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Although it wasn’t my intent I realized at this point that I just needed to paint up one more model to have the battlebox done so I figured may as well.

Then I took a picture of the battlebox.

Madrak, 2 Impalers and an axer.


So, continuing with my year of the Trollblood I have decided that since I have an axer and impaler done, I may as well take a short detour from my Jarl tourney list and finish painting up the troll battlebox.

Here are some wips of Maddie. I am doing one model per week this year and trying to limit it to getting a single model painted up in a night, but after talking with a few friends I have extended that on character models.

I had really hoped to have him finished in just a night or two, but it is going to take 3 – but I blame part of that on 2 sick babies… I have yet to master painting and rocking a crying child at the same time. Perhaps my epic incarnation will be able to do it.

Enough blathering, here’s the pics.