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Warmachine: Reckoning!

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Yes, I know I am mostly Legion of Everblight now, but!

reckoning cover

Zerkova! That probably means Epic ZERKOVA! She is my favorite caster in the game! OMG So much EXCITEMENT! Oh yeah, also Denny on a dragon, cool. Apparently someone already translated her runes to be the spell Grave Wind (battle group upkeep +2 Def and poltergeist) not sure on Zerkova’s yet because of angle but perhaps spe and i which is leading to speculation of perhaps Spellpiercer (models/units in control get blessed+magic weapons – now it is translated to whispering). The rune translation is totally nerd rumor mill which is likely wrong but is fun to speculate.

Okay. Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

Back to the dragons. But not the Denny-ridden dragons. The purple, Everblighty ones.


I had a great time at Kingdom-con and hope to write up more about the games and the experience of running the Deadly Duos tourney some time this week but I am stupid busy.

The setup and terrain was remarkable for such a large event:


The big things that I wanted to say were:

1. Thank you to those of you whom I met and played. Without a doubt you were all exceptional people.

2. Thank you to those of you who took part in the Deadly Duos tourney. I was blown away that we had enough teams that 5 rounds were required. Awesome. There was also minimal drama, so thanks for that.

3. I met my goal of being fully painted and only bringing fully painted models with me! I was super excited by that.

Anyway, watch this space for more – but here is a peek at the lists I took to the Theme Force Tourney:


I was finally able to squeeze in enough time for a proper Warmachine game at the weekly writer nerd game night! Since play time is at such a premium right now it was a foregone conclusion that I would be playing one of the lists that I was taking to Kingdom-con at the end of April. Since the prime on the uhlans had just been applied and they are on the painting table, that left me with Zerkova who I gleefully took.

Will was also there and looking for a game. Will is fairly new to the game in the last year or so, but picked up the game quite quickly and has been terrorizing the store with his Circle until recently when he decided to give Cryx a spin. We matched up and, as is customary, we both told the other our two choices – some of us are pseudo-tourney minded even on game nights. The games are super casual, but we like to approach it and practice with the lists. I told him my lists were my Tier 4 Vlad3 and Tier 4 Zerkova Hunting Wolves. I knew I would be playing Zerkova no matter what, but since I hadn’t unpacked yet he didn’t know that. His choices were Terminus and Goreshade2 tier list. He ended up choosing the Goreshade2 list.

My list was my standard Hunting Wolves list (though this may be changing):
Gorman di Wulfe
Full Kayazy Assassins with underboss
Kayazy Eliminators
Koldun Lord (aka Bad Santa)
Full Outriders

His list was (sorry I don’t know the names of the feat fodder)
Skarlock Thrall
2x Full Bane Thralls with UA
Full Bane Knights
Bane Lord Tartarus
2x Pistol Wraiths
Rest of the points in explodey zombies

We were playing Supply and Demand and I won the roll and chose to go second. Also I forgot to take pics, especially at the beginning, sorry.

Okay so my left to right across from me he had both pistol wraiths on the flank across from my objective, a unit of thralls, another unit of thralls, bane knights on the right flank (there was a forest there just outside his deployment zone). Tartarus was behind the thralls. Goreshade and his jack were in the center.

My left to right with my stuff were outriders across from pistol wraiths, eliminators kind of center-ish, vanguard, zerkova, conquest to the side, (predeployed of course – there was a hill he could walk up on to on turn 1), vanguard, bad santa behind and between connie and the vanguard, and finally the assassins lined up across from the banes. I put widowmakers in front of where conquest was walking on turn 1. With so much stealth I didn’t expect much from them.

Bane knights got occultation and ran into the woods, everything pretty much ran forward.

My turn I moved forward a bit cautiously with everything really just moving 5-6″ at the max.

His turn, everything ran up again. Looking at the table I decided to give conquest 2 focus figuring I would have chances to boost blast damage if nothing else. My turn, the assassins popped mini feat and charged bane knights, and was able to get 1 to charge BLT and ran another to give him gang, and ended up charging 5 others with gang support as well. I passed the terror check from BLT and killed him and the other ones I charged. Two of the widowmakers advanced to within 5″ and killed 2 more and the other 2 did the same for the center bane thralls. Koldun Lord lined up a pretty sweet spray on the bane knights, but shit the bed and failed to kill either of them. The vanguard walked over and killed one with his reach attack but the shield failed to kill the last one but it is only pow 10 so not a surprise, and that was the last attack I had that could kill that guy. Thanks Bad Santa.


(Why won’t he die!)

Conquest advanced within 5″ of a couple of bane thralls and I noticed that the standard bearer was within about and inch or so of the objective so boosted the to hit on it and got the crit devastation. The banner bearer was in range and go thrown into an explodey zombie who exploded and caused a couple of others too. Also the flag died and failed his tough check. Conquest then shot his nipple guns killing a couple more bane thralls off. The eliminators went and one of them charged twin axes from the middle squad and other charged a bane thrall that was nearby. She eliminated twin axes and then side stepped to give gang to two others, her sister killed the one she charged, sidestepped, killed the other one, then sidestepped into melee with the cryx jack. There was no way I was going to wipe out that unit so I just took targets of opportunity and left it at that – I was pretty happy overall.


(So many bane thralls)

I realized that Zerkova could actually use the Ghost Stone to try and razor wind that last bane knight, but it would put her out of position for a good feat turn. I just accepted the fact that Goreshade would feat the whole unit back. At least BLT was dead for good. Instead, Zerkova advanced toward the bane thralls on the left side of the table and got one within 5″ (since there was no real reason not to move up that far) and put Icy Grip on that unit of banes and boosted to give myself an exceptional chance of getting the 5 that I needed. I went ahead and shot him with her gun too, as long as I was there. She used the extra range from the Lens of Tarvodh to try and throw a razorwind on the Skarlock but it was behind a wall so she missed. I also realized at this point that there was a bane thrall just over 5″ away that could walk and hit her on feat so she used the Ghost Stone to target the guy behind him and Influenced him to remove the offender. Then, after making sure I was out of range of anything advancing on her and attacking she feated. The near vanguard walked up to protect her and gorman walked up and put down a cloud.

I set up the outriders where 3 different models were able to spray at the flag bearer for the icy-gripped unit of bane thralls with several other models in the line, as well as the last one having a line to both of the pistol wraiths or several banes. They wreaked icy death, though the flag bearer passed all three tough checks he was called on to take. I did kill 7 other models including twin axes and one of them was out of command range so I didn’t have to worry about that one doing anything. I had managed to kill a ton of stuff, but with Goreshades feat, it didn’t really matter much.


(why won’t he die!)

Also, incidentally, that’s why I didn’t shoot at the pistol wraiths, they were fairly marginalized way off on the flank, his feat placement could really put them in a more advantageous position for following rounds. At least I got the feat out of the way and I felt fairly confident that I could kill them all again.

Goreshade gave a focus to the jack and dropped occultation. The bane knight was outside of Zerkova’s feat range so was able to run around a bunch of models and get to about 9″ from Zerkova. The jack tried to hit the eliminator but missed. Goreshade advanced and killed the eliminator who made both terror and massive casualty checks and then popped his feat and returned the full unit of bane knights and 5 or 6 bane thralls spread over the two units along with the Uas but none of them could do their action so instead tried to crowd up on Zerkova. Some of the bane thralls tried to kill some assassins and got into melee with two widowmakers. The assassins were too nimble but he did kill 1 widowmaker The survivors from the unit on the left advanced and 2 of them were able to destroy the objective. The skarlock put occultation on Goreshade and then it was back to me.


(so many bane knights!)

I dropped Icy Grip from the thralls on the left since I knew ALL of the bane knights had to die. I went with Zerkova first after checking to see how many bane knights were engaged by the vanguard. She used the focus stone to cast force blast and pushed the front line of bane knights into the back line creating a really tight line of them (see above).

I took a point of damage for the spell within Goreshades control area. I am not going to say it each time, but I ended up taking 6 points of damage from that over the course of the game. She then advanced, because she couldn’t really move back without taking free strikes. She boosted icy grip again (sometimes boosting the 5 is the right call). She then killed one with her sword, influenced another to do her dirty work and kill his friend, and ended her turn.

I activated Zerkova’s vanguard escort first, he shifted forwarded and then killed one with his pole arm and the shield actually penetrated the armor.

The outriders went and killed off all but 2 of the remaining bane knights (the ones on the right side of their formation). They also killed a couple of bane thralls but had some bad rolls and killed about 4 fewer than I expected to, although with their light cavalry move they were able to completely block off angles to Zerkova. On the right, the assassins killed several more banes, and Bad Santa again failed miserably – even though he covered 2 bane thralls with his spray he didn’t even force them to take tough checks. The unengaged widowmakers killed the last 2 bane knights and the engaged one failed to kill the thrall engaging him. The free-ranging vanguard actually managed to kill 2 thralls and that wrapped things up for me aside from gorman advancing and hitting the cryx jack, the only model really threatening Zerkova, with black oil. Conquest smashed a couple of bane thralls but the both made their tough checks.


(“What’s black oil do again?” “Here, you better read the card.”)

I was pretty happy with how things went with that turn – I had basically removed everything that Will had replaced in the previous turn along with a couple of extra things. The attrition match was really turning strongly in my favor. The pistol wraiths were way out of position, one of them advanced and shot an outrider and the other ran into position for next turn. There weren’t enough banes to be a credible threat to conquest and the static threat ranges made it fairly easy for me to keep Zerkova at a fairly safe range. It was also about 30 minutes until the store closed. Goreshade advanced to try and get Zerkova in range of hex blast but her Orgoth Seal protected her. Will didn’t know about the range reducing effect but had done a full advance and was pretty close anyway. Instead he decided to shoot the vanguard hoping to catch Zerkova in the blast but she was out of range. The bane thralls killed a couple of the jamming outriders on my left and on my right they tried and failed again to get to grips with the assassins.

On my turn I gave conquest 3 focus and then used the Ghost Stone to target Goreshade with Icy Grip and then gorman advanced to just over 2″ away from Goreshade and threw black oil at him. I missed, but with the drift still managed to cover him. Conquest charged in and smashed Goreshade in 2 hits.


This was a SUPER fun game and it was really tight. I haven’t had time for a full game of Warmachine in a while so I was kind of slow, but it was a really fun game. I was a bit worried at all those banes, but the threat range on them is very static and with outriders, bad santa, and conquest I was able to clear the threatening ranks and then take whatever else was an option. This game could have gone quite a bit differently with a single failed command check from the kayayzy assassins when they charged Bane Lord Tartarus, but they held their nerve. By being really patient and keeping to my plan, I felt in control for the majority of this game. Zerkova’s feat is kind of custom made for the kind of control I was able to pull off here and the outriders with icy grip are just absolute death dealers.

I got good use out of all of Zerkova’s trinkets which was kind of cool. I think every rule she has actually came into play. I used each of the artifacts, I cast the majority of spells on her card, I even remembered her gun, and she got to kill something with her sword. Zerkova is a really fun caster to play, and this particular list is actually quite enjoyable – conquest brings the high damage and his crit dev gives situational and occasional control options.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Hey there, I have been seriously busy lately with writing and editing and just a little bit of Malifaux distraction. That being said, I have decided 100% to only bring painted models to KingdomCon and what that basically means is that I need to magically create extra time. Since that is probably not going to happen, I have really narrowed down what is important to me for this convention. I don’t have the time to properly prepare in order to be totally competitive and the few games that I have played but not had time to write up here have reinforced to me that amount of time necessary to get really good with this game.

Does that mean I am going to phone it in? Of course not. What it does mean is that I am having to change my expectations. Last year I had a fair amount of hobby time and prepared and was very happy with my (barely) top 10 placing in the Warmachine Weekend qualifier. This year, I am shooting to be in the top 3rd. I think that this is still doable – last year my goal was to be in the top half. The big catch here is that I am not getting much painting time and am only going to be taking painted models which has forced me to really look at my collection at what I have painted and what casters I most enjoy playing and kind of just sticking with them. What that means my priority painting looks something like this – 6 Uhlans, Markov, both versions of Fenris, the 2nd Drakhun, and 2 light warjacks. If I get all of that done I will then look at painting up two additional casters. One with a beard and one who is universally derided for his all or nothing gimmick.

So just to wrap up here, let’s take a look at the casters that are the forerunners for my main casters for the weekend –




That’s right, if you want to build against me, be ready for Vlad3 and Zerkova.

I was able to head down to Costa Mesa for one of the Mercenary Market tourneys. They had a decent turnout again – 12 people, and it was a fun mix of newer players as well as veterans. Turned out there were 4 of us with Khador at this tourney, so Inyoung and I decided to run some crazy casters and tried to not double up casters with any of the other people just in case someone had to do a couple of khador matches in a row.
First my lists:
List 1: Tier 4 Charge of the Horselords
Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey – WJ: +5
– War Dog
– Drago – PC: 8
– Spriggan – PC: 10Fenris – PC: 5
Man-O-War Drakhun – PC: 4
Uhlan Kovnik Markov – PC: 4Iron Fang Uhlans – Leader & 4 Grunts: 11
Greylord Outriders – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 2
– Battle Mechanik Officer – Battle Mechanik Officer 2

List 2: Tier 4 Hunting Wolves
Koldun Kommander Zerkova – WJ: +6
– Vanguard – PC: 5
– Vanguard – PC: 5
– Conquest – PC: 19Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist – PC: 2Greylord Outriders – Leader & 4 Grunts: 9
Kayazy Assassins – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3
Widowmakers – Leader & 3 Grunts: 4
Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 4
Kayazy Eliminators – Leader & Grunt: 3

Game 1 vs, Tony’s Cygnar
Okay let me be up front here and admit my problem. I don’t usually like to play against Cygnar. They are a bunch of damn dirty cheating swans who seem made to foil everything Khador wants to do. Last time we played I was a bit salty even though I won. I went into the game with a better headspace this time because Tony a pretty stand up guy and knows the rules well and is pretty easy going. Basically, it is definitely not him, it is me.
Anyway, he was running Nemo2 and Nemo3 and several huge bases which meant I reached for Vlad3 as he is my anti-huge base go to guy. Tony went with Nemo3 (2 storm striders, storm wall, Eyriss2, 2 or 3 storm callers, mechanics, ayanna and holt, junior, squire, something else maybe). This was my first game with the Outriders and I was stoked to get them going. I began the game by deploying them right next to Fenris and then when I went to start my turn I realized that I needed to make an abomination check. Pro play there. Luckily they passed. Unfortunately, my reasoning for putting them there was to put hand of fate on them, which I forgot to do.
I ran the Outriders  forward to ridge to get some extra defense from the strider and storm wall shooting, everything else moved forward but not too far (this was a mistake, I should have presented a full line).
Tony’s turn his dice went up to 11. Literally.  eLeaps were getting 3s for number and then one shotting the outriders. Note that this wasn’t even on Nemo’s feat turn. I have never seen so many 5s and 6s in my life. eLeaps dismounted the drakhun for crying out loud. I was able to take some cold comfort in the fact that at least he was consistently rolling high so his storm smiths failed their skill checks.
My follow up turn the remaining 2 outriders sprayed and killed something and then light cav moved to engage – one went to Eyriss, the other went to a storm smith.

I did manage to get 2 control points but put myself in a risky position, but really, at this point I was kind of playing for game 2 and 3.

Nemo popped feat and killed pretty much everything else and did about 5 to Vlad despite me camping something like 5 focus, though he did overexpose Nemo so I saw the possibility of vlad being able to pop feat and charge Ayanna and then side step over to Nemo who had 0 focus.
Humorous things which happened this turn as well were Eyriss2 stepping away from the outrider and him killing her on a free strike. He then had a gobber mechanic charge the outrider and not only hit with an 11, but also kill in one shot by rolling 3 6s for damage. Yeah his dice were that hot but it was such a funny sequence that we both laughed. I suggested that gobber get “promoted” to becoming his new tinker solo…
As a quick aside here, I spent something like 5 minutes (it was death clock and obviously not going to go to time) going over the scenarios in my head. I had to go through a storm wall free strike and he would have needed something like a 15 to kill Vlad. On most days I would have been okay with it, but with how hot his dice had been I was worried that he would just free strike me with a full camp. Also, I could get to him with an extra initial attack by charging him directly, but then would have been –1 str on all attempts which, over the course of 4 attacks was an extra 4 points which could be the swing I needed. Also, I considered doing 2 extra attacks rather than hand of fate, but needed to make sure I hit Ayanna on the charge to get the sidestep over. In the end I decided to just cast dash and hand of fate and see what happened. I hate dying to free strikes.
I charged Ayanna to get the blood token and side stepped over to him and hit with the now pow 14 weapon (dice –5 with 3 focus and 1 initial left needing 7s to hit). I would have to roll slightly above average, but it was not out of the realm of possibility and that is kind of what hand of fate is for anyway. My first attack hit and did nothing. My second attack missed. My third attack did 3 and my last attack did 6. Not quite enough, but I had seen a shot and taken it. All in all, I consider it a karmic balancing for our first game against each other and a test if I could take that kind of tilt and keep smiling, which I did. Mostly.
Game 2 vs Zac’s Kromac
I went with Vlad again for this matchup mostly because the Zerkova list doesn’t like seeing lots of beasts across the table. His list was Kromac, Ghettorex, Stalker, Feral, Gorax, blood trackers with Nuala (who preyed the Outriders), shifting stones with UA, full skin walkers with UA, maybe something else.
This game I was a bit more conscientious on my deployment and decided I was going to give the Outriders a chance to kill the girls preying them and then see how things developed.
I was going second so most of his stuff advanced. On my turn Vlad did a ride by attack and put hand of fate on the outriders and then moved over into position for the jacks, fenris and the drakhun to surround him and cast dash and feated making sure that all of the targets I wanted to sprint off were in his control. The outriders advanced and sprayed down Nuala and all but 2 blood trackers. For their light cav move, the one who failed to kill advanced to lock the girls in and the other fell back making sure to that the one outriding outrider was still in command range. The uhlans charged and killed the three front skin walker and one of my uhlans was even able to make it to the second line and he hit but failed to kill. As penance, he shifted over to get both the UA and one skin walker in melee range, the rest sidestep and then sprinted back to basically exactly where they were. The Drakhun charged forward and killed a shifting stone and then fell back next to vlad Fenris killed a different stone and then sidestepped over to the gorax and took his second attack and then sidestepped back and sprinted back near where he deployed. It was pretty much an ideal feat for Vlad – though it would have been nice to have had him get some business taken care of but I couldn’t complain.
Zac was definitely on his back foot after this. He had lost much of his first wave and I wasn’t really any closer to him than I was the first turn. The blood trackers tried to kill the outrider and failed (armor 15 and 5 wounds is kind of nice), Ghettorex got the full suite of murder put on him and charged the Spriggan. He wrecked the the Spriggan but it took 4 fury – the left arm was the last thing he took out. The stalker then charged Drago but was countercharged by the drakhun who ended up doing something like 14 points damage total between impact and regular attack (but wasn’t knocked down – I am still waiting to live that dream). I think I did take out his mind though. In return, despite going up to max fury he only took out Drago’s cortex and one of his axes.
On my turn the mechanic UA and one of the other mechanics were able to base up to drago and fix him up for 8. The other 2 valiantly passed their terror check and based up Ghettorex so that the primal auto frenzy might hit them instead of Drago. I couldn’t give Drago any focus but he still did some decent damage to ghettorex thanks to the affinity. The Uhlans charged the stalker and knocked him down to something like 4 wounds. The outriders finished off the blood trackers, put a couple of the gorax, a couple on Kromac and then backed off to the side basically giving Zac the choice of ignoring them for the rest of my army (after the game I told him I thought he should have cast bestial, and he said he just underestimated them) or diverting either the feral or kromac himself over to deal with them. He chose the former and wrecked one of them. Fenris finished off the gorax.
On Zac’s turn he had to leave the stalker on 1 fury and he frenzied, killing an uhlan instead of drago. Drago’s luck help as ghettorex thrashed a poor hapless mechanic. His family did get a medal on his behalf, so that has to count for something. Drago was fully functional and Vlad handed him 2 focus which which to thrash ghettorex. Vlad then cast dash and the uhlans charged out of the stalkers range into the wilder and the last remaining stone killing them both. As an aside, dash was really awesome this game. Zac kept saying, I can’t believe these guys are riding by on horses and I can’t take even swing at them. The drakhun charged and finished off the stalker. The remaining outriders continued their reign of spray terror With one moving back into melee with the feral at the end so he couldn’t get to the rest of the game.
Things were looking pretty grim at this point so Kromac feated, took the 7 points of damage to get back up to full (he couldn’t cut up to full and then do the charge feat thing taking 7 more because of the nickel and diming the sprays had done over the last couple of turns) and charge/jumped to just be in range of vlad. Vlad at this point was camping on 2. Kromac missed one of his attacks and did a total of maybe 9 to vlad. Drago turned around and ended the game.
Game 3 vs. tjhairball’s Sorscha2
Game 3 I was paired up against one of the other khador players there. I heard from someone ahead of time that tjhairball likes to run Zerkova and is pretty good with her so I was hoping to pick up some tips. I picked my own Zerkova but he ended up going with Sorscha2. Since I was running conquest and his Zerkova list had a bunch of marauders in it, it was definitely right choice (PLEASE FIX COMBO SMITE AND COLOSSALS).
His list had Sorscha2, Conquest (bonded), full IFP with IFP UA, full winter guard death star, sylys, ayanna and holt, drakhun with dismount a manhunter and yuri. I think that was everything.
I matched my eliminators up with my outriders on the left, the widow makers center left in a forest, zerkova behind it along with her best bud Gorman, then a vanguard, then conquest, then another vanguard, then the min kayazy.
The scenario was the one with the effigies that act like warcasters for purposes of dominating zones. He advanced a little bit and other than his drakhun who threatened across from my eliminators, widowmakers, and outriders to try and lock them into place with threat of countercharge. The IFP got iron flesh and then ran up near the zone.  Yuri and the manhunter ran opposite my kayazy assassins.
On my turn the widowmakers  put 3 points on the drakhun (one rolled snake eyes) and then the outriders did some spraying at extreme range (I was only able to get 4 on him) but they managed to dismount him and then the eliminators charged in and finished him off. The ternion then put clouds on the two eliminators creating a wall of smoke to protect the outriders (they were out of range anyway but they had nothing better to do) I dominated the objective and bounced it into the friendly zone. On the other side conquest advanced a bit and fired a shot off at an infantryman who was standing a bit too close to Sorscha. I didn’t get the crit and did a little bit of damage I think but nothing of consequence. He then laid down 4 covering fire templates in front of the winter guard, because if those things were ever going to do blast damage, now is the time, right? My assassins ran 4 dudes into his zone. Zerkova just cast watcher and everything shifted right just a bit. Zerkova also tried to razorwind the manhunter but missed despite a boost.
His IFP did a shield wall and toed in 4 or 5 models into the zone. His conquest tried to shoot at the eliminators that had killed the drakhun but they all drifted. Fortunately for him they drifted onto the widowmakers basically killing them all and he did get one of the eliminators (the other passed her command check). This was a good strategy here that I hadn’t considered with conquest firing the secondary battery at something that you are likely to auto miss to get that second shot off.  The outriders tried spraying the IFP but they had iron flesh and were on a hill so didn’t really do anything, but they moved back out of range of anything. My surviving eliminators all did a run charge into the IFP. I killed one of them with a combo strike and side stepped up locking a whole lot of them in place due to the triangle formations.
On his turn, iron flesh was cycled over to the WGI and joe called tough and then moved behind Sorscha. The IFP did a charge/run order and tried tw 3 or 4 man CMAs on the eliminators but both missed (I seem to recall that the ua needed a 7 and the other group needed an 8 which would be 3 mans). The winter guard did some shooting and really flooded his zone hard moving right through the creeping barrage templates. I don’t think I killed a single model with the creeping barrage. Yuri and the manhunter killed 3 of the assassins in the zone but the 4th one survived and they passed their command check. Hmm actually this may have been the turn that he called boosted to hit and tried spraying through conquest at zerkova.
Zerkova gave 2 focus to conquest put icy grip on the IFP and then moved behind a forest. Conquest shot joe and killed him but again no crit dev on Sorscha. I think at this point I noticed that I had something like 24 minutes remaining while he was down to 10 on the death clock. A vanguard moved over and killed the manhunter that had threatened Zerkova. I think the remaining assassins killed Yuri. The eliminators killed the IFP they were engaged with and sidestepped away a bit and the greylord outriders went to town killing every single one of the remaining IFP with sprays (I think the ternion added some icy death sprays here as well). It is worth mentioning again how absolutely fantastic a 9 speed is on a spray unit. I never had fewer than 3 or 4 models in a spray despite his best attempts at spreading out. I wish I would have taken a picture because the zone seriously looked like the moon with the IFP being craters all over it. At this point I was able to get a control point and he wasn’t able to get anything over to contest (due to the large based outriders pressing the area that conquest would want to go into so I got it again on his turn.
He popped Sorscha’s feat and did some really beefy CRA’s into conquest and then his conquest wrecked face on mine and I think he just wrecked the entire right have and disabled the fist on the left side. It was near this point that his clock beeped giving me the win.
Whew what a tough match but also a super fun one! I know that I ended up kind of combining two later turns in the above because a few other things happened that didn’t really affect the game like my eliminators running to engage his mechanics after the IFP were dealt with and I had 3 control points and when he clocked I should have gotten the 4th but was a knucklehead.
After the game I asked for some Zerkova tips and he gladly gave up some dark secrets regarding the Koldun Kommander – not least of which was don’t forget to feat. Also he suggested that I could play her a bit more aggressively since the feat is such a good denial one and with vanguards shield guarding and watcher providing some protection, so I think will be trying that in the future. Overall, I love playing her and her style so will be getting a lot more time in with her.
I ended up getting 4th in the tourney but had I not been an idiot and scored the final table state I would have been 2nd, so I am pretty stoked! Inyoung ended up getting 3rd. I have always thought that the game just ended immediately on assassination or clock so have never given myself those points. Oops. Totally on me, but let this be a lesson to you – ALWAYS make sure you understand completely how scenarios and scoring work.

As mentioned earlier this week it is pretty busy here so I am just going to add a couple of pictures of things I have completed and things I am working on.


I didn’t realize until I took this pic that I need to redo her base in the current scheme – this was my test model.






I probably should mess with the white balance on these, but like I said, I have been busy.


My friend snapped a couple of shots with his iphone at the game last night and they are much higher quality.  





And I think we all know how this ended…