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We was just about to call a halt for the night when the wagon in front of me shattered into a mess of broken wood and screaming horses. The brigands came at us from the rough scrub bordering the road to the West. The sun was so bright behind them that we couldn’t make them out at first. Then there was another explosion at the back of the caravan. It was then I saw two of those beasts standing almost twice as tall as the biggest farrow I had ever seen. They had cannons strapped to their back and as I watched they fired again, this time in unison. I broke and ran, but the damn explosions and all that screaming haunt me to this day.

Ah, the gun boar. The oft-maligned light warbeast choice for the Thornfall Alliance. He is 3 points cheaper than the war hog (2 in an Arkadius theme list) and I think that is where much of this comes from. It is hard to compare him to the war hog and think, for only 2-3 more points I can have that?!?

So, for the purposes of this writeup we are going to ignore that fact. Instead of looking at what he isn’t, we will look at what he is. He starts off with a decent speed but as a light warbeast his stats are all pretty mediocre across the board up until you come to his armor rating. It comes in pretty high – almost as high as heavies in other factions. When you consider the Carver’s spell Batten Down the Hatches it actually pulls him up to Khador level armor, which is no joke.

Okay, so we know he can take a punch so let’s take a look at how he deals it back out. He has a big gun (seriously, that is what it is called). It is a decent range, ROF 1, 3″ AOE with a pow 13 (making blast damage that critical 7). People tend to underestimate the value of this gun. Do I wish it were a better in any of the categories? Of course I do, but it’s not that bad and does give you a way to deal with annoying high def models and it is boostable.

In addition to this gun he also has 2 open fists. I am not 100% sure on this, but I would be willing to bet that the P+S is among the lowest on warbeasts in the game. As open fists you have the full range of power attacks available but as a light warbeast it can’t throw or headbutt anything on a larger base. His speed (especially buffed) does enable you to get off some nice slams from time to time, though.

He does have the special rule “Bacon” which means that if he is killed, each warbeast in b2b with him heals d3 wounds. Note that “friendly” is not specified anywhere in the description so if your opponent goes all the way to base to base, they will heal too, so it is something to be aware of if you are facing them. You might want to go all the way in, rather than just stopping at melee range and support beasts base to base will also heal, so if you are running two together, may as well have them touching bases.

Finally, his animus – counterblast. The first downside of this animus is that it is a self only animus, meaning that the bonegrinders won’t be able to harvest it. Just as a fluff aside here, it is pretty annoying that we have a unit that lets us use a dead beasts animus, and then half of our animi have a range of self. This is a bit of a digression, though.

This is actually a pretty decent animus however his low command and the fact that it takes 2/3 of his fury means you won’t use it on him very often. It is a really interesting addition to the warlocks, though. Dr Arkadius can use mind control serum and if you get off a hit you can place the attacking model (assuming it is living) somewhere to block LOS or charge lanes to the good doctor. With Carver an extra spray can be pretty brutal. You have to remember that it is an optional use ability so you don’t have to fire at the first thing that comes into range. Note however that you DO have to target the model that triggered it.

Overall, he is a utility beast. He isn’t really great at anything, but he does his job adequately. If he were 1 point cheaper he would be an auto-include but that probably means he is priced correctly. I guess I can sum him up by saying he’s not that bad – which isn’t the same as saying he’s good, unfortunately. He is the only game in town for Farrow when it comes to light beasts though. I had hoped Domination would change that, but apparently it won’t. Don’t be afraid to include him in your lists. He will have a place and do okay, just don’t ask too much of him.


So I got a couple of games in against Sergio last week for the journeyman league and I wanted to make sure and post them, since I still haven’t posted the game we played last month.

Since they were supposed to be journeyman league games our lists were pretty much decided for us. I brought the farrow (Lord Carver, 2x gun boars, war hog) and he was bringing the standard Menoth starter rather than then newly approved 2 player starter kit (pKreoss, crusader, repenter, revenger)

Deployment was pretty straightforward looking like this:

The early part of the game we both advanced each trying to get the drop on the other. I cast a rift to create an area of rough terrain to keep from being charged and it scattered a bit, but not too badly.

The lack of Menoth’s trademark synergy would be a referring thorn in Sergio’s side. In this case, with no way of giving pathfinder he was pretty much just stuck. Carver popped his feat. The gun boar on the right charged the light jack and damaged it up pretty well but didn’t quite destroy it. The war hog charged the heavy jack and wrecked it (we just left the model there rather than a wreck marker) and failing to take out the damaged light. The gun boar on the left tried to slam the other light jack back to try and limit the retaliation but missed thanks to Defender’s Ward!

Both light jacks combined to kill war hog. The gun boar did a double handed throw the light jack I killed one of the other light jacks and Kreoss popped his feat since I finally didn’t cast batten down the hatches and came forward to try and finish Carver (I forgot he had reach). Luckily for me Carver survived the assassination run. Lord Carver finished Kreoss giving the win to the farrow.

We had hoped to rotate in some games with Shawn but he was unable to make it. We decided to have another game even though only the first one would count toward the league.

I played a bit cagier this time, running forward to take the linear obstacles as cover and try some shooting. Turns out gun boar shooting doesn’t do much to jacks.

In return Kreoss decided to just set my pigs on fire forcing me to go forward and deal with him. It was kind of funny, the gun boar on the left burned all game long but due to lousy rolls never took any damage. Guess he was just slow cooking the pork.

I forgot to do any more pictures from this point. I kept batten down the hatches up every turn, used my feat to kill his heavy and one of his lights, threw the other one in the water. Kreoss went over and lit the furnace. I sent the warhog in after him and Kreoss just laid a holy beatdown on him killing single handedly. Kreoss and the light came out of the water and again tried an assassination on Carver, and again ended up with Hand of God to the face for his troubles.

The second game I had it well in had and almost blew it. I had all three beasts and all Sergio had was the light with the shield which I had thrown into the water. What I should have done while he was igniting the jack was fallen back and used my fury for a couple of turns to get the war hog back up to full. At that point it would have been a pretty easy matter. As it was I had to get desperate and put Carver in a bad place and almost lost what should have been a sure win.

Full marks to Sergio for sticking it out and almost pulling off a huge upset win.

A couple of final thoughts here. Menoth without the choir takes a hit but are not terrible – especially in the battle box format. Kreoss has good spells. I had to keep carver back to stay out of lamentation range in order to keep batten down the hatches up but I needed it in order to not have my army knocked down and beaten to death.

I am really happy with Carver and how he is playing. Using the feat to take out an opposing jack or two is a pretty great way of getting the upper hand and I found I was using it earlier than I did in the bigger games where I was trying to force an assassination. I will have to remember that in the larger games I play.

Next Thursday night is league night at Emerald Comics and I hope to get in a few more games.

Thanks for reading!

Here are some pics of the Farrow battle box for the Journeyman league. Not much to say except that I did touch up the warhog so I will post more of him in his more doneness state later.