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Lets do the thanks first. Thank you all for getting me over 10,000 total hits on this blog! I know that is a small number in the grand scheme of things, but for this kind of hobby blog that is a pretty big deal to me, so thank you so much. Now, on to something you care about.


(My Irusk is painted, but this is not my Irusk)

I played in a tourney that ended up going 4 rounds last weekend. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I hadn’t really played Irusk1 much so decided to give him a whirl at the urging of my regular opponent who wants to practice against him more. I learned a lot about him and about how he is the same and different to Irusk2 (who I love). Here is how I did and what I learned

I took a variation on my usual eIrusk list just because I am pretty familiar with how it should run and the addition of iron flesh should just make it better. My second caster was eSorscha with conquest and WGI/Joe in case I got too frustrated with the “new” caster.

My List:

Kommandant Irusk – WJ: +6
– Behemoth – PC: 13

Koldun Lord – PC: 2
Manhunter – PC: 2

Great Bears of Gallowswood – Volkov, Kolsk, Yarovich: 5
Iron Fang Pikemen – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Iron Fang Officer & Standard – Iron Fang Officer & Standard 2
Kayazy Assassins – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Kayazy Assassin Underboss – Underboss 2
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt – Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt: 4
Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4

Game 1 vs. Skorne – Mordikaar

Mordie, krea, brute, archidon, drake, nihilators, tyrant commander, max ferox, ferox dragoon (can’t remember his name)

Kind of an odd list but had a lot of pathfinder in it ferrox and dragoon and archidon- I don’t think I cast IG once in this game. I ran the kayazy to engage the nihilators and then the next turn minifeated and charged through to take out the tyrant commander, put iron flesh on the ifp on turn 2 and minifeated to jam pretty hard. Eliminators charged and killed the krea, I was choking him out pretty hard. The manhunter was dancing with the dragoon basically keeping him from advancing. The other eliminators and behemoth killed the ferrox over the course of 2 turns. I had the ternion put clouds on themselves on feat turn to block LOS to prevent a charge and irusk put IF on himself just in case. Made a couple of toughs with them but archidon go ghostly and charged at irusk but he wasn’t able to kill him thanks to iron flesh. The great bears killed the archidon. At this point my opponent conceded because he didn’t have much left that could do anything.

Game 2 vs. Skorne – Hexeris2

Pretty standard hexxie list – gladiator, 2 bronze backs, min nihilators, max nihilator, marketh, 2 ancestral guardians (something like that)

IG was up most of the game. For some reason he selected his gladiator as arc node (we talked after the game that he might want to consider a brute for that task or one of the bronze backs). He ran in a fairly tight brick with the nihilators each with an ancestral guardian on the flanks – eliminators and manhunter matched up on one side with them and kayazy assassins with the other. since gladiator was his arc node he put him out a bit far, on feat turn he trampled trying to get a bead on irusk for some hellfire death but ended up engaged at reach range by great bears put there for that purpose. IG made sure that hexxie couldn’t advance into range himself. Took out bronzeback and gladiator on following turn, as well as both units of nihilators and minifeated kayazy to surround him and set up following turn with great bears coming up the middle at him, the eliminators on the flank in range and the remaining assassins ready to follow up into the gap created by ashes to ashes on the guys engaging him. Opponent conceded at this point.

Game 3 vs. Menoth – Kreoss2

His list was kind of crazy, Kreoss2, fires of salvation (I think), the book, 2 units of bastions, a unit of the crossbow hunter guys, a unit of croes with attendant priest, anastacia de bray. Absolutely brutal on his feat turn with everything getting an extra attack and autohitting. This game was over on bottom of 3 – turn 1 we both advanced, turn 2 croe got a shot on irusk to keep him from casting, I upkept superiority, stepped out of LOS behind a forest and feated, he feated top of 3 and de bray ran into the forest I was hiding behind for even more autohitting badness – I had a single kayazy assassin make 4 saves in a row (which didn’t matter but was funny). Behemoth stepped forward and smashed fire clearing a lane for great bears to charge kreoss, dropped bombs on the book to finish him off, my ternion hit kreoss 3 times with ice cage dropping his defense down to where the great bears needed 3s to hit, irusk battle lusted them and they put him down.

Game 4 vs. Trollbloods – pDoomie tier 4

Had I not already decided to take irusk all day I would have taken him here anyway, Mulg makes conquest cry. This list is a pain to play but I hit hard enough where basically any single hit would force toughs on the runeshapers. He got hot on a few clutch tests, but failed a lot of others so it was a wash. I was able to shift behemoth over to where janissa was more than 1″ away from a screening model and put 2 boosted arcing fires on her and killed her. On my feat turn mulg trampled up to irusk and got two hits on him, both hit and wounded, the second one killing him but I was able to make my feat tough check. His earthborn charged behemoth on the same turn but was dismayed to learn about pow 0 weapons. Behemoth had been next to irusk so irusk gave 3 to behemoth, behemoth advanced between mulg and the earthborn, killed mulg with 1 focus left over hit the earthborn. Irusk shifted to behind a wall and put battle lust on the great bears who charged and killed the earthborn who was in range of both the wall and the krielstone, at this point both of us were down to about a quarter of the models we started with. He advanced pdoomie up and cast stranglehold twice at irusk behind the wall and missed the first one but hit the second and with just 1 wound left I died. It was a super tight game against a player who is widely considered one of the best in Southern California (Nathan) with a crazy mean list so I was stoked to make him work so hard for it.

After action review:
I used his feat defensively in most every game because I forgot about the +2+2 in most instances. The list is far from perfect and I doubt I will be pairing him with eSorscha so he will probably end up with the WGI and Joe instead of the Kayazy. I never really used A&H – they were in the list for Menoth shenanigans and I never really faced them. I am tempted to switch them out for Alexia and the Risen with Valachev. IG was certainly useful but is so expensive. Battle lust is always awesome. Gives me a shieldwall order and charge boost on the IFP, makes the Great Bears able to take down pretty much anything in the game.

Ternion continued to shine. I love these guys so much and they have so much utility on the table. In the first game they sprayed down ferrox, in the second game they sprayed down nihilators, in the third game they and the koldun lord knocked 6 off kreoss defenses and cleared a charge lane with a spray, last game they blocked LOS to irusk and sprayed whelps out of the way to clear charge lanes.

I really could have played irusk better – I got him forward too often and a war dog would have been nice – probably better even than sylys in this list so this list is going to undergo some pretty major changes but as a first outing it was pretty good.

If you guys have any tips with him that would be great



Zerkova by Howietzer on Deviant Art

As I mentioned previously I have been playing a bit more than usual so apologies for the lack of full battle reports.  I downloaded a battle report app and it seems decent as I am getting to use it, but I am still figuring it out – hopefully I will find a way to import them over to here.  I’ll try and just do super quick reports – if anyone cares for details let me know and I will try and fill things in.

On that topic, in the last week I have played six sr2013 games:

35 pt Baldur1 vs. Harkevich – Will is a pretty new player and Baldur’s anti-blast spell is pretty rough vs. my blast heavy Harkevich list.  There was also a slight misunderstanding on control area vs command area that extended his feat a bit further than it should have gone.  Totally my fault for not catching that he wasn’t an 8 fury caster earlier – all I have been playing against lately are Rahn and eHaley so I just kind of assume everyone has a 16+” control area.  In any event, a loss for the Motherland.


35 pt Rahn vs. Butcher1 – I made a couple of pretty big and inexcusable mistakes here – I had the models to block pull lanes for Butcher and could have dropped IF on him but didn’t.  Instead I made Shawn only have to TK one model out of the way in order to drag Butcher forward to his doom on turn 2.  I made a couple of huge placement errors but learned a lot about that.  Loss for Butcher.


50 pt Skarre1 vs. Zerkova – I have a confession.  I like Zerkova.  A lot.  I love the art for her, I like her fluiff – the model is a bit sketchy, but I am working with a friend of mine who is an amazing sculptor and so had to get a 2nd model for playing, and I really like some of the fan art out there (see to and bottom for examples).  I was really happy with how I played this list – in particular the Ironfang Pikemen and the Kayazy whom I have been struggling with.  I slowed the tempo of the game and ended up winning scenario on time.  I was able to destroy both objectives.  Had the game continued I might have been in trouble as there were a whole lot of Mechthralls waiting in the wings, but who knows, I might have cleared them out.  Getting Icy Grip on Satyxis Raiders bottom of 1 was pretty sweet and allowed the widowmakers to kill the UA.  My Kayazy Eliminators have been terrible every time I have used them.  I don’t think I have rolled higher than a 3 to hit ever.  I am not even kidding.  In 6 games with them now they have not hit a single model.  My opponent usually plays eHaley and ran Skarre about like her which I think helped me out, but hey I will take the win for Zerkova – it certainly wasn’t an easy one.


50 pt Skarre1 vs. Irusk1 – Same opponent as before and I just switched out Zerkova for Irusk1.  He was a bit more aggressive with Skarre this time and while I am not usually one to blame the dice, I am blaming the dice.  I had the absolute worst set of rolls I have ever seen in my life.  I think Shep would agree.  On Irusk’s feat turn I killed a single blood witch. That is it.  Every single other thing missed despite getting +2 to hit.  Even my 3 man CMA missed despite needing a 3 (that is how desperate I was just to get something to hit).  I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty furious at this point and after he killed my Conquest with the Kraken on a single activation I just conceded.  Loss vs. the Pirate Queen.  Zerkova had just won the exact same scenario and matchup, therefore Zerkova is a better caster than Irusk1.


Kraye vs. Lylyth2 – wait what?  Yeah, Shep wanted to try his Kraye theme force out against a brutal Lylyth2 list so I said I would pilot it.  Hordes is the system I have more experience with and I was still raging out after those dice rolls so I stepped back from the Motherland though stayed in the icy white north.  He had a good gambit with running 2 full tilt minutemen up to engage on what was going to be my feat turn but I used a naga to head butt one down and the bolt thrower to head butt the other one down then the Ravagores aimed and shot at Kraye under feat.  My bad rolling wasn’t done from the previous game but I was able to finish him off after shooting 3 raptors and Anyssa Ryvaal (or whatever the Raptor solo’s name is).  



(eLylyth CWalton73 on Deviant Art)

35 pt. Kaya2 vs. Vlad3 – This was actually a really fun and interesting game.  I had left most of my models at Shep’s house for a game tonight, but ended up going to Game Empire last night.  I had some unbuilt Manowar Shocktroopers that I threw together during the day and a random assortment of jacks and Vlad3 since they were on the painting table.  Todd had just built Kaya2 so had no games in with her so we were both kind of bumbling abot.  He was actually wrecking my face, but I had a chance for scenario victory if I got a kill, sidestep, kill, sidestep, and then destroyed an untouched objective.  Oh yeah and use my marauder to get a janky angle charge then slam combo attack against a def 16 pureblood and a 5 or 6 on distance to allow vlad to dominate the zone and give me the 4 points to win… and when the slam hit but I rolled a 1 I thought it was over, but luckily I rolled a 17 for damage (and he was already severely wounded thanks to the juggernaut on the previous turn) he was damaged enough to allow my 2 surviving manowars to stay within the stalkers reach range but hit and kill the knocked down pureblood for the win.  It was a super fun game and even if I had lost it would have been a win because I got to do sidestep, sidestep, flashing blades with a HOF Vlad 🙂  Win for the Great Prince of Umbrey.


Thanks for reading.