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The slow grow league at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica has begun. It is a super slow-mo-grow league which is basically following the Journeyman format except rather than over 6 weeks it is over 6 months. Also, custom battleboxes are allowed since a pretty heavy majority of the players are “vets”. The choice of battlebox is important because you must use those models in the following months kind of as the core of your force.

I decided to go with Jarl because I like the image of a trollkin highwayman. I can’t help but think of Rob Roy and thus my Jarl speaks like Liam Neeson in my head. Also, in a game of inches movement shenanigans are gold and 3 of his 4 spells are movement buffs. I’m going to be writing more on him soon but suffice it to say that I like him.

By God, you have a style to you! I like that!

By God, you have a style to you! I like that!

Since Jarl’s main weapons are ranged attacks it only makes sense to bring along everyone’s favorite animus, er, light warbeast the Impaler. His snipe buff is huge with withe 12″ range on Jarl’s guns. It allows him to aim at targets up to 16″ away for a couple of boostable pow 12s. The Impaler himself isn’t too shabby in the support role – he can take a punch for the team when the enemy gets close enough that the animus isn’t as important and his short ranged throwing attack has crit knockdown and while you can’t count on it, it is a pleasant surprise when it happens.

Rounding out the force I wanted a beatstick that would work well with Jarl’s hit and run play style. The eathborn dire troll fits the bill nicely. He has a decent speed buff of his own which combined with some of Jarl’s spells can give a truly frightening threat range. His adaptation ability combined with a ridiculous 5 fury enable him to hold his own in these battlebox games as most of the other warjacks and beasts people take have pretty solid POW on their weapons.

So basically the theory behind the list is to take little bites out of the enemy with Jarl at range while keeping back out of range and then when the enemy gets too close to go full monkey on them.


So, as the Emerald Knights Comics journeyman league winds down the Aero Hobbies slow grow league starts up. Unfortunately since November is also nanowrimo I am not going to do much gaming this month as I furious write. Also, one of my little ones has a double ear infection and the other is trying to catch up with one of her own. So that means I will be lucky to get in any more games at EK. It was a good league, and a whole lot of fun. I am looking forward to playing at tourneys and campaigns there more in the future as PG Dave sets them up.

Anyway, the point of this post is not what has passed, but what is coming up. I had planned on doing Khador for the Aero campaign (I have a ton of it sitting in my closet) but a conversation with Ryan changed all that. He mentioned wanting to dump his trolls and go in with Everblight. I have some Everblight sitting around and have been interested in trolls since the game came out, but Ryan “claimed” them. In my immediate gaming group we have an unspoken rule that if someone has an army, it is theirs and nobody else can move in on it. So I have bided my time seriously since the release of the original Hordes game. I read their initial fluff and just fell in love the background. I have a soft spot in my heart for the downtrodden but noble warriors. Throw in a bit of Celtic and Native American influence (both of which are in my family line) and you have something that would really appeal to me. Add in the ability to take a solid punch and get back up for more, and, well it is like they were custom made for me. Then I had to stop because, well, I would have gotten a bit covetous. Sad to say, but that is just my way.

Now, after many long years, I saw my opportunity and took it with both hands! So after the above rambling it should be no surprise that I am now going to be doing Trolls for Aero and this blog will follow up me painting/playing games with them.

Not only that, but I am taking a cue from Shawn and am declaring this the year of the Troll. I am going to try and overcome my debilitating Faction ADHD and stick to just Trolls for this year. There will still be some other topicss posted in this blog, for instance, I am going to finish my “Thoughts On…” series on the Thornfall Alliance before moving on to Trolls and the weekly fiction callouts will continue to just be on whatever I want.

I have really been working on getting my games in quicker lately so haven’t been doing any pictures or video so be warned of a wall of text ahead.  As a pretty new player adding that one extra bit of split attention was really adding to the mental strain of the game.  I know that they are easier to follow and more enjoyable to read and will definitely be getting back to them sooner rather than later.  I have a new top secret plan to try out…

Anyway, last Sunday was a big game day at Emerald Knights comics as it was the semi-official kick off of the Journeyman league.  It is a bit odd, because we actually made the move to 15 point lists on that day as well but the patches were in and it was the first time a lot of us go to meet.

I was able to get in 3 pretty quick games.  Two were battlebox and the the third was a 15 pointer.

The first battlebox game was against Chris and his gators.  Chris is very new to the game but is a great painter.  His gators are all looking really good.  We had been bantering back and forth on facebook for a while so it was nice to get in a game with him.  I won the roll and went first.  I advance deployed as far forward as I could and then put quagmire on the warhog to help counter the high def of the gators and cast batten down the hatches.  Everything advanced or ran.  Barnabas dropped a few mud puddles and the the turtle and the rastler moved forward into it.  The turtle spit and did a bit of damage but nothing major.   I activated Carver first and he advanced a bit and cast mobility and batten down the hatches and upkept quagmire leaving him on 0 fury.

The warhog charged at the wrastler.  The big problem here came when I realized that I forgot to pop my feat and the warhog basically fluffed his attacks.  It was okay though because the turtle had left itself in a beautiful slam lane to hit Barnabas.  Until he missed, that is.  Barnabas activated his countercharge ability and moved forward.  I fired with the other gunboar and hit on an unboosted 12.  I then boosted damage and rolled 18!  5 dice all turned up with 6s!  It was pretty exciting for me and pretty depressing for him.

The rastler was unable to take down the now armor 21 warhog despite using all 4 fury and the other gunboar required all 4 fury and Barnabas’ help to take out the gunboar.

The following turn Carver finished Barnabas off personally.

The other battlebox game was against Shawn and his Retribution of Scyrah.  We setup and played on the same table on which I had just brutalized Chris.  I went second but advance deployed as far forward as I could.  The elves moved forward.  I advanced a bit more cautiously, knowing full well what Kaelyssa was capable of.  I dropped a rift template to prevent any shenanigan charges and made sure Carver was safe from any charge angles.  It worked perfectly right up until his jack apparitioned (or apparated if you prefer) and then slammed the hog into Carver, knocking them both down.  Kaelyssa shot first and stripped me of fury and then the Manticore killed me.  I was seriously just laughing at how throroughly I got stomped.  I just need to always batten down the hatches, even if I think I am safe from shenanigans.

Three days later I realized I forgot to roll Carver’s tough like I always do!  I am going to write up on a 3×5 notecard that CARVER IS TOUGH just so  I don’t forget.  That also made me laugh.

My 15 point game was against Josh and his Cryx.  This was a rematch and I came out on top of that one.  With the extra points he was able to add a couple of solos and I added a min unit of bonegrinders and ran 1 point light.  I have since realized that I can take a max unit for just 1 point so that is what I am doing going forward.

This game was fast and violent just like our first one.  I left a lane out for Deneghra to charge Carver on turn 2 after he fluffed his attacks on the slayer under his feat.  Luckily for me batten down the hatches was up and, more importantly, Josh rolled snake eyes for one of Denny’s attacks.  The combination of the two meant that I had survived her assassination run and put her in a dangerous place.  One of the bone jacks tried to finish me off and put corrosion on me.  That left me with 2 life and a continuous effect so I had to win the game and now.  The failed assassination left Denny kind of hanging out there and Carver was able to finish her up.

I know that this is a really short write up, but it was actually a super fun and tight game.  I don’t expect to come out on top next time we play – my luck can only hold so long!

So I got a couple of games in against Sergio last week for the journeyman league and I wanted to make sure and post them, since I still haven’t posted the game we played last month.

Since they were supposed to be journeyman league games our lists were pretty much decided for us. I brought the farrow (Lord Carver, 2x gun boars, war hog) and he was bringing the standard Menoth starter rather than then newly approved 2 player starter kit (pKreoss, crusader, repenter, revenger)

Deployment was pretty straightforward looking like this:

The early part of the game we both advanced each trying to get the drop on the other. I cast a rift to create an area of rough terrain to keep from being charged and it scattered a bit, but not too badly.

The lack of Menoth’s trademark synergy would be a referring thorn in Sergio’s side. In this case, with no way of giving pathfinder he was pretty much just stuck. Carver popped his feat. The gun boar on the right charged the light jack and damaged it up pretty well but didn’t quite destroy it. The war hog charged the heavy jack and wrecked it (we just left the model there rather than a wreck marker) and failing to take out the damaged light. The gun boar on the left tried to slam the other light jack back to try and limit the retaliation but missed thanks to Defender’s Ward!

Both light jacks combined to kill war hog. The gun boar did a double handed throw the light jack I killed one of the other light jacks and Kreoss popped his feat since I finally didn’t cast batten down the hatches and came forward to try and finish Carver (I forgot he had reach). Luckily for me Carver survived the assassination run. Lord Carver finished Kreoss giving the win to the farrow.

We had hoped to rotate in some games with Shawn but he was unable to make it. We decided to have another game even though only the first one would count toward the league.

I played a bit cagier this time, running forward to take the linear obstacles as cover and try some shooting. Turns out gun boar shooting doesn’t do much to jacks.

In return Kreoss decided to just set my pigs on fire forcing me to go forward and deal with him. It was kind of funny, the gun boar on the left burned all game long but due to lousy rolls never took any damage. Guess he was just slow cooking the pork.

I forgot to do any more pictures from this point. I kept batten down the hatches up every turn, used my feat to kill his heavy and one of his lights, threw the other one in the water. Kreoss went over and lit the furnace. I sent the warhog in after him and Kreoss just laid a holy beatdown on him killing single handedly. Kreoss and the light came out of the water and again tried an assassination on Carver, and again ended up with Hand of God to the face for his troubles.

The second game I had it well in had and almost blew it. I had all three beasts and all Sergio had was the light with the shield which I had thrown into the water. What I should have done while he was igniting the jack was fallen back and used my fury for a couple of turns to get the war hog back up to full. At that point it would have been a pretty easy matter. As it was I had to get desperate and put Carver in a bad place and almost lost what should have been a sure win.

Full marks to Sergio for sticking it out and almost pulling off a huge upset win.

A couple of final thoughts here. Menoth without the choir takes a hit but are not terrible – especially in the battle box format. Kreoss has good spells. I had to keep carver back to stay out of lamentation range in order to keep batten down the hatches up but I needed it in order to not have my army knocked down and beaten to death.

I am really happy with Carver and how he is playing. Using the feat to take out an opposing jack or two is a pretty great way of getting the upper hand and I found I was using it earlier than I did in the bigger games where I was trying to force an assassination. I will have to remember that in the larger games I play.

Next Thursday night is league night at Emerald Comics and I hope to get in a few more games.

Thanks for reading!

Here are some pics of the Farrow battle box for the Journeyman league. Not much to say except that I did touch up the warhog so I will post more of him in his more doneness state later.

So, Privateer Press released a campaign for newer players called the Journeyman League. The complete rules for it are here – and basically you pick a faction and start with the Battle Box, which is a starter set with a caster and 2-5 support warjacks or beasts. The timing on this is quite fortuitous since, as I have mentioned before, Shawn, Anthony and I have been talking about doing this same basic thing. We even roped Sergio in on it (which, to tell the truth, wasn’t all that difficult). Anthony, not a fan of the Starter box for his chosen faction gave a pass, but I am sure to get games in with him nonetheless.

I chose Minions for my faction, focusing on the Farrow. Now it bears mentioning that there aren’t true Battleboxes for all factions (notably Mercs, Minions, and Retribution of Scyrah) but PP was kind enough to include balanced equivalents. The Farrow one, and thus my starting point, is Carver, 2 gunboars and a warhog.

One of the things I am looking forward to is the fact that this is a slow grow league meaning that you build on what you played/painted the previous week with the goal of building up a full painted army. Growing in this manner gives you a chance to really get to know and understand the pieces in this particular army really well in addition to the basic rules.

I am going to take that just a bit further on my blog here. I am going to be doing a fairly in depth post on each new piece I add to my army. Some of this info will surely be redundant with what is out there on the net, but I feel that the best way to learn about something is write about it – so look forward to those to come.

I have already started painting on my force and here is a WIP of part of my battle group.