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Posted: February 14, 2015 in legion of everblight
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So, as a follow up to the Paint or Donate challenge that I posted about before I am going to be painting up Lylyth3 that I got as a gift from my friend Ryan (who I also happened to challenge). So here is the a pic of the model, I’m hoping to get a video of me doing some painting.



It’s something we say in competition from an early age in games, at least here in America, is put your heart into it. Win or lose, if you give it your all one of the best things you can say about a person is that they’ve got heart. I’ve never really thought about it before but the video linked below from my friends from the Chain Attack podcast, and their #DonateOrPaint challenge got me thinking about it.

One of the things I love about this game is it’s competitive nature. It is designed to be competitive. The developers work hard to make sure that all factions have an equal chance of winning and at the end of the day it is down to the skills and strategies of the player, the layout of the table, and the fickle whims of chance and the dice. THOSE are the magical alchemies that keep this game so intriguing to me and so fun and keep me coming back to the table day after day, year after year. That keeps me tweaking my lists and talking to people across the street all the way to Sweden and Australia and everywhere in between about tactics. And not just talking to people, but making friends who share this passion.

It’s not just about pushing those models around and drinking a beer and having some pretzels though, it is still competition. I am going to bring my best game, and I am going to expect you to bring your best game. Bring out all of your tricks, all of your knowledge of the game. Don’t cheat. Don’t Quit. Have heart. Be passionate about the game. And the amazing thing about this community is that as passionate about the game as the members are, they are also compassionate.

And heart is also about that. Which brings me to that connection I never made before. Warmachine/Hordes players get criticized sometimes for the competitive nature that our game has. The Chain Attack podcast in particular has a focus on tournament play, something they have never been shy about stating. They are also vocal about stating it isn’t the only way to play, and this blog post isn’t about that at all. It is about heart, and about giving it all and about not quitting. It is about passion. I love this game. I love the friends that I have met across the street and in Ohio and Idaho and Australia and Sweden and Ireland everywhere else because of it. I’ve met some of you in person, but there are a whole lot more I have never met in person, and likely never will, but we still share a passion. Our hearts race when we see that assassination run coming at us, or our opponent is stepping into a trap and we hope they don’t realize it before they end their turn.

One of our own, Marc Harrison, is working hard, he’s leaving it all on the table so to speak, so let’s get behind him here and help him out.


We share a passion for a stupid, silly insignificant game that is more than the sum of its dice and rules and models that is not stupid silly or insignificant because we love it and we love the challenge and we love the companionship. Here is a chance for a challenge and companionship in compassion and I know we’ll all Page 5 the shit out of it. edit – This isn’t about painting a model for him – this is about painting a model for your army – about doing what you love in his honor, using your passion to celebrate his passion for something he can’t do right now, and maybe never again. Let him fucking game and paint vicariously through you. You are Leonidas kicking the messenger into the pit on his behalf, be fucking bold!

I nominate Todd Carrigan, Inyoung Whang, Dave Ziegert, Ryan Shepard and Anthony Wang as well as anyone who wishes someone would nominate them but are pretty sure that they will not be nominated by anyone else. If you think that might be you, then it is. If you accept this challenge and want to be listed on this page, message me, I’m on twitter @somnicidal and I will list you on this page by name.

To read more about the #DonateOrPaint Challenge go to the Chain Attack Page at

Thoughts on… Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
It is kind of shameful to admit, but I first got interested in playing Thagrosh1 this time around while listening to Jeremy from Crippled System on his drunken rambling unplayable trashfest when Nathan was trolling him hard and came up with the idea of using Zuriel’s animus and going for a crazy double jank mutagenesis assassination. Not only is this a terrible plan, it is also not a legal play. But it was enough to turn my eye back the big guy and I’m glad it did, because it reminded me how fun he can be, and how different of a play experience he is from most of the rest of the Legion casters we have. As usual, let’s begin by taking a look at the front of the card.
He’s pretty slow at speed 5, but the rest of stats are solid – Mat 7, Rat 5, Def 14,  Arm 16, and Cmd 9 – the only higher Cmd in faction is himself when he becomes the Messiah – it’s worth remembering his high command, since all Warlocks have the commander trait build in, it can help with the lower command of Hex Hunters or Striders if you don’t bring a UA, as well as shepherds and sorceresses on hellions if they get too close to a forsaken or something. It also matters for something on the back of his card, so remember the 9. With tenacity, he sits at 15/17 defensive stats which is pretty solid (although with many of his lists you may prefer to run him at 14/18 with spiny growth – more on that later) and he has 18 boxes combined with a warlock’s ability to transfer damage make him pretty resilient, despite being on a medium base. He’s got a decent fury stat of 7 as well as a couple of tricks we’ll get to in a minute that actually make it seem a bit higher that that. A pretty respectable stat line and he also causes terror which only affects enemy models infantry models, which is a nice little thing, but don’t count on it because it probably won’t do anything, but don’t forget it either.
Next up, his weapon load out is fairly interesting. He has a rate of fire 1 spray 8 fire type pow 12 gun (his blighted breath) and 2 melee attacks – Rapture, his vaguely klingon looking weapon that has reach and is a magic weapon with P+S 16, and his claw that is not reach and P+S 12.  Let’s get back to Rapture now, because it’s got some rules that are on the back of the card, but we’ll cover them here because it makes sense to. In addition to having the same P+S as our heavy chassis which is pretty impressive, Rapture also centers an AOE on the models it boxes and then removes them from play. The AOE is a cloud and lasts for a round. As if that wasn’t cool enough, it also does a POW 12 fire damage roll to ENEMY models hit when the cloud is put into play. And ENEMY models that enter the cloud, or end their activations in the cloud. Those damage rolls can’t be boosted. Note that the clouds don’t trigger on boxing an enemy model, so if you need to put up a cloud wall, you can do it on a couple of your own models. It does remove from play, so those models won’t go into the pasta pot. It can make him functionally immune to charges from models without eyeless sight, and functionally immune to single wound models of armor 13 or less, and realistically immune to single wound models of about armor 16 or less (I figure most times you are going to roll at least a 5) unless those models are fire immune.
Okay this takes us to the back of the card.
Attuned Spirit [Legion] – Once per activation Thagrosh can cast the animus of Legion warbeast in its battlegroup as a spell without spending fury. This is one of those abilities that makes it seem as though he has a slightly higher fury stat than he does. It just makes sense to try and get out those 2 cost animi here for free and is a reason you see carniveans with him because, combined with Death Shroud (below) you get a very survivable battlegroup, and Thagrosh himself can be an effective armor 20 to melee with 2 more transfers than he “should” have for what he cast. That is incredibly tanky and unexpected for a Legion caster. Beyond that it is just really flexible – the Raek’s Shadow Shift animus for instance is a really good one in ignoring free strikes, but at a 2 cost it is often cost prohibitive, but when you can cast it for free, it opens up some options you might otherwise have not considered. Realistically, though, it will be spiny growth or wraith bane.
Athanc – Immediately after leaching if you have less fury than your fury stat you gain 1 fury. Basically this lets you cut for less. It’s good late game if you’ve lost your beasts, if you are bad at math it is a nice safety net, and if you are new to Hordes it’s a good crutch. Not really a lot to say about other than it might give you the idea that the designers intent is to run beast light with Thagrosh between Athanc and the feat, and along with a couple of his spells I suppose you could make that argument.
Death Shroud – Models within his command range (remember that 9) get a –2 to their strength. So that gives most things near him an effective +2 armor to melee and thrown (most shooting is a straight POW). For this reason there is a tendency for people to brick up with him and his beasts and keep things in kind of close, which isn’t necessarily a bad play and is something you can’t usually do with Legion. It can make Thagrosh himself surprisingly tough to kill when combined with a few transfers and either tenacity or spiny growth – I’ve face-tanked Molik Karn before and it is kind of fun getting him on a rope-a-dope, and isn’t necessarily a bad use of your feat, but you probably will not get an experienced player with it.
The last thing on the back of his card is Rapture and since we already covered Eruption of Ash above let’s just move on to the spell card.
Bad Blood – This two cost upkeep has a range of 10, does no damage to the beast, does 1 point of damage for each fury leached, the beast can’t be healed or have damage transferred to it and loses regenerate. At a glance it looks like a pretty mediocre spell, but it can actually be pretty clutch for a few reasons. If you are facing some common anti-Legion Skorne and Trollblood meat mountain builds there will often only be 1-2 beasts so causing some damage for leaching can be annoying and preventing transferring damage to it can actually be game winning. Where it can really matter against Trollbloods or Circle is if they plan on robbing Thagrosh of his feat by snacking your model out of play. Snacking heals the model to RFP and Bad Blood will prevent the heal. Obviously if they are running Morvahnna or pDoomie, they will just cast purification to remove it, but you want to force them to cast it anyway, and honestly, as a Legion player we’d probably rather they run both of those casters against us than, say Bradigus or a pGrissel Meat Mountain. So yeah, it a lot match ups it will probably be a dead spell, but there are some match ups, or when you get your hordes opponent down to just one beast it can be a game winner, so don’t forget about it. Unless they are playing Warmachine, then just forget about it.
Draconic Blessing  – Another 2 cost upkeep, this one on friendly gives +2 strength and terror. Pretty straightforward in application. I’ll go more into nice places for it below with some specific synergies.
Fog of War  – A 3 cost upkeep that gives concealment to all models in Thagrosh’s 14″ control area (not just friendlies). Our beasts get to ignore it, our infantry doesn’t. For most casters we wouldn’t care, but Thagrosh does pretty well with infantry, but since this helps us out, you will probably cast it most games.
Mutagenesis  – This has a really long writeup but is basically a 3 cost range 8 pow 12 that if you cast it from Thagrosh and kill a warrior model you get to replace that model with Thagrosh. You can’t advance after you replace the model and you can only cast it once per activation, which is why the double mutagenesis dream is a lie. What you can do though is a pretty insane charge 8″, cast this 8″ then hit the caster at reach 2″ for a total distance of 18″ surprise threat in a perfect situation. Which could actually add 2″ for Seraph, 2″ pull for Neraph, and +2″ for Bone Grinder if you were getting ridiculous and everything were just right in the world, which it never will be. But it is a fun mental masturbation exercise on just how the table would have be setup and how Thagrosh could pull it off and what an amazing thing it could be, so go have fun with it. Because really it is about the most fun thing to imagine in this game, and there will be one point in a game and you’ll see it, and you’ll look at the table for about 5 minutes, and then you will get to attempt a mutagenesis assassination and it will fail, probably leaving your target with 3-5 wounds left, and then they will kill you and you won’t even care because it will have been AMAZING. Trust me, I’ve been there. IT’S AMAZING.
Obliteration  – Vayl2 does this too, but better, but it is still a cool and solid AOE. You might cast it once every 5 games, but probably not. It is decent for clearing high def infantry jammers off of your beasts, but the game right now seems to have moved away from there for the time being. They might come back.
And now his feat.
Dark Revival  – While feeling to me that it should come with a tent and a white suit and laying on hands, it does bring a warbeast back from the dead. That warbeast is placed within 3″ of Thagrosh and must forfeit its action but can still move. This is a decent feat for getting up on attrition as long as you can keep it from getting removed from play (Bad Blood can help), you typically want to start off the piece trade with this, but you might also just want to bring something back based on its animus if it is something you really need. It’s flexible and it is a useful, workhorse feat, but isn’t super flashy. There are games where you literally won’t even use either because your opponent has denied it to you via RFP, or you just never really needed it because your beast didn’t die or you flat out forgot about it (I’ve done that, but I am kind of a moron sometimes, especially under the clock). You can bring back character beasts which is pretty cool, and I have actually brought back harriers before if I was facing high def things – I didn’t want to mess with trying to hit a ridiculously high warp wolf stalker one game, so I just brought the harrier back, killed the last threatening beast and bullied my way to victory. It’s a useful feat that I’ve found plays into your list consideration. If you are thoughtful as to what you put in you get more out of it. If you are just throwing in things out of rote it is a pretty meh feat.
Let’s look at some of the things that Thagrosh might consider taking to war:
Rather than just repeat myself over and over again, Death Shroud is pretty good for helping keep beasts alive, especially with a defensive animus on top of it like tenacity or spiny growth. It is a tough choice as to whether you are better off with an effective +1/+3 or a +0/+4 that does d3 points of damage. When making the determination which animus is best, consider what the probable target hit number is and make your choice which you want to go with. Some example numbers here to help you out I’ll just throw down a couple of samples:
To hit:
5  83%
6  72%
7  58%
8  41%
9  27%
So, as you can see, if you can bump it from needing a 6 up to a 7 you are quite likely better off with tenacity. 5 to a 6 is probably a wash, and 4 to a 5 you should probably go with armor. At least that is my rule of thumb, anyway. If they are willing to boost, it changes the math significantly, but it takes away focus/fury so is probably a net gain and is out of the scope of this anyway. Also, I know it is a static 16% jump, but whatever. On to the choices.
Carnivean – The carnivean is usually a tough sell. He is expensive he is fairly fragile even with his animus, he is fairly short ranged even with his assault spray, and he doesn’t have reach. Thagrosh sort of helps out on 2 out of 3 of those issues. Fog of war helps out a bit vs shooting but the real difference is that Death Shroud combined with the animus makes him pretty survivable, especially versus warbeasts or warjacks when that damage can take out a system making him even more survivable and Thagrosh’s feat can bring him back which helps offset his price. Thags himself likes putting out the animus for free either on himself or on one of the beasts. Draconic Blessing let’s the Carnivean lay out a serious beatdown when he can actually hit (more on that later). You won’t see him often, but Thags and Abby2 are where he’s most commonly found and he can do some good work there.
Typhon – Typhon has a lot of the same problems as the Carnivean so a lot of what I wrote above applies here as well. The animus is a bit different in that it is a heal after taking damage, and varies from 1-3, so there is the temptation to say it’s the same as +2. It’s not. First you have to survive the hit. Then it might be 1 back, it might be 3 back. You get to heal wherever you want, which means that you don’t need to worry about losing a spiral like you do with the carnivean. It’s lazy and inaccurate to treat it as +2 armor and people need to stop doing it. Sorry, it drives me nuts to read when people say it. He is extremely survivable, and can also regenerate and when he does, the affinity with Thagrosh means they both get 3 wounds back. Typhon has no pathfinder and Thagrosh has no way of helping him out there, and no reach. I’ve tried to make him work, but honestly, I’ve always been disappointed.
Scythean – You need to be able to handle tough in the current meta and that makes the scythean kind of important. Thagrosh himself with his high melee potential can put slaughterhouse on himself along with draconic blessing and take out a couple of tough models and create clouds. You don’t want to unless you have to, but it is an option.
Zuriel – Our newest heavy character nephalim fits well with Thagrosh. Draconic Blessing bumps Zuriel’s weapons up to a more respectable PS18, and Zuriel’s mat is decent to begin with which helps offset the fact that Thagrosh doesn’t have a mat fixer.  Zuriel’s Sprays and animus make him a very threatening and effective piece trade option and also mean you want him to be in a forward position which makes him vulnerable to retaliation and Death Shroud and Dark Revival make that option more much more favorable for you. Thagrosh in return gets a resilient piece and an animus that helps out with his spray, potentially with the Rapture cloud wall (possibly putting the harrier out of work – see below), and most importantly, the SUPER SWEET MUTAGENESIS ASSASSINATION (though obviously not the assassination part).
Shredder – Probably always want to take one of these guys. He is a surprisingly good choice for draconic blessing, as with rabid giving a fully boosted pow 12 and causing terror the little guy has been a surprise MVP in many games for me. I am addicted to my spawning vessel and don’t usually buy a shredder but spawn one early.
Harrier – Another thing that I spawn practically every game. Autohitting pow 12s (thanks to draconic blessing) are pretty sweet and being able to auto hit with Rapture is also a big deal. It is almost like having a 1 cost spell to create a cloud that does damage that requires you to sacrifice a model within 2”. Think about it, if you had that spell, you would do it every game and think it was broken. You do have that spell, bring along cheap infantry models if you can fit them in to use it. Remember that they are removed from play and do not go into the crock pot. Sorry, I know this isn’t related to the harrier, but it because you don’t usually have the points for extra models, so I find that I usually end up using 2 of my hex hunters at a critical point for this, and their def is high enough that I have to worry about missing, so I just place them carefully and use this animus – though with Zuriel, this guy might end up being less popular depending on the list pair, although a fire and forget missile is always nice.
Naga Nightlurker – This guy will get Stealth no matter where he is as long as Fog of War is in play and his animus stacked with Draconic Blessing gives you an effective 5 point armor swing vs. arcane shield.
Raek – The raek is an amazing beast with just about anyone. In a lot of Legion lists he can fill the slot of an infantry unit (more on this in an upcoming Thoughts On… the Raek) and I know I am starting to sound like a broken record but Draconic Blessing’s strength boost and terror can be amazing since he is often a bit pillow-fisted. That +2 strength really helps him for sniping out those 5 wound solos and still having extra attacks to either put some damage on a caster if they are in position or taking out another solo, or a few models in a unit. He doesn’t need it for this job, it just makes him more efficient, and it also makes him a bit more more threatening to a caster.
The list could go on and on, Thagrosh has great synergy with most every beast in the faction for the reasons harped on above, but I am just going to move on to units now, since Thagrosh is a surprisingly effective infantry caster thanks to Draconic Blessing being model/unit and fog of war with his fury 7 covering a large area of the board, providing a buff to our already not insignificant defense. Basically, any infantry unit that would like a strength buff, and +2 def will like Thagrosh. He also has an above average CMD of 9, which helps our non fearless units like hex hunters if you aren’t running a UA. That being said, there are a couple of standouts and things to watch which I’ll list below.
Warspears with UA – They don’t benefit from the terror part of Draconic Blessing since they already cause it, but the +2 Str stacking with Prey brings them up to P+S 17 which means on an assault charge vs. conquest at armor 20 you should do 50 boxes which comes incredibly close to wrecking it on average dice, any spikes at all and it is a wreck marker. If you can get Kiss of Lylyss on it from the Blackfrost Shard it is definitely going down – I had just 3 of them wreck mine from full when I was playing Khador against it. It is surprisingly effective.
Hex Hunters – Bumping the P+S up from 10 to 12 is huge in getting off Battle Wizard if they aren’t charging. I usually don’t bring the UA along – he gives hunter which seems like it might be helpful because of ignoring concealment, but it doesn’t actually work for spells which means if you have fog of war up they go down to effective magic ability 4. Either keep them back until you drop fog of war, or charge them out of the area (or at least make sure that their target is out of the area). Their speed of 7 lets them trigger terror on a lot of targets, so if your opponent is susceptible to terror (not that anyone is much these days) they can cause a fair amount of checks.
Raptors – Raptors are fantastic units on their own and Thagrosh’s buffs are solid with them. They have good mat on the charge and then become pow 12 weapon masters with Draconic Blessing, they are usually out on the flanks but can toe into fog of war with their light cav movement and will have a great defense vs shooting.
As I said, anyone that wants more def vs. shooting, or a higher strength will like Thagrosh. Now let’s look at why you don’t see a whole lot of him. I know I gave a whole lot of rah rah! above and he is a solid warcaster, but let’s look at why, in my opinion he’s good but not great.
First up, he doesn’t have a mat fixer at all. He can’t help our infantry hit any better, and he can’t help our beasts hit any better. The majority of our beasts are mat 6, which means that even against a mediocre def 12 they are missing over 25% of the time. He has to be able to bring them back, and when he does they can’t attack that turn. What that means, is that a quite likely scenario is that you will initiate your trade, kill one of theirs, lose your beast, possibly fail to kill theirs, bring yours back, be unable to attack with it, and then just lose it again. That is going to bring us back to the next point which is his feat.
There are a lot of games where you won’t get a feat. Either due to RFP – sure, bad blood can stop one way of RFP, but only on one beast since it is an upkeep, assuming they have no way of removing it. There are plenty of other ways of removing a model from play. Or they might not kill it until they are ready to stop you from bring it back, or they may just kill several beasts in a single turn, and you can only bring one back. Also, as mentioned above, all it can do is move on the turn it comes back.
Thagrosh also specializes in making what are, essentially, fragile beasts, less fragile. He doesn’t make them anywhere near as resilient as what trollbloods can bring, and opponents are fully capable of bringing down those beasts. He can give you a false expectation of what you can survive and make you overcommit as a result. Don’t get me wrong, you will surprise your opponents, and yourself on occasion, but to quote Han Solo, don’t get cocky, kid.
Thagrosh can be really fun, and bring a different play style to your toolbox, he can change up your regular game night, and he can really throw a curve at the tourney table and give you some unexpected game for some of the scenarios that Legion traditionally struggles with, like Incursion and Close Quarters. I’ve already rambled on way longer than I meant to on this, but I will do a couple of battle reports and pictures to show what I mean when I get some time. I’ve been having a great time with him lately.
Congrats on making it through this, if you actually did.
Sorry for the extended absence, as if the holidays aren’t bad enough I also got super busy with a writing project and pneumonia on top of that, but things are starting to resolve themselves a bit.
I was able to get in a few games in amongst the madness, but things are still pretty busy so I won’t be able to give the full write-ups for them, they will be much more abbreviated than usual and I am just going to cherry pick some of the more interesting ones.
First up was Kallus (me) vs. Bethayne (Colin). This game was before SR2015 came out and so there is no ADR or specialists, and was my first game against Bethayne in a couple of years since she top of one assassinated me when I was playing Old Witch. This is the last SR2014 game I’ll be reporting, it’s Incoming so is basically the same, though no objectives were chosen so guess not. Whatever.
My list was:
Kallus, Wrath of Everblight 
– Succubus
– Nephilim Bolt Thrower 
– Shredder 
Annyssa Ryvaal 
Spell Martyr 
Full Blighted Nyss Raptors 
Full Blighted Ogrun Warspears 
– Warspear Chieftan 
Full Spawning Vessel 
Strider Blightblades 
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Blackfrost Shard 
He was playing:
Bethayne, Voice of Everblight – WB: +3
– Succubus
– Raek – PC: 4
– Ravagore – PC: 10
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Full Spawning Vessel
Full Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters
– Bayal, Hound of Everblight
Full Blighted Nyss Legionnaires
– Captain Farilor & Standard
Strider Rangers
– Strider Rangers Officer & Musician
The warspears put prey on the hex hunters, Anyssa put prey on spawning Vessel to keep it back.
Everything in Beth’s force ran forward varying amounts.
I put the raptors on the hill, I put up a couple of tenacities on them. I set up the warspears across from the hex hunters and advanced them a little bit, but (hopefully) out of range of a turn 2 feat wipe on them. I ran the martyr forward to try and snipe out Bayal with an eruption but ended up with a huge drift that ended up being irrelevant for the following turn. I also forget to put up ignite on on the raptors. The gobbers put down a cloud and caught a couple of the raptors in it.
Colin decided not to feat this turn. Beth’s forces charged forward with the hex hunters who passed their terror check but my placing was pretty good – I was back further than he thought so only a few made it and I didn’t lose any of the warspears thanks to set defense, high armor, and unyielding. The ravagore advanced forward and was able to get the shot on the warspear UA that I wasn’t expecting at all and killed him, removing prey. The striders advanced and took some shots at the raptors, but on the hill, in a cloud, with tenacity made them pretty unhittable. He was a bit shaken and forgot to do his reform move with them. Shepherd advanced, did what her thing. Belphagore advanced and put out a big despoiler cloud maybe? The legionnaires advanced to threaten Anyssa who was fine with her role as bait.
For my turn, I decided to go a bit crazy and see how things would play out since I am just learning Kallus. Just as an aside, I typically do stuff like this when I am learning a new caster – I push them hard and see where they break, and do dumb things, especially on store games that don’t matter. Sit back, enjoy the ride and shake your head at the foolishness. I ambushed in the blightblades behind the strider rangers and the ravagore. Blackfrost shard advanced and hit with a couple of ice cages first and then harmed the ravagore. I then activated Kallus, realized I had forgotten to cast Ignite, tried to convince myself it was a clever part of my plan to keep my plan hidden, and put it on the raptors. Then I popped feat and cast Dark Guidance leaving myself on 0 because I’m bold. I also moved to the side and back on a hill making sure that I would have good coverage for what I wanted for my feat and dark guidance, I felt fairly safe and out of the way. Next up the raptors went and I was only able to charge the ravagore with three of them, the other two attacked the things that were blocking them up. The three attacking the ravagore managed to knock it down to a single wound remaining, the others killed their targets, the raptors then shuffled around into defensive positions. The warspears went next and killed off several of the hex hunters. Next up I used all those hex hunter corpses to spawn a stinger who advanced and boosted the hit on Bayal and killed him which also happened to trigger a panic check which they failed and giving me a huge relief. The nephilim advanced and shot the raek and knocked it back 5” and knocked it down with a crit. The blightblades just advanced so I could control their facings better to maximize their attacks (side note, I’ve found with their attacks that this is often the better way to do it). They killed the shepherd, the ravagore, and a good number of the rangers and tied up the ones they missed (mostly the ones out of dark guidance range). Anyssa zipped around setting up for some shooting at Bethayne next turn if I survived. The gobbers advanced and covered as much LOS as they could and the shredder advanced to try and put his body in the lane and put tenacity on Kallus. I wasn’t thrilled with my position but it wasn’t terrible.
Colin looked at the table and saw that he was in trouble but to his credit thought he might have an angle. He charged the stinger with belphagore and killed it easily. Bethayne popped her feat and he took a shot at the shredder with an eruption of spines! D’oh! I totally didn’t see that coming. He hit the shredder, and I hoped he would kill it, but he didn’t, the feat boosted damage on Kallus was pretty solid, so he took another shot, killed the shredder this time and got Kallus down to 4 boxes. The spines also killed the gobbers and the succubus as well as one of the warspears, giving me a couple of incubi (one of whom died to the second volley). Fortunately for me, there wasn’t anything else that could get to Kallus this turn. Colin looked at the table and saw that there wasn’t a whole lot else that he could do and conceded the game.
After Action Review
What I did well
I had a pretty coherent plan for how I wanted this list to run and I stuck to it for the most part. I was pretty happy with how things went. I used spacing as a defensive mechanism fairly well, I remembered not to charge with the blightblades when it was unnecessary. I felt I used all the pieces of my army fairly well.
What I could have done better 
I still rushed things. I think I could have spent an extra turn or two shooting at the ravagore with the raptors before I charged in. I wanted to see if I could one round him with harm and ignite with just three of them. Again, that is a silly thing that I could just sit at home and roll out a few times and see how it played out. War Room makes that kind of intellectual exercise exceedingly simple, just bring up the card, roll the dice and mark the damage if I want to do it mechanically.
What I Learned
I’m still rushing to contact, which isn’t something that Legion typically wants to do, though it seems that Kallus wants to do it more. I’ve played him a bit since this and I really like him a lot, but an issue I am having is what exactly is his role? He isn’t a great armor smasher, he doesn’t play hit and run, he doesn’t really have an armor buff until melee and then it is infantry only – and the models it benefits don’t typically have pathfinder, and he has no way of giving it to them. He would love to have 7 focus. Anyway, I am getting a bit into my thoughts on him, and I have been working on that article, so look for that coming in the near future. Another thing I learned is that Bethayne looks extremely interesting and fun to play.

The joy of randomly generating scenarios is that when you stop and thing about it, sometimes you get something that makes absolutely not sense. Like Thagrosh2 vs. Terminus. In Fire Support. Anyway, Will did Terminus as his caster for the Journeyman League that just ended and Thagrosh2 is one of my focus casters and to be honest the idea of having them face each other across the table just seemed kind of like a fun B Sci-Fi/Horror movie film fest so we went for it.

My list is still the same Thagrosh2 list that I have been running for a while so I am getting pretty comfortable with it. It is also Ben Leeper’s Thagrosh2 list that he took to the WTC last year. I also have to give credit where it’s due – I talked with him a bit on how to get the most out of Thagrosh2 and he has been quite generous with tips on how to play him – like Lylyth2, there is a lot more to Thags2 than giant stompy Godzilla style play. Also, my apologies for this being a somewhat rushed writeup, between the holidays and a couple of writing projects, a newborn, building/painting models, playing games, my day job (oh yeah, that thing), and the tyranny of limited time something had to give. Anyway, onto the main heavyweight event:

Thagrosh, the Messiah 
– Succubus
– Scythean 
– Scythean 
– Raek 
– Raek 
– Seraph 
Spell Martyrs 
The Forsaken 
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 
Max Blighted Nyss Legionnaires 
– Captain Farilor & Standard 
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew 
Max Spawning Vessel 

And facing off across the table from me was:

Lich Lord Terminus 
– Skarlock Thrall
– Leviathan 
– Leviathan 
Darragh Wrathe 
Saxon Orrik 
Madelyn Corbeau, Ordic Courtesan 
Bane Thralls 
Bane Thralls 
Bile Thralls 
The Withershadow Combine 



This is what it looked like at deployment. That’s a whole lotta beef on both sides of the table and I was feeling kinda silly excited  at the prospect for a game that I expected to basically go all Herman Munster mosh pit style. I won the roll to go first and chose the side I was on since it was more or less symmetrical and neither side really had any shooting speak of other than bile thralls which don’t really care.

The cryx brick basically ran everything forward as far as they could.


For my own turn, I put dragon’s blood on the legionnaires, unnatural aggression on Thags to keep the leviathans honest since I was just going to end up dumping some fury anyway and moved forward myself. I went ahead and ran the left Raek all the way up as close to the flag as I could. In the pic it looks like he is based up to it, but he is actually about a quarter inch shy due to having to move around the objective. The goal was to use his reach to keep the biles from getting in range on turn 3 to purge on any legionnaires or if he stayed too far back I would put tenacity on him and be hard for the banes to hit and possibly even claim the flag for a point. Since terminus doesn’t have much that he wants to cast on enemy units the legionnaire’s flag was the first one in the pot followed closely by two lunch ladies.


The Leviathans got some focus and popped off some shots at one of the scytheans and did a bit of damage to one with one hitting and the other missing and everything else advanced. He ended up keeping the biles back and just charging a single bane at the raek and failing to hit. The rest of them stayed back pretty far and his support advanced up pretty close behind. At this point I made the off hand comment that I thought I could probably kill Maddie this turn. Will’s eyebrow raised a bit, especially given the lack of shooting and he said he would like to see that. I took it as a challenge and since this was just a silly game for fun, I decided to make that a priority. Besides, depriving Terminus of extra movement is never a bad idea and I wanted to jam my Raek’s in there pretty far anyway.


I went into the tank for way too long this turn. I was torn between the desire to play it the “right way” and pick up 3 fairly easy points by killing the objective and sitting on both flags with my feat and jamming stuff up or just going silly and having fun. In the end I went with the spirit of the game, at least for this turn and just kind of went nuts, especially because he really wanted to see how I could get Maddie without using any shooting. I dropped unnatural aggression, and kept up dragon’s blood for free. Next up the legionnaires got a charge order and ran or charged into the banes on the left to kill a couple and open up some space for the raek to advance all the way up to Terminus. I took a free strike along the way which promptly went into the pot. Unfortunately, the only tough attack which was made was the most important one, of course. Luckily, Legion has an answer for this. Since it was critical I had the shredder go rabid and advance between two of the vessel attendants and kill them both, filling it to capacity. The remaining attendants carried it as far as it would go and it then spawned a harrier at max distance. The harrier charged over the legionnaires and impaled the knocked down bane which, thankfully failed its tough check and then sprinted out of the way. Also, I probably should have waited to do this until after I activated Thagrosh.

Next up, I measured Thagrosh’s control area and figured out where I would need him to be standing in order to get the raek into my control area in order to force him and potentially use manifest destiny. I also decided to go ahead and feat as well because I was taking forever at this point anyway so may as well. I got a lot of stuff out of order here, I will talk about that at greater length later. I ran the gobbers forward to a bit apart so I could charge them and create clouds with them to protect me from any charges or advances from banes. This is where I stumble a bit with Thagrosh – you need him to go early so you can get max effect out of manifest destiny, but his clouds cause damage, so it can be a bit tricky.[it was pointed out to me by iceDiceWargaming that of course Eruption of Ash doesn’t hurt friendly models – I’ve been looking Kallus too much lately and it carried over to this game – always reread the cards and thanks iceDice!] Anyway, I was happy with my cloud placement. Next up I activated the raek, advanced him the full 7″ into base to base with Terminus and then forced him to leap which did indeed put him in reach range of Maddie and he killed her with his first attack. Everything else on out from here was gravy, as I had achieved my (not so) secret scenario and won the moral victory. I think I have written about secret scenarios before so I won’t go into it here. I had placed myself so that I my bite could go on Darragh Wrathe, but I think I annoyed him by calling him Derrick because I failed to do any damage. I decided to buy two reach attacks and put both of them into the skarlock, but despite being under the effects of manifest destiny missed with both of them. D’oh! Oh well, I couldn’t complain too much, at least I had a reach attack coming.

I sent both of my scytheans in to clear out some banes and the first one I sent I rolled an 11 on the fire cloud doing 6 points to him (ouch [see above why the pain was unnecessary]) which must have left ash in his eye as he missed his first attack which also made him lose out on a clutch chain attack. Ouch again. The other did much better, clearing out 4 banes, as well as a legionnaire and Farilor. The seraph advanced and shot 2 banes, slipstreaming the raek forward but unfortunately he would still have to move through the cloud. Fortunately, when he did, I rolled a 3 and then he went nuts on the remaining banes then moving clearing off the scythean who was still engaged by a bane. Feat move and attack saw the raek try to attack the skarlock and miss yet again. The other raek moved and tried to attack the wither shadow combine and missed (might have been Derrick but failed to pierce armor, either way, basically worthless) and the heavily damaged scythean moved over and took the gun off of one of the the leviathans with a cranked roll. The other scythean and the seraph backed up and I forgot to attack with the harrier or move the shredder.



It was clearly feat turn for Terminus. Derrick gave him death ride and he advanced an inch and then he did a full advance over the obelisk. He sprayed and finished off the attendants. The bile thralls moved up and purged and killed off the remaining legionnaires as well as the forsaken while the banes killed off the harrier. Both of the raeks proved too difficult to pin down. It was at this point that I realized just how much damage I actually did with my feat. Will really didn’t have a whole lot left on the table. He was sitting at a full camp though, and with the remaining souls he was hovering over armor 30 if I remember correctly – well beyond my ability to touch him. It was clearly time for option b. Option b, of course is…


Dump some fury, and run full speed at the flag on the right to dominate. The two scytheans were able to destroy the objective easily as well as the leviathan that was contesting. They also position to physically block out any chance of contesting. The seraph ran up to further use its base just to stop stuff from moving up.


Will did his best to get over and jam up, Derrick again called death ride to shift Terminus a bit and change facing to let him try to charge, but since I had run the full 10″ it was clearly going to be short. He would have been better off charging to clear the seraph I think. As Terminus was the only model that was able to get within 4″ of the flag I was able to dominate again on his turn giving me the 5 points necessary for the scenario win (though to be fair to him, the store was closing up so he was playing a bit rushed there at the end, though there wasn’t much that could be done, other than him going for 3 on this turn, I would have spawned from the vessel on my turn to contest and won on my own turn rather than his.) It was a super fun game! Now he is moving back to his true love, Circle and has threatened to run all Bradigus all the time. I’m actually looking forward to getting some table time against him.

After action review:

What I did well

I had a lot of fun, does that count? Seriously, I was happy to come up with a way to kill Maddie. That range extension can really make Terminus be quite dangerous. I was pretty happy with the way that I used my feat in order really cripple the cryx army and then bounce away. I felt that I took away a lot of his options, and while I didn’t use it to directly get up on points, it totally set me up the following turn to get points and set up in such a way to cruise to a fairly easy scenario win.

What I could have done better

I still need to work on playing faster. I went into the tank for a long time on planning out the raek shenanigans and it was a little unnecessary. I probably should have boosted on that one carnivean’s first attack rather than counting on a manifest destiny getting a 6 to hit to trigger the chain attack. I can also be better at getting my lessers into the action. Especially with the pot, at one point I had a shredder hanging out doing nothing and the pot was full, there was no reason not to send him up doing things. Some of my placements were messy and could have been a bit better. Overall though, I can definitely feel myself being more comfortable with playing legion.

What I learned

Always play for scenario.  Also the legionnaires were terrible lining up across from the biles. Even with the potential of a raek being there to tie up the biles (that was the original plan). Also, more often than not, despite spending a ton of time in the tank, I ended up going back to the first thing I considered. I should just go with that, and if it does’t work out, chalk it up to a lesson learned.

As a practical matter, I got myself a Battlefoam Tournament bag for christmas so may be changing from Thagrosh2 over to Vayl/Vayl2 for my pair with Lylyth2 for the simple reason that I can fit both lists in that bag whereas I can’t fit the Thagrosh2 list with the Lylyth2 list in the smaller bag. So that might happen. We’ll see. Thoughts on Lylyth2 as a pair with one of the Vayls? Or perhaps Kallus?

Mostly I am just sharing this here on my blog so I can have it for myself later. This is excellent tutorial on how to take awesome high quality photos. This is from the fabulously talented Meg Maples’s website and I was seriously blown away as to how easy (and cheap!) it is to get high quality photos. Now if only painting was so easy…


Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight. This is the second installment of my Thoughts On… Legion choices and Abby2 seemed like the natural choice for a couple of reasons. First off, I have the second most amount of table time with her, right behind Lylyth2 and secondly, I have very strong opinions about her based on that table time – also, due to what I end up playing a lot of my opinions are going to be a little controversial. So, that being said, let’s drive straight in.

Let’s look at the front of the card.

She has a pretty legit stat line, Spd 7, Mat 7, and 15/16 Def/Arm and a fury of 6 which give you a pretty good idea that she is a mid line caster. The Def/Arm go up to a very respectable 16/17 with tenacity and has flight so isn’t worried about hanging out in a forest or behind a wall (or other model for that matter) and she also has a couple of other defensive tricks we’ll come to later so overall she is pretty survivable but she is on a medium base. She also has abomination which is sort of a defensive ability in theory but also means you have to be careful with your support pieces, namely the shepherd if you want to use ravagores bricked up in front of her, or the succubus since you have to be within 6″ for the free upkeep. Just remember to measure your control area when you move the succubus up into range and stop right at 6″ if you can.

Finally she has no ranged attacks but has 3 base melee attacks, all of which are magical, but none of which have reach. She has 2 claws which are PS 14 base and a stinger which is only PS 12 but also steals 1 point of focus or fury. Overall, nothing really exciting on the front of the card.

Moving on to the back of the card things get interesting…

Conferred Rage – models in her battlegroup that begin their activations in her control area can charge for free or make power attacks without being forced. If Abby kills a model during her activation then warbeasts in her battlegroup beginning their activations in her control area also get +2 Spd and Mat for a turn. She has no ranged attacks or ranged spells so she pretty much has to go in and kill something in melee to trigger this but it is a pretty big deal. Other interesting things about it is that the warbeast has begin its activation in her control area. This comes up in a two different ways – first and foremost Abby is a very mobile caster – there are many times that a ranged warbeast like a teraph or a ravagore will end up being out of her control area and then walk into her control are to be forced when they shoot. The other really cool thing is that you can do a headbutt or a two-handed throw a model that is clearly out of her control area into it and just do a feeding frenzy on it with your other beasts, which is something that can catch people off guard. At +2 Mat against a heavy you are often only needing a 4 or 5 to hit it which can be pretty surprising. Not something you will do every game, but it is definitely a valuable tool in your toolbox and can swing a game in your favor. There are times that conferred rage can almost seem like a feat to your opponents. Unfortunately, you have to kill a model to trigger it and there are times that you will fail at that, or there just won’t be any good targets to trigger it off of and will make you sad. One bad set of dice rolls can really ruin your day. I played a set of games where my opponent was running Fist of Halaak and I never triggered this ability due to Orin Midwinter’s placement. More on that later…

Flight – She flies. This lets her move through obstacles and terrain as well as other models as long as there is room to completely clear their bases (in the case of other models). The really cool thing is she also gets to ignore intervening models (but not terrain or obstacles) for line of sight when declaring charges which is very useful for hiding behind a brick and advancing up the table but still triggering conferred rage early in your turn.

Energy Siphon (Stinger) – This is the ability that I mentioned above that lets her steal fury or focus on the lower powered melee attack. There are times that you are better off swinging with this one despite the lower power – I’ve gone in and set up where I am engaging a warbeast that was full on fury as well as a trooper model – I was able to boost the attack to kill the trooper, take the second initial and do a couple of points of damage to the beast, steal a fury, do no damage, then buy attacks and steal back all 4 fury with “bought attacks” teleport away and sit on 4 for transfers and make my opponent cut for fury the following turn. If you are able to get on a warlock you are often better off buying stinger attacks because siphon triggers on hit before they can transfer damage, so they will often transfer even low damage rolls just because you are going to steal it anyway.

That gets us to her Spell Card.

Fortify – So far as I know, Abby2 is the only caster with this spell (James Moorhouse pointed out that Darius has this spell as well – thanks!) It is a nifty upkeep that gives +2 armor, that makes the target model, and any friendly model in b2b with it be unable to be knocked down, pushed or, moved by a slam. Sadly it is battlegroup warbeast only so late game Abby can’t shift it onto herself. It’s nice that it stacks with our animi and it really adds to the survivability of our warbeasts and can make some of them incredibly annoying to deal with. Speaking of annoying – Abby’s model makes her pretty much impossibly to base up with a lot of models, and some of the scytheans (and this spell will likely even bring the carnivean off your shelf) so make sure and bring proxy bases. This spell really helps out against some of the things that caused us trouble – in particular being dragged in to our doom either by colossals or butcher3. Unfortunately, Kreoss remains a problem with pop and drop because Fortify is an upkeep so don’t shelf those serpentine models entirely. It also does nothing against place effects. One of the interesting things about this game is that things are so well balanced that just putting a +2 on a stat really tips things in a crazy way. Putting this on a Raek along with tenacity can make it stand up to most units and it can even survive a heavy if it doesn’t get enough focus, or a warbeast can end up frenzying the following turn because it had to overcommit. You can put it on an Angelius and combined with Tenacity it goes up to armor 20! Play around with it. I even put it on a harrier once that I sent off on a death run and it survived the following turn. It WAY out of position and I couldn’t do anything with it so I didn’t upkeep it, it was just there as a lark, but it took way more attention than either of us expected and if I had planned it out better, I could have used that survivability to greater effect, 14/14 with 13 boxes is apparently not really something that most support has a good time dealing with. Don’t count on it obviously, but yeah, it surprised me.

Psycho-surgery – Heals every model in this model’s battlegroup that is in it’s control area d3+1 wounds at the cost of 2 fury. This includes Abby so if you have have taken random damage from blasts or free strikes or cutting for fury don’t forget to heal her up as well. Thanks to fortify and the tendency to brick up, this spell comes up way more often than you would expect it to. Basically if you are going to heal up a model to fix an aspect, consider casting this spell instead. It can eat your clock if you are on timed turns though, so be aware of that.

Return Fire – As fire as I know, Abby2 is the only caster in the game with this 1 cost spell (James Moorhouse also pointed out Grim1 has this spell – so yeah, it doesn’t get used often and thanks James). When a friendly faction model is targeted by a ranged attack, after the attack is resolved the model with the spell on it can make one melee or ranged attack and then the spell expires. This spell won’t come into play very often, but you can use it to dissuade people from shooting at your ravagores with it, which has some value. This spell works on target, so even if they miss, so one thing I liked doing with it was putting return fire on a pair of ravagores, and then putting Abby behind them, and having Fortify on one of them as Abby’s bunker early game and then just shooting with impunity. I either got an extra scather template out, or I didn’t have to worry about taking blast damage. And with fortify on one of them, I didn’t have to worry about getting dragged. The succubus was 6″ to the side with the shredder between and the shredder and the succubus were putting tenacity on the ravagores as well. It was typically just for turn 2 and sometimes 3 depending on how slowing the opponent was approaching. It wasn’t an all the time thing, but it beat just dumping fury which is really all I have to say about the spell.

Teleport – This is the spell that makes Conferred Rage possible with Abby not having a ranged weapon or ranged spell – it kind of makes her a bullet. You use flight to ignore your bunker and declare a charge, zip out, kill something, trigger conferred rage, teleport back or to the side to dominate a flag, or teleport into a position where you want your stuff to end up to kill the caster if that is your win condition. It’s incredibly flexible and what makes her work. When she works.

And now, finally, her Feat:


“Models in Absylonia’s Battlegroup that are currently in her control area gain +2 STR and Flight, and their melee weapons gain Reach. Metamorphose lasts one round.”

Okay, I quoted it because it is pretty interesting. First off, it is a pulse, which means make sure you are in position before you pop it. It also lasts one round, which means that stuff you tie up with reach, will still be tied up with for their turn, but then the following turn, will not be. Combined with we Conferred Rage it can give you an incredibly brutal alpha strike or an assassination that comes from downtown. Also remember that flight lets you see through other models when declaring a charge. Combined with eyeless sight letting legion beasts ignore clouds and forests most models on the table are really not safe as long as there is a place for our base. With that in mind, get a few proxy bases of each size (30mm, 40mm, 50mm and even 120mm if you are going to run an Archangel with her) to keep with your Abby2 list, and mark their LOS facing. You will need them.


Okay, now that we’ve gone over what’s on the card here is what I think about her. She is incredibly one dimensional. She is a fantastic game store noob stomp bully caster – and what I mean by that is that the first time you play against her, she can really blow your mind. She has a really cool-seeming personal nibble type attack that she can make where she kills one thing and then bounces back. Ultimately, though, she lives and dies by her alpha strike and Conferred Rage. The problem is that once her alpha strike hits, she can’t pull back for a second one, and fortify just helps a single beast out on armor and not quite enough to survive the inevitable retaliation and conferred rage plus her feat doesn’t quite help her clear out enough of a canny opponent’s stuff to survive the counter and unlike some of our casters like Vayl1 and Thagrosh2 who will let you get an effective double alpha.

List build is really important with Legion of Everblight in particular and the games I have played with her, I have had the most success with a ranged style build. She cranks up their melee to good levels, and their shooting is already pretty good to begin with. I’ve tried an Omnus style melee focused list with a carnivean and pair of scytheans – you can read his writeup here but I didn’t really have much luck with it. It could have been the preponderance of meat mountain and Fist of Halaak in my meta but I found that between Orin Midwinter’s anti-magic preventing teleport and the sheer high armor cracking that it was just too hard to get in and kill stuff and pull away.

Some rockstar combinations I did find when playing though I will list below:

Typhon. Giving typhon flight, +2 mat, +2 pow, +2 spd and reach is pretty much money in the bank. A pro tip here, if you have fortify on him, you can have typhon put his animus on himself and then go in – you can take a few free strikes with near impunity.  You are armor 19 with fortify and each spiral has 10 boxes. Even if you get a spiral knocked out, your animus will kick in and you can heal it automatically. If you get really bashed and get 2 spirals knocked out, you have a 66% chance of healing both, and if you don’t heal the spirit,  you can always force to regenerate the other – he is mat 9 and you still have 1 boost if necessary. His ranged threat, while always really good, gets even better since you can fly over models and get three flaming sprays if you brought along a ravagore, which I recommend you always do.

Raek. The raek is always a rockstar but there are two reasons that make him shine above and beyond with Abby2. Conferred rage is models starting in her control area, and her feat is a pulse. If you have played with a raek at all you know it is really easy to get him out of your casters control area. Well now it is more okay to do so. You can give him that mat buff, AND he can do a head butt out of your control area without needing to run a shepherd forward. You might still want to in order to leap or boost, but it isn’t necessary. Also, put Fortify and Tenacity on this guy sometime and be amazed at how hard he can jam a unit. 16/17 no knockdown is pretty hardcore.

Ravagore. The ravagore’s usually do okay in melee after they have shot at something with pincushion for a few rounds but not every caster has that spell, so then end up being a bit mopey in melee. You know what makes them not mopey? Mat 7, PS 18, reach, and flight.

Rather than just list out every ranged beast individually with a paragraph as above, I’ll just say look at them again and give them +2 mat, +2 strength, reach, and flight. They all get better.

Carnivean. If you really want to stack armor Spiny Growth is the way to do it. Getting +4 to the beasts armor and doing damage to beasts/jacks every time they hit goes a fair way toward improving our beasts survivability. I feel that it has to be said though, that there are still other factions that do it better than us and it still gets powered through with them so it isn’t as exciting as it seems like it should be. It won’t increase your survivability as much as you think it should in most match ups, but it will occasionally surprise both you and your opponent. It has been my experience that in most cases, the combination of +1 def and +3 armor will be more survivable than +4 armor.

NephilimIf you really want to push the envelop on the maximum range that Abby herself can threaten you need to include a nephilim something. The reason for this is that all of our other beasts have the blood creation rule and that means they are unable to attack a warlock. That includes the push power attack, even though it does no damage. Nephilim do not have this rule, so they can give her a shove forward for that extra one inch. Which brings me to my next, and likely final point, since I have rambled on for long enough.

One big problem with Abby2 I will call out is that she almost brings a skorne play style to legion – incredibly high melee damage brought in fairly linear fashion. Our threat ranges, while fairly ridiculous, become very predictable. Even with the the seraph. Sure we can slip a bit to the left or right, but ultimately it is an exercise in mathematics. That, ultimately, is why I have decided that, for me, she didn’t really click and wasn’t as fun as I hoped she would be. I expected hers to be a very mobile and dynamic with flight and teleport which, as I explained in my Lylyth2 article, I enjoy immensely, but it just didn’t pan out for me with Abby2.

It is very likely I am wrong, feel free to tell me how wrong I am, and someone please teach me how to play her in a different way, I am always open to learning new ways and am not opposed to pulling her back out of the tray as I did with Lylyth2 after seeing how Ben Leeper ran her. The Abby2 model is certainly fantastic, one of the best in the range and right now she is keeping another best of the range models company in the dark. Poor poor Proteus.

e_absylonia_by_calonarang-d8230zt (Absylonia art from Deviant Art)