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Things have been pretty busy for me lately but I managed to get in a quick game against Todd the other night. It won’t be my usual detail level for the game due to the aforementioned dearth of free time, but there are some pretty pictures – aside from the ones at the end of the game that I forgot to take…
Continuing the Year of the Beard theme I brought another Harkevich tier 4 theme force. Also, sr2014 is out so this is the last incursion for a while. I think am starting to get a pretty good handle on the strengths and weaknesses of his theme and will likely drop back to him out of theme in the near future. For today, however, my list was:
 Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf – WJ: +5
– War Dog
– Black Ivan – PC: 9*
– Spriggan – PC: 9*
– Demolisher – PC: 8*
– Decimator – PC: 8*
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2
Widowmaker Marksman – PC: 2
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Mortar Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt: 3
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– 1 1 Rocketeer’s: 1
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2
Todd is a fairly new Warmachine player but has a ton of experience with Warhammer 40k. As a Space Wolves player (read as: fanatic) there could never really be any doubt as to which faction he would choose – Circle Orboros.
 Kromac the Ravenous – WB: +4
– Feral Warpwolf – PC: 9
– Ghetorix – PC: 11
– Pureblood Warpwolf – PC: 9
– Warpwolf Stalker – PC: 10

Tharn Ravager White Mane – PC: 3

Tharn Blood Pack – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
Shifting Stones – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2

I won the roll to go first (yay for +1) and picked my side and placed my wreck markers. 
Todd set up his stuff fairly centrally to give himself options to juke toward whichever flag stayed but he did put his Tharn bloodpack out on my extreme left set up to go around an obstacle and toward my back lines if that flag vanished.
As for me, I did the same, mostly central with my jacks, with Ivan heading toward a wreck marker that had good field of fire at the center and left flag but wouldn’t be too bad of a shift if he had to move over to the right. Also, my two light artillery pieces set up on the right where there was pretty wide open field of fire. Harkevich had Escort and I put Fortune on the widowmaker marksman.
The game:
Kromac put up Warpath, puts wild aggression on Ghettorex and advanced. Everything else mostly ran forward. My turn was pretty much the same. I handed out some focus and ran most stuff up. I had the WGI bob and weave which was a mistake because they ended up blocking my jacks up a bit, but it wasn’t terrible. Joe gave them tough. The widowmaker marksman took a shot at a stone and hit it, but only did a point or two. Flag on the right disappeared.
Warbeasts advance again and the stones teleport into position to be annoying. Pureblood sprays and kills my poor widowmaker marksman and then warpaths back. Ghettorex warps for hyper aggressive and I promptly forget about that. Oops.
I want to do some big juicy WGI CRAs and those stones are kind of annoying me. The range is only 8 so I need to kill that 1 stone otherwise I will be engaging it (I know it can’t engage me, but I can still engage it as far as I know) and unable to shoot.
Annoying stones:
This is one of the non-damaged ones. I fire the mortar over at it, figuring that will probably do it. I miss. Yes, def 5 and I freaking missed. Sigh, that’s okay, Ivan can take care of it. Or not. He only does 3. The field gun doesn’t have LOS to it. The decimator is out of range so advances on the pureblood and shoots it, boosts the hit, buys an extra attack, and boosts the hit. I do decent damage to it but don’t take out any systems. Harkevich has to shoot the damn stone with a boosted hand cannon to finally remove the freaking thing. So yeah, basically my entire army had to blow a turn of shooting on one single non-stealthed stone. The WGI advances and does a decent 4 man CRA into Ghettorex and trigger hyper aggressive (as I said above, oops). Those of you with math skills know that if he was in range to be shot, he is now in melee and thus free from further CRAs. Also, most everything else is out of range but they destroy another stone and put some damage on the pureblood. Pro play here. Joe calls tough on the WGI and then backs up from the ensuing carnage. The demolisher runs toward the flag on the left but is just short of basing up to it.
Next turn, carnage ensues. Ghettorex warps snacking, kills two WGI and gulps them down healing all but 1 and then warpaths back, Kromac casts inviolable resolve on Ghettorex and moves wild aggression onto the stalker who uses his animus, warps for berserk and kills 3 WGI and then warpaths over and kills another couple before sprinting away. The tharn consider shooting the demolisher and then realize that even on boxcars they do no damage. Instead they move over toward the center flag and create a bubble of protection. The tharn solo bumps up to the center flag and gets a control point. The feral warps strength and charges the spriggan but doesn’t do much.
Ouch. Oh well, it is time to see how the decimator performs in melee. I give him 3 focus just to kind of see. I also am planning on popping feat this turn. I know I can easily destroy the pureblood, but I am curious to see how well I do against Ghettorex. I also gave 1 to ivan and 1 to the spriggan, up keeping only escort. Decimator charges in and boosts the hit just to make sure and get the chainsaw rolling. I then roll a 5 on the charge dice for damage. Ugh. I buy an attack which auto hits and do 2 or 3, then buy the last and do another 2 or 3. Super not impressed.
Ivan shoots kromac and does a few which Todd just takes (another lousy dice roll), and the spriggan charges the feral he is engaged with (1″ charge achievement unlocked!) and does some damage, but not a ton. At least he is pretty well locked in between the spriggan and the obstacle. Also I was unable to get within 4″ of his flag due to the tharn so he gets a 2nd control point. The demolisher bases up to the left flag and I get my first one.
I also forgot to take any other pictures, sorry.
Ghettorex does some damage to the decimator but feat keeps him up and functional, the pureblood sprays and kills one of the last three WGI and the stalker warpaths over to get a charge angle on Ivan. Kromac moves up in order to make sure that the stalker is in his control area when does charge. Todd estimates how much fury he is going to have the next turn and drops most of it because he doesn’t want to frenzy and lose the game. Due to the angle he has to charge at, the only weapon in range to Ivan is the reach one. He hits the charge attack and does a several points of damage to the bearclaw, the second attack rips it off, but then misses the third attack even with the free boost from wild aggression. Ivan dodges away and out of melee range. He gets a third control point and I get my second.
Things are looking sort of bad for me, but not terrible. The WGI are all but decimated, though I still have Joe and the mortar. I don’t think I can handle Ghettorex, though I could probably kill both the feral and stalker this turn. I spend quite a bit of my time looking at the table. I don’t fancy my odds in a protracted game but I think I might be able to kill Kromac if everything goes (mostly) right.
I should have dropped escort because this is do or die time, but I foolishly kept it up and gave a focus to Ivan, holding on to 4 with the thought of maybe getting a broadside assassination.
Spriggan bumps out of melee with the feral and fired his two crap cannons but didn’t do anything to kromac. The mortar fired at one of the tharn that kromac was hiding behind and got a hit doing some damage but importantly got a pretty bonkers blast damage roll. Kromac transferred after considering hulking out and Todd starts wishing he had camped more fury.
Black Ivan got a direct hit on Kromac and knocked him down to 3 (arcing fire ftw). Joe shoots the tharn out of the way and Harkevich advanced and fired his hand cannon, boosting the roll and leaving me on 3 focus. I REALLY wish I would have dropped escort. I had a choice here, I was only at dice –2 with 3 wounds left which meant that I could could boost and quite likely kill him. If I crapped out though, it would be game over. The other option was to use the 3 for broadside, likely get the hit with Ivan and the straight dice roll would probably kill him. In the end I decided to risk it with Harkevich in order to put another in the mechanoham and got a 7 on 3 dice, winning the game.
After Action Review:
Basically I got super lucky here that Todd was new. We talked about it after the game and if he had either camped all of his focus and just let stuff frenzy he possibly would have won on scenario. Had he done that I would have run Harkevich to dominate the flag and bullied my way into contesting with the spriggan so might have stolen it from him that way, though. He probably could have just waited out my feat turn rather than trying to power through the armor and then been able to not worry about losing activations from frenzy the following turn. 
I am not great on placing the wreck markers yet, but I am getting better. An interesting thing to note is that the inability to put it within 3″ of another piece of terrain sometimes has me put them in less than ideal places which I then feel obligated to use because I placed them. 
I made exactly 1 tough check all game, which hurt a bit, but didn’t really affect the game that much. The decimator was a huge disappointment. I fed the pig full focus twice, and neither time did all that much. I certainly could have used it better elsewhere. I was really hoping to be won over to this little-used model, but in reality I am more down on it than I was prior to use. I really wished I had the juggernaut instead.
Once more it was Harkevich taking a hand in the victory, which is something most Khador casters are expected to do, and something that I didn’t do much prior to this. I never cast broadside this game, but there wasn’t really a good chance until the end and I considered it just to get the elusive broadside assassination, but went with the more likely scenario. I guess I could have tried my broadside hand cannon first just for the twofer, but oh well. 
All in all, it was a really bad matchup for me, but a super fun game. This same matchup played in 2 months against Todd will likely have a very different result, which gives me some food for thought. 
Thanks for reading!

Man, I have had the worst time getting this to post right – hopefully it will work now.

I got in a game against Shep/Todd co-commanding a Kromac led Circle force. Having just built Butcher2 I was especially eager to try him out. My list was:


Kommander Orsus Zoktavir
– War Dog
– Marauder
– Spriggan

Koldun Lord
Harlan Versh, Illuminated One

Greylord Ternion
Min Kayazy Assassins with Underboss
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Full Ironfang Pikemen with standard UA

The Circle list looked like:

Kromac the Ravenous
– Druid Wilder
– Ghetorix
– Gorax
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Pureblood Warpwolf

Blackclad Wayfarer

Shifting Stones with UA
Shifting Stones
Full Tharn Bloodtrackers with Nuala
Gob Bellows Crew

We are eagerly awaiting SR2013 and have settled into just playing the basic 2012 scenario – it isn’t complicated, there is no wackiness, it has enough of a scenario component (and kill box) to keep us honest. I won the roll to go first and chose to go first.

I didn’t really have much of a clue on what to do so I just kind of advanced everything. I was a bit more cautious with Zoktavir than I probably should have been and I very cleverly decided to have half of my IFP go through a forest just because, well, I was stupid. The ternion advance and shift to put clouds on the 3 closest kayazy who run forward in the most ridiculously unnecessary cloud wall ever. Really it just jams my own lines up.


The pureblood moves up and tries to spray the manhunter on my left side but misses despite the boost. Everything else kind of shifts around. The bloodtrackers (who had designated the ironfang pikemen as prey) killed a couple of the IFP.

Butcher advances and puts fury on the manhunter who charges the feral and to the surprise of everyone around the table kills him! I rolled fire for both hits but PS14 weapon master is no joke! The IFP continue to move through the forest on my right and I wonder where Saxon Orrick is.


The stalker steps through a stone gate and kills a some iron fang pikemen and a couple of kayazy and then retreats back. The wayfarer kills the manhunter. Everything else also shifts a bit back, basically playing a retrograde action with models that are faster than mine on a non killbox mission. Ouch.

I run the other manhunter up to engage some bloodtrackers and decide that I want to feat just to see what it does despite only having 4 enemy models in range he then shoots and boosts the closest stone and gets a rage token. The IFP charge and kill a couple of bloodtrackers, generating a couple more. The great bears run staying just inside 12″ to get issued some rage tokens which I then do and one of them (maybe Korsk – I don’t remember) advances to the stalker and hits it pretty hard but not quite hard enough to one round it. The Ternion run in front of butcher to provide hopefully a little defense, and I foolishly didn’t give any focus to the marauder (I rolled very low on focus) so he couldn’t run in front of my. I did try and get the spriggan to block the charge lane but he didn’t quite get it.


Ghettorex charges butcher after getting primaled and unsurprisingly put him in the dirt.


After Action Review:
Yeah… basically I was a huge trainwreck in my play this game. I was using several new units I hadn’t played with before as well as a brand new caster. I was in front of my self constantly and just really played poorly. At the end I was more desperate to just get the feat off to see what it did so hung myself out there a bit more than I should have but I am glad I did. It was a wonderful learning game though I really had no idea what to do with my army. In retrospect I probably should have just layered up the troops and run screaming forward like a madman.

Ant came over and we got in a couple of games. We bumped the size to 25 points and Ant was trying out a new caster – Kromac the Ravenous. I decided to stick with Dr. Arkadius. I was also timing my turns again.

The circle list was:
Kromac, gorax, pureblood warpwolf, warpwolf stalker, blackclad wayfarer, lord of the feast

The farrow were running tier 2 Dr. A:
Dr. Arkadius, 2 war hogs, 2 gun boars, targ, razorback, 4 bonegrinders

Game 1:
This game was short. I advanced up and tried to play a bit cautious. I decided to be clever and work up the right flank away from the building and the forest (that is what the blank footprint is).

Ant advanced everything also cautiously but swinging way out with the lord of the feast.

I knew that the lord of the feast could hit with his bird and then teleport up so I moved my bone grinders out very cleverly more than 1″ away from the good doctor so I would be out of his reach range. I also advanced the warhog to get nice and close so I would be within 5″ to get off a primal shock at him. I hit with the boost and boosted damage but had HORRIBLE rolls and didn’t even do a wound to the lord of the feast.

Strangely, it never even crossed my mind that he might base to base the REAR of the bonegrinder he hit. Game over, super fast kill and a lesson learned – ALWAYS hang on to 1 fury, even if you don’t think you will need it. I offered up a quick handshake and concession so we could reset and play a second game.

Game 2:
Same lists and just a quick reset. This game I was resolved to not make the same mistakes. I advanced a bit slower and held more fury in reserve.

Ant decided to swing around hard from behind the building using it as cover to get closer to me.

In return I ran the razorbacks into melee with the lord of the feast to try and lock it down for a turn.  Not surprisingly the lord of the feast killed them both in his turn, but it did stick him in place more or less setting up the following turn.

The warpwolf stalker hung back in the woods to take advantage of his stealth as I advanced. The gorax put his animus on the stalker and then the stalker burst from cover and basically flew across the entire battlefield in warping speed and laid a serious hurt into one of my warhogs killing it completely while the gorax and pureblood followed up in position as a second line.

I was reeling from this attack and felt that the game was pretty much over (pic was from before the charge but you can see it coming). I kept my cool though and looked over Dr. A’s card seeking that magic trick that would keep me in the game. I saw my chance though it was pretty shenanigan-laden and order of activation would be very important.

The warhog had pretty good facing as it was and I was undecided on what I wanted him to do. The bonegrinders gave Dr Arkadius an extra 2″ range which was necessary to put crippling grasp on the pureblood.

I decided to get aggressive with Dr. A and he advanced on the stalker that had just completely demolished one of my warhogs. He walked up and boosted with his needle and missed with the first one! Well, at this point he was commited so I bought a second attack, boosted again got the hit. Whew. I did a point to him and had him turn around and go hit the pureblood. He got the hit and thanks to the gorax’s animus and rolling something insane he knocked out 2 both the spirit and the body.

Dr. Arkadius then maltreated a gunboar and popped his feat. The gunboar charged the lord of the feast and totally smashed it.

My original plan had been to just leave the stalker alone and the mandatory frenzy from gorax’s animus would hopefully finish off the pureblood. However, with the damage from the stalker, I decided to take a risk. The warhog frenzied into the rear of the stalker. I got a crit knockdown with my charge attack and then just did what warhogs do best and completely destroy the stalker.

The gunboar activated next and advanced on the black clad and killed it with its meaty fists. It also, critically, blocked kromac and made him have to go around him somewhat to get his full movement in before his leap.

The last turn had completely switched our fortunes! Ant was now in a desperate position but after spending a lot of time eyeballing the distance though that he had the run on Dr. Arkadius if he could just deal with the gunboar. Kromac raged out and went beastform.

The wounded pureblood had to advance and attack without benefit of those 2 spirals since he couldn’t heal him until Kromac’s activation. Luckily for me the missing spiral saved the gunboar.

Ant thought he still had the advance on Dr. Arkadius. He moved up to and around the gunboar and then leapt that final 5″. He was 2 1/8″ away from Dr. Arkadius! We measured several times and he was just short by 1/8″ from attacking him. WHEW!  The gorax charged the warhog and did some pretty good damage to him.

Though I wasn’t in great shape myself and this had to be ended now. On my turn I activated Dr. Arkadius popped psychosurgery and advanced into melee. I missed with my first attack again, but the second one hit and made Kromac stationary and did 1 point of damage. The gunboar then advanced into combat with and pushed the gorax out of combat with the warhog which freed him up.  The warhog charged into his rear and unleashed on him. I had to use all 4 points of fury to finish him off though!

That game had it all, deep lows and super highs! Desperate aggression on the part of the the mad scientist who usually stays WAY back from combat.

Based on this game, I am definitely going to start playing him a bit more aggressively. Basically him advancing and attacking twice during that game completely saved the day.

Dr. Arkadius is an absolute blast to play! He has great buffs and debuffs. He has a deceptively long magic shooting attack. His feat is tricky but is probably one of the best in the game once you start planning for it – an extra 7-8″ movement or a free fully boosted attack is amazing – AND you get to activate the beast either before or after it. His mind control drug is fun and making things stationary is just plain mean.