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Sorry I haven’t posted much, I have been insanely busy with a couple of writing projects (and recovering from knee surgery). I am still buried in the writing project, but managed to get a tiny breather which I decided to take advantage of by building a few new toys!

First up, and most exciting for me is Obavnik Kommander Zerkova and her two buddies. Thanks to my good buddy Inyoung at iWargame for picking it up for me at Lock and Load this year! Sadly, I got a mispack, and ended up with two of the same glaives ūüė¶ which prevented me from priming them, but I already put in the request and Privateer Press¬†is usually¬†pretty quick at sending out replacement parts so it should be soon. I am going to be running her exclusively¬†in the league that is going on at my LGS.


The whole set went together really fast and was quite a pleasure to assemble – another great set from PP!

In fact, it was quick enough I had enough time to assemble another new model that I recently acquired – although he is also in the new book, this one has been out for a while.


I chose to put the mace in a different position because I wanted models to get into melee from the front (that right flank, not so much…) We’ll see if I succeeded. Other than that, another pretty good looking model, that was assembled in under an hour, including cleaning up time.

I can’t wait to get these guys on the table! I am so excited to be back to Khador.


So, last night I watched Castle and was going to build a model but then discovered to my horror that my superglue was ancient. ¬†Like, Clinton era ancient. ¬†Rather than frustrate myself further, I set about to cleaning flash and such off the models and got Lylyth and all the shredders done. ¬†I also did part of the Carnivean and tried some dry fitting and honestly have no freaking idea how that thing will go together. ¬†I predict by the time I am done there will be more greenstuff and glue than metal…

Also, I want to get some cork for the bases – I need to hit up Osh or Home Depot and see if I can find a single bit. ¬†I don’t want to get a ton of it.