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Sorry I haven’t posted much, I have been insanely busy with a couple of writing projects (and recovering from knee surgery). I am still buried in the writing project, but managed to get a tiny breather which I decided to take advantage of by building a few new toys!

First up, and most exciting for me is Obavnik Kommander Zerkova and her two buddies. Thanks to my good buddy Inyoung at iWargame for picking it up for me at Lock and Load this year! Sadly, I got a mispack, and ended up with two of the same glaives ūüė¶ which prevented me from priming them, but I already put in the request and Privateer Press¬†is usually¬†pretty quick at sending out replacement parts so it should be soon. I am going to be running her exclusively¬†in the league that is going on at my LGS.


The whole set went together really fast and was quite a pleasure to assemble – another great set from PP!

In fact, it was quick enough I had enough time to assemble another new model that I recently acquired – although he is also in the new book, this one has been out for a while.


I chose to put the mace in a different position because I wanted models to get into melee from the front (that right flank, not so much…) We’ll see if I succeeded. Other than that, another pretty good looking model, that was assembled in under an hour, including cleaning up time.

I can’t wait to get these guys on the table! I am so excited to be back to Khador.


Warmachine: Reckoning!

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Yes, I know I am mostly Legion of Everblight now, but!

reckoning cover

Zerkova! That probably means Epic ZERKOVA! She is my favorite caster in the game! OMG So much EXCITEMENT! Oh yeah, also Denny on a dragon, cool. Apparently someone already translated her runes to be the spell Grave Wind (battle group upkeep +2 Def and poltergeist) not sure on Zerkova’s yet because of angle but perhaps spe and i which is leading to speculation of perhaps Spellpiercer (models/units in control get blessed+magic weapons – now it is translated to whispering). The rune translation is totally nerd rumor mill which is likely wrong but is fun to speculate.

Okay. Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

Back to the dragons. But not the Denny-ridden dragons. The purple, Everblighty ones.

I had a great time at Kingdom-con and hope to write up more about the games and the experience of running the Deadly Duos tourney some time this week but I am stupid busy.

The setup and terrain was remarkable for such a large event:


The big things that I wanted to say were:

1. Thank you to those of you whom I met and played. Without a doubt you were all exceptional people.

2. Thank you to those of you who took part in the Deadly Duos tourney. I was blown away that we had enough teams that 5 rounds were required. Awesome. There was also minimal drama, so thanks for that.

3. I met my goal of being fully painted and only bringing fully painted models with me! I was super excited by that.

Anyway, watch this space for more – but here is a peek at the lists I took to the Theme Force Tourney:


I was finally able to squeeze in enough time for a proper Warmachine game at the weekly writer nerd game night! Since play time is at such a premium right now it was a foregone conclusion that I would be playing one of the lists that I was taking to Kingdom-con at the end of April. Since the prime on the uhlans had just been applied and they are on the painting table, that left me with Zerkova who I gleefully took.

Will was also there and looking for a game. Will is fairly new to the game in the last year or so, but picked up the game quite quickly and has been terrorizing the store with his Circle until recently when he decided to give Cryx a spin. We matched up and, as is customary, we both told the other our two choices – some of us are pseudo-tourney minded even on game nights. The games are super casual, but we like to approach it and practice with the lists. I told him my lists were my Tier 4 Vlad3 and Tier 4 Zerkova Hunting Wolves. I knew I would be playing Zerkova no matter what, but since I hadn’t unpacked yet he didn’t know that. His choices were Terminus and Goreshade2 tier list. He ended up choosing the Goreshade2 list.

My list was my standard Hunting Wolves list (though this may be changing):
Gorman di Wulfe
Full Kayazy Assassins with underboss
Kayazy Eliminators
Koldun Lord (aka Bad Santa)
Full Outriders

His list was (sorry I don’t know the names of the feat fodder)
Skarlock Thrall
2x Full Bane Thralls with UA
Full Bane Knights
Bane Lord Tartarus
2x Pistol Wraiths
Rest of the points in explodey zombies

We were playing Supply and Demand and I won the roll and chose to go second. Also I forgot to take pics, especially at the beginning, sorry.

Okay so my left to right across from me he had both pistol wraiths on the flank across from my objective, a unit of thralls, another unit of thralls, bane knights on the right flank (there was a forest there just outside his deployment zone). Tartarus was behind the thralls. Goreshade and his jack were in the center.

My left to right with my stuff were outriders across from pistol wraiths, eliminators kind of center-ish, vanguard, zerkova, conquest to the side, (predeployed of course ‚Äď there was a hill he could walk up on to on turn 1), vanguard, bad santa behind and between connie and the vanguard, and finally the assassins lined up across from the banes. I put widowmakers in front of where conquest was walking on turn 1. With so much stealth I didn’t expect much from them.

Bane knights got occultation and ran into the woods, everything pretty much ran forward.

My turn I moved forward a bit cautiously with everything really just moving 5-6″ at the max.

His turn, everything ran up again. Looking at the table I decided to give conquest 2 focus figuring I would have chances to boost blast damage if nothing else. My turn, the assassins popped mini feat and charged bane knights, and was able to get 1 to charge BLT and ran another to give him gang, and ended up charging 5 others with gang support as well. I passed the terror check from BLT and killed him and the other ones I charged. Two of the widowmakers advanced to within 5″ and killed 2 more and the other 2 did the same for the center bane thralls. Koldun Lord lined up a pretty sweet spray on the bane knights, but shit the bed and failed to kill either of them. The vanguard walked over and killed one with his reach attack but the shield failed to kill the last one but it is only pow 10 so not a surprise, and that was the last attack I had that could kill that guy. Thanks Bad Santa.


(Why won’t he die!)

Conquest advanced within 5″ of a couple of bane thralls and I noticed that the standard bearer was within about and inch or so of the objective so boosted the to hit on it and got the crit devastation. The banner bearer was in range and go thrown into an explodey zombie who exploded and caused a couple of others too. Also the flag died and failed his tough check. Conquest then shot his nipple guns killing a couple more bane thralls off. The eliminators went and one of them charged twin axes from the middle squad and other charged a bane thrall that was nearby. She eliminated twin axes and then side stepped to give gang to two others, her sister killed the one she charged, sidestepped, killed the other one, then sidestepped into melee with the cryx jack. There was no way I was going to wipe out that unit so I just took targets of opportunity and left it at that ‚Äď I was pretty happy overall.


(So many bane thralls)

I realized that Zerkova could actually use the Ghost Stone to try and razor wind that last bane knight, but it would put her out of position for a good feat turn. I just accepted the fact that Goreshade would feat the whole unit back. At least BLT was dead for good. Instead, Zerkova advanced toward the bane thralls on the left side of the table and got one within 5″ (since there was no real reason not to move up that far) and put Icy Grip on that unit of banes and boosted to give myself an exceptional chance of getting the 5 that I needed. I went ahead and shot him with her gun too, as long as I was there. She used the extra range from the Lens of Tarvodh to try and throw a razorwind on the Skarlock but it was behind a wall so she missed. I also realized at this point that there was a bane thrall just over 5″ away that could walk and hit her on feat so she used the Ghost Stone to target the guy behind him and Influenced him to remove the offender. Then, after making sure I was out of range of anything advancing on her and attacking she feated. The near vanguard walked up to protect her and gorman walked up and put down a cloud.

I set up the outriders where 3 different models were able to spray at the flag bearer for the icy-gripped unit of bane thralls with several other models in the line, as well as the last one having a line to both of the pistol wraiths or several banes. They wreaked icy death, though the flag bearer passed all three tough checks he was called on to take. I did kill 7 other models including twin axes and one of them was out of command range so I didn’t have to worry about that one doing anything. I had managed to kill a ton of stuff, but with Goreshades feat, it didn’t really matter much.


(why won’t he die!)

Also, incidentally, that’s why I didn’t shoot at the pistol wraiths, they were fairly marginalized way off on the flank, his feat placement could really put them in a more advantageous position for following rounds. At least I got the feat out of the way and I felt fairly confident that I could kill them all again.

Goreshade gave a focus to the jack and dropped occultation. The bane knight was outside of Zerkova’s feat range so was able to run around a bunch of models and get to about 9″ from Zerkova. The jack tried to hit the eliminator but missed. Goreshade advanced and killed the eliminator who made both terror and massive casualty checks and then popped his feat and returned the full unit of bane knights and 5 or 6 bane thralls spread over the two units along with the Uas but none of them could do their action so instead tried to crowd up on Zerkova. Some of the bane thralls tried to kill some assassins and got into melee with two widowmakers. The assassins were too nimble but he did kill 1 widowmaker The survivors from the unit on the left advanced and 2 of them were able to destroy the objective. The skarlock put occultation on Goreshade and then it was back to me.


(so many bane knights!)

I dropped Icy Grip from the thralls on the left since I knew ALL of the bane knights had to die. I went with Zerkova first after checking to see how many bane knights were engaged by the vanguard. She used the focus stone to cast force blast and pushed the front line of bane knights into the back line creating a really tight line of them (see above).

I took a point of damage for the spell within Goreshades control area. I am not going to say it each time, but I ended up taking 6 points of damage from that over the course of the game. She then advanced, because she couldn’t really move back without taking free strikes. She boosted icy grip again (sometimes boosting the 5 is the right call). She then killed one with her sword, influenced another to do her dirty work and kill his friend, and ended her turn.

I activated Zerkova’s vanguard escort first, he shifted forwarded¬†and¬†then killed one with his pole arm and¬†the shield actually penetrated the armor.

The outriders went and killed off all but 2 of the remaining bane knights (the ones on the right side of their formation). They also killed a couple of bane thralls but had some bad rolls and killed about 4 fewer than I expected to, although with their light cavalry move they were able to completely block off angles to Zerkova. On the right, the assassins killed several more banes, and Bad Santa again failed miserably ‚Äď even though he covered 2 bane thralls with his spray he didn’t even force them to take tough checks. The unengaged widowmakers killed the last 2 bane knights and the engaged one failed to kill the thrall engaging him. The free-ranging vanguard actually managed to kill 2 thralls and that wrapped things up for me aside from gorman advancing and hitting the cryx jack, the only model really threatening Zerkova, with black oil. Conquest smashed a couple of bane thralls but the both made their tough checks.


(“What’s black oil do again?” “Here, you better read the card.”)

I was pretty happy with how things went with that turn ‚Äď I had basically removed everything that Will had replaced in the previous turn along with a couple of extra things. The attrition match was really turning strongly in my favor. The pistol wraiths were way out of position, one of them advanced and shot an outrider and the other ran into position for next turn. There weren’t enough banes to be a credible threat to conquest and the static threat ranges made it fairly easy for me to keep Zerkova at a fairly safe range. It was also about 30 minutes until the store closed. Goreshade advanced to try and get Zerkova in range of hex blast but her Orgoth Seal protected her. Will didn’t know about the range reducing effect but had done a full advance and was pretty close anyway. Instead he decided to shoot the vanguard hoping to catch Zerkova in the blast but she was out of range. The bane thralls killed a couple of the jamming outriders on my left and on my right they tried and failed again to get to grips with the assassins.

On my turn I gave conquest 3 focus and then used the Ghost Stone to target Goreshade with Icy Grip and then gorman advanced to just over 2″ away from Goreshade and threw black oil at him. I missed, but with the drift still managed to cover him. Conquest charged in and smashed Goreshade in 2 hits.


This was a SUPER fun game and it was really tight. I haven’t had time for a full game of Warmachine in a while so I was kind of slow, but it was a really fun game. I was a bit worried at all those banes, but the threat range on them is very static and with outriders, bad santa, and conquest I was able to clear the threatening ranks and then take whatever else was an option. This game could have gone quite a bit differently with a single failed command check from the kayayzy assassins when they charged Bane Lord Tartarus, but they held their nerve. By being really patient and keeping to my plan, I felt in control for the majority of this game. Zerkova’s feat is kind of custom made for the kind of control I was able to pull off here and the outriders with icy grip are just absolute death dealers.

I got good use out of all of Zerkova’s trinkets which was kind of cool. I think every rule she has actually came into play. I used each of the artifacts, I cast the majority of spells on her card, I even remembered her gun, and she got to kill something with her sword. Zerkova is a really fun caster to play, and this particular list is actually quite enjoyable ‚Äď conquest brings the high damage and his crit dev gives situational and occasional control options.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Kingdomcon – Khadorcon!

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BREAKING NEWS! I’ll be playing Khador at Kingdom-con! Okay, if you have read a single post on this blog in the last, say, 16 months, it is probably not breaking news at all.


I am looking forward to going to this con at the end of April very much. I went last year, and it was definitely the highlight of gaming for 2013 for me. So many friends both old and new and a lot of games. I played in the WMW qualifier last year with the goal of finishing in the top half and ended up in the top 10. This year, I am shooting to end up in the top half again. I had originally planned on getting in a ton of games and really up my skill for the event and try and qualify but due to a whole lot of positive developments in my slow-grow writing career league I don’t have the time to properly prep. Does that mean I plan on sandbagging? No, not at all. I will play my best. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for the game, Warmachine is actually pretty skill intensive and the more table time you get, the better you can expect to do.

“Okay, Patrick, that sounds like loser talk to me,” you are probably saying to yourself and yeah, I am front loading my excuses. However, I am shifting my goals this year. I am not going to bring any unpainted models to the con. At all*. I am looking to have fun, and I am looking to play all painted. The aforementioned no table time excuse is also my extremely limited painting time excuse. I took out all of my models, and while you may not guess it from many of my battle reports, I actually have a lot of stuff painted. Some of the unpainted stuff I can paint up pretty quickly and easily and I am keeping that in mind.

Another thing that I was kind of unprepared for was that the theme list tourney and hardcore are both 35 points and death clock. Additionally, the theme tourney is 2 list divide and conquer. With that in mind I set out looking at the painted models I have that are painted, the models I expect to get done, the lists I enjoy playing, and the lists I can play quickly enough to not lose on time. I am trying to lock these in as soon as possible so I can get a bit of table time at my regular weekly game store. At the very least they will be locked by the end of February. I also figured I would just take one of my theme lists for the hardcore so I can keep my playtesting pretty focused.

The contenders right now are Vlad3 Charge of the Horselords, Zerkova Hunting Wolves, and Karchev Iron Curtain. Also Harkevich just because year of the beard, even though I am a bit down on him right now. Also looking at Strakhov, but that list would require a LOT of painting so is likely not in the cards for this year.

I’ll try and nail down specific lists over the next few days and will probably post them here just for the heck of it.

Anyway, if you can get to San Diego at the end of April you really should as Kingdom-con is one of the craziest, most fun cons out there. It is eclectic and intimate and random and friendly and at a great location. If you end up coming, PLEASE make sure to say hi! 

*Unless I do. I really shouldn’t make absolute statements.

Things have been pretty busy for me lately but I managed to get in a quick game against Todd the other night. It won’t be my usual detail level for the game due to the aforementioned dearth of free time, but there are some pretty pictures ‚Äď aside from the ones at the end of the game that I forgot to take‚Ķ
Continuing the Year of the Beard theme I brought another Harkevich tier 4 theme force. Also, sr2014 is out so this is the last incursion for a while. I think am starting to get a pretty good handle on the strengths and weaknesses of his theme and will likely drop back to him out of theme in the near future. For today, however, my list was:
 Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf РWJ: +5
– War Dog
– Black Ivan – PC: 9*
– Spriggan – PC: 9*
– Demolisher – PC: 8*
– Decimator – PC: 8*
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2
Widowmaker Marksman – PC: 2
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Mortar Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt: 3
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– 1 1 Rocketeer’s: 1
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2
Todd is a fairly new Warmachine player but has a ton of experience with Warhammer 40k. As a Space Wolves player (read as: fanatic) there could never really be any doubt as to which faction he would choose ‚Äď Circle Orboros.
 Kromac the Ravenous РWB: +4
– Feral Warpwolf – PC: 9
– Ghetorix – PC: 11
– Pureblood Warpwolf – PC: 9
– Warpwolf Stalker – PC: 10

Tharn Ravager White Mane – PC: 3

Tharn Blood Pack – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
Shifting Stones – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2

I won the roll to go first (yay for +1) and picked my side and placed my wreck markers. 
Todd set up his stuff fairly centrally to give himself options to juke toward whichever flag stayed but he did put his Tharn bloodpack out on my extreme left set up to go around an obstacle and toward my back lines if that flag vanished.
As for me, I did the same, mostly central with my jacks, with Ivan heading toward a wreck marker that had good field of fire at the center and left flag but wouldn’t be too bad of a shift if he had to move over to the right. Also, my two light artillery pieces set up on the right where there was pretty wide open field of fire. Harkevich had Escort and I put Fortune on the widowmaker marksman.
The game:
Kromac put up Warpath, puts wild aggression on Ghettorex and advanced. Everything else mostly ran forward. My turn was pretty much the same. I handed out some focus and ran most stuff up. I had the WGI bob and weave which was a mistake because they ended up blocking my jacks up a bit, but it wasn’t terrible. Joe gave them tough. The widowmaker marksman took a shot at a stone and hit it, but only did a point or two. Flag on the right disappeared.
Warbeasts advance again and the stones teleport into position to be annoying. Pureblood sprays and kills my poor widowmaker marksman and then warpaths back. Ghettorex warps for hyper aggressive and I promptly forget about that. Oops.
I want to do some big juicy WGI CRAs and those stones are kind of annoying me. The range is only 8 so I need to kill that 1 stone otherwise I will be engaging it (I know it can’t engage me, but I can still engage it as far as I know) and unable to shoot.
Annoying stones:
This is one of the non-damaged ones. I fire the mortar over at it, figuring that will probably do it. I miss. Yes, def 5 and I freaking missed. Sigh, that’s okay, Ivan can take care of it. Or not. He only does 3. The field gun doesn’t have LOS to it. The decimator is out of range so advances on the pureblood and shoots it, boosts the hit, buys an extra attack, and boosts the hit. I do decent damage to it but don’t take out any systems. Harkevich has to shoot the damn stone with a boosted hand cannon to finally remove the freaking thing. So yeah, basically my entire army had to blow a turn of shooting on one single non-stealthed stone. The WGI advances and does a decent 4 man CRA into Ghettorex and trigger hyper aggressive (as I said above, oops). Those of you with math skills know that if he was in range to be shot, he is now in melee and thus free from further CRAs. Also, most everything else is out of range but they destroy another stone and put some damage on the pureblood. Pro play here. Joe calls tough on the WGI and then backs up from the ensuing carnage. The demolisher runs toward the flag on the left but is just short of basing up to it.
Next turn, carnage ensues. Ghettorex warps snacking, kills two WGI and gulps them down healing all but 1 and then warpaths back, Kromac casts inviolable resolve on Ghettorex and moves wild aggression onto the stalker who uses his animus, warps for berserk and kills 3 WGI and then warpaths over and kills another couple before sprinting away. The tharn consider shooting the demolisher and then realize that even on boxcars they do no damage. Instead they move over toward the center flag and create a bubble of protection. The tharn solo bumps up to the center flag and gets a control point. The feral warps strength and charges the spriggan but doesn’t do much.
Ouch. Oh well, it is time to see how the decimator performs in melee. I give him 3 focus just to kind of see. I also am planning on popping feat this turn. I know I can easily destroy the pureblood, but I am curious to see how well I do against Ghettorex. I also gave 1 to ivan and 1 to the spriggan, up keeping only escort. Decimator charges in and boosts the hit just to make sure and get the chainsaw rolling. I then roll a 5 on the charge dice for damage. Ugh. I buy an attack which auto hits and do 2 or 3, then buy the last and do another 2 or 3. Super not impressed.
Ivan shoots kromac and does a few which Todd just takes (another lousy dice roll), and the spriggan charges the feral he is engaged with (1″ charge achievement unlocked!) and does some damage, but not a ton. At least he is pretty well locked in between the spriggan and the obstacle. Also I was unable to get within 4″ of his flag due to the tharn so he gets a 2nd control point. The demolisher bases up to the left flag and I get my first one.
I also forgot to take any other pictures, sorry.
Ghettorex does some damage to the decimator but feat keeps him up and functional, the pureblood sprays and kills one of the last three WGI and the stalker warpaths over to get a charge angle on Ivan. Kromac moves up in order to make sure that the stalker is in his control area when does charge. Todd estimates how much fury he is going to have the next turn and drops most of it because he doesn’t want to frenzy and lose the game. Due to the angle he has to charge at, the only weapon in range to Ivan is the reach one. He hits the charge attack and does a several points of damage to the bearclaw, the second attack rips it off, but then misses the third attack even with the free boost from wild aggression. Ivan dodges away and out of melee range. He gets a third control point and I get my second.
Things are looking sort of bad for me, but not terrible. The WGI are all but decimated, though I still have Joe and the mortar. I don’t think I can handle Ghettorex, though I could probably kill both the feral and stalker this turn. I spend quite a bit of my time looking at the table. I don’t fancy my odds in a protracted game but I think I might be able to kill Kromac if everything goes (mostly) right.
I should have dropped escort because this is do or die time, but I foolishly kept it up and gave a focus to Ivan, holding on to 4 with the thought of maybe getting a broadside assassination.
Spriggan bumps out of melee with the feral and fired his two crap cannons but didn’t do anything to kromac. The mortar fired at one of the tharn that kromac was hiding behind and got a hit doing some damage but importantly got a pretty bonkers blast damage roll. Kromac transferred after considering hulking out and Todd starts wishing he had camped more fury.
Black Ivan got a direct hit on Kromac and knocked him down to 3 (arcing fire ftw). Joe shoots the tharn out of the way and Harkevich advanced and fired his hand cannon, boosting the roll and leaving me on 3 focus. I REALLY wish I would have dropped escort. I had a choice here, I was only at dice ‚Äď2 with 3 wounds left which meant that I could could boost and quite likely kill him. If I crapped out though, it would be game over. The other option was to use the 3 for broadside, likely get the hit with Ivan and the straight dice roll would probably kill him. In the end I decided to risk it with Harkevich in order to put another in the mechanoham and got a 7 on 3 dice, winning the game.
After Action Review:
Basically I got super lucky here that Todd was new. We talked about it after the game and if he had either camped all of his focus and just let stuff frenzy he possibly would have won on scenario. Had he done that I would have run Harkevich to dominate the flag and bullied my way into contesting with the spriggan so might have stolen it from him that way, though. He probably could have just waited out my feat turn rather than trying to power through the armor and then been able to not worry about losing activations from frenzy the following turn. 
I am not great on placing the wreck markers yet, but I am getting better. An interesting thing to note is that the inability to put it within 3″ of another piece of terrain sometimes has me put them in less than ideal places which I then feel obligated to use because I placed them.¬†
I made exactly 1 tough check all game, which hurt a bit, but didn’t really affect the game that much. The decimator was a huge disappointment. I fed the pig full focus twice, and neither time did all that much. I certainly could have used it better elsewhere. I was really hoping to be won over to this little-used model, but in reality I am more down on it than I was prior to use. I really wished I had the juggernaut instead.
Once more it was Harkevich taking a hand in the victory, which is something most Khador casters are expected to do, and something that I didn’t do much prior to this. I never cast broadside this game, but there wasn’t really a good chance until the end and I considered it just to get the elusive broadside assassination, but went with the more likely scenario. I guess I could have tried my broadside hand cannon first just for the twofer, but oh well.¬†
All in all, it was a really bad matchup for me, but a super fun game. This same matchup played in 2 months against Todd will likely have a very different result, which gives me some food for thought. 
Thanks for reading!

So I played hark last night vs. a pthags tier list with lots of ogrun. It was practice for a tourney so we used relaxed death clock with 70 minutes per player.

My list was a tier 4 Wolf Pack theme force:

58 / 55 (50+5) Warcaster(s) : 1/1 Warjack(s) : 4 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 1 Units : 4

Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf – WJ: +5
– War Dog
– Black Ivan – PC: 10
– Spriggan – PC: 10
– Demolisher – PC: 9
– Devastator – PC: 9

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2

Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Mortar Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt: 3
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– 2 1 Rocketeer’s: 2
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2

Facing me was Jaime and his new Legion of Everblight with a tier 2 Thagrosh1 Army of Annihilation:

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight – WB: +5
– Carnivean – PC: 11
– Raek – PC: 4
– Ravagore – PC: 10
– Scythean – PC: 9

Warmonger War Chief – PC: 3
Warmonger War Chief – PC: 3
The Forsaken – PC: 2
The Forsaken – PC: 2

Blighted Ogrun Warmongers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 5
Blighted Ogrun Warspears – Leader & 4 Grunts: 8

I won the starting roll and chose table sides:

Sorry about the crap pictures, still no new phone.

I was a bit worried when I saw all that beef over there. The clam jacks are fairly pillow fisted and Thagrosh having Fog of War meant that my light artillery would be even less effective than usual.

I tried to deploy mostly off the center so I could shift either way depending on which flag disappeared. You can see our deployments below as well as the placement of 3 of my 4 wreck markers. The 4th was on the other side of the forest on my left.


his turn 1 he runs everything except thags, puts up spiny on self and fog of war and the ravagore shoots off a random shot that drifts backwards.

my turn 1 I just advance and do some shooting killing a warmonger and do some blast damage to a couple of others and the winterguard infantry run and spread out and Joe calls tough and fearless. He does that every turn due to basically everything on his side of the table causing terror. I won’t mention it again, just assume that I do. Also the flag on my right side is the one that disappears.

This is more or less what the table looked like during my turn.


Jaime’s turn 2 he assaults and kills some winterguard andI make my one and only successful tough check this game. My dice were really rolling hot and cold – I got a lot of way above averages and also a bunch of way below averages. His raek moves over to¬†claim the outlying flag and forcing me to respond or give up a control point on my turn and his scythean ran to engage the devastator.

His ravagore got a nuts drift that hit and killed 2 of the 3 crewman of the field gun as well as covering 2 WGI dudes. He had forgotten to use his animus so they weren’t set on fire and he rolled crap so they both lived.

For my turn 2 I debate for WAY too long – like seriously close to 10 minutes before I even allocate focus or pay upkeeps. I have a pretty solid idea of the things I would like to accomplish but have a little bit of an order of activation puzzle. Eventually I get moving. I finally decide just go for it.

I decide to upkeep only escort and hang on to my focus since I am planning on using the feat to get some slams and charges. That is what was making it difficult because I would have liked to have done some slamming and then broadside, but I couldn’t do the slam without the feat. I made the best of it and started off with the WGI who did a couple of fat CRAs into some war chiefs killing both of them and one of the beasts.

Black Ivan advanced to prevent the forsaken on my left from getting cover and got a direct hit and killing it.

Anyway I finally do activate Harkevich and pop feat and use broadside. I take the broadside shot at an ogrun and use my last focus to boost the damage, reasoning that camping one focus isn’t all that hot anyway.

The devastator slammed one of the ogrun into the one behind it and didn’t do much damage to either thanks to death shroud knocking 2 off the devs strength. It was nice taking a free strike from a scythean with impunity. Armor 28 is seriously legit.

The demolisher did a slam at the raek in order to contest the flag (he was out of range to hit thanks to being on the other side of the flag).

The spriggan took its pre-charge shot but, needing a 10, missed and the blast was too weak to hit anything. He did skewer a warmonger and positioned nicely for next turn – in fact, most of what I did was positioning for next turn. The field gun shoots at the carnivean and gets a double 4 not only hitting the carnivean but knocking it down. Suddenly I found myself wishing I hadn’t shot at the forsaken earlier in the turn with my mortar (it missed and drifted 6 in a harmless direction). This is how it looked at the end of my turn.

The mechanics run to “defend hark from trample” formation.


His turn 3 starts off with the carnivean shaking the knockdown. Thagrosh advanced under fog of war again to take up position on the hill. The ravagore advances a bit and takes a shot at hark but it drifts and kills a mechanic. The scythean uses his animus and moves up behind the armor 28 devastator and hits it twice triggering the chain attack which gives him an extra 3 winterguard in the bloodbath. He boosts to hit on all of them and they all die.

The carnivean charges Joe and kills him and he fails his tough.

My turn 3 I upkeep escort because I have plan and need the extra movement. I hand out all  remaining focus Р3 to the spriggan, 1 to ivan, 1 to dev. I start off with Ivan who advances and bulldozes his way up to Thagrosh (who is sitting on 3) and get a hit but not crit and do 5 points of damage which he transfers. Next up the devastator bullies his way up behind Thagrosh blocking his way to hark and then open up in a rain of death. I get pow 18 on an ogrun and on Thags and rolls pretty well at straight dice and he has to transfer 13 to the carnivean which takes out its spirit. Next up the spriggan moves up and hits with the shield first (which I was not expecting) and then did 2-3 which Thags took (that is why I did shield first РI was hoping to take out that last fury) I then spend 2 boosting both hit and damage with the spear for about 10 which get sent over to the sythean and takes out its mind. I guy one more spear attack and miss. Damn.

Well, the demolisher has 2 shots let’s go for a hail mary. The demolisher moves away from the flag and gets into range of Thagrosh and has LOS through the flag. I need a 12 (well, 13 actually) but think maybe I can do some more damage with blast. I got box cars! Sadly I had no focus to boost the damage but still ended up rolling like an 11 for damage which got like 9 through. The last shot was not so fortunate and at -10 didn’t do anything for the blast. After I had thrown everything at him including the kitchen sink he still had 3 boxes left or something like that.

The mechanics ran over and I was able to get 2 to contest the flag.

I also forgot to take a picture for a while.

By this time Jaime was pretty much out of time so started his turn and then clocked out. The game was so awesome that we decided to play it out. We talked through a lot this turn to figure out if he had a way to get to Hark. Harkevich was not in the carnivean’s LOS so he couldn’t be charged/assaulted. There were a couple of warspears who had shots and took them but missed. The scythean may have been able to trample over to him but would lose his initials and then need to boost his bought attacks thanks to the war dog giving me a 17 def to melee.

Finally he thought he had it, he activated the ravagore and forced it to double handed throw the devastator out of the way to give Thags a bit of room to maneuver. That was when I remembered to take a picture.


Thagrosh advanced to get a Winterguard (who also looked to be within 2″ of Harkevich) into range of a mutagenesis and boosted the hit. He got that off and replaced the loyal son of the motherland. By this time he had 3 fury left I believe? He boosted his initial attack and missed thanks to the war dog. He bought and boosted and this time did some damage – enough to knock me down to 4 thanks to dark shroud dropping my armor down by 2 points. He bought a last attack and missed. Whew, looks like I might have it. But wait! The carnivean could turn to get facing and spray! That is what he did and he needed an 11 on 2d6 (no forcing because of spirit being out) and he got it! He only needed to roll a 6 to take out the last 4 boxes and that is exactly what he rolled. Again due to dark shroud. About this time we realized that we were doing the wrong shroud – he just had the -2 str one, not both the -2 str and -2 armor. Jaime never said that, I just misremembered and when I asked one of the guys watching had the same misremembrance.

So Thagrosh was left in melee on no fury with Harkevich who was about to get his full stack back – the store was starting to close up so that was the game, but I am fairly confident that I could get those last 3 points off of Thagrosh in my turn so another victory for Harkevich and another notch in the ham-bat. It wasn’t pretty, but there it was.

Some thoughts –
I really missed the juggernaut’s melee weapon. A crit stationary would¬†have really helped out vs. Thags. Lacking that, I shouldn’t have fished for the crit brutal with Black Ivan and just done a head butt to knock him down. That would have let me buy 3 additional attacks with the spriggan and I could have bought an extra ps16 from the devastator rather than boosting the roll at straight dice.

In general, I am not sure about running double clam jacks. Sure, they are great at contesting, but I am really concerned about how low their PS is in melee as well as how much their armor drops when they attack РI know the idea is to keep them closed up, but that is a lot of points tied up in basically something that will get 1 attack per turn (slam or possibly broadside) and just bulldoze most of the time.

I am not writing them off yet – and 1 is certainly in my list. The¬†spriggan shooting is pathetic and if there is no stealth at all the¬†utility of the flare is worthless and he more or less becomes a beat-bot. Reach is nice in that regard though, no denying¬†that – so I think that there is definitely room for 1 in the list.¬†Maybe 2 since if I can knock something down and don’t need to boost to¬†hit that I can get some solid damage with his pointy stick.

Black Ivan is obviously solid on the shooting. His melee is pretty laughable though and his crit effect feels like a trap to fish for. On feat turn it might be worth it to shoot something and charge something on a small base but I should probably just keep him back and consider him +2 armor for hark Рthis is the 2nd game in a row that I ended up being out of escort armor buff range for him. Though honestly, with khador, the +2 movement is probably enough to keep it up often anyway.

The winterguard infantry did pretty well – they got in my way a bit¬†though. That was due mostly to me trying to spread them out to protect them¬†from ravagore death templates. The mortar was pretty good – even putting some damage¬†on ogruns – his particular list didn’t have many soft targets and even¬†so it got some work done. Especially after the slam when I knocked¬†something down – though it turned out I still needed a freaking 8 to¬†hit because it was on the hill and in fog of war.

The field gun got a¬†couple of hits over the course of the game and did some damage but¬†unboosted pow 14 isn’t terribly exciting. I did get a crit knockdown¬†though, so that was pretty sweet. I think I will use that more in¬†support of the jacks in the future rather than off on a flank.

Hark continued to do some good work on his own – shooting down 2 wounded ogrun in¬†turn 2 thanks to broadsides – I actually ended up not handing out any¬†focus that turn since I knew I was going to feat and would kill¬†anything I got close to, or was just slamming to keep closed up.¬†I am constantly amazed that his attrition game is so much better than it seems like it would be given the fact that I am running multiple khador jacks and skimping on the infantry. Also, the bearded one can take a punch, even on 0 focus. Obviously you don’t want to get too cocky, but he is pretty solid.

Okay I have probably rambled on long enough, if you made it through this, thanks!