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So, Haihastur over on the Legion forums has been singing the gospel about the Fallen Angels tier list for a while, even doing some battle reports and honestly, it looked like a blast to play. I broke down and picked up the three models I needed to complete it (Sorceress and Hellion, a second Protector, and a Bloodseer) – honestly, I was going to get a Bloodseer eventually, so only two of them were a leap of faith and his bat reps convinced. Sure, I could have proxied, but that’s not really how I roll.

Anyway, I ended up running a list that was fairly close to what he recommended – I swapped out the Seraph for a pair of Blight Wasp units because I want to get a bit of table time with them and it seemed kind of fun. I usually cut the theme stuff out but I decided to leave it in since it is a fairly uncommon theme force. Also, I will be doing a blog on theme forces in general, since they are the topic of much controversy in the community right now, and I have been (surprise) opinion on the matter that I have not been shy about sharing.

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight – WB: +5
– Zuriel – PC: 10
– Angelius – PC: 9
– Angelius – PC: 9
– Nephilim Protector – PC: 5
– Nephilim Protector – PC: 5
– Nephilim Bloodseer – PC: 0
– Harrier – PC: 2
– Blight Wasps – PC: 4
– Blight Wasps – PC: 4

Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion – PC: 4
Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1
Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1
Spell Martyrs – PC: 1

THEME: Fallen Angels – Tier 4

Non-character Legion warbeasts with Flight, Nephilim warbeasts

Legion units with Flight

Blighted Nyss Shepherd, Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion, Spell Martyr


The army can only include the models listed above.
Spell Martyr solos gain Advance Deployment.

The army includes one or more Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion solos.
You gain +1 on your starting roll for the game.

Saeryn’s battlegroup includes two or more heavy warbeasts with Flight.
Your deployment zone is extended 2″ forward.

Saeryn’s battlegroup includes three or more Nephilim warbeasts.
Add one non-character Nephilim warbeast to the army free of cost.

I told Mikey I would be bringing a new Saeryn list (I’d literally only played Saeryn once before – honestly I found her kind of boring in the typical way she is usually played). She is undeniably powerful, but just not that interesting to me. I suppose I suffer from Special Unique Snowflake Syndrome as the Chain Attack guys say. I know that Saeryn gives Skorne the same shivers that Molik Karn in general gives me. I think he might have overbuilt for the feat but that will come later.

His list was an interesting looking theme list I had never seen before that has a really cool name:

Archdomina Makeda – WB: +5
– Basilisk Krea – PC: 4
– Cyclops Brute – PC: 5
– Molik Karn – PC: 11
– Titan Gladiator – PC: 8

Paingiver Beast Handlers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 3
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer – Tyrant and Standard: 3
Cataphract Cetrati – Leader & 5 Grunts: 11
Venator Reivers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5
– Venator Reiver Officer & Standard – PC: 0
Venator Reivers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5

THEME: Army of the Western Reaches – Tier 4

Skorne non-character warbeast, Molik Karn

Cataphract Cetrati, Paingiver Beast Handlers, Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer, Praetorian units, Venator units

Cataphract solos, Praetorian solos, Saxon Orrik


The army can only include the models listed above.
Praetorian Swordsmen and Venator Reiver units become FA U.

The army includes two or more Venator Reiver units.
Add an attachment to one Venator Reiver unit free of cost. This attachment does not count towards FA restrictions.

The army includes one or more Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer units.
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer and Cataphract units in the army gain Advance Move. (Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed, a model with Advance Move can make a full advance.)

Makeda’s battlegroup includes two or more Cyclops warbeasts.
Your deployment zone is extended 2″ forward.

So between the two of us, we were 4″ closer together than normal! That plus Makeda having access to Savagery and Rush made Breathstealer seem a lot less sexy, especially with an advance move on the Tycom and and Cetrati. The crippling speed advantage I’d expected was certainly snatched away, but it did seem to split the Army of the Western Reaches into a couple of different armies, so I thought I might be able to use that to my advantage. On to the deployment picture (well, after I moved the Sorceress and then remembered to take it).


I won the roll to go first, obviously. I didn’t have a solid plan since this was the first time playing this list. It evolved once I got a feel for it, and I should have planned on dominating my own flag early since that is what it became. I ran the martyr over, considering putting Breathstealer on the Cetrati but with Press Forward and Savagery it seemed kind of moot. Instead I decided to hellfire the TyComm to try and get rid of him because I hate that guy so much. Also, in my head I confused Road to War and Savagery and thought that everything in Makeda’s control would get the advance rather than it being an upkeep so kept most things back. Running the Sorceress up was a huge mistake, but I was mad with speed. That is my excuse. Everything else advanced very little because of the mistake with Savagery and just shifted slightly to the right. Saeryn cast Predator’s instinct to give me the option to boost to hit as well with the Hellfire but ultimately I think I just boosted hit and damage, but only rolled an 8 for damage and left the TyComm alive.


The Cetrati got Savagery (oohhhhh right, upkeep), Makeda got Defender’s ward and then advanced up behind the wall ready to dominate her own flag (much better scenario awareness than I had), the Reiver’s burned the mini feat and killed a couple of wasps in the forest. The Cetrati were pressed forward by the TyComm then went into shield wall and advanced. The harrier was a bit further than Mike thought and he was only able to get a single Cetrati on him (I thought he was going to be out, so we both made an error there). He hit and knocked out the body and did some damage to the mind spiral as well. The Krea used its animus and the Reivers formed up in a circle around it. The Gladiator and Molik both also took up position behind the wall and the Brute stood next to it with the Paingiver Beasthandlers set up behind them ready to hand out some pain to some beasts.


At this point I remembered why I brought the Sorceress on Hellion was for the free charges as well as the no shooting so promptly fell her back and summoned up some might winds. The two surviving Blight Wasps on the left side got a run/charge order and ran to engage a few of the Reivers on the hill. The close Angelius is in position to benefit from Aerial Coordination and charges the 2nd Cetrati in and boosts the thrust attack, killing him and overtaking an inch to right. It then buys an attack on the one of the others still in shield wall and kills it as well with a forced boost for damage and overtakes once more and uses its animus to push the remaining Cetrati out of shield wall. The other Angelius, unfortunately, cannot benefit from Aerial Coordination thanks to my poor initial play with the Sorceress. It moves over and thanks to the shield wall being broken is able to kill only a single and with snake eyes for damage leaves one alive hugging the flag and engaging the Harrier.  Zuriel advances and sprays twice killing the cetrati who was out of shield wall. The Harrier shifts around the Cetrati (I forget to take the attack because I am so excited at what is coming next. The Bloodseer uses the Harrier’s True Strike animus and Slams the surviving back line Cetrati in direction of the TyComm and I get a 4 for the roll which is far enough for him to hit as well as one of the Reivers which opens up a nice hole for the Blight Wasps! The Slam Damage is enough to kill wounded TyComm thanks to box cars (which I guess makes up for the double 1s the angel rolled earlier) and I boost the damage on the slammed model on top of the additional die for hitting a model the same size killing him as well. The Reiver is also killed. Not to mention just flying over your own models and auto-hitting with a slam is kind of the epitome of the Legion play style.  “Rules? Where we’re going we don’t need rules!” This also happened to leave the Cetrati hugging the flag as the last member of his unit so he was field promoted so he got to work strapping on that big Skorne flag.

Speaking of which, the Blight Wasps got a run/charge order, flew over a whole mess of models, including the Cetrati strapping on the flag who was unable to make attacks since he was busy. They made sure to avoid the Reivers who could take free strikes and set up to take free strikes on the Krea if he moved away as best they could and be really well placed for the impending Blight Bringer. The Protectors moved into position, Saeryn advanced and I realized I totally should have planned to get points on my opponents turn (not that it would have mattered because of the double ones) but still, and cast Blight Bringer on one of the Wasps and killed all but 1 of the Reivers and did a bit of damage to the Krea but didn’t boost (though I should have). I probably didn’t need to feat this turn but I went ahead and called down a spirit of Foreboding this turn anyway just to keep Molik Karn honest. The Shepherds advanced and pulled off fury from places where they could, leaving enough for Saeryn to get up to full and the only beast to have any was the Angelius engaging the Cetrati was left at full because I didn’t really care if he frenzied. All in all I was pretty happy with the turn.


There wasn’t a whole lot that Mikey could do this turn but he set about doing what he could. Molik got Savagery and advanced and killed the Sorceress and then backed up, the Gladiator rushed himself and charged the Blight Wasps trying to clear them off. He ended up going up to full fury to kill one of them off, but it was very squashed. The three Reivers who were engaged failed to kill it – that Def12 but -1 to attack rolls from Annoyance was coming up more than expected in this particular part of the table. The ones not engaged shot at Zuriel in a pair of CRAs and did minimal damage. The Krea risked the free strikes and suffered some pretty horrendous welts for the trouble. Crit Poison on living models won’t come up often, but a free strike crit poison against a living light is kinda sweet. I took out his mind, but with a boost he still managed to hit Zuriel with Spiritual Paralysis dropping his Def and preventing him from running or charging. The Krea then activated her animus. The Brute put Safeguard on Makeda to prevent any flying auto-hitting slams. Makeda advanced, used her frightening will to command her forces not to die (Walking Death Feat) and dominated her flag and went up 1-0.

IMG_2199Oh right, scenario! The rest of the writeup won’t be near as long because I didn’t take many more pictures, the store was going to be closing soon, and the game was decided soon, so don’t worry, persevere! This turn, the Angelius actually didn’t frenzy, passing it’s threshold easily. The Shepherd advanced, cleared off the 4 fury, the Angelius thrusted and boosted both to hit and damage to make sure he died and overtook to change facing and get in a slightly better position. The Harrier, body still out, used its animus and then charged the TyComm’s standard and killed it on a 2d6 roll and sprinted to a good position for the Bloodseer to use its animus again if I wanted. Instead the Bloodseer decided to use Overwhelm on the Blight Wasps. The other Angelius moved and then shot the closest Beasthandler and killed it. The Blight Wasps charged the rest of the unit and killed 2 or 3 more overwhelming into them. Unfortunately for me, Mikey’s plan of shooting Zuriel was a good one and I was unable to run him to get LOS/Range to finish them off with Arced spells without being engaged by the Brute. Also, my Protector placement was lousy or I would have been able to shield guard. Oh well, my shield guard placement was much better this turn. Zuriel moved and sprayed and killed off the Krea and set the Brute on fire, just missing Makeda. One of the Protectors charged in and killed a couple of Reivers. I knew they would be back, but at least they couldn’t move. Also since the UA wasn’t dedeadath their placement was fairly limited. Saeryn put Blight Bringer up and killed a couple more and did some damage to Makeda which was transferred to the Gladiator. I went ahead and boosted that damage. At the end of my turn I dominated and it went to 1-1. This is also the last picture.

IMG_2200Mikey replaced the lost troops and set to work. He up kept Savagery on Molik and finished off the last Blight Wasp on the left with the Gladiator after way more work than it should have taken. Next Molik advanced over to the Protector and starting beating on it. It ended up taking all of his fury but he finally killed it. Makeda moved back over and started killing wasps and then when she got down to 4 fury she spent 2 to cast fate walker and she walked back to the flag to dominate again. Her armor was pretty high thanks to Blood Fury and Defensive Ward. The revived Reivers aimed, and the rest of the unit moved as best they could avoiding the Blight and put two big CRAs into Zuriel (two of them I think were out of range?) The first one was shield guarded by the protector and he took 12 or so and the 2nd one only did 3. The Brute put Safeguard on her again. The Beasthandlers finished off the remaining Blight Wasps and got fury to manageable level and then the turn ended and we went to 2-2.

My turn I was able to leach everything back up to full. Mikey saw me setting up to send another Nephilim in as well as setting up my defense and conceded realizing that I was going to be scoring on both of our turns and he was only going to score on his and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. The amazing thing to me is that was EXACTLY what Haihastur on the blogs said many of his games ended as. I’ve never actually had that happen and Mikey isn’t a forum goer at all. It was kind of crazy.

After Action Review:

I made some pretty big mistakes both in deployment and play, but once I started to move the pieces it was fairly intuitive for me. I pretty much threw away the sorceress and I can see how that was a big mistake. She is very useful in this list – free charges are HUGE for the lights and even for the Angels. Aside from their thrusts they are pretty pillow-fisted (pillow-tailed?)

Saeryn is our control caster, there is no denying it, but in the past I haven’t had a lot of fun playing her. This list was a blast. Almost everything flies and that is incredibly powerful and dynamic. It’s hard to understand until you just start ignoring your own stuff for almost everything. In Legion we’re used to ignoring rules and this lets us ignore even more, so what’s not to love? We get to ignore other models for moving, and for LOS for charges (but not slams).

I know that the Skorne list was not conventional at all, so it wasn’t the best “test” but this was also my first time every playing this list, my first time every playing many of the models in it so I’m okay with it. The amount of control it has is unreal and until you get it on the table it’s hard to believe. As is it’s resilience. I think I might have forgotten to mention it above because I can’t remember exactly but there was another pretty big CRA that happened from the Reivers on Zuriel and it was nice just to say, nah, I think I’ll just take it here instead. Also, I was amazed at how resilient the one that charged in to contest the flag was. It took Molik Karn’s full fury to get rid of him. I think the amount of effort was ultimately why Mikey conceded, seeing that I still had a nearly full Zuriel, a completely full Bloodseer, two full Angels, and half a Protector, he just didn’t see how he could stop me from contesting, especially when everything could fly. Ultimately I could just take free strikes and toe a zone somewhere.

Anyway, it was a REALLY fun list to play. Very unconventional, very resilient. It felt like I was playing with a rapier and dagger where even my defense was stabby little offense if that makes sense. I highly recommend you give it a shot.

My deepest gratitude to Haihastur for championing this so hard and taking the time to do the battle reports, were it not for your effort I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to pick up the extra pieces necessary and taken the chance with some of my (prior) least enjoyable models.

Je vous remercie beaucoup mon ami! (If the French is wrong, blame Google!)

Thoughts on… Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
It is kind of shameful to admit, but I first got interested in playing Thagrosh1 this time around while listening to Jeremy from Crippled System on his drunken rambling unplayable trashfest when Nathan was trolling him hard and came up with the idea of using Zuriel’s animus and going for a crazy double jank mutagenesis assassination. Not only is this a terrible plan, it is also not a legal play. But it was enough to turn my eye back the big guy and I’m glad it did, because it reminded me how fun he can be, and how different of a play experience he is from most of the rest of the Legion casters we have. As usual, let’s begin by taking a look at the front of the card.
He’s pretty slow at speed 5, but the rest of stats are solid – Mat 7, Rat 5, Def 14,  Arm 16, and Cmd 9 – the only higher Cmd in faction is himself when he becomes the Messiah – it’s worth remembering his high command, since all Warlocks have the commander trait build in, it can help with the lower command of Hex Hunters or Striders if you don’t bring a UA, as well as shepherds and sorceresses on hellions if they get too close to a forsaken or something. It also matters for something on the back of his card, so remember the 9. With tenacity, he sits at 15/17 defensive stats which is pretty solid (although with many of his lists you may prefer to run him at 14/18 with spiny growth – more on that later) and he has 18 boxes combined with a warlock’s ability to transfer damage make him pretty resilient, despite being on a medium base. He’s got a decent fury stat of 7 as well as a couple of tricks we’ll get to in a minute that actually make it seem a bit higher that that. A pretty respectable stat line and he also causes terror which only affects enemy models infantry models, which is a nice little thing, but don’t count on it because it probably won’t do anything, but don’t forget it either.
Next up, his weapon load out is fairly interesting. He has a rate of fire 1 spray 8 fire type pow 12 gun (his blighted breath) and 2 melee attacks – Rapture, his vaguely klingon looking weapon that has reach and is a magic weapon with P+S 16, and his claw that is not reach and P+S 12.  Let’s get back to Rapture now, because it’s got some rules that are on the back of the card, but we’ll cover them here because it makes sense to. In addition to having the same P+S as our heavy chassis which is pretty impressive, Rapture also centers an AOE on the models it boxes and then removes them from play. The AOE is a cloud and lasts for a round. As if that wasn’t cool enough, it also does a POW 12 fire damage roll to ENEMY models hit when the cloud is put into play. And ENEMY models that enter the cloud, or end their activations in the cloud. Those damage rolls can’t be boosted. Note that the clouds don’t trigger on boxing an enemy model, so if you need to put up a cloud wall, you can do it on a couple of your own models. It does remove from play, so those models won’t go into the pasta pot. It can make him functionally immune to charges from models without eyeless sight, and functionally immune to single wound models of armor 13 or less, and realistically immune to single wound models of about armor 16 or less (I figure most times you are going to roll at least a 5) unless those models are fire immune.
Okay this takes us to the back of the card.
Attuned Spirit [Legion] – Once per activation Thagrosh can cast the animus of Legion warbeast in its battlegroup as a spell without spending fury. This is one of those abilities that makes it seem as though he has a slightly higher fury stat than he does. It just makes sense to try and get out those 2 cost animi here for free and is a reason you see carniveans with him because, combined with Death Shroud (below) you get a very survivable battlegroup, and Thagrosh himself can be an effective armor 20 to melee with 2 more transfers than he “should” have for what he cast. That is incredibly tanky and unexpected for a Legion caster. Beyond that it is just really flexible – the Raek’s Shadow Shift animus for instance is a really good one in ignoring free strikes, but at a 2 cost it is often cost prohibitive, but when you can cast it for free, it opens up some options you might otherwise have not considered. Realistically, though, it will be spiny growth or wraith bane.
Athanc – Immediately after leaching if you have less fury than your fury stat you gain 1 fury. Basically this lets you cut for less. It’s good late game if you’ve lost your beasts, if you are bad at math it is a nice safety net, and if you are new to Hordes it’s a good crutch. Not really a lot to say about other than it might give you the idea that the designers intent is to run beast light with Thagrosh between Athanc and the feat, and along with a couple of his spells I suppose you could make that argument.
Death Shroud – Models within his command range (remember that 9) get a –2 to their strength. So that gives most things near him an effective +2 armor to melee and thrown (most shooting is a straight POW). For this reason there is a tendency for people to brick up with him and his beasts and keep things in kind of close, which isn’t necessarily a bad play and is something you can’t usually do with Legion. It can make Thagrosh himself surprisingly tough to kill when combined with a few transfers and either tenacity or spiny growth – I’ve face-tanked Molik Karn before and it is kind of fun getting him on a rope-a-dope, and isn’t necessarily a bad use of your feat, but you probably will not get an experienced player with it.
The last thing on the back of his card is Rapture and since we already covered Eruption of Ash above let’s just move on to the spell card.
Bad Blood – This two cost upkeep has a range of 10, does no damage to the beast, does 1 point of damage for each fury leached, the beast can’t be healed or have damage transferred to it and loses regenerate. At a glance it looks like a pretty mediocre spell, but it can actually be pretty clutch for a few reasons. If you are facing some common anti-Legion Skorne and Trollblood meat mountain builds there will often only be 1-2 beasts so causing some damage for leaching can be annoying and preventing transferring damage to it can actually be game winning. Where it can really matter against Trollbloods or Circle is if they plan on robbing Thagrosh of his feat by snacking your model out of play. Snacking heals the model to RFP and Bad Blood will prevent the heal. Obviously if they are running Morvahnna or pDoomie, they will just cast purification to remove it, but you want to force them to cast it anyway, and honestly, as a Legion player we’d probably rather they run both of those casters against us than, say Bradigus or a pGrissel Meat Mountain. So yeah, it a lot match ups it will probably be a dead spell, but there are some match ups, or when you get your hordes opponent down to just one beast it can be a game winner, so don’t forget about it. Unless they are playing Warmachine, then just forget about it.
Draconic Blessing  – Another 2 cost upkeep, this one on friendly gives +2 strength and terror. Pretty straightforward in application. I’ll go more into nice places for it below with some specific synergies.
Fog of War  – A 3 cost upkeep that gives concealment to all models in Thagrosh’s 14″ control area (not just friendlies). Our beasts get to ignore it, our infantry doesn’t. For most casters we wouldn’t care, but Thagrosh does pretty well with infantry, but since this helps us out, you will probably cast it most games.
Mutagenesis  – This has a really long writeup but is basically a 3 cost range 8 pow 12 that if you cast it from Thagrosh and kill a warrior model you get to replace that model with Thagrosh. You can’t advance after you replace the model and you can only cast it once per activation, which is why the double mutagenesis dream is a lie. What you can do though is a pretty insane charge 8″, cast this 8″ then hit the caster at reach 2″ for a total distance of 18″ surprise threat in a perfect situation. Which could actually add 2″ for Seraph, 2″ pull for Neraph, and +2″ for Bone Grinder if you were getting ridiculous and everything were just right in the world, which it never will be. But it is a fun mental masturbation exercise on just how the table would have be setup and how Thagrosh could pull it off and what an amazing thing it could be, so go have fun with it. Because really it is about the most fun thing to imagine in this game, and there will be one point in a game and you’ll see it, and you’ll look at the table for about 5 minutes, and then you will get to attempt a mutagenesis assassination and it will fail, probably leaving your target with 3-5 wounds left, and then they will kill you and you won’t even care because it will have been AMAZING. Trust me, I’ve been there. IT’S AMAZING.
Obliteration  – Vayl2 does this too, but better, but it is still a cool and solid AOE. You might cast it once every 5 games, but probably not. It is decent for clearing high def infantry jammers off of your beasts, but the game right now seems to have moved away from there for the time being. They might come back.
And now his feat.
Dark Revival  – While feeling to me that it should come with a tent and a white suit and laying on hands, it does bring a warbeast back from the dead. That warbeast is placed within 3″ of Thagrosh and must forfeit its action but can still move. This is a decent feat for getting up on attrition as long as you can keep it from getting removed from play (Bad Blood can help), you typically want to start off the piece trade with this, but you might also just want to bring something back based on its animus if it is something you really need. It’s flexible and it is a useful, workhorse feat, but isn’t super flashy. There are games where you literally won’t even use either because your opponent has denied it to you via RFP, or you just never really needed it because your beast didn’t die or you flat out forgot about it (I’ve done that, but I am kind of a moron sometimes, especially under the clock). You can bring back character beasts which is pretty cool, and I have actually brought back harriers before if I was facing high def things – I didn’t want to mess with trying to hit a ridiculously high warp wolf stalker one game, so I just brought the harrier back, killed the last threatening beast and bullied my way to victory. It’s a useful feat that I’ve found plays into your list consideration. If you are thoughtful as to what you put in you get more out of it. If you are just throwing in things out of rote it is a pretty meh feat.
Let’s look at some of the things that Thagrosh might consider taking to war:
Rather than just repeat myself over and over again, Death Shroud is pretty good for helping keep beasts alive, especially with a defensive animus on top of it like tenacity or spiny growth. It is a tough choice as to whether you are better off with an effective +1/+3 or a +0/+4 that does d3 points of damage. When making the determination which animus is best, consider what the probable target hit number is and make your choice which you want to go with. Some example numbers here to help you out I’ll just throw down a couple of samples:
To hit:
5  83%
6  72%
7  58%
8  41%
9  27%
So, as you can see, if you can bump it from needing a 6 up to a 7 you are quite likely better off with tenacity. 5 to a 6 is probably a wash, and 4 to a 5 you should probably go with armor. At least that is my rule of thumb, anyway. If they are willing to boost, it changes the math significantly, but it takes away focus/fury so is probably a net gain and is out of the scope of this anyway. Also, I know it is a static 16% jump, but whatever. On to the choices.
Carnivean – The carnivean is usually a tough sell. He is expensive he is fairly fragile even with his animus, he is fairly short ranged even with his assault spray, and he doesn’t have reach. Thagrosh sort of helps out on 2 out of 3 of those issues. Fog of war helps out a bit vs shooting but the real difference is that Death Shroud combined with the animus makes him pretty survivable, especially versus warbeasts or warjacks when that damage can take out a system making him even more survivable and Thagrosh’s feat can bring him back which helps offset his price. Thags himself likes putting out the animus for free either on himself or on one of the beasts. Draconic Blessing let’s the Carnivean lay out a serious beatdown when he can actually hit (more on that later). You won’t see him often, but Thags and Abby2 are where he’s most commonly found and he can do some good work there.
Typhon – Typhon has a lot of the same problems as the Carnivean so a lot of what I wrote above applies here as well. The animus is a bit different in that it is a heal after taking damage, and varies from 1-3, so there is the temptation to say it’s the same as +2. It’s not. First you have to survive the hit. Then it might be 1 back, it might be 3 back. You get to heal wherever you want, which means that you don’t need to worry about losing a spiral like you do with the carnivean. It’s lazy and inaccurate to treat it as +2 armor and people need to stop doing it. Sorry, it drives me nuts to read when people say it. He is extremely survivable, and can also regenerate and when he does, the affinity with Thagrosh means they both get 3 wounds back. Typhon has no pathfinder and Thagrosh has no way of helping him out there, and no reach. I’ve tried to make him work, but honestly, I’ve always been disappointed.
Scythean – You need to be able to handle tough in the current meta and that makes the scythean kind of important. Thagrosh himself with his high melee potential can put slaughterhouse on himself along with draconic blessing and take out a couple of tough models and create clouds. You don’t want to unless you have to, but it is an option.
Zuriel – Our newest heavy character nephalim fits well with Thagrosh. Draconic Blessing bumps Zuriel’s weapons up to a more respectable PS18, and Zuriel’s mat is decent to begin with which helps offset the fact that Thagrosh doesn’t have a mat fixer.  Zuriel’s Sprays and animus make him a very threatening and effective piece trade option and also mean you want him to be in a forward position which makes him vulnerable to retaliation and Death Shroud and Dark Revival make that option more much more favorable for you. Thagrosh in return gets a resilient piece and an animus that helps out with his spray, potentially with the Rapture cloud wall (possibly putting the harrier out of work – see below), and most importantly, the SUPER SWEET MUTAGENESIS ASSASSINATION (though obviously not the assassination part).
Shredder – Probably always want to take one of these guys. He is a surprisingly good choice for draconic blessing, as with rabid giving a fully boosted pow 12 and causing terror the little guy has been a surprise MVP in many games for me. I am addicted to my spawning vessel and don’t usually buy a shredder but spawn one early.
Harrier – Another thing that I spawn practically every game. Autohitting pow 12s (thanks to draconic blessing) are pretty sweet and being able to auto hit with Rapture is also a big deal. It is almost like having a 1 cost spell to create a cloud that does damage that requires you to sacrifice a model within 2”. Think about it, if you had that spell, you would do it every game and think it was broken. You do have that spell, bring along cheap infantry models if you can fit them in to use it. Remember that they are removed from play and do not go into the crock pot. Sorry, I know this isn’t related to the harrier, but it because you don’t usually have the points for extra models, so I find that I usually end up using 2 of my hex hunters at a critical point for this, and their def is high enough that I have to worry about missing, so I just place them carefully and use this animus – though with Zuriel, this guy might end up being less popular depending on the list pair, although a fire and forget missile is always nice.
Naga Nightlurker – This guy will get Stealth no matter where he is as long as Fog of War is in play and his animus stacked with Draconic Blessing gives you an effective 5 point armor swing vs. arcane shield.
Raek – The raek is an amazing beast with just about anyone. In a lot of Legion lists he can fill the slot of an infantry unit (more on this in an upcoming Thoughts On… the Raek) and I know I am starting to sound like a broken record but Draconic Blessing’s strength boost and terror can be amazing since he is often a bit pillow-fisted. That +2 strength really helps him for sniping out those 5 wound solos and still having extra attacks to either put some damage on a caster if they are in position or taking out another solo, or a few models in a unit. He doesn’t need it for this job, it just makes him more efficient, and it also makes him a bit more more threatening to a caster.
The list could go on and on, Thagrosh has great synergy with most every beast in the faction for the reasons harped on above, but I am just going to move on to units now, since Thagrosh is a surprisingly effective infantry caster thanks to Draconic Blessing being model/unit and fog of war with his fury 7 covering a large area of the board, providing a buff to our already not insignificant defense. Basically, any infantry unit that would like a strength buff, and +2 def will like Thagrosh. He also has an above average CMD of 9, which helps our non fearless units like hex hunters if you aren’t running a UA. That being said, there are a couple of standouts and things to watch which I’ll list below.
Warspears with UA – They don’t benefit from the terror part of Draconic Blessing since they already cause it, but the +2 Str stacking with Prey brings them up to P+S 17 which means on an assault charge vs. conquest at armor 20 you should do 50 boxes which comes incredibly close to wrecking it on average dice, any spikes at all and it is a wreck marker. If you can get Kiss of Lylyss on it from the Blackfrost Shard it is definitely going down – I had just 3 of them wreck mine from full when I was playing Khador against it. It is surprisingly effective.
Hex Hunters – Bumping the P+S up from 10 to 12 is huge in getting off Battle Wizard if they aren’t charging. I usually don’t bring the UA along – he gives hunter which seems like it might be helpful because of ignoring concealment, but it doesn’t actually work for spells which means if you have fog of war up they go down to effective magic ability 4. Either keep them back until you drop fog of war, or charge them out of the area (or at least make sure that their target is out of the area). Their speed of 7 lets them trigger terror on a lot of targets, so if your opponent is susceptible to terror (not that anyone is much these days) they can cause a fair amount of checks.
Raptors – Raptors are fantastic units on their own and Thagrosh’s buffs are solid with them. They have good mat on the charge and then become pow 12 weapon masters with Draconic Blessing, they are usually out on the flanks but can toe into fog of war with their light cav movement and will have a great defense vs shooting.
As I said, anyone that wants more def vs. shooting, or a higher strength will like Thagrosh. Now let’s look at why you don’t see a whole lot of him. I know I gave a whole lot of rah rah! above and he is a solid warcaster, but let’s look at why, in my opinion he’s good but not great.
First up, he doesn’t have a mat fixer at all. He can’t help our infantry hit any better, and he can’t help our beasts hit any better. The majority of our beasts are mat 6, which means that even against a mediocre def 12 they are missing over 25% of the time. He has to be able to bring them back, and when he does they can’t attack that turn. What that means, is that a quite likely scenario is that you will initiate your trade, kill one of theirs, lose your beast, possibly fail to kill theirs, bring yours back, be unable to attack with it, and then just lose it again. That is going to bring us back to the next point which is his feat.
There are a lot of games where you won’t get a feat. Either due to RFP – sure, bad blood can stop one way of RFP, but only on one beast since it is an upkeep, assuming they have no way of removing it. There are plenty of other ways of removing a model from play. Or they might not kill it until they are ready to stop you from bring it back, or they may just kill several beasts in a single turn, and you can only bring one back. Also, as mentioned above, all it can do is move on the turn it comes back.
Thagrosh also specializes in making what are, essentially, fragile beasts, less fragile. He doesn’t make them anywhere near as resilient as what trollbloods can bring, and opponents are fully capable of bringing down those beasts. He can give you a false expectation of what you can survive and make you overcommit as a result. Don’t get me wrong, you will surprise your opponents, and yourself on occasion, but to quote Han Solo, don’t get cocky, kid.
Thagrosh can be really fun, and bring a different play style to your toolbox, he can change up your regular game night, and he can really throw a curve at the tourney table and give you some unexpected game for some of the scenarios that Legion traditionally struggles with, like Incursion and Close Quarters. I’ve already rambled on way longer than I meant to on this, but I will do a couple of battle reports and pictures to show what I mean when I get some time. I’ve been having a great time with him lately.
Congrats on making it through this, if you actually did.

I am going to try out a slightly different format for this battle report, please let me know what you let me know what you think of it.

This game put me up against one of my many nemeses, another local PG, Shawn. Shawn surprised me by, rather than bringing his blue fury, brought his own angry elves. I must admit I sighed a bit in relief. My enlightened Nyss have a much easier time against their own benighted cousins than against the trollbloods, generally speaking. Since we were fortunate enough to have someone handy that wasn’t playing to set up the table for us we were both left going hmmmm. We agree to only play the blue as water, the footprint was effectively just open table. The table looked like this and we generated Outflank as the scenario.


So, looking at the table, the zone with the huts immediately popped out to me as a problem for the scenario. It was going to be really easy for either of us to just kind of hide a model or two somewhere behind there and contest the zone. So any serious scenario play would have to revolve around the lake and hill zone. The lack of any kind of cover in that zone was both a blessing and a curse – it meant that he couldn’t be too aggressive playing for it or Lylyth would just kill anything over there, but it also meant that I had to be cautious or I could just as easily die. My plan then would be to concentrate heavily on that zone and keep something over to contest and hide behind the huts. I would entrust the deathstalkers with a beast for backup primarily for that job along with the totem hunter who could jump over them as necessary. That was the very broad strokes anyway, and depending on which side of the table I got, I would narrow it down further.

The two lists I brought were Lylyth2 and Thagrosh2 (you will be seeing a lot of them, with some occasional Vayl1 and Kallus mixed in since those are pretty much the only casters I am playing for 2015 – and the lists are pretty well locked as well) and Shawn brought Ravyn and Rahn. While Thagrosh can survive snipe feat go better than most he does either take some serious damage (or loses a beast and possibly two), he can’t really survive Rahn’s drag and murder shenanigans so I was pretty much locked into playing Lylyth2, which is not really a hardship for me since I am having a blast playing her.

My list was:

Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight
– Succubus
– Angelius
– Naga Nightlurker
– Ravagore
– Ravagore
– Shredder
– Teraph
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker
The Forsaken
Totem Hunter
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

and for completeness sake, and if you think my eThags list would be better, please let me know – that is also Leeper’s list:

Thagrosh, the Messiah
– Succubus
– Scythean
– Scythean
– Raek
– Raek
– Seraph
Spell Martyrs
The Forsaken
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Full Blighted Nyss Legionnaires
– Captain Farilor & Standard
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Full Spawning Vessel

Shawn decided to bring Rahn and his list was (from memory – also not sure what his Ravyn list was)

Adeptis Rahn
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
– Chimera
– Chimera
Houseguard Thane
House Shyeel Artificer
Mage Hunter Assassin
Mage Hunter Assassin
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Dawnguard Sentinels
– Sentinel Officer & Standard
– Soulless Escort
Full Houseguard Riflemen
House Shyeel Battle Mages
House Shyeel Battle Mages

I won the roll and chose sides so the rest of the pics will be switched – basically I wanted deny the hill as a defense bonus from my shooting. Also, I was a little bit intimidated by his model count compared to mine.

With that we started the clock and began the game. He deployed across the horizon which made me hate my erstwhile brethren even more. There are simply too many of them to allow to live. My own deployment was a bit more compact – as you can see, I put the deathstalkers behind the forest ready to jump behind huts and contest that zone, and the deathstalker put prey on the assassin closest to the zone reasoning if it moved into the zone I might get some extra movement out of it and a leap over the hut might let me put it in the dirt. If nothing else it might keep Shawn honest. I only deployed the deathstalkers up a couple of inches because they had plenty of movement and range and didn’t want the chimera getting a 2″ shift, and then a full run and then a mage blast AOE with a drift and something ridiculous on top of 1. Better to not even give him a legal AD target. The teraph was the full 6″ and was beginning dug in, I just didn’t have the token out at the time I took this picture.


Each of the chimeras got a focus to run, Rahn put up his forcefield which greatly reduced the effectiveness of those early ravagore just- see-where-they-go shots since he would get to choose the direction of the drift. The sentinels got polarity shield and the artificer ran up to provide them with blast immunity should it become necessary. The sentinels themselves advanced fairly tentatively. The riflemen did a good job of running and spreading out to prevent multiple models being caught in blasts, unfortunately for them, in order to do that, they ended up running forward into range of the deathstalkers. The chimera on my left took shelter behind one of the huts and the other just counted on range to protect him. Eyriss continued to cower behind the forest, though I don’t know what shelter she thought that provided her. Also, although I hate her from my Khador days, in general, I have found she doesn’t really do much against legion so I have been trying to remind myself not to direct a disproportionate amount of effort against her. Fortunately, Shawn kept her far enough back that I wasn’t distracted by her.


For my own turn, I was actually pretty pleased with Shawn’s turn. It looked to me like he advanced way too tentatively to take advantage of his numbers. I felt not pressure to use my feat this turn and felt like I would have a fairly solid round of shooting for little to no loss so I felt like I would just continue with the plan, shave off a few models, and not really shake things up too much this turn. Basically, if I remembered to cast shadow pack and not have to cut for fury I would consider it a win.

I started off with the deathstalkers and used them to trim off 4 of the nearest riflemen (who also happened to be the only ones who could receive the anti-stealth tech, so killing them would be good). The totem hunter advanced up behind a hut, keeping back but having a fairly large influence zone. The succubus advanced and put the ravagore’s animus on itself, it then advanced and killed another rifleman and left a scather template. The other ravagore advanced and killed another rifleman putting another template down (I believe this one drifted 1″ so the direction was largely irrelevant). Lylyth put up shadowpack and tenacity and camped on one (the one down by the succubus, I forgot to move it until after the pic – taking to pic made me realize it) and shifted just a bit to the right, still keeping her options open for next turn, since Shawn seemed to be leaving the hut zone much more lightly manned than I expected. The shredder put tenacity on the angel after I did a quick count and realized I was going to have to cut for fury again.


For Shawn’s turn the chimera on my left apparitioned up and the one on the right stayed largely in the same position. The one on the left got a focus and ran forward, getting within 5″ of the totem hunter. The assassins set up for next turn shenanigans. Rahn arced a chain blast through it and killed the totem hunter but the deathstalker was blessed by Everblight and survived as the blast drifted away. Next up the riflemen received a firing solution for the stealth from their thane and advanced and did a 4 man CRA into the deathstalker, but again, Everblight’s gaze must have been upon her as she was protected and they missed. The sentinels advanced into the zone on the right side and the battle mages formed up into two walls in front of Adeptis Rahn.


I went into the tank for a long time. It looked to me like Shawn had made a couple of very crucial errors this turn. First off, Rahn looked way too close. He only had a couple of battle mages in front of him, and it looked like they were actually close enough that I felt like the teraph could clear the lane for me. I might even be able to aim with the teraph. Additionally, the zones were fairly lightly contested. I could also just wreck the arc nodes and then have a field day. I definitely suffered from some analysis paralysis and think I spent close to 5 minutes off my clock just going through the different scenarios before finally deciding to start working toward scenario play with a couple of ranging shots on Rahn just to keep him honest – in short, half ass everything. The worst possible idea. In my defense, I am really trying hard not to play Lylyth2 as just an assassination caster, but I have such an eye for it as a player no matter who I am playing.

Anyway, the deathstalkers went first and killed off 4 more riflemen then the succubus went and put dragon’s fire on the teraph. Lylyth went next and popped her feat. Then she forfeited her movement to aim. She popped through sentinels killing one swift huntering 2″, snap firing, killing another, moving 2″, feat shot, 2″, snap shot, 2″ her way through 4 of them between feat shot and snap fire and got up onto the hill and tried to take out the UA (being on the hill gave me LOS) but with the boost left him on 1. Also, at this point I realized I should have done this with the snap fire shot rather than purchased shot as I robbed myself of a shot. It is exciting to be learning things like this every game. I ran the Angel and the forsaken around to give me a bit of protection from the incoming sentinels next turn.

It was time to see if I could keep Rahn honest now, and the Teraph aimed and was in range. It hit and killed the center of both battle mage walls thanks to boosts. The rest of the units as well as Rahn were all also set on fire as well. The Ravagore on the left advanced up and since Rahn was already on fire didn’t need to use his animus. I boosted both hits and damage rolls and was able to put him into the dirt despite his 2 camp. (Deathstalkers already headed off for their next mission – I started packing and then remembered to get the pic)


After Action Review

I still had the second Ravagore to go, as well as the naga, the ravagore was going to clean up the sentinels and drop scathers to help protect Lyl. I felt that I had enough transfers to survive a spell run or the light jack so I wasn’t too worried about it (assuming the fire went out and didn’t kill Rahn).

We realized after the fact that we made a mistake with the terrain and there shouldn’t have been the huts in the zone, but they didn’t really end up mattering anyway.

This was the first game where I really started to slow down a bit and was happy with my play. I had a couple of pretty big errors, but over all I was happy with my play. I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with the patient sandpaper style of this list.

Oh yeah, this was the beverage. It was pretty good, kind of fruity. The bubbles were really small. Kind of champaigny.


Ah yes, another game night at the FLGS in Burbank (Emerald Knights Comics and Games). I missed out on last week due to a familial obligation so I was looking to spread some blight. My friend Shawn was there with his Retribution of Scyrah and our games are always tight, hard fought games and I was expecting no less! Last time Shawn and I faced off I was running Khador and he was playing Issyria in his very first game with her – now he was looking for some payback.

For my part, I wanted to bathe in the filthy water that is Lylyth2 and see what all the hype is about – I have only seen her on the table one other time and that was quite awhile back and I don’t remember much about it.

I used a pretty standard Lylyth2 list:

2x Ravagores
2x Nephilim Bolt Throwers
Naga Nightlurker
2x Shepherds
Striders with UA
5 Incubi

The basic idea was to watch for an early assassination and if that didn’t present itself to use the withering firepower of her feat turn on 2 in order to get a sizable attrition advantage. The Incubi are in there in order to give me a bit of game as far as contesting zones or perhaps even securing a flag.

Shawn meanwhile was trying out his light jack heavy Vyros2 list (from memory so may be wrong):

Sylys Wyshnallyr
4x Chimeras
2 Arcanists
Full Dawnguard Sentinels with UA and Soulless Escort
Lanyssa Ryssl

He might have had 2 gorgons – when he unpacked he realized he was missing a chimera.

I was also trying out my new gaming mat. It is pretty sweet looking, but its looking kind of like photographs from straight above are not ideal. Let me know what you think. Also, painted models look WAY better on this table than unpainted. More so that usual. Also, I need to build some custom terrain to go with it.

Anyway, enough of that – we set up the table using some flat terrain (we were both there late so much of the actual terrain was taken) and the two big greem circles are actually zones, not forests. But the smaller ones are forests, even though they are the same material. Really it wasn’t as confusing to play as it looked on the table.

Speaking of the big circles, we rolled up Outflank for our scenario.



This is the terrain below – the brown cutouts are hills, the smaller green ones are forests. The square grey one is a building. The thin short one is a wall. The rocky outcroppings are just a part of the table and are there to look awesome.

I won the roll to go decide and spent way too long making the decision. Ultimately I decided to go first figuring a run forward would put me into position for an early feat. I think it is the first time I have won the roll and actually decided not to go second so it was an odd thing for me. My turn was really pretty much just running everything forward and setting up for next turn. Lylyth cast shadowpack and advanced slightly to the left to toe onto the hill (he didn’t really have anything that could get to me, but the fundamentals are always good to practice).



(No paparazzi! That wasn’t his actual facing, I just wanted to take a picture to see how it would look.)

Shawn’s turn was similarly unexpected. Vyros put up synergy, deflection popped feat, and advanced.


So, feat turn was definitely happening. I had originally planned on trying to kill some of his jacks with my feat, but by popping his feat I didn’t really want to give him any extra movement, but I was in a bit of a bind. He was sitting at armor 22 but had come forward pretty far. I decided to just go for it – it would be a short game either way and people tell their children frightening tales about Lylyth to make them behave, so I figured what the hell. The succubus upkept shadow pack for free and I fondled my 5 stack.

I advanced Lylyth up between the two ravagores to give max coverage and the popped feat. I fired my first shot as a ranging shot and it turned out that he was about 14.5″ away. Hmm, he was on a hill which meant I would need a 12 to stick the pincushion but as a Khador player I know the kind of magic that signs and portents type effects can do. Especially with the bolt throwers having a crit knockdown. I didn’t worry too much about pushing him out of range, the ravagores had easy range and one of the nephs was close enough to aim. Lylyth cast the pincushion on him with a boost and managed to get the 12 I needed. I commented “that might just be the game.” I then used the remaining 2 fury to hand out Dragon’s Fire on the ravagore and the nephalim on my right.

I went with that nephalim since he could aim. I did so and boosted the hit and got the crit knockdown which was tranfered to one of the two shield guard jacks in range. I rolled straight damage and didn’t even take out the forceshield but damage on them is irrelevant anyway. I took his feat shot, got the crit knockdown again and that was shield guarded over to the other jack, knocking it down and setting it on fire.

The other nephalim went next and had to advance, meaning he didn’t have as good a chance of getting the crit. He actually missed the first shot, but got a hit but no crit on the 2nd. I am realizing now that we forgot to do the push but it wouldn’t have mattered since they had the shorter range. I boosted damage on it and rolled something like 16 after dropping the low putting 8 points on him. I had forgotten to move the succubus up to put Dragon’s Fire on him but Shawn said go ahead and let’s say you did (what a gentleman that guy!) Also, I think he probably realized it wouldn’t really matter.

Next up a ravagore aimed and hit and did some damage, and then finished him off with the feat shot, leaving me with a second ravagore, the night lurker, and the striders yet to go and both were going to do fat CRAs into him.

Holy crap. That was seriously legit. Shawn took it in stride, and commented that he shouldn’t have moved so far forward. If he had stayed back even 1 inch I would have lost the pincushion and he might have survived. I think I felt worse about the victory than Shawn did about the loss.

We had time to reset for the game and he was willing, even eager, to play the same matchup I asked if we could do that next time. I was somewhat stunned, and feeling a bit dirty, and figured I would try out Vayl2 if he was down for it, spoiler alert – he was.

Shawn played the same list and again I played a fairly standard list:

2x Angeliuses
Anyssa Ryvaal
Max Raptors
Strider Deathstalker

We played the same scenario on the same table. I ended up winning the roll again and taking a more comfortable 2nd. I picked the same side and we were off. I put prey on the arcanist on the left side. Shawn’s turn was pretty similar to his other opening though he was a bit more cautious. I put refuge on the angel on the right and admonition on the one on the left (that advanced behind the wall). The raptors got occultation and ran up the extreme left flank.



I forgot to take a picture of the next couple of turns. Basically though on his turn, he advanced Eiryss up and she shot admonition off of the angel. Vyros popped feat. The sentinels advanced and minifeated and did several 2 man CRAs into the angels damaging both of them pretty decently. One of his chimeras on the left charged the now admonitionless angel and left it down at three boxes thanks to seriously crap rolls. He also realized too late that he had advanced his sentinels and Eiryss in the way of a chimera on my right that he had planned on finishing the other angel with. I offered to let him move through them as if he had set it up right but he declined saying he should know his own army better than that. He also assigned the aspis over to protect the preyed arcanist. He handed it back over to me and I spent some time in the tank thinking. His feat was up so I didn’t want to kill too many things. There was a single model in the zone on the left and I knew that chimera was out of Vyros’s control area because he didn’t get do any synergy. I could get a control point this turn as long as I didn’t kill much. I started off by advancing the deathstalker within 5″ of Eiryss and taking a shot at her. I got the hit and killed her and did my swift hunter advance to get LOS to Anyssa. He resoponded by advancing a chimera up to engage the deathstalker and the ravogore, stymieing further shooting. The angel on the right advanced and wrecked one that chimera and Vyros advanced into the zone on my right to dominate, but that was the angel with refuge and he moved into the zone to contest. The ravagore advanced and did a double handed throw on that chimera mostly just to knock him down but not kill anything.

I advanced the scythean over and killed the chimera on the left side and freed up the angel, but I didn’t want to give him a chance to get anything else into the zone so everything else pretty much just shifted and I scored a control point.

On my turn I measured to the zone on my left and saw I couldn’t walk into it. I was pretty happy with most things as they were though and dropped 6 fury and ran into the bottom part of the zone.  also shifted the raptors into a zone blocking formation. I killed another couple of lessers and then dominated my zone putting me at 3.

Lanyssa advanced around the building and put hunter’s mark on the angel on the right. The aspis pushed one of the raptors picking up an easy synergy point. A couple of others were earned and then he charged the one on the right with sentinels. One hit the angel but then rolled crap damage (something like a 5 on four dice?) and the other missed. He then sent a chimera in but be couldn’t get both attacks on him so he hit the angel pretty hard, but didn’t quite kill it. He also ran a couple of sentinels into my zone to prevent me from winning.

On his turn I advanced Vayl and cast repulsion and pushed them out of the zone and then ended my turn to dominate and win as the store closed. By the way, this happened to be how I lost to Sam at Kingdomcon – he repulsed me out of the zone and dominated for the win so it was nice to be able to put that lesson into practice. This was about the point that I realized I had forgotten to take pics, so snapped a quick one.


So, that is three games in the books with Legion of Everblight and three wins. I really started enjoying them during that Vayl game. Also talking with Shawn and Ryan after about my winner’s guilt was really helpful for me. I’ll probably do a post on it at some point, but I had some interesting personal epiphanies and any therapy that is predicated on talking about my favorite game is well worth the time spent!

Thanks for reading this far, and as always, feel free to comment or critique!

“Well, I got in my first game playing Legion of Everblight last night.”
“Legion? Isn’t this a Khador site?!?”
Wait, let me back up. The fine folks from Table War were at Kingdomcon this year with a very limited number of I was fortunate enough to get one of the very excellent 4×4 mats. I was looking at them with my good friend and enabler Shep who says something along the lines “Hey, that would work for both Khador and Legion of Everblight”, which leads to a conversation that looks something like the following:
“I only have Khador.”
“Oh yeah, I have been meaning to talk to you about sending Legion your way…”
I raised my eyebrow skeptically.
“I love my Khador.” 
“But think of the awesome snow-themed terrain you could make.”
I stopped and thought a bit about it.
“How about this, you give me the exact models for 2 lists, one of which must be Thagrosh2 because I love that model, and the other is a logical pairing. We are doing Season 2 of the Scars of Caen league and I will run those two lists exclusively and let you know if I am interested.”
Sure enough, he gave me 3 trays of foam and 2 lists which are as follows:
Legion of Everblight – Vayl2

Vayl, Consul of Everblight – WB: +6
– Angelius – PC: 9
– Angelius – PC: 9
– Ravagore – PC: 10
– Shredder – PC: 2
– Scythean – PC: 9
Annyssa Ryvaal – PC: 4
Strider Deathstalker – PC: 2
Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1
Blighted Nyss Raptors – Leader & 4 Grunts: 10

Legion of Everblight – Thagrosh2
Thagrosh, the Messiah – WB: +3
– Angelius – PC: 9
– Scythean – PC: 9
– Scythean – PC: 9
– Seraph – PC: 8
– Naga Nightlurker – PC: 5
– Shredder – PC: 2
– Shredder – PC: 2
The Forsaken – PC: 2
The Forsaken – PC: 2
Blackfrost Shard – Sevryn, Rhylyss, and Vysarr: 5
The league started up last night, and keeping to my word I packed all my Khador up in the closet (save a few models on the painting table) in order to avoid temptation.
Right. So first game with the dragonspawn was against Chris and his Gators. His two lists were Barnabas and Rask. Clearly the Vayl list was right out, since the swamp pits would basically neuter much of the shooting in my list which left me playing Thagrosh2 – which is fitting since he was the big draw to me.
Chris’s Bloody Barnabas list looked like:
Minions – Blindwater Congregation – New Army

Bloody Barnabas – WB: +6
– Ironback Spitter – PC: 8
– Bull Snapper – PC: 3
– Blackhide Wrastler – PC: 9
Gatorman Witch Doctor – PC: 3
Thrullg – PC: 3
Totem Hunter – PC: 3
Gatorman Posse – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Gatorman Posse – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Gatorman Posse – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9

That is a lot of gator beef to chew through for my melee stuff but it looked to be fun. For scenario we rolled up Scenario 12 – Fire Support. I won the roll to go first and chose 2nd as I usually do. Chris set up with Barnabas fairly central, with his beasts near him and a veritable wall of gators as far as the eye could see. The totem hunter, witch doctor, and thrullg were sort of on the left side threatening my objective. I set up with the idea that I was just going to worry about the scenario and likely never even get an attack off on Barnabas. I put a scythean on the right flank planning on using him to destroy gators on that flank and then the objective. The Blackfrost Shard deployed over there to support him and a forsaken was around there as well, though the plan was to veer her off toward the center and see if I could get a bit blight blast off if Barnabas ended up camping a ton. 
The Totem Hunter put prey on the forsaken on the left. 
Barnabas dropped two swamp pits and put iron flesh on the gators on my right, everything else pretty much into swamp pits if they could, and in a line if they couldn’t.  The totem hunter ran forward quite a bit further than I expected it to so I made a slight adjustment to my plan. 
My turn I put dragon’s blood on the central scythean, cast slipstream and moved up to within 2” of the seraph and moved it forward 2”. I riled and ran the scythean on the right and most everything else moved forward. I had one shredder put tenacity on Thagrosh.
The scythean advanced into the forest on the left and was able to get into range of the totem hunter.  I roll a 5 for the number of shots and take all 4 at the totem hunter, boosting hit and damage as appropriate and kill him off. So I wasn’t actually behind the forest like I thought, I was, instead, on a hill. The forsaken both advance and each fills up 4 fury worth. 
The end of the first turn the table looked like this:
The second turn Chris dropped iron flesh for some reason. I was actually fairly happy about it as I was a bit worried about getting through them with a scythean that may or may not have been in range to force by the time I got there.
He dropped 2 more swamp pits, the spitter moved up and shot at the angelius and got a pretty solid hit on it and knocked out the body. On my left the posse got a run charge order and one of them was in range to get to the seraph with the reach attack and landed a decent hit on him but hit the 6 so the damage was split over 2 systems.  The witch doctor zombified that unit. On the right the gators ran over to claim the flag. 
I started thinking that with a decent feat turn I could probably claim both flags, so that is what I set about doing. First off I up kept dragon’s blood. The Blackfrost Shard went first Rhylyss cast Kiss of Lyliss on on the posse and got a hit (once more I was glad he had dropped iron flesh). The other two went ahead and both cast an ice bolt on a posse member that was going to be out of melee range and surprisingly the first one killed his target! The second one put a couple of points on a different gator.  The key here was landing harm, I felt that made it not only possible, but likely that the scythean could clear them out and claim the flag which made feat turn a go.
I cast slipstream, manifest destiny, popped my feat and then charged the objective across the table to center up and give the best coverage. The astute amongst will notice that I did not heal the angelius’s body. Oops. I had hoped to slipstream the angelius but measured my control area before and saw I would be short so instead moved the shredder from around behind the building. I managed to get everything in control range and measured my control area and was actually lucky enough to give the scythean on the right pretty good coverage. I activated him first and got pretty much perfect rolls thanks to manifest destiny. I just advanced rather than charging and made sure that I had 3 of the gators in reach and LOS. I hit the first and had a pretty much perfect damage roll – I left him on one. This let me finish him off with my 2nd initial and the chain attack actually killed both of the other two gators in range. I didn’t even have to force him.
Next up the shredder on my left (the one I slipstreamed) went rabid and charged the gator that was engaging the seraph. I am glad I charged because it ended up being right about 9” away and an advance wouldn’t have gotten him far enough away. The shredder was able to kill the gator but I believe he toughed – it was enough to free up the seraph though, and he flew over to the left and shot the witch doctor and killed him on the 2nd shot. The central scythean charged the zombie gators. I didn’t boost on the initial attack thinking that with manifest destiny up hitting a 7 should be okay. Obviously, mistakes were made. I missed the first attack which meant I didn’t get the chain attack off. I ended up forcing all 4 fury to kill 3 gators, one of whom was knocked down. Oops. Anyway, moving on with the rest of the turn, I figured that Barnabas was going to feat next turn, and while I was out of his threat range (barring rastler throw shenanigans) I didn’t want to risk him getting some gator charges in and killing me so the nightlurker walked up and shot at the gators near the flag and got a crit and killed one. The angel moved around as well and then with feat moves they blocked Barnabas and the war beasts off pretty well so I felt fairly safe – the shredder moved between them just to physically take up more space in case Chris went for the throw assassination. I figured serpentine for guardians here was a good thing. As far as actual attacks, the seraph advanced and killed a gator with its tail (I also learned that they had crit poison, thanks manifest destiny!), the rabid shredder advanced and damaged a gator which the scythean finished off after basing up to the flag. On the right side, the other scythean advanced to base up to the flag and killed the last gator, netting me 2 points.
This is late in my turn but before my feat:
Chris was a bit concerned to have so many Legion beasts crammed down his gator throat so he went into the tank for a while. This was clearly going to be his feat turn so he lined that up. He was able to get most everything in his control area other than the two members of the Blackfrost Shard and the seraph on the far left (which wouldn’t have mattered thanks to serpentine). Most everything that could get a charge order did and he managed to do quite a bit of damage. He killed the angel and both of the shredders as well as the forsaken on the right side. The dragon’s blooded scythean took a charge from the rastler but some fairly crappy rolls let him survive but be down 2 systems. The naga nightlurker took some damage but survived. I was suddenly very aware of the low model count of this army – which happened to be one of my biggest worries in playing Legion. Fortunately for me, he wasn’t really able to get to the flag on the right which ended up giving me another point although one of his gators was close after a charge into the knocked down Blackfrost Shard member (Sevryn). 
Also, looking at these pictures, I think I mixed turns 3 and 4 together in the narrative a bit, I ended up winning on turn 4 rather than 3.
Going into my turn, I had run fairly hot on fury last turn so even though I didn’t reave anything from my casualties I still had to leave some on the seraph who frenzied and hit the rastler for a few points. The flag on the left was fairly well jammed up and I didn’t expect to be able to clear it, but at the very least I had to kill the rastler just in case I failed to get 2 points. I moved the surviving forsaken along the gator’s back lines (she ran into position the turn before – she couldn’t blight shroud this turn, but I was trying to get Barnabas to countercharge there so I could get Thagrosh into position) which Barnabas did and killed the forsaken. 
This opened the space I needed for Thagrosh to fly to the center of the table. The surviving members of the Blackfrost Shard both walked into base to base with the flag and Rhylyss cast Kiss onto the objective, the Scythean walked over to it and killed it with the chain attack giving me the last 2 points.
Victory for the Legion!
After Action Review: 
Well, things went pretty much according to plan. For the most part, I played the hordes stuff right, though Chris was nice enough to let me remember to heal damage after I had ended Thagrosh’s activation.  I definitely should have been more liberal with application of tenacity. I think I only cast it one time the entire game, which is clearly not how it is to be used. 
It was a very fun list to play, having lots of big killy monsters was really fun for me, and his feat is great. Anything that gives you extra movement in this game is very powerful. 
All in all, I had way more fun than I expected to, so watch this space for some more legion games.
Oh yeah, I also won the medal for purists in season 1!

So I played hark last night vs. a pthags tier list with lots of ogrun. It was practice for a tourney so we used relaxed death clock with 70 minutes per player.

My list was a tier 4 Wolf Pack theme force:

58 / 55 (50+5) Warcaster(s) : 1/1 Warjack(s) : 4 Battle Engines : 0 Solos : 1 Units : 4

Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf – WJ: +5
– War Dog
– Black Ivan – PC: 10
– Spriggan – PC: 10
– Demolisher – PC: 9
– Devastator – PC: 9

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2

Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew – Leader & 2 Grunts: 2
Winter Guard Mortar Crew – Leader & 1 Grunt: 3
Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
– 2 1 Rocketeer’s: 2
– Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2

Facing me was Jaime and his new Legion of Everblight with a tier 2 Thagrosh1 Army of Annihilation:

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight – WB: +5
– Carnivean – PC: 11
– Raek – PC: 4
– Ravagore – PC: 10
– Scythean – PC: 9

Warmonger War Chief – PC: 3
Warmonger War Chief – PC: 3
The Forsaken – PC: 2
The Forsaken – PC: 2

Blighted Ogrun Warmongers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 5
Blighted Ogrun Warspears – Leader & 4 Grunts: 8

I won the starting roll and chose table sides:

Sorry about the crap pictures, still no new phone.

I was a bit worried when I saw all that beef over there. The clam jacks are fairly pillow fisted and Thagrosh having Fog of War meant that my light artillery would be even less effective than usual.

I tried to deploy mostly off the center so I could shift either way depending on which flag disappeared. You can see our deployments below as well as the placement of 3 of my 4 wreck markers. The 4th was on the other side of the forest on my left.


his turn 1 he runs everything except thags, puts up spiny on self and fog of war and the ravagore shoots off a random shot that drifts backwards.

my turn 1 I just advance and do some shooting killing a warmonger and do some blast damage to a couple of others and the winterguard infantry run and spread out and Joe calls tough and fearless. He does that every turn due to basically everything on his side of the table causing terror. I won’t mention it again, just assume that I do. Also the flag on my right side is the one that disappears.

This is more or less what the table looked like during my turn.


Jaime’s turn 2 he assaults and kills some winterguard andI make my one and only successful tough check this game. My dice were really rolling hot and cold – I got a lot of way above averages and also a bunch of way below averages. His raek moves over to claim the outlying flag and forcing me to respond or give up a control point on my turn and his scythean ran to engage the devastator.

His ravagore got a nuts drift that hit and killed 2 of the 3 crewman of the field gun as well as covering 2 WGI dudes. He had forgotten to use his animus so they weren’t set on fire and he rolled crap so they both lived.

For my turn 2 I debate for WAY too long – like seriously close to 10 minutes before I even allocate focus or pay upkeeps. I have a pretty solid idea of the things I would like to accomplish but have a little bit of an order of activation puzzle. Eventually I get moving. I finally decide just go for it.

I decide to upkeep only escort and hang on to my focus since I am planning on using the feat to get some slams and charges. That is what was making it difficult because I would have liked to have done some slamming and then broadside, but I couldn’t do the slam without the feat. I made the best of it and started off with the WGI who did a couple of fat CRAs into some war chiefs killing both of them and one of the beasts.

Black Ivan advanced to prevent the forsaken on my left from getting cover and got a direct hit and killing it.

Anyway I finally do activate Harkevich and pop feat and use broadside. I take the broadside shot at an ogrun and use my last focus to boost the damage, reasoning that camping one focus isn’t all that hot anyway.

The devastator slammed one of the ogrun into the one behind it and didn’t do much damage to either thanks to death shroud knocking 2 off the devs strength. It was nice taking a free strike from a scythean with impunity. Armor 28 is seriously legit.

The demolisher did a slam at the raek in order to contest the flag (he was out of range to hit thanks to being on the other side of the flag).

The spriggan took its pre-charge shot but, needing a 10, missed and the blast was too weak to hit anything. He did skewer a warmonger and positioned nicely for next turn – in fact, most of what I did was positioning for next turn. The field gun shoots at the carnivean and gets a double 4 not only hitting the carnivean but knocking it down. Suddenly I found myself wishing I hadn’t shot at the forsaken earlier in the turn with my mortar (it missed and drifted 6 in a harmless direction). This is how it looked at the end of my turn.

The mechanics run to “defend hark from trample” formation.


His turn 3 starts off with the carnivean shaking the knockdown. Thagrosh advanced under fog of war again to take up position on the hill. The ravagore advances a bit and takes a shot at hark but it drifts and kills a mechanic. The scythean uses his animus and moves up behind the armor 28 devastator and hits it twice triggering the chain attack which gives him an extra 3 winterguard in the bloodbath. He boosts to hit on all of them and they all die.

The carnivean charges Joe and kills him and he fails his tough.

My turn 3 I upkeep escort because I have plan and need the extra movement. I hand out all  remaining focus – 3 to the spriggan, 1 to ivan, 1 to dev. I start off with Ivan who advances and bulldozes his way up to Thagrosh (who is sitting on 3) and get a hit but not crit and do 5 points of damage which he transfers. Next up the devastator bullies his way up behind Thagrosh blocking his way to hark and then open up in a rain of death. I get pow 18 on an ogrun and on Thags and rolls pretty well at straight dice and he has to transfer 13 to the carnivean which takes out its spirit. Next up the spriggan moves up and hits with the shield first (which I was not expecting) and then did 2-3 which Thags took (that is why I did shield first – I was hoping to take out that last fury) I then spend 2 boosting both hit and damage with the spear for about 10 which get sent over to the sythean and takes out its mind. I guy one more spear attack and miss. Damn.

Well, the demolisher has 2 shots let’s go for a hail mary. The demolisher moves away from the flag and gets into range of Thagrosh and has LOS through the flag. I need a 12 (well, 13 actually) but think maybe I can do some more damage with blast. I got box cars! Sadly I had no focus to boost the damage but still ended up rolling like an 11 for damage which got like 9 through. The last shot was not so fortunate and at -10 didn’t do anything for the blast. After I had thrown everything at him including the kitchen sink he still had 3 boxes left or something like that.

The mechanics ran over and I was able to get 2 to contest the flag.

I also forgot to take a picture for a while.

By this time Jaime was pretty much out of time so started his turn and then clocked out. The game was so awesome that we decided to play it out. We talked through a lot this turn to figure out if he had a way to get to Hark. Harkevich was not in the carnivean’s LOS so he couldn’t be charged/assaulted. There were a couple of warspears who had shots and took them but missed. The scythean may have been able to trample over to him but would lose his initials and then need to boost his bought attacks thanks to the war dog giving me a 17 def to melee.

Finally he thought he had it, he activated the ravagore and forced it to double handed throw the devastator out of the way to give Thags a bit of room to maneuver. That was when I remembered to take a picture.


Thagrosh advanced to get a Winterguard (who also looked to be within 2″ of Harkevich) into range of a mutagenesis and boosted the hit. He got that off and replaced the loyal son of the motherland. By this time he had 3 fury left I believe? He boosted his initial attack and missed thanks to the war dog. He bought and boosted and this time did some damage – enough to knock me down to 4 thanks to dark shroud dropping my armor down by 2 points. He bought a last attack and missed. Whew, looks like I might have it. But wait! The carnivean could turn to get facing and spray! That is what he did and he needed an 11 on 2d6 (no forcing because of spirit being out) and he got it! He only needed to roll a 6 to take out the last 4 boxes and that is exactly what he rolled. Again due to dark shroud. About this time we realized that we were doing the wrong shroud – he just had the -2 str one, not both the -2 str and -2 armor. Jaime never said that, I just misremembered and when I asked one of the guys watching had the same misremembrance.

So Thagrosh was left in melee on no fury with Harkevich who was about to get his full stack back – the store was starting to close up so that was the game, but I am fairly confident that I could get those last 3 points off of Thagrosh in my turn so another victory for Harkevich and another notch in the ham-bat. It wasn’t pretty, but there it was.

Some thoughts –
I really missed the juggernaut’s melee weapon. A crit stationary would have really helped out vs. Thags. Lacking that, I shouldn’t have fished for the crit brutal with Black Ivan and just done a head butt to knock him down. That would have let me buy 3 additional attacks with the spriggan and I could have bought an extra ps16 from the devastator rather than boosting the roll at straight dice.

In general, I am not sure about running double clam jacks. Sure, they are great at contesting, but I am really concerned about how low their PS is in melee as well as how much their armor drops when they attack – I know the idea is to keep them closed up, but that is a lot of points tied up in basically something that will get 1 attack per turn (slam or possibly broadside) and just bulldoze most of the time.

I am not writing them off yet – and 1 is certainly in my list. The spriggan shooting is pathetic and if there is no stealth at all the utility of the flare is worthless and he more or less becomes a beat-bot. Reach is nice in that regard though, no denying that – so I think that there is definitely room for 1 in the list. Maybe 2 since if I can knock something down and don’t need to boost to hit that I can get some solid damage with his pointy stick.

Black Ivan is obviously solid on the shooting. His melee is pretty laughable though and his crit effect feels like a trap to fish for. On feat turn it might be worth it to shoot something and charge something on a small base but I should probably just keep him back and consider him +2 armor for hark – this is the 2nd game in a row that I ended up being out of escort armor buff range for him. Though honestly, with khador, the +2 movement is probably enough to keep it up often anyway.

The winterguard infantry did pretty well – they got in my way a bit though. That was due mostly to me trying to spread them out to protect them from ravagore death templates. The mortar was pretty good – even putting some damage on ogruns – his particular list didn’t have many soft targets and even so it got some work done. Especially after the slam when I knocked something down – though it turned out I still needed a freaking 8 to hit because it was on the hill and in fog of war.

The field gun got a couple of hits over the course of the game and did some damage but unboosted pow 14 isn’t terribly exciting. I did get a crit knockdown though, so that was pretty sweet. I think I will use that more in support of the jacks in the future rather than off on a flank.

Hark continued to do some good work on his own – shooting down 2 wounded ogrun in turn 2 thanks to broadsides – I actually ended up not handing out any focus that turn since I knew I was going to feat and would kill anything I got close to, or was just slamming to keep closed up. I am constantly amazed that his attrition game is so much better than it seems like it would be given the fact that I am running multiple khador jacks and skimping on the infantry. Also, the bearded one can take a punch, even on 0 focus. Obviously you don’t want to get too cocky, but he is pretty solid.

Okay I have probably rambled on long enough, if you made it through this, thanks!

So, I have decided to take the plunge into a new miniature game.  Well, new to me.  Sort of.  I used to play back in Mark 1 some but then it got a little too rock/papers/scissors for me so I dropped it.

Well, at the urgings of many (a few) I have decided to give it another chance.  I spent some time looking at the privateer press website and reading some batreps in the forums and decided that I would go with Legion of Everblight.  The are kind of Dark Eldar-ish from 40k and are blind landsharks, so what is not to love?

One of the most useful places I found was another newbie blog, , and I liked how he was chronicling things.  I found it very helpful and was inspired by his growth as a player – I think it would be fun for him to go back and reread some of the stuff from time to time.  Anyway, it gives me a focus for my obsessing anyway to at least be able to get the thoughts out of my head.

I ordered the starter box from the Warstore and picked up a couple of other warlocks based on what I was reading (and the models I liked) Vayl and Saeryn to go with Lylyth, who comes in the starter set (you can only use one at a time but it will be nice to learn with I think).  I admit it, I like the ys in chick’s names.

Well, the box came today, I am hoping to get some models built tonight, but I am a bit sick.

Another site I found for inspiration is building and painting the faction box for Everblight in 10 days.  I will also be pinning the hell out of my models because I just get mad when I have to fix them after they have already been painted.