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Alright, this is the new name for this regular feature. This week we take a look at Cygnar’s true King. This quote is from book 2 of the Witchfire Trilogy as is the art.

Nine years it has been since I was exiled from my homeland.

Nine years the usurper has violated my crown, my throne, my kingdom.

Nine years my subjects have had to forget the old ways…

Nine years is long enough.

When I make my return to Cygnar, the very stones will cry out for mercy.

– Vinter Raelthorne IV


One of the most amazing things about the Iron Kingdoms setting for Warmachine and Hordes is the background. Privateer Press began with an incredibly interesting and creative roleplaying game campaign for the d20 system called The Witchfire Trilogy. The world they created is a very interesting mix of steampunk and magic which is torn apart by wars of expansion and survival.

I firmly believe that because the setting was founded on a roleplaying game the Iron Kingdoms have a very strong (and moving!) narrative. The fiction is top notch and each of the books has both a through line story which moves the overall narrative forward as well as a contained story focusing on the topic of the book at question. In addition to that there are a number of callouts throughout the book. A callout is basically a small bit of background or story that really serves to arouse the imagination without bedding her down again.

I absolutely love the callouts. They contribute to my favorite avocation of day dreaming but they are often overlooked in the main cannon. This regular feature seeks to alleviate that oversight. In addition to callouts, I will also likely choose to spotlight the occasional bit of “card fiction” or quotes in the future as well.

So, now that you know what the point of this is I present the very first stand out callout! I chose this piece to lead the series because it has stuck in my head since the book in question (Iron Kingdoms World Guide) was released way back in the first part of 2005. In fact, this callout is the reason I bought the book despite not roleplaying. It also helps that it features one of my favorite characters.

“When the first waves of Menites began to defect at the behest of Heirarch Garrik Voyle, Queen Ayn Vanar XI thought it best to remind the Khadoran people of the price for treason. One of her favored patriots, the infamous Butcher of Khardov Orsus Zoktavir, was sent to serve summary justice. He single-handedly slaughtered an entire cathedral full of would-be defectors, piled their heads on a wooden barge, and floated it downriver as a sign to all who would dare leave the Motherland in its time of need. It was a time of war and the Motherland would need every one of her sons and daughters.

At the nearly the same time and with the support of the kayazy the queen mobilized her forces against Llael intent on reclaiming Khadoran lands…”

If you are interested in purchasing the the Longest Knight, I am a big fan of –
and the world guide is here – though if you can find the hardcopy it has a great map of Western Immoren in it.