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Hi all, sorry I haven’t posted much lately but a combination of a super busy real world and a slight Malifaux distraction (only a couple of games) just mean I haven’t had much time to play. Last night, however, I was able to sneak off to my friendly local game store, Emerald Knights in Burbank, CA, and get in a game.

I was facing off with one of my archnemeses – Shawn. He has been mostly Retribution forever and has just picked up some trollbloods to find out what it is like to actually be able to take a punch. And when going trollbloods, why not go full miserable meat mountain ™ style.

I brought along Lylyth2 and Saeryn and since I REALLY didn’t like Lylyth2 against him, I decided to go with Saeryn with an eye for a quick double-repulse-dominate-feat-double-repulse-win strategy since I didn’t fancy my chances in blasting through all that, er, meat.

My list was:

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight
– Afflictor
– Angelius
– Angelius
– Raek
– Scythean
– Shredder
– Naga Nightlurker
Fyanna the Lash
Spell Martyrs
Spell Martyrs
The Forsaken
The Forsaken
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker

The idea behind the list is that it is very focused on scenario options based around a repulse + feat as mentioned above. There are some nonstandard choices in this list (namely Fyanna and the afflictor – but the idea is that they both serve purposes toward that strategy design. Fyanna has double beatback which is nice for pushing things off of flags or out of zones and afflictor is there to leapfrog angels after a repulse to try and physically lock down some space).

Shawn’s list ended up being 5 points over but we didn’t realize it until I went to write up this report. We were both running late the the store and were worried about getting in the whole game before the store closed so he just started pulling stuff out for his Grissel list and then realized he didn’t have her, so brought Madrak and shifted a couple of other things around and it was totally unintentional. Honestly, it wouldn’t have made any difference because the pyre troll literally did nothing all game.

Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain
– Trollkin Runebearer
– Pyre Troll
– Troll Bouncer
– Troll Impaler
Fell Caller Hero
Stone Scribe Chronicler
Troll Whelps
Trollkin Champion Hero
Max Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes
– Stone Scribe Elder – Elder
Trollkin Champions – Leader & 4 Grunts:
– Skaldi Bonehammer – Skaldi
Trollkin Warders – Leader & 4 Grunts:
Trollkin Warders – Leader & 4 Grunts:

So setting up across the table I was a bit worried because that was a whole lotta high armor wounds to get through. I hadn’t played against the MMM yet but had heard them talk about it on Muse and read some bits on various forums. The scenario we generated was Into the Breach so in theory it was a good test ground for the design of the list – I could potentially dominate the zone twice and kill the objective for a 2 turn win. I deployed with that in mind.


Shawn went first and ran everything forward other than the runebearer who gave Madrak Surefoot (which was then up kept for the rest of the game) and the chronicler which gave Tale of Mists to the stone bearer unit. For my turn I ran up and set up for the turn 2 feat with the ability to charge if he tried to toe into the zone. I set up the afflictor to be in position to hop over but moved a bit too far. The deathstalkers lined up for shots on the stone but one missed due to the combination of Mists and Sure Foot and the other was shield guarded by the bouncer (I put it on 5 because why not?) A spell martyr ran up to get the champions in range and I put breath stealer on them. The forsaken then pulled some fury onto themselves and advanced.


I had put the afflictor up just a bit too far and Shawn surprised me by charging it with the bouncer. He rolled nuts damage for the charge attack and killed it with the second swing. He killed one of the deathstalkers with the shield and he also managed to engage the other one.


On my turn Fyanna charged the bouncer on an angle so she was behind the deathstalker and pushed him back with beatback and did a pretty impressive damage roll of her own (she rolled a 16 on 4d6) – she took out his mind completely in one hit and did a point of damage to the spirit. She then shifted a bit and hit the warder engaging the deathstalker pushing him out of engagement range and stepped out of the way with her own move. Next up the Scythean advanced and caught 3 warders in his arc as well as the bouncer. He used his animus and then attacked the bouncer (expecting to hit him twice and then bloodbath the warders for simultaneous damage to not up their armor). The first attack hit and he popped out a whelp and despite boosting the second attack it missed, so no chain attack. He did buy a further attack and kill the bouncer at least.


Saeryn went next and threw her dagger at the three warders and hit all three times but did no damage (though she did negate tough for the turn). She also popped her feat and put breath stealer back on the champions to prevent Skaldi from countercharging. I had the angels go, and each killed one, but the second row of warders were out of repulse range which meant that I was pretty much screwed. Each of them failed to kill a 2nd warder, and the one that still had grievous wounds ended up surviving on 1. That was… unfortunate.

On his turn he couldn’t really do a whole lot but he did shift around a little bit and press in as close as he could. He killed off one of the forsaken but he was in a good position to just kind of wait. The Tale of Mists went on the champions since they were tired of having their breath stolen.


Sadly, since so much stuff was now engaged there wasn’t really an option for saeryn to hand out grievous wounds again. I was able to get the raek into position to put a blight shroud on most of the stones unit thanks to his animus and leap. He killed one of them with a melee attack as well, but missed the second attack. The angels didn’t really kill anything – one of them frenzied and his frenzy attack killed an engaged champion but he just stood up when it was killing time. The shredder also frenzied and charged an angel in the back but didn’t do much to him. The unfrenzied angel attacked one of the warders and I didn’t boost damage on the AP attack kind of hoping to boost the damage on the second attack and failed to get the 7 needed to kill him so just failed all around. The scythean might have killed a warder but I was out of time on death clock so lost it here. I asked him if we could just play out the game, so we did with it going over to him.

Madrak cast Carnage, the chronicler put charge of the trolls on the warders with the scythean. The fell caller gave the champions war cry. Over the course of his turn he killed the scythean and both angels without any real trouble and Madrak himself killed the Raek, and the game was well and truly over.



After Action Review:

So yeah, he had 5 extra points, but those points really did nothing all game so I can’t claim that was the reason for my loss. I asked Shawn after the game if he had intentionally set his lines like he had to block the Repulse but he said “No, that is just kind of how they feel like they should be played.” The medium bases really make that repulse gag hard to pull off. I had a couple of minor positioning issues and my list wasn’t ideal, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I definitely need to rethink my pairings before I go to the next tourney. Fyanna surprised me, she was consistently useful and her long range beat back was very useful. I know that the forums hate her, but in this list there was really no support for her since I was focusing on the speed aspect of breath stealer rather than the def one and she did well. I am not sure if she will make any final lists, but she was way better than I had expected. The angels aren’t really an answer to warders. You get one good thrust and then they get really anemic and repulse isn’t really that good against the medium bases for the reason mentioned above. Scythean was again hurt by his MAT of 6.

Where do I go from here? Well, the plus side was that even though I lost, I really enjoyed playing legion. Now that I am thinking less about what they do and just trying to get the rules down, I am sort of enjoying the elegance of their design. Their speed gives them some interesting application but something like Meat Mountain (and, presumably, Fist of Halaak) deprives them somewhat of that hit and fade ability. One of the things I love about this game is how it evolves, and it seems that right now, some of the things that were good match ups for Legion are no longer as reliably good. It does seem like the bad ones are just as bad, so hopefully Exigence will help us out a bit. We don’t need much – just a little something that is either a bit more survivable or hits a bit harder.

Thanks for taking the time to read, sorry I have been away – I have really missed both playing and blogging.


Although it wasn’t my intent I realized at this point that I just needed to paint up one more model to have the battlebox done so I figured may as well.

Then I took a picture of the battlebox.

Madrak, 2 Impalers and an axer.

With all the Lock and Load excitement I almost forgot to put up #3!


I am just going to be dumping various troll centric lock and load stuff I find here.  I’d recommend hitting lost hemisphere for more comprehensive coverage.

Sons of Bragg:




Mountain King:


Epic Grim:



And you know what Grim really needs? A pyg with a bowler hat.

As mentioned in my previous post I am catching up on the one model a week thing here on this blog. Just a heads up I am mostly doing these in order from memory which is likely faulty. If you are a stickler for order, check the privateer press project log – they are in order there.

Without further delay, I present week 2.

The stone is intentionally black – I am going to “finish” all my bases at once by adding snowy slushy mud. Right now they are in a good enough wet mud stage. As always, thanks for looking.

Terribly sorry. Life has been busy and very uninteresting and though I have done some hobby stuff I have been pretty swamped so just posting my once a week models over on the privateer press board (here is proof of life – but then it was pointed out to me that unless you are logged in you can’t see the images. That is less than desirable so I am going to repost them here. And in the interest of shamelessly easy post count, I will catch up 1 model every day or so until I am caught up.

I did complete the trollblood scrum road to lock and load challenge (hence the overly dramatic oath line in the subject) and I pretty proud of that. It really helped keep me focused on weeks where I thought I was too busy to paint anything. Thanks to Goris over there for running it – I think it was a bit more work than he expected but I am thankful he did it. I hope he does it again next year.

Also, just to be exceptionally lazy, I might be reposting some of the models that I have already posted here, but I am going to go chronologically from the start of year to date. No better model to kick it off with than Jarl Skuld.

I promise to give a bit more love to this blog now that things are starting to calm down a bit IRL.

Now that I am getting more comfortable with the trolls it isn’t quite the brain drain it was and hopefully I will be getting some pics soon. There are no pics here though, sorry.

So, last club day at Emerald Knights I ended up watching more than playing just because a few people needed to get in their team games and I didn’t really feel like doing another one. I did, however, get in a game against Josh playing his Menoth army. We played a 35 point game and I ran a couple of units that I had just finished (note to self – don’t play with all new models).

I was going with an eGrissel tier for no reason other than finally finishing up that unit of kriel warriors that I have been hunting down forever and the newly built horthol and max longriders. Also, our local PG was giving people a bonus league point for using the league selection so I took some whelp scrappers.

Army Name: eGrissel tier
Tier 2: Blockade Runners
34+6 points, 27 models

Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels +6 points
* Dire Troll Mauler 9 points
* Troll Axer 6 points
Horthol, Long Rider Hero 4 points
10 Kriel Warriors 6 points
* 1 Kriel Caber Thrower 1 point
* Kriel Warrior Standard & Piper 2 points
Troll Whelps 2 points
5 Trollkin Long Riders 10 points

Add +1 to your starting game roll.

I would love to have a War Wagon or two, but don’t and the same with the Sons of Bragg so I was stuck at tier 2. I’ll give my thoughts on the tier later.

Just to recap, I have played eGrissel and the axer fairly regularly, not used the Mauler since I picked up the Earthborn, and never used anything else in the list. Facing me across the table was Josh and his Tier 4 eSevvy list. I might screw some of this up but it is from memory (also, iBodger says he can’t have the sunburst crew in a tier list, I dunno):

Army Name: Josh eSeverius
Protectorate of Menoth
35+6 points, 43 models

Grand Scrutator Severius +6 points
* Blessing of Vengeance 7 points
* Revenger 6 points

4 Choir of Menoth 2 points
Deliverer Sunburst Crew 3 points
10 Deliverers 8 points
10 Temple Flameguard 6 points
* TFG Officer & Standard 2 points
10 Temple Flameguard 6 points
* TFG Officer & Standard 2 points
Vassal Mechanik 1 point

We ended up being a bit lazy and just doing a straight killbox mission. There was a hill in the center of the table on the right side and a forest just to the left of mid table (from my POV). That was really all the terrain that mattered.

Josh went first and ran everything forward and put the flameguard into typical triangle formation. He jammed one of them to the gap between the hill and the forest – we were using the wrecked shuttle from 40k as the hill and I kept thinking it was an obstacle despite us talking about so I kept viewing it as a bottle neck. Oops.

The other unit of flameguard ran around the other side of the woods to intercept Horthol.

My turn kriel warriors prayed for speed and ran up and jammed the “bottle neck”. Horthol moved full distance and the long riders lined up for a charge. Grissel and the Mauler and Axer advanced in a line behind them.

The center flameguard advanced a little bit and minifeated. Shooting killed a few kriel warriors and the lead toughalo but he toughed it out. Since I had though that stupid wrecked shuttle was an obstacle that toughalo screwed my follow up charges and slams so I was horribly out of position. Horthol charged and slammed the front line of flameguard and killed 2 or 3 that were set up for me and then he was charged and dismounted and then killed off over the next turn or so. Sevvy hit a pretty hard core ashes to ashes on my kriel warriors killing 5 of them including the guy next to the caber and the caber himself. Ugh. Must work on positioning…

The toughaloes were picked apart in a combination of jack charging and shooting.

My mauler got a charge on one of the triplets of flameguard and killed the lead 2 but then was killed in follow up shooting and charging. The axer charged the jacks and a couple of the flameguard and rolled a 3 and then a 4 for damage on his threshers. We joked that in about 10 turns he would be deadly. Obviously he died horribly.

Before I knew it, I was down to eGrissel and he was down 4 or 5 flameguard. Grissel decided to go out in a bang and charged Blessing of Vengeance and didn’t kill him (she missed twice despite needing 5s or something). Josh was a sport and pulled Blessing of Vengeance out of combat and charged Grissel with Severius. The Vice Grand High Mega Scrutator then put Grissel in the dirt with his last attack and she failed her tough.

Ouch. To paraphrase (and clean up a bit) a line from Fight Club, “I haven’t been worked that hard since fifth grade.”

Still, I did learn a lot. The biggest thing was, don’t try everything new. I have been doing a decent job of just rotating in single things into a list I am comfortable with to learn how they go. I know how to jam pretty well with fennblades and figured it wouldn’t be that different from kriel warriors (it is). A mauler is basically just like an earthborn (no, it isn’t). The toughaloes are like fennblades on steroids (wth was I thinking?)

My unfamiliarity with my models and their capabilities kept me from developing any kind of cohesive plan and I got whooped and deserved it. This game is far too unforgiving to just try and wing it, especially against a great opponent like Josh. So, I apologized to Josh for what a pretty unchallenging game and packed up. It was a good lesson to learn the hard way.

I may or may not have cried myself to sleep.