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I just realized how close Kingdom Con is and how incredibly unrealistic my desire to only play fully painted models all weekend long whether in the tournies or iron arena. Of course, I also enjoy tilting at windmills so I am hoping for some cheering and cajoling from the fine and friendly folks on the internet. 

First up, something nice that I just finished:


I plan on doing battle damage on all of my jacks after everything is painted. At this point I have decided to just get things to what I consider a basecoat level and then move on – after all, a quickly and cleanly painted model, even if rather basically done, still looks a thousand times better than an unpainted/only primed one. At least that is the beautiful lie I am telling myself.

My current checklist of the things I would like to have done in time for the con is (in roughly the order I want to get them done):

Full Kayazy Assassins with UA
Kayazy Eliminators
2 Vanguard light jacks
Koldun Lord
Full battle mechaniks with UA
Ayanna and Holt
Gorman DiWulff
Full Doomreavers w/ UA
Full Uhlans

So yeah, we will see how far down the list I can get and I will try and remember to update things as I do.

Currently on the table is Bad Santa (koldun lord) about halfway done.