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I have been on a bit of a gaming glut lately – I love how much shorter the games can be than 40k and still be competitive and fun.

I got in my first 2 games against Mike, a local press ganger at 15 points.  Just to keep things simple for me I just basically ran the Everblight starter box and added a Strider Deathstalker (so that was pLylyth, 4x Shredders, Carnivean, and a Deathstalker).

I am not sure of Mike’s list but I am thinking it was pMagnus, Reinholdt, a Mangler, a Nomad, and uhhh something else that was a light with a single shot.

These games in particular are going to be quick and dirty coverage as they were really just about learning the mechanics of the game.

Game 1

The table was pretty symmetrical with the cross corners each containing a hill and the other corners containing a small forest.  Right smack dab there was a big bridge with a batch of shallow water.

I pretty much just lined up straight across from him with my shredders to either side and the Deathstalker on the far right.  I then threw him away by standing him right next to a shredder (AOEs – d’oh!)

Other genius moves were sending my shredders wide out on the flanks.  I then learned that 10″ for a control area is really really short.  The shredder on the left frenzied and went for a swim, the one on the other side went and chewed up on one of the other jacks scratching the hell out of the paint.

I then thought I was being clever and charged the Carnivean over at the cluster of Magnus and his escort killing Reinholdt in the exchange for my Carnivean.  Sweet 10 point trade there.

Fortunately the end was mercifully quick and we reset for game 2.

Game 2

This time, I was determined not to make the same mistakes.  Fortunately there were plenty of others to make.  I used my Deathstalker quite a bit better this time.  I ran him up the right flank, swung around, took a shot and killed Reinholdt.  He was far enough off to the side that dealing with him would pull away part of Magnus’s phalanx and Mike refused to fall for so obvious and clumsy a gambit.

I then popped Lylyth’s feat (yeah, I should have done it first, not that it ended up mattering) and hit the shooty ‘jack and tried a spiny eruption to take out Magnus.  My master plan was the Carnivean advancing and spraying.  Apparently, it is really hard to with with just shooting in this game.  A shredder charged in and locked the jack preventing much from charging the Carnivean.  Strangely enough a shredder wasn’t quite up to the job and was squashed, freeing up the mangler who moved up on the Carnivean and knocked in its teeth.  Mike then charged Magnus in against the Carnivean, basically to throw me the game.  It was unnecessary, I have been playing games long enough to expect to lose a lot when starting a new one but it was a nice gesture I guess.

So on paper I guess I was 1-1 though in reality I was 0-2 heading over to my friend Shep’s place to go against his Cygnar.

But those will have to wait for another day.  Thanks for reading.