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I am going to try out a slightly different format for this battle report, please let me know what you let me know what you think of it.

This game put me up against one of my many nemeses, another local PG, Shawn. Shawn surprised me by, rather than bringing his blue fury, brought his own angry elves. I must admit I sighed a bit in relief. My enlightened Nyss have a much easier time against their own benighted cousins than against the trollbloods, generally speaking. Since we were fortunate enough to have someone handy that wasn’t playing to set up the table for us we were both left going hmmmm. We agree to only play the blue as water, the footprint was effectively just open table. The table looked like this and we generated Outflank as the scenario.


So, looking at the table, the zone with the huts immediately popped out to me as a problem for the scenario. It was going to be really easy for either of us to just kind of hide a model or two somewhere behind there and contest the zone. So any serious scenario play would have to revolve around the lake and hill zone. The lack of any kind of cover in that zone was both a blessing and a curse – it meant that he couldn’t be too aggressive playing for it or Lylyth would just kill anything over there, but it also meant that I had to be cautious or I could just as easily die. My plan then would be to concentrate heavily on that zone and keep something over to contest and hide behind the huts. I would entrust the deathstalkers with a beast for backup primarily for that job along with the totem hunter who could jump over them as necessary. That was the very broad strokes anyway, and depending on which side of the table I got, I would narrow it down further.

The two lists I brought were Lylyth2 and Thagrosh2 (you will be seeing a lot of them, with some occasional Vayl1 and Kallus mixed in since those are pretty much the only casters I am playing for 2015 – and the lists are pretty well locked as well) and Shawn brought Ravyn and Rahn. While Thagrosh can survive snipe feat go better than most he does either take some serious damage (or loses a beast and possibly two), he can’t really survive Rahn’s drag and murder shenanigans so I was pretty much locked into playing Lylyth2, which is not really a hardship for me since I am having a blast playing her.

My list was:

Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight
– Succubus
– Angelius
– Naga Nightlurker
– Ravagore
– Ravagore
– Shredder
– Teraph
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker
The Forsaken
Totem Hunter
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

and for completeness sake, and if you think my eThags list would be better, please let me know – that is also Leeper’s list:

Thagrosh, the Messiah
– Succubus
– Scythean
– Scythean
– Raek
– Raek
– Seraph
Spell Martyrs
The Forsaken
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Full Blighted Nyss Legionnaires
– Captain Farilor & Standard
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Full Spawning Vessel

Shawn decided to bring Rahn and his list was (from memory – also not sure what his Ravyn list was)

Adeptis Rahn
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
– Chimera
– Chimera
Houseguard Thane
House Shyeel Artificer
Mage Hunter Assassin
Mage Hunter Assassin
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
Dawnguard Sentinels
– Sentinel Officer & Standard
– Soulless Escort
Full Houseguard Riflemen
House Shyeel Battle Mages
House Shyeel Battle Mages

I won the roll and chose sides so the rest of the pics will be switched – basically I wanted deny the hill as a defense bonus from my shooting. Also, I was a little bit intimidated by his model count compared to mine.

With that we started the clock and began the game. He deployed across the horizon which made me hate my erstwhile brethren even more. There are simply too many of them to allow to live. My own deployment was a bit more compact – as you can see, I put the deathstalkers behind the forest ready to jump behind huts and contest that zone, and the deathstalker put prey on the assassin closest to the zone reasoning if it moved into the zone I might get some extra movement out of it and a leap over the hut might let me put it in the dirt. If nothing else it might keep Shawn honest. I only deployed the deathstalkers up a couple of inches because they had plenty of movement and range and didn’t want the chimera getting a 2″ shift, and then a full run and then a mage blast AOE with a drift and something ridiculous on top of 1. Better to not even give him a legal AD target. The teraph was the full 6″ and was beginning dug in, I just didn’t have the token out at the time I took this picture.


Each of the chimeras got a focus to run, Rahn put up his forcefield which greatly reduced the effectiveness of those early ravagore just- see-where-they-go shots since he would get to choose the direction of the drift. The sentinels got polarity shield and the artificer ran up to provide them with blast immunity should it become necessary. The sentinels themselves advanced fairly tentatively. The riflemen did a good job of running and spreading out to prevent multiple models being caught in blasts, unfortunately for them, in order to do that, they ended up running forward into range of the deathstalkers. The chimera on my left took shelter behind one of the huts and the other just counted on range to protect him. Eyriss continued to cower behind the forest, though I don’t know what shelter she thought that provided her. Also, although I hate her from my Khador days, in general, I have found she doesn’t really do much against legion so I have been trying to remind myself not to direct a disproportionate amount of effort against her. Fortunately, Shawn kept her far enough back that I wasn’t distracted by her.


For my own turn, I was actually pretty pleased with Shawn’s turn. It looked to me like he advanced way too tentatively to take advantage of his numbers. I felt not pressure to use my feat this turn and felt like I would have a fairly solid round of shooting for little to no loss so I felt like I would just continue with the plan, shave off a few models, and not really shake things up too much this turn. Basically, if I remembered to cast shadow pack and not have to cut for fury I would consider it a win.

I started off with the deathstalkers and used them to trim off 4 of the nearest riflemen (who also happened to be the only ones who could receive the anti-stealth tech, so killing them would be good). The totem hunter advanced up behind a hut, keeping back but having a fairly large influence zone. The succubus advanced and put the ravagore’s animus on itself, it then advanced and killed another rifleman and left a scather template. The other ravagore advanced and killed another rifleman putting another template down (I believe this one drifted 1″ so the direction was largely irrelevant). Lylyth put up shadowpack and tenacity and camped on one (the one down by the succubus, I forgot to move it until after the pic – taking to pic made me realize it) and shifted just a bit to the right, still keeping her options open for next turn, since Shawn seemed to be leaving the hut zone much more lightly manned than I expected. The shredder put tenacity on the angel after I did a quick count and realized I was going to have to cut for fury again.


For Shawn’s turn the chimera on my left apparitioned up and the one on the right stayed largely in the same position. The one on the left got a focus and ran forward, getting within 5″ of the totem hunter. The assassins set up for next turn shenanigans. Rahn arced a chain blast through it and killed the totem hunter but the deathstalker was blessed by Everblight and survived as the blast drifted away. Next up the riflemen received a firing solution for the stealth from their thane and advanced and did a 4 man CRA into the deathstalker, but again, Everblight’s gaze must have been upon her as she was protected and they missed. The sentinels advanced into the zone on the right side and the battle mages formed up into two walls in front of Adeptis Rahn.


I went into the tank for a long time. It looked to me like Shawn had made a couple of very crucial errors this turn. First off, Rahn looked way too close. He only had a couple of battle mages in front of him, and it looked like they were actually close enough that I felt like the teraph could clear the lane for me. I might even be able to aim with the teraph. Additionally, the zones were fairly lightly contested. I could also just wreck the arc nodes and then have a field day. I definitely suffered from some analysis paralysis and think I spent close to 5 minutes off my clock just going through the different scenarios before finally deciding to start working toward scenario play with a couple of ranging shots on Rahn just to keep him honest – in short, half ass everything. The worst possible idea. In my defense, I am really trying hard not to play Lylyth2 as just an assassination caster, but I have such an eye for it as a player no matter who I am playing.

Anyway, the deathstalkers went first and killed off 4 more riflemen then the succubus went and put dragon’s fire on the teraph. Lylyth went next and popped her feat. Then she forfeited her movement to aim. She popped through sentinels killing one swift huntering 2″, snap firing, killing another, moving 2″, feat shot, 2″, snap shot, 2″ her way through 4 of them between feat shot and snap fire and got up onto the hill and tried to take out the UA (being on the hill gave me LOS) but with the boost left him on 1. Also, at this point I realized I should have done this with the snap fire shot rather than purchased shot as I robbed myself of a shot. It is exciting to be learning things like this every game. I ran the Angel and the forsaken around to give me a bit of protection from the incoming sentinels next turn.

It was time to see if I could keep Rahn honest now, and the Teraph aimed and was in range. It hit and killed the center of both battle mage walls thanks to boosts. The rest of the units as well as Rahn were all also set on fire as well. The Ravagore on the left advanced up and since Rahn was already on fire didn’t need to use his animus. I boosted both hits and damage rolls and was able to put him into the dirt despite his 2 camp. (Deathstalkers already headed off for their next mission – I started packing and then remembered to get the pic)


After Action Review

I still had the second Ravagore to go, as well as the naga, the ravagore was going to clean up the sentinels and drop scathers to help protect Lyl. I felt that I had enough transfers to survive a spell run or the light jack so I wasn’t too worried about it (assuming the fire went out and didn’t kill Rahn).

We realized after the fact that we made a mistake with the terrain and there shouldn’t have been the huts in the zone, but they didn’t really end up mattering anyway.

This was the first game where I really started to slow down a bit and was happy with my play. I had a couple of pretty big errors, but over all I was happy with my play. I am starting to get a bit more comfortable with the patient sandpaper style of this list.

Oh yeah, this was the beverage. It was pretty good, kind of fruity. The bubbles were really small. Kind of champaigny.



I was able to get in a game a bit before Christmas but only now have the time to write it up. As I have mentioned before on Facebook and the PP forums I have decided to stick with just Strakhov and Harkevich until TempleCon. I am calling this my “Hammer and Anvil” sessions with Strakhov being the “glass hammer” and Harkevich being the anvil.

Anyway, I was able to make good on this threat against Shawn’s Vyros1 list. My current working theory is that Strakhov is far more than the “Heaven Piercing Spear” tactic he is best known for and I am keeping that in mind as I plan and play my turns. I visualize him, and thus try to play him, as very patient and calculating but when it is go time, he is ready to go. As an aside, my local group and I have talked before about how cool it is that PP does a great job of making many of the pieces work better when you keep the fluff in mind and use that to inform your game decisions. Obviously that isn’t a license to be an idiot, it is just an interesting observation that has proven itself in the past.

I have also recently finished assembling my gun carriage, so you knew that would show up.

My list:
Black Ivan,
Max AKs with 2 flamethrowers
Min Battle Mechaniks
Min Kossite Woodsmen
Gun Carriage
Iron Fang Kovnik
Koldun Lord
Widowmaker Marksman
Yuri the Axe

They would be facing off against:
2 Manticores
2 Griffins
2 Arcanists
Houseguard Thane
Max Rifleman with UA
Max Halbardiers with UA
Max Sentinels probably with UA

We were playing the early beta version of Incursion where the center flag always stays. He chose to go first and I picked sides. The first thing I noticed after he set up is that he had about a billion dudes. Like seriously, all of Ios was there. My own list felt a bit undermanned, not least of all, I am sure, due to me keeping the Kossites in reserve. The plan with them was to staunch any bleeding of CPs if I was out of position when the flag disappeared. Also, if they had a chance to kill those lousy mechaniks they would.

Shawn deployed most of his stuff as centrally as possible, but again, with a billion angry elves he blotted out his table edge.

I forgot to take a pictures he started moving but it should be good enough to give you an idea. That thing in the middle is a hill, btw, and the white templates there are covering fire. Also, sorry for the crappy pics, I have an old iPhone4.


So the Iosans advanced, the manticores laid down covering fire templates, the halbardiers got inviolable resolve and shield walled with desperate pace from the thane on top of the hill in the middle. The light warjack headed out to the flanks and the sentinels moved toward the flag on my left. The rifleman advanced in a fairly wide line behind the halbardiers.

This is what my deployment looked like:


That is Yuri on the left and both the WMM and the manhunter on the right. I thought that I was being clever with my deployment but then I ended up having a few issues – namely I needed to activate my IFK before I activated the assault kommandos to give them shield march. I needed to get them out of the way so I could get Strakhov over to put sentry on the gun carriage, but I also needed to have the gun carriage go first to protect myself from any silly errant drifts backward and I wanted to make sure and use ride by attack so I could drop some templates and then fall back a bit. So yeah, moral of the story here is to plan your first turn moves and actions before you deploy. Anyway, I made it work (also putting superiority on the spriggan which I upkept for the rest of the game) and then more or less and even had some spot on drifts with the gun carriage. The carnage would have been amazing had the halbardiers not been sitting at armor freaking 20. As it was, I had some fantastic rough templates dropped down and managed to end with sentry on the gun carriage after all. Also, as a bonus, the widowmaker markman advanced up and shot one of the mechanics and then dropped back a bit and my manhunter ran over to the flag on the right. I figured if it stayed I would be in good position and if it disappeared I could continue running to the other side of that forest the next turn just to threaten and be a pain.

Turned out that flag stayed.


Turn 2 we would see just how big of a pain those rough terrain templates would be on the elves. As you can see in the picture above the halberdiers were almost completely covered by the templates. Shawn considered running them but instead just sucked it up and moved forward in shield wall slowly. I triggered sentry to try and give them another bit of rough terrain to deal with, but it scatter back to cover the wall. The thane gave the riflemen firing solution and my poor widowmaker marksman became the first casualty of the new solo’s ability to deny stealth. The light jack on my right advanced on the manhunter and boosted the hit roll but somehow missed with the reach weapon and was out of range for the shield. The manticore then dropped a covering fire template over the middle of the light jack to prevent the manhunter from being able to attack it at all. The sentinels had to scramble for relevance and began shifting laterally to my right after their flag disappeared. I also forgot to take a picture at the end of Shawn’s turn. Vyros ended up moving onto the hill and striking a pose and looking pretty boss.

For my turn I was pretty happy with the table state and decided to hold the Kossites for another turn. I didn’t really need the bonus from shield march since I wasn’t planning on going the full distance forward so he just moved up a bit. The assault kommandos were next since I wanted to give the gun carriage a change to hit. They advanced in shield wall against and started firing gas grenades at the riflemen on the hill. I got a couple of hits despite needing something like a 9 to hit the one not on the hill, this gave me a couple of other targets and I fired the rifles of some of the guys once I was happy with the gassing. I also gassed a couple of my own guys in the back to give them some protection from the halberds the following turn. I still had a couple of rifle shots left so through them up in hope of getting lucky but couldn’t get through armor 20.

The gun carriage went next and with a ride by attack launched 2 more templates. One of them got a direct hit on one of the guys on the hill thanks to the gas and killed him and the one in front who wasn’t benefitting from shield wall since the damage originated in his rear arc. The rifleman on top of the gun carriage finished off the cluster of 3 since the remaining member was alone and no longer in shield wall.

I advanced the spriggan up behind the AKs, pretty much center of the table and ready to respond to whatever came up and fired his grenades but they did nothing. Strakhov fired a smoke grenade into the back of one of the assault kommandos to give a true smoke template to block LOS back to himself and put sentry on the gun carriage again and occultation on himself just because those manticores were starting to give me the willies.  Meanwhile, the koldun lord powerboosted ivan who used the focus to boost his to hit roll on another of the halberdiers and killed him. When all was said and done I think I killed 5 or 6 of the halberds, doing much better than I thought I would. The rough terrain templates below are the brass rings, btw, and at the end of my turn the one under the wall went away but the template was hard to get to so we just left it there.


Shawn spent a bit of time thinking about what to do this turn and finally decided to page 5 it. He gave a focus to the light jack on my left and then found out that the other one was out of Vyros’s control area. He also kept inviolable resolve on the halberds. Yuri ended up not as fortunate as the manhunter and he was cut down with a single blow. The riflemen tried a 4 man CRA on the gun carriage but only did a point or two. The other rifles tried to draw line on Strakhov but was stymied by the cloud so instead they had to slake their bloodthirst on the Iron Fang Kovnik.

The halberds decided to forego shieldwall in order to try and punch the AKs armor and charged. They also popped minifeat just because it was getting a bit late and the store only had about 40 minutes left til close. The gas templates caused him a bit of consternation and he ended up not crowding in quite as much as he might otherwise have liked. He killed a couple of the AKs. Vyros moved over to the forest on the left setting up to maybe dominate the right flag on the next turn. He also moved the manticore more or less between Strakhov and Vyros. Since Strakhov had stealth he ended up covering the middle flag with a covering fire template.

I spent a bit of time looking at the table. Vyros looked a long way off, but he looked like he was about 20″ away from the spriggan so I gave him 3 just in case. I know that I have said that “heaven piercing spear” is not my preferred plan with Strakhov but it is still a tool in the toolbox. Also, the store was closing soon so I figured it was a good time to practice it out – win or lose the game was over soon. My plan of putting the spriggan in the center of the table was decent, but I was pretty well jammed by my own AKs so there was a bit of an order of activation issue that I had to get right. I also decided to bring in the Kossites this turn behind that forest and see if I couldn’t put a few points of damage on Vyros just to make it easier. That didn’t work out (I did get a couple of hits, but couldn’t crack his 19 armor), but they did manage to kill a couple of sentinels so I was still happy with them. The koldun lord sprayed away some halberds to give the AKs a bit of room to get out of the spriggan’s way.

I had the assault kommandos use assault and battery to take some shots and then charge in to kill a few halberds – I had hoped to hit the center halberdier with gas to make it easier for Strakhov to hit when it came up. I made sure and left one halberd that was center of the table with the plan of using him to springboard the feat. Things were set up, so may as well go for it. Strakhov feated to get range to charge the halberd, moving through the covering fire template and taking a couple of points of damage. At the end of my charge I cast overrun with my last 2 focus and had to raw dog the 8 to hit – I had forgotten that they have set defense! Fortunately for me, he pulled it off and easily killed the elf thanks to the ps15 on the charge. I triggered overrun on the spriggan and moved over and set up the lane and used my sprint move to get Vyros in feat range. The spriggan charged and bulldozed the manticore out of the way. The charge ended up being closer than I thought it would be and I only got in range of the reach weapon. I was effectively rat 10 on the charge and I agonized over whether to boost the hit or not but eventually decided to (I am still not sure if that was the right choice). Spriggan got the hit and had a slightly above average damage roll (12 I think). I bought an attack and boosted the to hit with my last focus, got the hit and then got enough to put him in the dirt.

I can’t claim particularly genius tactics this one, but a win is a win and I will take it. I was actually really happy with how the list worked and I was in great position to play a bit of attrition. Had I had more time the plan would have been to use the spriggan to kill the manticore and then overrun back to safety and let the AKs and ivan kill off halberds and start working on scenario.


After action review: I am really happy with how everything worked together this game. This is a list inspired by my conversations with Shwan  (not to be confused with Shawn, my opponent) and against this type of troop spam list worked really well aside from my positioning errors both at deployment and a couple of times that I didn’t mention above (an example was moving the koldun lord to get the spray but blocking in ivan – it didn’t matter in this game, but it could have been a big problem in a longer game. Strakhov seems to reward patience and the longer you can keep your feat as a threat the better off you are – Shawn tried to pull Vyros back and the threat of the feat I think made him more cagey than he would otherwise have been. The rough terrain from the gun carriage was clutch but against something with a lot of access to pathfinder wouldn’t have been as dominant (although three 4″ AOEs is pretty legit against most infantry).

All things considered, I will definitely be giving this list some more table time and soon!

I have really been working on getting my games in quicker lately so haven’t been doing any pictures or video so be warned of a wall of text ahead.  As a pretty new player adding that one extra bit of split attention was really adding to the mental strain of the game.  I know that they are easier to follow and more enjoyable to read and will definitely be getting back to them sooner rather than later.  I have a new top secret plan to try out…

Anyway, last Sunday was a big game day at Emerald Knights comics as it was the semi-official kick off of the Journeyman league.  It is a bit odd, because we actually made the move to 15 point lists on that day as well but the patches were in and it was the first time a lot of us go to meet.

I was able to get in 3 pretty quick games.  Two were battlebox and the the third was a 15 pointer.

The first battlebox game was against Chris and his gators.  Chris is very new to the game but is a great painter.  His gators are all looking really good.  We had been bantering back and forth on facebook for a while so it was nice to get in a game with him.  I won the roll and went first.  I advance deployed as far forward as I could and then put quagmire on the warhog to help counter the high def of the gators and cast batten down the hatches.  Everything advanced or ran.  Barnabas dropped a few mud puddles and the the turtle and the rastler moved forward into it.  The turtle spit and did a bit of damage but nothing major.   I activated Carver first and he advanced a bit and cast mobility and batten down the hatches and upkept quagmire leaving him on 0 fury.

The warhog charged at the wrastler.  The big problem here came when I realized that I forgot to pop my feat and the warhog basically fluffed his attacks.  It was okay though because the turtle had left itself in a beautiful slam lane to hit Barnabas.  Until he missed, that is.  Barnabas activated his countercharge ability and moved forward.  I fired with the other gunboar and hit on an unboosted 12.  I then boosted damage and rolled 18!  5 dice all turned up with 6s!  It was pretty exciting for me and pretty depressing for him.

The rastler was unable to take down the now armor 21 warhog despite using all 4 fury and the other gunboar required all 4 fury and Barnabas’ help to take out the gunboar.

The following turn Carver finished Barnabas off personally.

The other battlebox game was against Shawn and his Retribution of Scyrah.  We setup and played on the same table on which I had just brutalized Chris.  I went second but advance deployed as far forward as I could.  The elves moved forward.  I advanced a bit more cautiously, knowing full well what Kaelyssa was capable of.  I dropped a rift template to prevent any shenanigan charges and made sure Carver was safe from any charge angles.  It worked perfectly right up until his jack apparitioned (or apparated if you prefer) and then slammed the hog into Carver, knocking them both down.  Kaelyssa shot first and stripped me of fury and then the Manticore killed me.  I was seriously just laughing at how throroughly I got stomped.  I just need to always batten down the hatches, even if I think I am safe from shenanigans.

Three days later I realized I forgot to roll Carver’s tough like I always do!  I am going to write up on a 3×5 notecard that CARVER IS TOUGH just so  I don’t forget.  That also made me laugh.

My 15 point game was against Josh and his Cryx.  This was a rematch and I came out on top of that one.  With the extra points he was able to add a couple of solos and I added a min unit of bonegrinders and ran 1 point light.  I have since realized that I can take a max unit for just 1 point so that is what I am doing going forward.

This game was fast and violent just like our first one.  I left a lane out for Deneghra to charge Carver on turn 2 after he fluffed his attacks on the slayer under his feat.  Luckily for me batten down the hatches was up and, more importantly, Josh rolled snake eyes for one of Denny’s attacks.  The combination of the two meant that I had survived her assassination run and put her in a dangerous place.  One of the bone jacks tried to finish me off and put corrosion on me.  That left me with 2 life and a continuous effect so I had to win the game and now.  The failed assassination left Denny kind of hanging out there and Carver was able to finish her up.

I know that this is a really short write up, but it was actually a super fun and tight game.  I don’t expect to come out on top next time we play – my luck can only hold so long!

Shawn came over the other evening and we knocked out a journeyman game. Our league is going a bit slower than the standard because most of us are part time gamers at best thanks to kids and full time jobs and school.

I set up the table before Shawn got there in something that would be interesting to look at with enough terrain to interact with. I realized I have about a million and one fences and thought it would be cool to do a roadside inn kind of thing with a wrecked building. I used the fences to suggest roads and to make it feel in the woods I added some, er, woods. And a small green lake. As an aside, I REALLY need to get some kind of better battle mat for these fantasyish setting games. Can anyone recommend any in particular?

Since I did the setup I let Shawn pick his side and he won the roll to go first.

The farrow all stayed fairly close together and advanced with the gun boars pulling off slightly. The Retribution light jacks went out wide on the flanks. Kaelyssa cast phantom hunter on herself and kept it up for the whole game. I put quagmire on the war hog hoping to help deal with that highish defense of the ret jacks. I am also not going to mention it after this, but just assume I am cutting myself for fury every turn thanks to Kaelyssa stealing my beasts’ fury. I took 6 or 7 damage before being the target of a single attack.

The manticore laid down a covering fire template and then bought some extra shots knocking out the mind of the gunboar on my right. Shawn misjudged a charge distance and came up short with the arcnode light (can’t remember the name now) by about a half inch on the wounded gunboar. It is possible that this oversight cost him the game.

The griffon was in range and charged in on that same turn (these charges were before I had Batten Down the Hatches up – I totally misjudged his threat range and after this cast it most every turn). Kaelyssa then popped her feat to prevent any charges on my part.

In retaliation Carver activated first, popped his feat and moved over to the griffin and hit it a few times before casting Batten Down the Hatches. Once more I was reminded how much not the Butcher he is. He did manage to take the shield down do a few other things. The gunboar on the left advanced and hit him but also didn’t kill him unfortunately which meant it was down to my war hog to. He killed him with his initial attacks. The other gunboar closed on the arcnode and did nothing since his mind was out and I had forgotten to heal it in my activation.

The arcnode shifted a bit and then beat on the gunboar knocking him down to 5 boxes. Luckily for me he spread the damage out across multiple spirals and mind was still the only thing out.

Carver activated, shifted back a bit and remembered to heal the gun boar’s mind for 1 and recast Batten Down the Hatches. The newly healed gunboar was up next. He grabbed the arcnode and threw it toward the warhog. The warhog activated, charged the arcnode and destroyed it. The wreck is under the covering fire template.

Shawn was in dire straits but also so an opportunity. He advanced Kaelyssa and Carver was just in 12″ by about a mm. He was sitting on 2 fury and she hit and used a stolen fury to boost and rolled a 16 for damage on the 3d6! I transferred to the undamaged gunboar because she was just going to steal my last fury anyway. He then shot and boosted and got a 15 for damage! With the damage Carver had already taken just to get his full fury every turn he was down to just 5 boxes and Kaelyssa had one shot left. Fortunately for me, his dice swung the other way and he rolled a 4 on 3d6 sparing the farrow warlord.

Kaelyssa had fought with honor so Carver felt she deserved to die by his hand. He advanced into range of his sawed off scattergun and shot her twice. The first one took off a decent amount of damage but I rolled snake eyes on the second one! Yikes! I used my remaining 2 fury to cast mobility and suddenly wasn’t feeling quite as safe.

The gunboar advanced but made sure and left enough room for the warhog if he became necessary and tried to headbutt her but missed. Uh oh. I have one model that can save me.

Luckily the warhog was able to get to her thanks to mobility and with a boosted gore knocked her down before finishing her off. It was a tight game and if I that last gore had failed to get a crit knockdown. He very well could have pulled out a win!

Another win for the farrow and another tight and fun game with Shawn! Batten Down the Hatches really saved my bacon here but I am afraid once we start adding points that it won’t be nearly as good thanks to the mage hunter strike force.

Thanks for reading!

My wife and my girls got me a shiny new Flip for my birthday and of course, the first thing (well, second or third actually) that I thought about was how awesome it would be to do video batreps!  I love writing up batreps and taking the pics and everything but they end up taking a really long time.  Sadly I don’t have a ton of time these days so this is really awesome.

Retribution of Scyrah list was:
Mage Hunter Strike Force (max with UA)
Mage Hunter Assassin

And the Farrow were represented by:
Lord Carver, BMMD Esq III
2 War Hogs
Gun Boar
2 Brigands (min)

Without further ado, on to the main event.

A couple of things I learned as a result of this game (without spoiling the end) are 1. you can cast both mobility AND batten down the hatches – for some reason I thought it was one or the other, and 2. I really need to hit the gym.

I’d love some feedback here since this is my first video batrep 🙂


Continuing to hone our killer instincts for this game Shawn and I decided to try out 15 point games with different casters. I went ahead and decided to try out a couple of new small units as well – a min unit of brigands and a razorback, to be precise. Shawn was happy to see one of the warhogs stay in the bag so it was really a win/win proposition.

Here is a look at the army I brought – Lord Carver, min brigands, razorback, gunboar, and warhog.

Facing this Shawn brought Ravyn, a Phoenix, a Manticore, and a mage hunter assassin.

Since I am going to want to do tourney play I went ahead and started timing my turns. I went with an extremely generous 10 minutes per turn (which is what they have at a 50 pointer) and managed to actually keep track and take some pictures.

I won the roll to go first and activated Lord Carver, Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire, the Third first and he cast mobility and put quagmire on the brigands and advanced. Everyone else ran forward with the brigands calling pathfinder. This turn took 4 minutes.

The Retribution also advanced everything though not quite so aggressively.

Turn 2
Carver upkept quagmire and recast mobility and then everything advanced again. This time the brigands called Heroic and ran to surround Carver and protect him from and assassin shenanigans. The razorback shot hoping for a lucky drift but didn’t get it. Everything else just drove forward with an appropriate amount of aggression (that is to say, a lot). All in all, I thought way too much this turn and spent 8 minutes on what should have been a pretty straightforward kind of turn.

At this point Shawn noticed that I had set him up a nice little bowling alley and slammed the warhog with his manticore a mighty 6″ which blasted through 3 of the brigands and Carver himself! The phoenix advanced and burst into flames filling the air with the delightful aroma of cooking pork.

Here is the view from his side of the table –

Ravyn dropped back a bit to safety and put a veil of mists up to block LOS.

On my turn most of the fires went out (though the warhog continued to burn) and one model died but made his tough roll (we weren’t sure the order of things dropping off so we used the flow chart and had it fall of at the end of maintenance phase. We know that is wrong now) but was still knocked down. Carver and the warhog both shook the knockdown but at a cost of a third of his focus. He dropped quagmire too.

Carver himself felt the rage building at being treated like a bowling pin and there was only one thing left to do. He feated! He then cast batten down the hatches and then charged the manticore, holding on to his last fury for a transfer if things went bad. This is where I really felt the effect of blowing 2 fury during the maintenance phase. He did a lot of damage to the manticore but didn’t destroy it. I wasn’t quite willing to risk that last fury to finish the manticore.

The brigands went hogwild and dealt with the assassin and the warhog charged the phoenix but didn’t destroy but did wreck several systems including field generator and cortex.

My turn 3 ended up taking 15 minutes but didn’t really feel like it. I need to play much faster.

Shawn had taken a pretty serious beating but was still in the game. Both of his jacks were seriously damaged but also still pretty scary – especially when Ravyn popped her own feat offsetting somewhat the diminished capabilities of the destroyed systems.

They caused some decent damage but Batten Down The Hatches mitigated most of it. Ravyn again brought forth a veil of mists to protect herself.

It was time to go for the kill on my turn 4. Carver cast mobility and then put quagmire on the gunboar. Carver then finished the work he had started with the manticore but couldn’t quite do the phoenix but the warhog finished it off in his activation. The gunboar ran through the mists to get base to base with Ravyn and locked her in place thanks to quagmire. This turn took 4 minutes and I was pretty happy with the pacing.

This is where we learned that Shawn was treating Ravyn far too timidly. Since the warboar was locking him in place he just killed it. Then he shot at Carver and almost killed him, even with the transfer he had available! This is what the battlefield looked like – Ravyn had upkept the veil of mists.

And this is what Carver looked like –

I was suddenly not feeling quite so positive about my chances…

The game had to end and it had to end now for it to have a happy piggie ending. The brigands activated first and went around the mists and did a CRA on Ravyn damaging her. With a bit of desperation I activated Carver and he advanced into the mists as far as he could. It was out of range of the Hand of God, even with reach. There was only one chance and he fired with both barrels. His boost just managed to finish her off!

Whew, that was way too close for comfort!

After action review –
Warlock – Carver did great! It is nice to play a bit more of a beatstick than Dr. Arkadius. Carver does support his battlegroup by boosting their speed or making them even harder to kill. His bonuses to the farrow brigands are nice making them both fearless and giving them CRA.

Ravyn does a frightening amount of damage for an elf. Shawn was playing her too much like Kaelyssa. I think next time I face her she will be a bit more aggressive.

Units – I totally misplayed the razorback. I overestimated both their range and their threat priority. I should have run them for two turns and then probably not even wasted the combat action to dig in.

The brigands did great for their first appearance. I am looking forward to using them more. They are a great toolbox unit.

Warbeasts – Again, both farrow beasts did everything I asked of them and then some.

There is a game day at my FLGS coming up and I am hoping to bring them along to eat some new faces.  Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I guess, actually, that should be a sneak peek at elves.  This is Shawn’s test scheme for his Retribution of Scyrah army.  I think it is absolutely gorgeous.