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Welcome to another video batrep – or, as I am calling it, my ongoing Dorkumentary. This one is a bit more shaky than the other – seriously, if you have any suggestions for stabilizing a flip, let me know. Also, it was pretty loud in the store so sometimes my voice get drowned out a bit but I was able to hear everything okay when I was listening to it after I stitched it together. I was getting a bit anxious at the end of the game because it took SO long so I talk kind of fast, sorry.

Okay, I am going to go into a short little rant here. My opponent Joe, is a really really nice guy. Very gregarious and apparently pretty popular (it was my first time meeting him). It seemed like EVERYONE who came into the store stopped by and talked with him and held little conversations.

Some of which went a bit long.

At one point after not less than 10 minutes and trying to get him back into our game I just went with my turn stating what I was doing and putting down tokens. When it was finally his turn he was surprised that I had cast Batten Down the Hatches (despite me having done it every turn, saying I was doing it, and then putting down the token). This game took close to 3 hours.

I will NEVER play another 3 hour 35 point game.

My wife was home sick and I had the time when the girls were napping to run over to the FLGS – I figured 2 hours would have been plenty. It wasn’t in this case.

Please, for the love of God, if you are playing a game with someone or you want to talk with someone who is playing a game, please please please try and keep your attention on the game you are playing and keep the conversation short. Yes, wargaming is a social hobby and it is actually one of the things that I like most about it. However, this game just went from a really enjoyable experience to an incredibly annoying and frustrating one. You can hear in the video at the end how rushed it was. I was basically hitting stop on the recording as I was talking. And yeah, I know recording the game slows it down a bit but in this case, a 3 hour game was covered in 6 and a half minutes of recap, so it didn’t add that much time and I made sure it was okay with my opponent before even showing up.

Again, let me state that Joe is a really nice guy, very sociable, a lot of fun to play. This isn’t a Joe bash so much as an etiquette reminder. Sadly, the fact that it went SO long also meant that there is no wrap up in the video – I will write mine below the video. If Joe sends me something I will happily add it to this post.

Okay, now that that is off my chest on with the real reason you are here. Strangely, I ended up playing against Mercs again at the Aero Hobbies WM/H day in Santa Monica, CA. This list was very different from the previous one I played. The list Joe brought was:

Magnus the Traitor
2x Renegades
Croe’s Cutthroats (full)
Steelhead Halbardiers (min)
Orin Midwinter
Gorman di Wulfe

I switched up my own list to try a Carver list with a heavy ranged element:
Lord Carver, BMMD Esq III
War Hog 2x
Farrow Brigands (max)
Farrow Slaughterhousers
2x Razorbacks

Unfortunately, this list just comes up to 34 points. We really need a 1 point model in the Thornfall Alliance. And now, without further ado, I present the main event.

So, this list started out as a kind of lark when I realized the amount of templates the Farrow can lay down per turn. If I had a 3rd gunboar I would probably swap out the Slaughterhousers for it and then add in a unit of Bonegrinders just to maximize shootiness and give me some magic attacks in case I go up against incorporeal solos or Menoth.

Once again I had absolutely HORRIBLE tough rolls. I am glad the forums warned me about how almost worthless they would be. I never expect to make them so I am not disappointed. And on the off chance someone makes it, it is cool. If you are playing with tough models I recommend that approach. The list worked really well. I was extremely happy with how I was able to dictate much of the flow of the game. The shooting was a big enough threat that he had to advance some and I think it forced Joe to make the mistake of devoting the entire unit of Croe’s Cutthroats to deal with the razorback and gunboar on that flank.

Overall, I felt in control of pretty much the entire game. I was able to ensure I was on the good side of almost any trades and at the end of the game he basically had Magnus left while I had Carver, the War Hog, a Gunboar, a brigand and Targ. I could have played it out to the win, but I was already super late and wanted to see if Carver could take out Magnus on the charge (I am still learning his capabilities).

I made an error in not boosting to hit, but I also realized I messed up and was thinking Carver had Weaponmaster, so it is Karmically appropriate that I missed with pretty much all my attacks. Thanks for reading/watching, and seriously, if you have any tips for stabilizing a Flip, let me know. My search-fu has failed on this, though I did find some pretty cool things one can do with building a filming rig out of PVC…


My FLGS (Aero Hobbies) in Santa Monica has a monthly Warmachine/Hordes day and I was able to swing for a while.  I met up with Darrin who organizes the thing and we agreed to a 35 point game.  I loaded up trusty iBodger, named the list Dr. A 35 points and wrote it up.  It was my first time making it out of the (metaphorical) basement and I was pretty stoked.  Here is the list I ran:

Dr. Arkadius, 2x warhogs, 2x gunboars, Targ, razorback crew, and a min unit of bonegrinders.

Why yes, now that you mention it, I did forget to change the point size in iBodger from 25 to 35.  Wish I would have noticed this before I got home after the game 😉

Facing me across the table was a Merc army led by Ashlynn D’Elyse. This is what I remember:

Ashlynn D’Elyse, a nomad, a gun mage captain jackmarshalling a mariner, Dannon Blythe and Bull, Rheinhold, Rutger Shaw, Taryn di la Rovissi, full Nyss hunters, full gun mages.

I don’t play mercs, so please forgive any errors you see.

They mostly play just straight up caster kill and Darrin decided to start mixing it up so we went with Killbox (the black is the box).  Since it is new to everyone there Darrin figured it would be best to have a persistent reminder.

I won the roll to go first and I set up pretty central for the most part but I had a gunboar on each flank.  The one on my left was marked as prey and then I used my redeploy thanks to the tier bonus to flip it to the other side.

Dr. A cast aggravator on himself and forced evolution on one of the gunboars.  Pretty much everything else ran forward.

In return the mercs were a bit cagier – the gunmage jackmarshal put snipe on his jack giving it 172,000″ range or something like that and then he shot and damaged a warhog and I took the full hyper aggressive movement.  The gunmages advanced and shot as well giving the hog one more advance which left him barely in Dr. Arkadius control range.  I took a tiny bit more damage but chose to stay where he was.

Here is the one and only pic I remembered to take…

Turn 2 I had an awesome plan to feat but then went and screwed it up with my running warhog in the center who basically hosed the gun boars and his own feat charge.  I went ahead and took it anyway and frenzied the wounded hog into the gunmages and unsurprisingly splattered one of them.  That was the only one I decided to use the feat on.

After my feat the warhog charged the nomad and started off with a gore which knocked it down.  Thanks to some light damage rolls it ended up surviving with a couple of points of movement.  The gunboars shot at the nyss and killed a couple with good drifts and also killed both Taryn and Rutger.  The gunboars get much hate on the boards, but they are always boss in my games.

As an aside, the look of horror on my opponents face the first time they get hog to face is always a joy.

Ashlynn continued to play the sneaky game and tried some shooting which did decent damage but not enough to kill anything.  The nyss did wipe out the razorback and put some damage on one of the gunboars.

This looked like a good time for Ashlynn to feat.  Her feat is so freaking good.  The shooting did a good job of beating up the warhog but not quite killing it.  The rest of the force kind of shifted around and the nyss hunters charged into the gunboars to tie them up and keep them away from Ashlynn who was in a corner of the killbox now.

The nomad stood up and attacked the warhog but missed(or hit and didn’t damage).

Come my turn even with the roulette feat still up I managed to kill the nomad and start to threaten menacingly.  Unfortunately I checked the time and was about 20 minutes over what time I told my wife I would be home.  I tried the most ill-fated assassination run in the history of the game.

I basically blew all of my fury trying to crippling grasp the nyss and clear the warhog of the nyss.  Since I was rushing I activated in the wrong order and was unable to maltreat for a fury.

In return the mariner with snipe got a hit and boxcars on the good Dr. putting him in a world of hurt.  The gunmages advanced and did a CRA on him finishing him off.

I think, had I not had to rush right at the end, even though I was down 10 points that I could have pulled it off.  Thanks to my redeploy, early movement and naked aggression I was basically taking my entire army against half of his for most of the game which, strangely, ended up giving me a points advantage in the scrum.  I sure would have loved a unit of brigands though!

Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of (mostly) text!

I have been on a bit of a gaming glut lately – I love how much shorter the games can be than 40k and still be competitive and fun.

I got in my first 2 games against Mike, a local press ganger at 15 points.  Just to keep things simple for me I just basically ran the Everblight starter box and added a Strider Deathstalker (so that was pLylyth, 4x Shredders, Carnivean, and a Deathstalker).

I am not sure of Mike’s list but I am thinking it was pMagnus, Reinholdt, a Mangler, a Nomad, and uhhh something else that was a light with a single shot.

These games in particular are going to be quick and dirty coverage as they were really just about learning the mechanics of the game.

Game 1

The table was pretty symmetrical with the cross corners each containing a hill and the other corners containing a small forest.  Right smack dab there was a big bridge with a batch of shallow water.

I pretty much just lined up straight across from him with my shredders to either side and the Deathstalker on the far right.  I then threw him away by standing him right next to a shredder (AOEs – d’oh!)

Other genius moves were sending my shredders wide out on the flanks.  I then learned that 10″ for a control area is really really short.  The shredder on the left frenzied and went for a swim, the one on the other side went and chewed up on one of the other jacks scratching the hell out of the paint.

I then thought I was being clever and charged the Carnivean over at the cluster of Magnus and his escort killing Reinholdt in the exchange for my Carnivean.  Sweet 10 point trade there.

Fortunately the end was mercifully quick and we reset for game 2.

Game 2

This time, I was determined not to make the same mistakes.  Fortunately there were plenty of others to make.  I used my Deathstalker quite a bit better this time.  I ran him up the right flank, swung around, took a shot and killed Reinholdt.  He was far enough off to the side that dealing with him would pull away part of Magnus’s phalanx and Mike refused to fall for so obvious and clumsy a gambit.

I then popped Lylyth’s feat (yeah, I should have done it first, not that it ended up mattering) and hit the shooty ‘jack and tried a spiny eruption to take out Magnus.  My master plan was the Carnivean advancing and spraying.  Apparently, it is really hard to with with just shooting in this game.  A shredder charged in and locked the jack preventing much from charging the Carnivean.  Strangely enough a shredder wasn’t quite up to the job and was squashed, freeing up the mangler who moved up on the Carnivean and knocked in its teeth.  Mike then charged Magnus in against the Carnivean, basically to throw me the game.  It was unnecessary, I have been playing games long enough to expect to lose a lot when starting a new one but it was a nice gesture I guess.

So on paper I guess I was 1-1 though in reality I was 0-2 heading over to my friend Shep’s place to go against his Cygnar.

But those will have to wait for another day.  Thanks for reading.