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At this point I felt like turning to support so the krielstone bearer was a no brainer.  These guys make a fair amount of my lists (but certainly not all).




Although it wasn’t my intent I realized at this point that I just needed to paint up one more model to have the battlebox done so I figured may as well.

Then I took a picture of the battlebox.

Madrak, 2 Impalers and an axer.

Was able to get in a few Gnarl league games over the past week or so and just haven’t had time to update this – all games were scenario and SR2012 are marked as such. SR2012 are done with appropriate time restrictions though we tend to be a bit more relaxed about extensions.

I read someone else on one of the posts was talking about a quick journal of their games – I am going to try that rather than the lengthy batreps I typically do, just since my time is so limited. I am only going back a week or so because any more than that gets a bit foggy for me.

I have been sticking with the same list for a while just to kind of stabilize the focus and experience I get from playing them. The 35 point list for all games was:

Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels +6 points
* Earthborn Dire Troll 10 points
* Swamp Troll 4 points
* Troll Axer 6 points

Fell Caller Hero 3 points
Janissa Stonetide 3 points
10 Pyg Burrowers 6 points
Stone Scribe Chronicler 2 points
6 Trollkin Scattergunners 5 points
* Scattergunner Officer & Standard 2 points

For 25 points I just basically used what was on the table with a few cuts and adding an impaler. This list is FAR from finished and far from good, really, but it was against a new player on league night so I didn’t really care too much about making a super competitive list.

Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels +6 points
* Earthborn Dire Troll 10 points
* Troll Axer 6 points
* Troll Impaler 5 points

Janissa Stonetide 3 points
6 Trollkin Scattergunners 5 points
* Scattergunner Officer & Standard 2 points

SR2012 35 point eGrissel vs. eStryker – Win by assassination. eStryker was forced to try an an assassination run since I was up on scenario points. He beat the snot out of eGrissel, but she had 3 fury and an undamaged Swamp Troll. At the end of the run, Swampy was dead and she had taken 6 points of splash damage. She was then able to put Stryker down. Big lesson learned this time is that even when you think Stryker has a long attack range, you are probably underestimating it.

SR2012 35 point eGrissel vs. eStryker – Win by assassination. eStryker was playing a bit more cagey this game. I had an EBDT charge an arcane shielded Stormclad but didn’t really do much. A force to stand burned a fury and I think that was the big deal. I should probably have waited a trn. I put good money after bad and charged in with the axer who did nothing. Grissel popped feat eStryker was feeling plucky so did just 1d6 overboost and took 3 for only 2 strength which my feat had basically negated. Stryker was unable to finish the deal so the Stormclad returned the earthborne to the dirt from whence he came and turned on the axer, knocking out his spirit. Fell caller hit Grissel with warcry. Janissa advanced and slid the Stormclad out of the way, Grissel healed the axer’s spirit just in case before charging. She got Stryker down to 1 or 2 and the axer had to finish up for her (which he did). The big learning point here was that Stryker should go big or go home when overboosting.

SR2012 35 point eGrissel vs. Rahn – Win by assassination. Janissa’s wall was instrumental in thwarting push/pull shenanigans. Rahn was very hurt by turn 2 dash burrowers ignoring free strikes but not killed. Inhositable Ground is very good against Ret. This forced Shawn to play prett defensively with him and I was able to clear out the sentinels. EBDT jammed on a bunch of sentinels and the combination of Grissel’s feat and a nearby wall let him survive the non-charge retaliation. In the end it was dashed, buffed dygmies that gave Rahn something else to brood about. This was Shawn’s first time seeing the dygmies and I don’t expect them to be so effective next time around with him.

35 point eGrissel vs. eButcher tier – Loss on scenario. So many doomreavers… I had a couple of hot run on tough rolls and inhospitable ground really earned its keep – the crescendo template was also really good. The dygmies went for a turn 2 assassination run on eButcher but had crap rolls with the guns and couldn’t hit or get through armor. The scenario we were playing had the reinforcements artifice which we chose not to use but I could really have used something coming in from the side to contest a zone. As it was, going first still didn’t get me up close enough and then with all those AD doomreavers running into it pretty much sealed the deal. This game has me looking back at the krielstone instead of swampy – on feat turn my axer might have weathered the doom reavers he was engaged with and contesting the zone and the same with the EBDT.

25 point eGrissel vs. pDenny – Win on assassination. This was an interesting one because I have neither played nor written up any 25 point lists before. I decided to mostly just shuffle points down out of my usual 35 point list and that didn’t go well. I basically ended up running my scattergunners like kriel warriors. I ended up winning after the axer frenzied which killed the arc nodel tying up both him and the EBDT. The impaler put his animus on himself and advanced and crit slammed a model through denny which knocked her down and the EBDT was rushed by Grissel and went over and finished the job thanks to an unexpected 4 extra inches of movement. It was my first time facing Darraghe Wrathe and his light cav so it was fun.

I also had to get in two team games for the league in order to get the patch. Since I am the only Minions player I went ahead and did that for the official team up with Shawn’s Retribution of Scyrah which technically violates the year of the Trollblood but I am okay with it since it was 2 one off games for the league. The list I took for both games was:

Sturm and Drang
2x War Hogs
4 Bone Grinders

Shawn brought a Rahn list and we faced off against pGaspy and Kara Sloan. Rahn did what Rahn does and pulled Kara’s light jack across the table on turn 1 and then smashed it with the Phoenix, the Cygnar player ended up mostly sparring with Shawn until the last turn of the game when Kara popped feat and should have blown Sturm and Drang off the table save for a couple of horrible rolls. Gaspy swarmed the center of the table with infantry. Drang then goaded the two warhogs in an impressive display of goading violence killed the necrotech, most of the mech thralls and even a couple of Satyxis Raiders. I lost one of the warhogs but the other was able to clear the middle of the table on one side as the Phoenix cleared Kara’s infantry leaving us in control of the center of the table and the win. We did rush the end a bit so we could get in the second league game.

For this game I found myself teamed up with the Gaspy player (the limited factions in our league allow a few leniancies on pairing) again Ryan’s pStyker list with a battle engine and the Denny player from before with basically the same list just pared down to fit in. This game was very rushed, but the combo of Denny’s feat and the Cygnar shooting killed one war hog and basically neutralyzed the other. We ran out of time because the game store was closing and it ended in a draw. While it wasn’t hopeless the other side definitely had the advantage.

The slow grow league at Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica has begun. It is a super slow-mo-grow league which is basically following the Journeyman format except rather than over 6 weeks it is over 6 months. Also, custom battleboxes are allowed since a pretty heavy majority of the players are “vets”. The choice of battlebox is important because you must use those models in the following months kind of as the core of your force.

I decided to go with Jarl because I like the image of a trollkin highwayman. I can’t help but think of Rob Roy and thus my Jarl speaks like Liam Neeson in my head. Also, in a game of inches movement shenanigans are gold and 3 of his 4 spells are movement buffs. I’m going to be writing more on him soon but suffice it to say that I like him.

By God, you have a style to you! I like that!

By God, you have a style to you! I like that!

Since Jarl’s main weapons are ranged attacks it only makes sense to bring along everyone’s favorite animus, er, light warbeast the Impaler. His snipe buff is huge with withe 12″ range on Jarl’s guns. It allows him to aim at targets up to 16″ away for a couple of boostable pow 12s. The Impaler himself isn’t too shabby in the support role – he can take a punch for the team when the enemy gets close enough that the animus isn’t as important and his short ranged throwing attack has crit knockdown and while you can’t count on it, it is a pleasant surprise when it happens.

Rounding out the force I wanted a beatstick that would work well with Jarl’s hit and run play style. The eathborn dire troll fits the bill nicely. He has a decent speed buff of his own which combined with some of Jarl’s spells can give a truly frightening threat range. His adaptation ability combined with a ridiculous 5 fury enable him to hold his own in these battlebox games as most of the other warjacks and beasts people take have pretty solid POW on their weapons.

So basically the theory behind the list is to take little bites out of the enemy with Jarl at range while keeping back out of range and then when the enemy gets too close to go full monkey on them.

So, as the Emerald Knights Comics journeyman league winds down the Aero Hobbies slow grow league starts up. Unfortunately since November is also nanowrimo I am not going to do much gaming this month as I furious write. Also, one of my little ones has a double ear infection and the other is trying to catch up with one of her own. So that means I will be lucky to get in any more games at EK. It was a good league, and a whole lot of fun. I am looking forward to playing at tourneys and campaigns there more in the future as PG Dave sets them up.

Anyway, the point of this post is not what has passed, but what is coming up. I had planned on doing Khador for the Aero campaign (I have a ton of it sitting in my closet) but a conversation with Ryan changed all that. He mentioned wanting to dump his trolls and go in with Everblight. I have some Everblight sitting around and have been interested in trolls since the game came out, but Ryan “claimed” them. In my immediate gaming group we have an unspoken rule that if someone has an army, it is theirs and nobody else can move in on it. So I have bided my time seriously since the release of the original Hordes game. I read their initial fluff and just fell in love the background. I have a soft spot in my heart for the downtrodden but noble warriors. Throw in a bit of Celtic and Native American influence (both of which are in my family line) and you have something that would really appeal to me. Add in the ability to take a solid punch and get back up for more, and, well it is like they were custom made for me. Then I had to stop because, well, I would have gotten a bit covetous. Sad to say, but that is just my way.

Now, after many long years, I saw my opportunity and took it with both hands! So after the above rambling it should be no surprise that I am now going to be doing Trolls for Aero and this blog will follow up me painting/playing games with them.

Not only that, but I am taking a cue from Shawn and am declaring this the year of the Troll. I am going to try and overcome my debilitating Faction ADHD and stick to just Trolls for this year. There will still be some other topicss posted in this blog, for instance, I am going to finish my “Thoughts On…” series on the Thornfall Alliance before moving on to Trolls and the weekly fiction callouts will continue to just be on whatever I want.