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I am going to try and be more diligent in writing up quick recap/reports.  We have been doing a lot of timed games (almost exclusively in fact) so I am not great about remembering to take pictures.  I will add them when I have them, otherwise I will try and keep it simple enough.

Played an unorthodox Grim list against Dave’s Durgen Rhulic list in 35 point game to kick off the league.  Basically I had just built the Sons of Bragg and felt like playing them.  The Skinner has been fun so he is in too.  Dave was also trying out some new stuff so it looked to be an interesting match.

Earthborn Dire Troll
Sons of Bragg
Fell Caller Hero


Ghordson Basher
Gunner or Blaster (don’t remember for sure which one)
Brun Cragback
Herne and Jonne
10 Forgeguard
5 Ogrun Assault Corps
Thor Steinhammer

We rolled up the Close Quarters scenario and I won the roll and chose to go second.  First turn the rhulic forces all advanced with the basher getting red line cast on it, the trolls advanced a bit more cautiously with the scouts and skinner swinging wide.  Grim put cross country on the Sons of Bragg, far strike on himself, boosted damage and one-shotted one of the assault corps and put girded up (always a good idea when facing Durgen).  This left me at 0 fury but I was okay with it on turn 1 against this rhulic force.  The impaler put farstrike on the bomber and advanced, the bomber killed a second Ogrun after an advance and the EBDT advanced up in front of Grim but out of charge range of anything.

In response Durgen upkept Red Line and put primed on the forge guard.  They charged and the first one was a bit out of charge range so the rest just ran as far as they could.  My cautious advance ensured that only a single scout was tied up in reach range.  Unfortunately for Dave he activated them a little too early and they jammed up the rest of his turn.  Herne (or Jonne) did manage to kill Wrathar and I failed the 4+ tough.

My turn the scouts mostly aimed and threw their tomahawks causing the forge guard to explode.  The fell caller sprayed and killed a couple (including the one that had engaged a scout) as did Tor with his spray.  When all was said and done there were only 3 forge guard left and they failed their morale check.  The bomber also killed Thor who had moved up to repair the 3 damage the basher took from Red Line. The EBDT moved out of line with Grim to get within 2″ of a forest for the following turn EBDT cannon ball act.

I was still mostly out of range this turn though most of the army focused on the EBDT and by the time the basher slammed the EBDT 8″(!) through the remaining 2 sons of bragg, though both made the 4+ tough The EBDT was fairly wounded.  The EBDT died to a 17 on the dice but I thought I had a pretty good shot at the assassination this turn.  Also due to shooting the Impaler lost his spirit and the EBDT took ~12 but to different spirals so no loss of aspect.

Durgen was directly behind one of the ogryn assault corp but at the extreme range.  I considered trying to slam with the impaler but I hate relying on crit so what I did instead was used Grim to heal 1 off the spirit on the Impaler in case he was necessary, put far strike on the bomber, feated, advanced and shot the knockdown gun at the assault corp and knocked him down to clear the lane for the bomber and impaler (if necessary).  Then cast lock the target and got a good damage roll and put some on him.  Durgen was now locked and under feat so it was looking, er, Grim for him.  The bomber advanced, boosted the hit roll, got him and had a pretty good roll for damage and put him down.

It was a good game for the Trollbloods and not so good for the Rhulic forces.  Dave made a couple of early errors which I pounced on and really punished him.  It was a fun game and a win for the first game of the league.