone to prevent my scoring. The Vessel made a full advance into the right zone and within 2″ of my devastator, taking a ton of damage from free strikes. He attempted to eruption of faith my devastator out of the zone for the domination. it was tricky because he had 2 life left on the vassal and the d3 came to 1 damage, so he pushed me 4″ inches or it would had been if I wasn’t on torch’s wreckage. He was furious but devastator was still toeing the zone. Kreoss moved into the zone and that was the turn.

Back to my turn, devastator was pushed to just within my control area so I gave him another focus and went to work. first and foremost my IFP charge again, mostly at the bastions but two got to rhupert and downed him, effectively leaving his bastions stranded in the forest. I crit knockdown the bastion closest to the zone and rough him up good. The riflemen get into position with valachev. Valachev is lined up perfectly so his spray 8 will get the lone errant, vilmon and the bastion. I miss the errant and vilmon but do some more damage to the bastion. I realize my mistake with valachev as he’s blocking Strakhov’s charge lane to Vilmon. Two of my riflemen shoot Valachev dead for the good of the motherland and the rest shoot one at a time at the downed but engaged bastion enough to kill it. Next up Kell takes aim to down the lone errant but misses Vilmon. Strakhovcharges vilmon, boosts to hit and connects, and kills him with the trench knife before moving back into the zone. Devastator uses his focus to run around the zone bulldozing things and that’s my turn.


up to 4 points now.

his last turn consists of running everything he can towards the other zone, the only things that got close was a venger who toed the zone, I countercharged the second venger that was right behind him and killed it, but Kreoss Sancrosancted it so my dog was knocked down.

Back to my turn. Kell aims and takes two shots at it dealing one damage, then my riflemen come around to do a massive CRA on it, but I roll snake eyes for damage. I decided for the ultimate humiliation and strakhov turned around……………….and cast battering ram to push him out of the zone for the win!


The final game put me up against the Motherland once more. And once more Butcher3 would be on the table, just not commanded by me. Instead I was faced up against iWARGAME, from the awesome iWARGAME blog, at – if you haven’t checked it out, you should.

Since I was locked out of Butcher3 I took this Vlad2 list:

Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Champion – WJ: +5
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker – PC: 2
– Drago – PC: 8

Doom Reavers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6
– Greylord Escort – Greylord Escort 2
Greylord Outriders – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4
Iron Fang Pikemen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard – PC: 2
Iron Fang Uhlans – Leader & 4 Grunts: 11
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3

I’ve been talking with Lemming Stampede quite a bit lately about the joys of Vlad2 and have been hankering to take him for a spin. In fact, if I hadn’t managed to get my greedy mitts on Butcher3 I probably would have rocked The Dark Champion for the whole day.

You can definitely tell that I am a Khador player because I was a bit concerned with the low model count of this army (34) but I felt that everything in this list is pretty solid and capable of punching above their weight, even without Vlad2s feat – the sprays would help mitigate any jamming or horde-style armies (as opposed to Hordes armies).

iWARGAME’s list was:

Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed – WJ: +4
– War Argus
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
– Behemoth – PC: 13

Widowmaker Marksman – PC: 2
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios – PC: 3
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist – PC: 2
Kell Bailoch – PC: 2
Saxon Orrik – PC: 2

Doom Reavers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6
– Greylord Escort – Greylord Escort 2
Iron Fang Pikemen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard – PC: 2
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Widowmakers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4

Setup and Early game:

I ended up going second again and once more chose the side I was on because, you know, crutches. I counter deployed my doom reavers across from his widowmakers and WMM (and Eyriss) and a bit under 5″ into my AD zone to be out of the widowmakers range but within a-bomb range when I run. If his widowmakers are anything like mine, they will break. I also deployed the Uhlans on my far right flank with the intent of using them to take out Behemoth if I got a shot or as a quick redeploy and put my eliminators behind them counter to iWARGAME’s with the though of maybe sending them after Kell and Saxon.


iWARGAME’s first run he pretty much just advanced everything full bore. The WMM  advanced up through the woods like I expected him to and the shot  ended up being short, as planned. Unfortunately this meant that he had a solid ranging shot and the rest of the widowmakers hung back a little bit further. with Eyriss behind them. For my turn, Vlad put Hand of Fate on the outriders, transference on himself and then moved up behind a wall where he basically carved his initials into it and hung out the rest of the game. My doomreavers ran forward – one getting close enough to force an abomination test on the widowmaker marksman, which he failed. I sent a couple out wide to try and jam up his widowmakers and toed in most of the rest of them into the woods. This meant if iWargame wanted to get LOS to shoot at them with the widowmakers they would have to do an abomination check. My IFP ran sideways  and spread out. I didn’t bother with minifeat yet. All of the outriders used Winter’s Wind and advanced just a bit – I was hoping to be out of charge range for half of the eliminators and without two gang bonused attacks I felt pretty decent about them surviving and if he ran to engage to give a gang bonus I could make them stationary which would make clearing them much easier. The ternion put some clouds up just because they had nothing better to do (marked with beads below). I decided to redeploy the uhlans so they just ran behind Vlad to keep their options open.


The widowmakers moved through the woods to take some shots on my doomreavers but failed the abomination check. The wmm rallied. His doomreavers had crappy rolls and killed maybe one of my doomreavers. Butcher decided to get his hands messy and advanced through the flag.  He cast impending doom and then flashing blade to kill a fair amount of IFP that I had moved too close to the flag as well as a couple of doomreavers. He then energizered back 3″ through the flag and considered feating but realized he was pretty safe so just hung out.  One of his eliminator units charged the outriders, but only one was range to attack. The other ran to give the gang bonus but he failed to kill outrider leaving him on one wound with the combo strike. That model sidestepped out of range of the Winter’s Wind and the other unit just ran but kept their distance from the Outriders. Kell advanced and took a shot but missed due to the high def, as did Saxon.

For my turn I upkept Hand of Fate for free and paid one for Transference. My eliminators charged his and he expected a slap fight, since 9s are kind of hard to pull off. Boosted 9s aren’t so bad, however, and a couple of attacks and sidesteps later both of his eliminator units were down two 1 model each – and the non stationary one was fleeing. The outriders got a bit cocky at this and one missed the stationary one with a spray. The other advanced and did melee attacks and hit but failed to kill. I also killed Kell with the spray and a couple of IFP though the hill provided them with pretty good protection. I then did my light cav move to engage saxon and the stationary eliminator but in her back arc. I know she could just acrobatics away, but at least she couldn’t charge him. My IFP killed a few doomreavers, but one of them made like 3 tough checks. My greylord escort advanced and put a  few points on butcher with the spray (maybe 4?).


After this I forgot to take pics as I was pretty into the game. Here is the general flow though.

From here Butcher is camping next to his flag grabbing a point every one of his turns. I upkept Transference but dropped Hand of Fate. There was too much in the way for me to feat on the uhlans yet, so instead I send 2 of them in, one charging the butcher and the other basing up behind it for the defensive line buff. I knew that there was no way they would survive and probably should have only sent one in, but I was hoping he would have to spend some effort to kill them both. The front uhlan used tall in the saddle to charge butcher over the war arguses. One of them killed a war argus with an impact and hit butcher for another couple of points with his lance. The other skewered the second war argus, killing it. I figured if I was going to be triggering I wanted to make sure I only did it once.

I moved hand of fate over to the Ternion here as well and they killed some IFP finished off the doomreaver UA and then the  remaining doomreavers. Our IFP mingled it up and the game started to settle into a grind. Butcher cleared out the front uhlan with his vengeance attack (ouch – I was hoping he would at least have to use his activation for that) and then the other with his activation.

I was up on time by about 13 minutes but iWARGAME was getting a control point on each of his turns as butcher cleared out any contesting models pretty easily but I was weeding out the models in the way. I forgot about Gorman and he was able to get a black oil onto my uhlans pushing back the feat for another turn. The ternion killed him with a spray and the following turn he ran the wardog and Eyriss to block the uhlans charge lane. I had to minimize any risk of failure so on my turn I upkept Hand of Fate for free, upkept Transference. The ternion advanced and with the HOF sprays managed to clear the charge lane. I activated Vlad and popped my feat on the uhlans. I declared the charge on butcher (by this time he had about 2 minutes left – not much but enough to clear a flag and score his 5th and winning CP if necessary). I had 4 focus on Vlad and so used transference to boost the uhlans’ attack rolls. Yes, I only needed 3 and was rolling 3 and dropping the low, but it was that important and if this assassination failed the game was over anyway. The first uhlan hit and only rolled an 8 after dropping the low so I only did 3. I was pretty worried now. The next was an average roll of 10 after dropping doing another 5, leaving him with 6 or 7 which meant I needed an above average roll. Luckily, I got a 17 and managed to just barely save the game.

I just realized that I didn’t mention it but Behemoth was dropping 2 bombards every turn – he took out one of Drago’s arms and his cortex as well as killing the eliminators and a couple of the outriders.

Another super fun and super close game against an awesome opponent. We both had a couple of inopportune snake-eyes rolls but the game was a blast. I ended up getting 3rd for the invitational – the highest placing of someone that “dark horsed” their way in on points for the invitational rather than winning and I was pretty happy overall. If you find yourself in Southern California I highly recommend you stop in to Mercenary Market they have a fantastic gaming area and the manager, Greg is a fantastic guy.

Adding this pic here just because I liked it. This is the view after my turn1.


Alex, the PG at one of my localish game stores, Mercenary Market down in Costa Mesa, has been running a tournament series this year. Basically it was one tourney a month and you earn points toward an 8 player invitational to be held in September. The winners of each individual tourney automatically qualified and then it went to the points. One of the people who won 2 of the events is in the military and has transferred to Japan so obviously he couldn’t make it. I never managed to crack further than 2nd at the store but had enough cumulative points to qualify as an alternate.
The invitational took place last weekend and it was an absolute blast. I had knee surgery a few weeks ago and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to attend but thanks to Alex and the awesome player base they were willing to let me stay at the same table (Alex rearranged the terrain every game) I was able to get in some games. Since my knee got really bad back in July I haven’t really played any games so knew I was rusty going in to the event. I had also managed to get my hands on the Butcher Unleashed and was dying to play him, so despite having no table time with him he was a must play for me. I did spend a lot of time thinking about him while I was lying around.
The format was 3 lists and you had to play 2 during the 3 round tourney. My lists were as follows:
Khador – Butcher3 MMKommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed – WJ: +4
– War Argus
– War Dog
– Devastator – PC: 9Fenris – PC: 5
Man-O-War Drakhun – PC: 4
Iron Fang Kovnik – PC: 2

Great Bears of Gallowswood – Volkov, Kolsk, Yarovich: 5
Doom Reavers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6
– Greylord Escort – Greylord Escort 2
Iron Fang Pikemen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard – PC: 2
Widowmakers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3

Khador – Vlad2 MM55 / 55 (50+5) Warcaster(s) : 1/1 Warjack(s) : 1 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 0 Units : 6Vladimir Tzepesci, The Dark Champion – WJ: +5
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
– Drago – PC: 8

Doom Reavers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6
– Greylord Escort – Greylord Escort 2
Greylord Outriders – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4
Iron Fang Pikemen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard – PC: 2
Iron Fang Uhlans – Leader & 4 Grunts: 11
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3

Khador – Strakhov MM56 / 56 (50+6) Warcaster(s) : 1/1 Warjack(s) : 1 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 4 Units : 4Kommander Strakhov – WJ: +6
– Torch – PC: 10

Iron Fang Kovnik – PC: 2
Man-O-War Drakhun – PC: 4
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution – PC: 3
Manhunter – PC: 2

Assault Kommandos – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– 3 1 Kommando’s: 3
Iron Fang Uhlans – Leader & 4 Grunts: 11
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Kayazy Assassins – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Kayazy Assassin Underboss – Underboss 2

The lists are all pretty straight forward in their intent for the most part. Since Butcher3 is my new toy he would definitely be along for the ride and the list I chose for him was basically to maximize offensive threats. I wanted to present more high threat targets than most opponents could deal with and hopefully cause them to panic and maybe spread fire out rather than focus on something. I picked Vlad2 because I have been talking to Lemming Stampede about him quite a bit lately and getting some fantastic tips on how to run him and wanted to try him out again. Strakhov is there because my last 4 games vs. Menoth have ended with my caster getting tagged by some stupid drifting auto fire AOE and then burning to death. Also, I have an obsession with him. But mostly it was the fire thing in case I faced Menoth or, possibly, Everblight. Call him fire insurance.
The other common theme here is that all of the lists have fairly crazy long threat assassinations. That was intentional because I knew I was out of practice and the clock would definitely be against me. This gave me an option for a hail mary assassination if necessary. At least that was my plan.
The first round match ups were determined by the stats from the regular season as I didn’t have a first place win during the series I was near the bottom. I tried to remember to take pictures, but didn’t always.
Game 1
My first match was against John and his awesome Convergence of Cyriss army playing Supply and Demand. Since I have been broken basically their entire release cycle I had yet to play them and was a bit concerned (I haven’t even read the book) but was planning on playing Butcher3 anyway. My re-creation of his list here might be entirely wrong, but like I said, they all have crazy names and abilities. So apologies. Also, it bears mentioning here that we all agreed before hand that he could use any models released from Gencon – so while he didn’t have the full faction releases he had several key pieces like the Steelsoul Protector and the colossal.
HIs list (more or less) was:
Convergence of Cyriss – Cyriss MM55 / 56 (50+6) Warcaster(s) : 1/1 Warjack(s) : 5 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 4 Units : 1Forge Master Syntherion – WJ: +6
– Cipher – PC: 9
– Diffuser – PC: 3
– Inverter – PC: 8
– Inverter – PC: 8
– Prime Axiom – PC: 19

Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex – PC: 1
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex – PC: 1
Attunement Servitors – PC: 0
Steelsoul Protector – PC: 2

Optifex Directive – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2

I also want to note that since I don’t know much of his stuff there will be lots of unhelpful comments like the Heavy Vector on the right moved over, or some of his models flared the entire western border of Occupied Llael. At least there are a few pictures.
Early Game
The first question I asked after he picked his list was whether the colossal had drag or not. Turns out it does, 2 in fact. My first priority then became dealing with the colossal first and then I’d deal with things as they came up. I ended up going 2nd and for deployment basically just tried make sure I could threaten the center of the table with most of my army. The widowmakers set up to try and take out the enemy objective. I also knew that Syntherion has auto repair and with the mechanics I would have to destroy things completely.
Syntherion and his entire army basically just advanced and the clockwork warcaster set up behind a wall that was just a bit outside his deployment zone and put reconstruct on the light vector, hot shot on the cipher, and something other than synergy on himself (I don’t remember).
For my turn I moved most everything forward as far as I could. I was hoping to trap the colossal on the other side of the wall but couldn’t quite get far enough up. Since there is no healing in his army, Butcher gave 1 focus to the devastator and issued a run order for his hounds and they ran up behind the forest.
For the next clockwork turn they flared and shot most everything in my front line. I had one doom reaver who refused to stay down. Fenris got lucky and just ended up getting dismounted.
Midgame/End Game
I spent a long time on the following turn. I knew that the Prime Axiom had to be my top priority but didn’t want to leave Butcher in an untenable position. I decided to go pretty much all in. My IFP charged first and did a little bit of damage, then 2 of the 3 surviving doom reavers charged in and did a little bit of damage. Fenris was equally unimpressive. At this point I was starting to get a little bit worried. Next up the Great Bears charged and even missed with one attack and didn’t do stellar damage with the last. At this point though, I felt like I had committed enough that I needed to stay the course so I sent butcher in. I rolled something like 9 on 4 dice for the charge and started to sweat. The mediocre dice continued, but I was doing some damage with each attack. I ended up feating and killing him with a few left which I used to energizer into the the wrecked base and wrap myself in doggies’ warm embrace. The last few things I had did their best to jam up his jacks. An eliminator ran around behind Syntherion and pinned him to the wall. The widowmakers failed to kill the 15/15 objective after 2 turns of shoot at it.
(and this picture is blurry, sorry, the other ones are better, my painkillers just make me shaky for a while)
John popped his feat this turn and bounced around some focus but didn’t really have any good angles on Butcher. He did end up killing much of the rest of my army. Also, it is worth noting that I spent so much time agonizing over my decisions that he had something like 20 minutes left and I was down to around 5. He did kill the eliminator but Syntherion was stuck next to the wall thanks to her sacrifice. Butcher had one opportunity and sounded the horn on his belt and declared the charge. I needed 7s to hit over the wall and boosted the first attack roll. I got a hit and my heart sank when I realized I was at dice –8 due to his full camp. However, in stark contrast to the rolls on the colossal I rolled gangbusters for the damage and did something like 12 points after armor (I think I rolled a 6,5,5,4). I bought an attack and chose to try and raw dog the 7 I needed. I got the hit and boosted the damage and did another 5. The final attack was fully boosted and I got the hit and did another 4 damage taking him down.
Whew. What a great game against an awesome opponent.
My clock management was terrible. It was a combination of not playing in a couple of months, playing a new caster with 0 table time, and facing an entirely new army that really just threw me off my game. Also the crutches and pain killers probably didn’t help. My plan of just taking max aggression and attempting to overwhelm him with high value targets worked, but to be fair, I think the matchup was really rough on him. He probably could have hung back a bit for an extra turn or two of shooting.
I was able to head down to Costa Mesa for one of the Mercenary Market tourneys. They had a decent turnout again – 12 people, and it was a fun mix of newer players as well as veterans. Turned out there were 4 of us with Khador at this tourney, so Inyoung and I decided to run some crazy casters and tried to not double up casters with any of the other people just in case someone had to do a couple of khador matches in a row.
First my lists:
List 1: Tier 4 Charge of the Horselords
Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey – WJ: +5
– War Dog
– Drago – PC: 8
– Spriggan – PC: 10Fenris – PC: 5
Man-O-War Drakhun – PC: 4
Uhlan Kovnik Markov – PC: 4Iron Fang Uhlans – Leader & 4 Grunts: 11
Greylord Outriders – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
– Battle Mechanik Officer – Battle Mechanik Officer 2

List 2: Tier 4 Hunting Wolves
Koldun Kommander Zerkova – WJ: +6
– Vanguard – PC: 5
– Vanguard – PC: 5
– Conquest – PC: 19Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist – PC: 2Greylord Outriders – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Kayazy Assassins – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Widowmakers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3

Game 1 vs, Tony’s Cygnar
Okay let me be up front here and admit my problem. I don’t usually like to play against Cygnar. They are a bunch of damn dirty cheating swans who seem made to foil everything Khador wants to do. Last time we played I was a bit salty even though I won. I went into the game with a better headspace this time because Tony a pretty stand up guy and knows the rules well and is pretty easy going. Basically, it is definitely not him, it is me.
Anyway, he was running Nemo2 and Nemo3 and several huge bases which meant I reached for Vlad3 as he is my anti-huge base go to guy. Tony went with Nemo3 (2 storm striders, storm wall, Eyriss2, 2 or 3 storm callers, mechanics, ayanna and holt, junior, squire, something else maybe). This was my first game with the Outriders and I was stoked to get them going. I began the game by deploying them right next to Fenris and then when I went to start my turn I realized that I needed to make an abomination check. Pro play there. Luckily they passed. Unfortunately, my reasoning for putting them there was to put hand of fate on them, which I forgot to do.
I ran the Outriders  forward to ridge to get some extra defense from the strider and storm wall shooting, everything else moved forward but not too far (this was a mistake, I should have presented a full line).
Tony’s turn his dice went up to 11. Literally.  eLeaps were getting 3s for number and then one shotting the outriders. Note that this wasn’t even on Nemo’s feat turn. I have never seen so many 5s and 6s in my life. eLeaps dismounted the drakhun for crying out loud. I was able to take some cold comfort in the fact that at least he was consistently rolling high so his storm smiths failed their skill checks.
My follow up turn the remaining 2 outriders sprayed and killed something and then light cav moved to engage – one went to Eyriss, the other went to a storm smith.

I did manage to get 2 control points but put myself in a risky position, but really, at this point I was kind of playing for game 2 and 3.

Nemo popped feat and killed pretty much everything else and did about 5 to Vlad despite me camping something like 5 focus, though he did overexpose Nemo so I saw the possibility of vlad being able to pop feat and charge Ayanna and then side step over to Nemo who had 0 focus.
Humorous things which happened this turn as well were Eyriss2 stepping away from the outrider and him killing her on a free strike. He then had a gobber mechanic charge the outrider and not only hit with an 11, but also kill in one shot by rolling 3 6s for damage. Yeah his dice were that hot but it was such a funny sequence that we both laughed. I suggested that gobber get “promoted” to becoming his new tinker solo…
As a quick aside here, I spent something like 5 minutes (it was death clock and obviously not going to go to time) going over the scenarios in my head. I had to go through a storm wall free strike and he would have needed something like a 15 to kill Vlad. On most days I would have been okay with it, but with how hot his dice had been I was worried that he would just free strike me with a full camp. Also, I could get to him with an extra initial attack by charging him directly, but then would have been –1 str on all attempts which, over the course of 4 attacks was an extra 4 points which could be the swing I needed. Also, I considered doing 2 extra attacks rather than hand of fate, but needed to make sure I hit Ayanna on the charge to get the sidestep over. In the end I decided to just cast dash and hand of fate and see what happened. I hate dying to free strikes.
I charged Ayanna to get the blood token and side stepped over to him and hit with the now pow 14 weapon (dice –5 with 3 focus and 1 initial left needing 7s to hit). I would have to roll slightly above average, but it was not out of the realm of possibility and that is kind of what hand of fate is for anyway. My first attack hit and did nothing. My second attack missed. My third attack did 3 and my last attack did 6. Not quite enough, but I had seen a shot and taken it. All in all, I consider it a karmic balancing for our first game against each other and a test if I could take that kind of tilt and keep smiling, which I did. Mostly.
Game 2 vs Zac’s Kromac
I went with Vlad again for this matchup mostly because the Zerkova list doesn’t like seeing lots of beasts across the table. His list was Kromac, Ghettorex, Stalker, Feral, Gorax, blood trackers with Nuala (who preyed the Outriders), shifting stones with UA, full skin walkers with UA, maybe something else.
This game I was a bit more conscientious on my deployment and decided I was going to give the Outriders a chance to kill the girls preying them and then see how things developed.
I was going second so most of his stuff advanced. On my turn Vlad did a ride by attack and put hand of fate on the outriders and then moved over into position for the jacks, fenris and the drakhun to surround him and cast dash and feated making sure that all of the targets I wanted to sprint off were in his control. The outriders advanced and sprayed down Nuala and all but 2 blood trackers. For their light cav move, the one who failed to kill advanced to lock the girls in and the other fell back making sure to that the one outriding outrider was still in command range. The uhlans charged and killed the three front skin walker and one of my uhlans was even able to make it to the second line and he hit but failed to kill. As penance, he shifted over to get both the UA and one skin walker in melee range, the rest sidestep and then sprinted back to basically exactly where they were. The Drakhun charged forward and killed a shifting stone and then fell back next to vlad Fenris killed a different stone and then sidestepped over to the gorax and took his second attack and then sidestepped back and sprinted back near where he deployed. It was pretty much an ideal feat for Vlad – though it would have been nice to have had him get some business taken care of but I couldn’t complain.
Zac was definitely on his back foot after this. He had lost much of his first wave and I wasn’t really any closer to him than I was the first turn. The blood trackers tried to kill the outrider and failed (armor 15 and 5 wounds is kind of nice), Ghettorex got the full suite of murder put on him and charged the Spriggan. He wrecked the the Spriggan but it took 4 fury – the left arm was the last thing he took out. The stalker then charged Drago but was countercharged by the drakhun who ended up doing something like 14 points damage total between impact and regular attack (but wasn’t knocked down – I am still waiting to live that dream). I think I did take out his mind though. In return, despite going up to max fury he only took out Drago’s cortex and one of his axes.
On my turn the mechanic UA and one of the other mechanics were able to base up to drago and fix him up for 8. The other 2 valiantly passed their terror check and based up Ghettorex so that the primal auto frenzy might hit them instead of Drago. I couldn’t give Drago any focus but he still did some decent damage to ghettorex thanks to the affinity. The Uhlans charged the stalker and knocked him down to something like 4 wounds. The outriders finished off the blood trackers, put a couple of the gorax, a couple on Kromac and then backed off to the side basically giving Zac the choice of ignoring them for the rest of my army (after the game I told him I thought he should have cast bestial, and he said he just underestimated them) or diverting either the feral or kromac himself over to deal with them. He chose the former and wrecked one of them. Fenris finished off the gorax.
On Zac’s turn he had to leave the stalker on 1 fury and he frenzied, killing an uhlan instead of drago. Drago’s luck help as ghettorex thrashed a poor hapless mechanic. His family did get a medal on his behalf, so that has to count for something. Drago was fully functional and Vlad handed him 2 focus which which to thrash ghettorex. Vlad then cast dash and the uhlans charged out of the stalkers range into the wilder and the last remaining stone killing them both. As an aside, dash was really awesome this game. Zac kept saying, I can’t believe these guys are riding by on horses and I can’t take even swing at them. The drakhun charged and finished off the stalker. The remaining outriders continued their reign of spray terror With one moving back into melee with the feral at the end so he couldn’t get to the rest of the game.
Things were looking pretty grim at this point so Kromac feated, took the 7 points of damage to get back up to full (he couldn’t cut up to full and then do the charge feat thing taking 7 more because of the nickel and diming the sprays had done over the last couple of turns) and charge/jumped to just be in range of vlad. Vlad at this point was camping on 2. Kromac missed one of his attacks and did a total of maybe 9 to vlad. Drago turned around and ended the game.
Game 3 vs. tjhairball’s Sorscha2
Game 3 I was paired up against one of the other khador players there. I heard from someone ahead of time that tjhairball likes to run Zerkova and is pretty good with her so I was hoping to pick up some tips. I picked my own Zerkova but he ended up going with Sorscha2. Since I was running conquest and his Zerkova list had a bunch of marauders in it, it was definitely right choice (PLEASE FIX COMBO SMITE AND COLOSSALS).
His list had Sorscha2, Conquest (bonded), full IFP with IFP UA, full winter guard death star, sylys, ayanna and holt, drakhun with dismount a manhunter and yuri. I think that was everything.
I matched my eliminators up with my outriders on the left, the widow makers center left in a forest, zerkova behind it along with her best bud Gorman, then a vanguard, then conquest, then another vanguard, then the min kayazy.
The scenario was the one with the effigies that act like warcasters for purposes of dominating zones. He advanced a little bit and other than his drakhun who threatened across from my eliminators, widowmakers, and outriders to try and lock them into place with threat of countercharge. The IFP got iron flesh and then ran up near the zone.  Yuri and the manhunter ran opposite my kayazy assassins.
On my turn the widowmakers  put 3 points on the drakhun (one rolled snake eyes) and then the outriders did some spraying at extreme range (I was only able to get 4 on him) but they managed to dismount him and then the eliminators charged in and finished him off. The ternion then put clouds on the two eliminators creating a wall of smoke to protect the outriders (they were out of range anyway but they had nothing better to do) I dominated the objective and bounced it into the friendly zone. On the other side conquest advanced a bit and fired a shot off at an infantryman who was standing a bit too close to Sorscha. I didn’t get the crit and did a little bit of damage I think but nothing of consequence. He then laid down 4 covering fire templates in front of the winter guard, because if those things were ever going to do blast damage, now is the time, right? My assassins ran 4 dudes into his zone. Zerkova just cast watcher and everything shifted right just a bit. Zerkova also tried to razorwind the manhunter but missed despite a boost.
His IFP did a shield wall and toed in 4 or 5 models into the zone. His conquest tried to shoot at the eliminators that had killed the drakhun but they all drifted. Fortunately for him they drifted onto the widowmakers basically killing them all and he did get one of the eliminators (the other passed her command check). This was a good strategy here that I hadn’t considered with conquest firing the secondary battery at something that you are likely to auto miss to get that second shot off.  The outriders tried spraying the IFP but they had iron flesh and were on a hill so didn’t really do anything, but they moved back out of range of anything. My surviving eliminators all did a run charge into the IFP. I killed one of them with a combo strike and side stepped up locking a whole lot of them in place due to the triangle formations.
On his turn, iron flesh was cycled over to the WGI and joe called tough and then moved behind Sorscha. The IFP did a charge/run order and tried tw 3 or 4 man CMAs on the eliminators but both missed (I seem to recall that the ua needed a 7 and the other group needed an 8 which would be 3 mans). The winter guard did some shooting and really flooded his zone hard moving right through the creeping barrage templates. I don’t think I killed a single model with the creeping barrage. Yuri and the manhunter killed 3 of the assassins in the zone but the 4th one survived and they passed their command check. Hmm actually this may have been the turn that he called boosted to hit and tried spraying through conquest at zerkova.
Zerkova gave 2 focus to conquest put icy grip on the IFP and then moved behind a forest. Conquest shot joe and killed him but again no crit dev on Sorscha. I think at this point I noticed that I had something like 24 minutes remaining while he was down to 10 on the death clock. A vanguard moved over and killed the manhunter that had threatened Zerkova. I think the remaining assassins killed Yuri. The eliminators killed the IFP they were engaged with and sidestepped away a bit and the greylord outriders went to town killing every single one of the remaining IFP with sprays (I think the ternion added some icy death sprays here as well). It is worth mentioning again how absolutely fantastic a 9 speed is on a spray unit. I never had fewer than 3 or 4 models in a spray despite his best attempts at spreading out. I wish I would have taken a picture because the zone seriously looked like the moon with the IFP being craters all over it. At this point I was able to get a control point and he wasn’t able to get anything over to contest (due to the large based outriders pressing the area that conquest would want to go into so I got it again on his turn.
He popped Sorscha’s feat and did some really beefy CRA’s into conquest and then his conquest wrecked face on mine and I think he just wrecked the entire right have and disabled the fist on the left side. It was near this point that his clock beeped giving me the win.
Whew what a tough match but also a super fun one! I know that I ended up kind of combining two later turns in the above because a few other things happened that didn’t really affect the game like my eliminators running to engage his mechanics after the IFP were dealt with and I had 3 control points and when he clocked I should have gotten the 4th but was a knucklehead.
After the game I asked for some Zerkova tips and he gladly gave up some dark secrets regarding the Koldun Kommander – not least of which was don’t forget to feat. Also he suggested that I could play her a bit more aggressively since the feat is such a good denial one and with vanguards shield guarding and watcher providing some protection, so I think will be trying that in the future. Overall, I love playing her and her style so will be getting a lot more time in with her.
I ended up getting 4th in the tourney but had I not been an idiot and scored the final table state I would have been 2nd, so I am pretty stoked! Inyoung ended up getting 3rd. I have always thought that the game just ended immediately on assassination or clock so have never given myself those points. Oops. Totally on me, but let this be a lesson to you – ALWAYS make sure you understand completely how scenarios and scoring work.