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I had a great time at Kingdom-con and hope to write up more about the games and the experience of running the Deadly Duos tourney some time this week but I am stupid busy.

The setup and terrain was remarkable for such a large event:


The big things that I wanted to say were:

1. Thank you to those of you whom I met and played. Without a doubt you were all exceptional people.

2. Thank you to those of you who took part in the Deadly Duos tourney. I was blown away that we had enough teams that 5 rounds were required. Awesome. There was also minimal drama, so thanks for that.

3. I met my goal of being fully painted and only bringing fully painted models with me! I was super excited by that.

Anyway, watch this space for more – but here is a peek at the lists I took to the Theme Force Tourney:



Hey there, I have been seriously busy lately with writing and editing and just a little bit of Malifaux distraction. That being said, I have decided 100% to only bring painted models to KingdomCon and what that basically means is that I need to magically create extra time. Since that is probably not going to happen, I have really narrowed down what is important to me for this convention. I don’t have the time to properly prepare in order to be totally competitive and the few games that I have played but not had time to write up here have reinforced to me that amount of time necessary to get really good with this game.

Does that mean I am going to phone it in? Of course not. What it does mean is that I am having to change my expectations. Last year I had a fair amount of hobby time and prepared and was very happy with my (barely) top 10 placing in the Warmachine Weekend qualifier. This year, I am shooting to be in the top 3rd. I think that this is still doable – last year my goal was to be in the top half. The big catch here is that I am not getting much painting time and am only going to be taking painted models which has forced me to really look at my collection at what I have painted and what casters I most enjoy playing and kind of just sticking with them. What that means my priority painting looks something like this – 6 Uhlans, Markov, both versions of Fenris, the 2nd Drakhun, and 2 light warjacks. If I get all of that done I will then look at painting up two additional casters. One with a beard and one who is universally derided for his all or nothing gimmick.

So just to wrap up here, let’s take a look at the casters that are the forerunners for my main casters for the weekend –




That’s right, if you want to build against me, be ready for Vlad3 and Zerkova.

Kingdomcon – Khadorcon!

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BREAKING NEWS! I’ll be playing Khador at Kingdom-con! Okay, if you have read a single post on this blog in the last, say, 16 months, it is probably not breaking news at all.


I am looking forward to going to this con at the end of April very much. I went last year, and it was definitely the highlight of gaming for 2013 for me. So many friends both old and new and a lot of games. I played in the WMW qualifier last year with the goal of finishing in the top half and ended up in the top 10. This year, I am shooting to end up in the top half again. I had originally planned on getting in a ton of games and really up my skill for the event and try and qualify but due to a whole lot of positive developments in my slow-grow writing career league I don’t have the time to properly prep. Does that mean I plan on sandbagging? No, not at all. I will play my best. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for the game, Warmachine is actually pretty skill intensive and the more table time you get, the better you can expect to do.

“Okay, Patrick, that sounds like loser talk to me,” you are probably saying to yourself and yeah, I am front loading my excuses. However, I am shifting my goals this year. I am not going to bring any unpainted models to the con. At all*. I am looking to have fun, and I am looking to play all painted. The aforementioned no table time excuse is also my extremely limited painting time excuse. I took out all of my models, and while you may not guess it from many of my battle reports, I actually have a lot of stuff painted. Some of the unpainted stuff I can paint up pretty quickly and easily and I am keeping that in mind.

Another thing that I was kind of unprepared for was that the theme list tourney and hardcore are both 35 points and death clock. Additionally, the theme tourney is 2 list divide and conquer. With that in mind I set out looking at the painted models I have that are painted, the models I expect to get done, the lists I enjoy playing, and the lists I can play quickly enough to not lose on time. I am trying to lock these in as soon as possible so I can get a bit of table time at my regular weekly game store. At the very least they will be locked by the end of February. I also figured I would just take one of my theme lists for the hardcore so I can keep my playtesting pretty focused.

The contenders right now are Vlad3 Charge of the Horselords, Zerkova Hunting Wolves, and Karchev Iron Curtain. Also Harkevich just because year of the beard, even though I am a bit down on him right now. Also looking at Strakhov, but that list would require a LOT of painting so is likely not in the cards for this year.

I’ll try and nail down specific lists over the next few days and will probably post them here just for the heck of it.

Anyway, if you can get to San Diego at the end of April you really should as Kingdom-con is one of the craziest, most fun cons out there. It is eclectic and intimate and random and friendly and at a great location. If you end up coming, PLEASE make sure to say hi! 

*Unless I do. I really shouldn’t make absolute statements.

Happy 2014 – I hope you all have a great year! As I mentioned  a couple of posts back I had planned on sticking with Harkevich and Strakhov for the first couple of months this year and while that was my intent, I have to change course a bit. It isn’t because I think that those casters suck or are weak – quite the contrary, it is just that I have had some pretty exciting professional opportunities come up that have pretty harsh deadlines and a whole lot of work. That means my gaming time will be cut way down for the next 6 months or so but it is a joyful sacrifice.
I am still planning on going to Kingdomcon in April (so if you are there, come say hi!) and am going to play in the Warmachine Weekend qualifier as well as a couple of other events. My competitive nature ensures that I want to compete at my best despite the limited time. The best answer I have come up with to that conundrum is to play casters and lists with which I am extremely familiar. A quick peek at my spreadsheet from last year reveals that my most often played caster by a pretty fair amount is Vlad3. Unsurprisingly he is also my favorite and the one that is the most fun for me to play. For that reason, he will be my go-to guy for the next several months. Now that he is picked out I will focus on painting his main list because I want to only take fully painted models to Kingdomcon which will be quite a challenge given my lack of free time. However, I make no guarantees as to the quality of this fully painted.
As to whom I will pair him with… that is still up for debate. My #2 caster is Butcher1 and the #3 is, surprisingly even to me, tie between Irusk2 and Butcher3 so it will be one of those three. Zerkova was just one behind so she is still in the running as well…
Speaking of which and knowing my innate inner crow who is distracted by anything shiny, I have decided to keep it interesting for me that rather than switching casters as I have done in the past, I will instead run Vlad3 with every model/unit available to him to get some experience with them and see how they rate. Obviously not all in the same list 😉 but I will eventually get to the Manowar Bombardiers or Croe’s Cutthroats even if just for a game or two. Clearly many of the will be subpar in a Vlad3 but I am sure it will be interesting and educational nonetheless. I may even stumble upon a jewel in the rough or two.
For those who are curious, my breakdown for 2013 ended up being something like this: 49/44/2 which isn’t too bad considering I just started them at the start of 2013 more or less. For the casters I am considering, the breakdown was like this: Vlad3-11/8, Butcher1-5/10, Butcher3-5/4, Irusk2-7/1/1, Zerkova1-5/1/1 and I have to admit that was a bit surprising to me when I broke it down. 
If I get time I will do a more detailed breakdown but I just don’t have the time right now.
So that is the plan for 2014 for me, do you have any plans for the year gaming wise?
Game 3 was against Reed’s Legion of Everblight
Both of his lists had double ravagores in them so I ended up doing Vlad hoping to get some use out of wind wall and the multi wound guys for moving through scather templates. I hadn’t really ever played against Legion and definitely not against eVayl who he ended up selecting. His list was eVayl, dual ravagores, dual angeluses, scythian, full swordsmen, crockpot with lunch ladies, spell martyr, shepherds. I think that was it.
He made a pretty big mistake early on by bringing the spell martyr too close to the widowmakers who shot and killed it. I used my feat to clear out pretty much all of the swordsmen early on and then move back, but the stupid ravagore’s range is so extreme it ended up not really mattering. I also managed to get an angelius (the one with refuge) but had no real way to deal with admonition. Once more I found myself wishing that I had Eyriss2 in this list instead of the other. Reed is a very good player and he was really clinical in his dissection of my army. At the end of the game I had Vlad left and that was it and he won on scenario. Eyeless site, plus long range shooting, plus high speed, plus inexperience vs. an army meant that I was in for it from the beginning and I was really just playing off my back foot the whole game. Reed plays at Game Empire in Pasadena so I see him around from time to time, hopefully I will get to face him some more in the future. 
In retrospect I really think that I lost this game on list selection. Some tough WGI and a decent shooting game would have been really nice in this matchup, as well as Eyriss.
Game 4 was back on more familiar ground – eHaley.
My struggles and, uh, love with eHaley are well documented. Game 4 I get paired up with Greg (maybe Gary? I don’t remember) and his eHaley list. He doesn’t have Stormwall in the list, but does have Thorn and a Stormclad (I think it was), gun mages marshaling a hunter I think?, Eyriss2, Boomhowlers, Jr, Squire, et al. I went with my Vlad3 list since it was pretty much developed by and for this matchup.
I bussed up Vlad and the Uhlans and kept Drago to the left side of the bus and the Drakhun to the other. The assassins plan was to sell their lives dearly and close on the boom howlers and gun mages. The widowmakers got hand of fate and blew off the hunter’s gun arm and then also popped a couple of boom howlers. Eliminators moved up the extreme left flank threatening at Eyriss. Everything else stayed WAY back – basically, if he wanted to feat he would have to come out to meet me. Instead he decided to mostly hold back everything advancing cautiously. 
On my turn I cast dash and windwall and creeped just a little bit forward again with most things although Thorn did run forward and allow Haley to arc time bomb on to my bus. The drakhun got a countercharge and did some damage but not much. I was fine with that, because that was my big concern and I was just waiting Thorn out. On my turn I gave 3 focus to Drago to make sure he wrecked Thorn (which he did) . I decided at this point to basically sacrifice the widowmakers to get the junior war caster, which they did and as a bonus they even killed some boomhowlers and drakhun ran to engage several gun mages. The unengaged gunmages then had a round of pretty terrible shooting and only killed one of two assassins who were now in charge range. The eliminators continued running around a big forest that was practically in his deployment zone putting me behind haley and the squire. I also managed to get 2 control points.
At this point, the writing was on the wall and feat would really just buy him a turn before being tabled so he basically just gave up at this point when I got 2 control points on his turn as well. All that practice against Haley2 paid off big in that I was super prepared for her.
Game 5 put me up against Tom Gaun and his Asphyxious2 list.
Strangely, as I was deciding on list selection for this game I realized that the only Cryx matchup I have ever played was against a Mortenebra tier list. I was determined not to make the same mistake in this game as I had in game 3 so selected Sorscha2. I have read up on eLich and knew that his assassination threat is pretty legit and long range so I wanted to do my best to RFP what I could. 
He got first turn and advanced stuff up and ran his arc node over on my left flank into range of the widowmakers. They all aimed and managed to take out his arc node which basically let me ignore it for the rest of the game. I put shatterstorm on my WGI and they bobbed and weaved forward. I put iron flesh on sorscha and tried to stay far away.
I managed to kill the bane thrall UA on turn 2 between a short scatter from conquests main gun and a couple of sprays, but didn’t realize that the banner gave tough so ignored that (I just though that they had it native). I also targeted his bile thralls but he got an exarnate off on one of my WGI who then purged killing several, as well as a few bane thralls for his feat. The Blood witches ran to engage my widowmakers and popped mini feat making them incorporeal. I ran my eliminators in against the bane thralls to set up for some back line action but then Gerlac caused terror on them which they failed. They then failed to rally both times they tried over the next 2 turns. That was unfortunate.
The following turn the bane knights charged conquest and wrecked it. I advanced sorscha up and put freezing grip on the bane knights and basically ignored them for the rest of the game. Sorscha kept iron flesh on herself and the WGI and the banes ground each other down with the banes eventually winning the attrition war. My ternion ended up getting into position shortly after to get some great sprays off on the bloodwitches killing all but 2, who the great bears slaughtered in a vicious display of overkill.
Unfortunately, I just ran out of ways to contest the flag and so Tom eventually won on scenario. I didn’t get blown out and think I actually had a decent matchup here, just inexperience and, I think, an overly cautious play style cost me this game. I hope to face him at Game Empire as well and I am trying to find some other Cryx players around just to increase my comfort level in what they have available.
Game 6 vs. Eric Dietsch’s Menoth
I know Eric, he lives on the West side of LA pretty close to my old stomping grounds but we haven’t even played a game. By this point I was pretty much cashed out (no lunch at all, 12 hours of warmachine) so was pretty drained. I decided just to play for pride rather than drop out. Menoth, it turns out, I have only played against twice before – one was Mohsar, and the other was Kreoss2. Eric was running a super fast Feora2 tier 4 list. I ran Vlad3 since that is my anti-huge base list and he had judicator. The rest of his list was Feora2, a couple of units of daughters of the flame, some deliverers, some other stuff.
When I say I was brain dead, that is really almost an understatement and I probably should have just dropped, but like I said, I wanted to finish. How out of it was I? Well, on turn 2 I had 10 minutes left on my clock. I placed vlad poorly after a terrible waste of his feat (I think I used it to kill 2 daughters or something) and didn’t really move to a good place. He ignited Judicator and charged at Vlad. It was pretty close as to whether it was in range or not and he offered to call a judge, but honestly I was afraid that they would rule he was short and I just wanted the game to be over. I had no business playing in that last game.
My final record then was 3-3. I had lost all 3 games that I had little to no experience against, and won all three that I had faced before regularly. If you remember, my goal was to finish 23rd out of 45 and I ended up in 11th, so was really stoked with how it went. I had a great time, my opponents were all really top notch and with the exception of the last game, none of them were really blow outs from the beginning. All in all, kingdom-con was an absolute blast and you should definitely consider adding it to your list of events to go to.

Here is my writeup of the Warmachine Weekend Qualifier from Kingdom-con.

I had pretty modest goals going in to this tourney because it was my first major con. I do play in a lot of local tourneys so set my goal to finish middle+1 – turned out there were 45 players who signed up so I was shooting for 22nd. I think I have talked before about my concept of private goals in games and how valuable I think they are, that was mine.

Also my apologies for the brevity in these reports and the fact that the enemy lists might be a bit off, but my brain was kind of mushy after and isn’t a whole lot better now.

My two lists were:

Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey – WJ: +5
– War Dog
– Drago – PC: 8
Manhunter – PC: 2
Man-O-War Drakhun – PC: 4
Yuri the Axe – PC: 3
Uhlan Kovnik Markov – PC: 4
Iron Fang Uhlans – Leader & 4 Grunts: 11
Kayazy Assassins – Leader & 9 Grunts: 8
– Kayazy Assassin Underboss – Underboss 2
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Widowmakers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt – Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt: 4


Forward Kommander Sorscha – WJ: +6
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
– Conquest – PC: 19
Koldun Lord – PC: 2
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution – PC: 3
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator – PC: 1
Great Bears of Gallowswood – Volkov, Kolsk, Yarovich: 5
Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4
Widowmakers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2

Game 1 was against Hadrian and his Bart Galleon list I selected Vlad primarily because he is my anti-colossal list. Hadrian’s galleon is absolutely gorgeous. It has a crow’s nest and an angel masthead figure. Anyway the rest of his list was pretty standard fare, boomhowlers, Eyriss2, wrongeye and snapjaw, dougal, and some other stuff. He jammed up the middle hard and was able to put scenario pressure on my pretty early, but I was able to swing that back around. The Uhlans charged a harmed galleon but still failed to do anything meaningful that I remember. Maybe they took out a side, I am not sure. I was able to put a bit of pressure on the flag and he was forced to start feeding his support solos over to stop me from scoring on his turn. He turtled Bart up behind galleon and I was able to get a mini feat assassins charge and get just a single model on him. He tried to clear off with the boomhowlers but I made the terror check from rage howler and they weren’t able to do much thanks to my high def. I shifted a bit with them on the following turn and cleared a single space for vlad who popped feat, cast dash to ignore the free strike from galleon and then killed, sidestepped, flashing bladed his way next to bart and forced him to make some tough checks. He made the first 2 and had me worried, but in the end Vlad took the win. In all it was a super fun game and I was sweating bullets by the end. I think this is the first time that I wished I had swapped A&H and Eyriss2 between lists.

Game 2 was vs. Andrew T’s Rahn Andrew had won the mageslayer award at hardcore with Ravyn vs. pDenny the night before so I knew he was no slouch. The lists presented to me were a Ravyn list and a Rahn list. Sorscha2 would wreck Ravyn but really struggle to Rahn, Vlad3 was decent against both so I took that. Also, I had been saying on the khador forum that assassins were a pretty good match against Ret in general and wanted to either support my argument with play or disprove it. Andrew took Rahn because of the potential Sorscha matchup. His list was Rahn, Hyperion, Phoenix, Chimera, Sylys, 2 units of stormfalls, 1 unit of battlemages, Eyriss2 and 2 arcanists. Early game his shooting was fairly brutal killing about half of the Kayazy however I managed to jam the kayazy in pretty hard along with the uhlans. I also tried locking him up with Yuri but the phoenix burst into flame killing him. He popped feat on turn 2 to try and create some space to his shooting but enough kayazy survived and with minifeat still in play he ended up having to sacrifice a bunch of his own models (including an arcanist) to phoenix fire to protect Rahn. Polarity shield was up on Hyperion so I just had Drago walk into melee. I wasn’t able to give him any focus thanks to Eyriss but did manage to swing a crit amputation which saved Drago the following turn. The eliminators also charged in and did some damage. The other eliminators charged a stormfall archer and arcanist but somehow failed to kill either. Hyperion beat Drago down pretty hard, but only having a single die on one of his initials mean that he missed and Drago barely survived. I made a pretty big mistake here – I had meant to have the eliminator on Hyperion charge through to Sylys and then sidestep to Rahn (who had moved polarity shield to himself) but had drago go first. Even rolling a single die to hit and damage, he managed to wreck hyperion creating too big of a difficult terrain footprint for the eliminator to charge. Oops. The phoenix moved over and destroyed one of my objectives but left himself open to charge from Vlad who charged and wrecked the phoenix. I didn’t have much focus left, but was sitting at def 19 to shooting an magic. At this point it really turned into a crazy grind fest that ended up with just Vlad, Holt and the war dog vs. Rahn, Sylys and a damaged Chimera before he got clocked with me on 4 control points. This was the most fun game I think I had all weekend and he was a really great tough opponent. I had meant to take pictures but forgot to mostly.


I just realized how close Kingdom Con is and how incredibly unrealistic my desire to only play fully painted models all weekend long whether in the tournies or iron arena. Of course, I also enjoy tilting at windmills so I am hoping for some cheering and cajoling from the fine and friendly folks on the internet. 

First up, something nice that I just finished:


I plan on doing battle damage on all of my jacks after everything is painted. At this point I have decided to just get things to what I consider a basecoat level and then move on – after all, a quickly and cleanly painted model, even if rather basically done, still looks a thousand times better than an unpainted/only primed one. At least that is the beautiful lie I am telling myself.

My current checklist of the things I would like to have done in time for the con is (in roughly the order I want to get them done):

Full Kayazy Assassins with UA
Kayazy Eliminators
2 Vanguard light jacks
Koldun Lord
Full battle mechaniks with UA
Ayanna and Holt
Gorman DiWulff
Full Doomreavers w/ UA
Full Uhlans

So yeah, we will see how far down the list I can get and I will try and remember to update things as I do.

Currently on the table is Bad Santa (koldun lord) about halfway done.