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My Challenge model

Posted: February 14, 2015 in legion of everblight
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So, as a follow up to the Paint or Donate challenge that I posted about before I am going to be painting up Lylyth3 that I got as a gift from my friend Ryan (who I also happened to challenge). So here is the a pic of the model, I’m hoping to get a video of me doing some painting.



EDIT: Crap. Sorry, wrong blog. This is obviously not a Warmachine post. It should have been on my Malifaux blog. Also I should probably just have one combined hobby blog, but I prefer to keep them separate at least for now. Anyway, if you want to check out malifaux stuff go here –

It has been a while since I have done any painting, and one of the #ToMB requirements is to get the stuff painted up. Honestly it is a large part of the reason I signed up to participate. Sure, I am excited about the games and learning a new game system. But there was a time that I loved to paint and since I don’t have as much hobby time as I used to thanks to working two full time jobs and raising three daughters. I have found that without my hobby I become cranky, and am hoping that painting will help me be more effective at the work and fathering.

Okay enough blather. First up, I primed the entire group for the promised family portrait after priming. Oh a side note, right after priming several models slipped off the cardboard I was priming and fell to the asphalt. It was not cool. After I cooled down I repaired the models and set to painting.


Since I am using the old metal models and the card artwork has the new models, I decided to paint the Belle’s clothes to match the cards – so that part of the color scheme was pretty well defined out of my control. First up I decided to go with the simplest of the models to paint and using one of the colors I enjoy painting the most – purple. The paint style is pretty old school – base colors lightened with shades of white for each consecutive layer. The purple I went with was Liche Purple from the GW line, the white used to make the highlights was P3’s Menoth White Highlight. The “accessories” were Sunburst Yellow (I believe it is called) with just a single layer of highlight made the same as the purple. The flesh color was from P3 Midlund Flesh highlighted the same. The eyes are straight Asuryan Blue wash from GW over the white of the eyes, and the mouth is also mostly white but with a thick layer of Baal Red, also from GW.  I am going to hit the skin with some death washes at some point. Also, I had intended to hit the purples with a purple wash, but didn’t realize I was out until I had painted it. The hair is P3 Bootstrap Leather with a wash of Devlan Mud. Also, just as an aside, there is something about that model’s face that totally reminds me of Carmen Electra – so I am calling her Carmen. That pretty much finished out the time I had allotted for painting so called it a night. There isn’t much left to do on this one, just finish up the handle and tip of the umbrella and possibly a thinned purple wash or a glaze made of Liche Purple.The bases are all going to be done at the same time so I can have a consistency with the wooden slats that I might otherwise not end up with due to my ad hoc painting mix method. Also, I watched Gallowwalkers while I painted this to stay in theme – that movie is fairly terrible and I am super glad I was doing something else while it ran.


The next night I decided to watch something else while I painted up another Belle. The reason for starting with them, btw, is that they are the only models that are repeated in the list and for gaming purposes I wanted a clear way to identify to both myself and my opponent which models matched up with which cards. As mentioned earlier, the dress colors were already defined by the cards. As I looked at the remaining two Belles, I noticed that what I assumed to be sculpted as ringlets on one of the Belles could also quite easily be dreadlocks. A quick check of the face to make sure that the features would work well enough made me decide to color this one with a more Caribbean/African ancestry and between the remaining colors I felt that blue would work better with that skin tone. Also, this was definitely one of the dropped models which raised my blood pressure just a bit before I even started as I remembered the rage.

For these colors I started with P3’s Trollblood Base for the color and again mixed the highlights it with with the Menoth Highlight color. I really wanted to use Bestial Brown for the skin as I had experimented quite a bit for my old Catachan 40k army which was inspired by the United States Viet Nam era scheme and found that color worked exceptionally well. Unfortunately I didn’t have any on had so instead went with Mournfang Brown. It has a bit more of a red tint to it that I wanted, but I felt that worked well enough for a Caribbean ancestry. The hair was a P3 Coal Black. It has a nice bluish tint to it that gives it some life. Finally I washed the feather boa with straight Asuryan Blue and then watered it down for the dress and gloves since I wanted them to have different qualities. I was watching the Teen Wolf TV series while I painted which ended up distracting me quite a bit more than Gallowwalkers. That series is actually pretty decent so far – I am surprised. Anyway, back on topic, I need to do her accessories still, as well as finish her umbrella – I think my next painting night will be finishing both of these models to completeness sans bases.


Anyway, thanks for following along with me and I would love to hear any comments that you have.

As mentioned earlier this week it is pretty busy here so I am just going to add a couple of pictures of things I have completed and things I am working on.


I didn’t realize until I took this pic that I need to redo her base in the current scheme – this was my test model.






I probably should mess with the white balance on these, but like I said, I have been busy.


As mentioned last month I doing the Muse on Minis play it painted 2013 challenge.  Last month I posted by pledge and now here is a finished version – 


My pledge for February is Zerkova and a full manowar unit.



I’d like to take some better pics but all I am using right now is my phone, so, sorry.

This is just the link to my post on the MoM forum post so I can link back to it when I post the finished items.

Play it painted

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I decided to the play it painted pledge over at muse on minis.  This is my month 1 pledge post.  Sorry for the incredibly crappy pic.


Sorry for the lack of updates it’s been an insanely busy couple of weeks at work, here is my classic dire troll mauler in all his rage.  He is made because he is missing a tooth. 


Today’s catchup is the Winter Troll.  Much maligned by most of the community he has a few ardent supporters.  I like him, but he is always my 3rd or 4th light warbeast choice (depending on warlock) so he doesn’t get a ton of table time.  I do like him in a fun all light gunny list that I have played before to which I think I will be adding rok.


On the new work front I have been doing a lot of assembly with my limited hobby time so nothing new is painted, but I have built a second fell caller, a full unit of champs, a champion hero, the champion UA, the Sons of Bragg, and half assembled a 2nd full unit of champions.  Hopefully I can get a picture of them tonight and put them up tomorrow.