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Here are some pics of the Farrow battle box for the Journeyman league. Not much to say except that I did touch up the warhog so I will post more of him in his more doneness state later.


So, last night I watched Castle and was going to build a model but then discovered to my horror that my superglue was ancient.  Like, Clinton era ancient.  Rather than frustrate myself further, I set about to cleaning flash and such off the models and got Lylyth and all the shredders done.  I also did part of the Carnivean and tried some dry fitting and honestly have no freaking idea how that thing will go together.  I predict by the time I am done there will be more greenstuff and glue than metal…

Also, I want to get some cork for the bases – I need to hit up Osh or Home Depot and see if I can find a single bit.  I don’t want to get a ton of it.

So, I have decided to take the plunge into a new miniature game.  Well, new to me.  Sort of.  I used to play back in Mark 1 some but then it got a little too rock/papers/scissors for me so I dropped it.

Well, at the urgings of many (a few) I have decided to give it another chance.  I spent some time looking at the privateer press website and reading some batreps in the forums and decided that I would go with Legion of Everblight.  The are kind of Dark Eldar-ish from 40k and are blind landsharks, so what is not to love?

One of the most useful places I found was another newbie blog, , and I liked how he was chronicling things.  I found it very helpful and was inspired by his growth as a player – I think it would be fun for him to go back and reread some of the stuff from time to time.  Anyway, it gives me a focus for my obsessing anyway to at least be able to get the thoughts out of my head.

I ordered the starter box from the Warstore and picked up a couple of other warlocks based on what I was reading (and the models I liked) Vayl and Saeryn to go with Lylyth, who comes in the starter set (you can only use one at a time but it will be nice to learn with I think).  I admit it, I like the ys in chick’s names.

Well, the box came today, I am hoping to get some models built tonight, but I am a bit sick.

Another site I found for inspiration is building and painting the faction box for Everblight in 10 days.  I will also be pinning the hell out of my models because I just get mad when I have to fix them after they have already been painted.